Aurora Massacre: The Kangaroo Court Trial of James Holmes is Turning into a Freak Show

by Scott Creighton A kangaroo court is “a mock court in which the principles of law and justice are disregarded or perverted“ This show trial, this kangaroo court, is devolving into a farce. Remember when the judge explained that disclosing the facts would cause “untold harm to the case“? Remember when the Mayor of Aurora […]

Aurora Massacre: New Info Forum

Since the other Aurora Massacre threads have so many comments, it is hard and time consuming to leave comments and post new information. That in mind, it was suggested to me to make a new thread for concerned netizens to post current information and share ideas about the case.

Aurora Massacre: Firm With Ongoing Legal Action Against Anschutz Suing Century 16 – Wants Focus on “Uncontrolled Weapons”

by Scott Creighton According to reports and the New York law firm’s own website, Napoli Bern Ripka Shkolnik, LLP is suing Cinemark on behalf of the victims of the Aurora Massacre, because according to Marc Bern, senior partner, it’s all their fault. Of course Marc Bern fails to mention in the news interview he did […]

Aurora Massacre: Another Effort to Discredit Growing Suspicion of the Official Story

by Scott Creighton The recently released Motion to Intervene supposedly from a victim of the Aurora Massacre is as fake as the Sorcha Faal “LIBOR” connection and the various Jonathan Lee Riches scams. But there’s a lot to be learned from this obviously desperate attempt to discredit the ongoing unofficial investigation of the Century 16 […]

Aurora Massacre: “Holmes did it” is NOT the “Simplest Explanation”… not by a long shot

by Scott Creighton A well meaning commenter left a note on one of the Aurora Massacre shooting threads laying out what he believes to be the “simplest explanation” to what happened at the Century 16 theater in Aurora Co. back on July 20th, 2012. the comment he left is well reasoned and makes some very […]

Aurora Massacre: “Prosecuters Say” = “Activists Say”… The Holmes show trial rolls along

by Scott Creighton James Holmes is being tried in the court of public opinion by prosecutors and their apparently complicit accessories, the judge, the MSM and Holmes’ own state provided “defense” The prosecution is taking full advantage of the judge’s imposition of a rarely seen gag order combined with his sealing all of the relevant […]

Aurora Massacre: Updates

by Scott Creighton UPDATE: Jenny Gallagher’s untimely death is getting stranger by the moment. Judge ruled that defense does not have the right to have an expert observe testing materials in evidence. They claim testing will alter or even damage the evidence and they need to be present when the testing is done in order […]

Aurora Massacre: Recordings “Seized” by Police?

by Scott Creighton (H/T ronjohn) UPDATE: (H/T Chris P) from the Denver Post Aug. 14th 2012 “For example, a newly disclosed index of hearings and motions made in the case shows 18th Judicial District Chief Judge William Sylvester has ordered prosecutors to provide a copy of a video to the defense but does not explain […]

Aurora Massacre: Mayor Steve Hogan “There is Something is Very Seriously Wrong Here”

by Scott Creighton (H/T Chris P) Common sense… it’s not just for conspiracy theorists anymore. The Mayor of Aurora claims there is something very seriously wrong with this story. Now I’m not sure in what context he means that, but he goes on to describe James Holmes as connected with roots in the community. He […]

Aurora Massacre: Disclosure of the facts would cause “untold harm to the case” says Judge

by Scott Creighton I am reminded of what Supreme Court Justice Scalia said when he rushed to file a motion to stop counting the votes in Florida in 2000 – (paraphrase) “Continuing to count the votes will cause untold harm to George Bush’s presidency!” Yeah, I guess that does make sense in a fascist kind […]

Aurora Massacre: Jimmy and the Llama

by Scott Creighton UPDATE: Aurora Massacre: Disclosure of the facts would cause “untold harm to the case” says Judge ——— At a time when the defense is trying to claim their client is bat-shit crazy, the Denver Post comes out with a story about what James Holmes was like just a short year ago. When he […]

Aurora Massacre: Aug 9th Motion Hearing News

by Scott Creighton (H/T Chris P) It would appear the the prosecution is withholding crime scene photos and recordings of interviews with James Holmes from the defense. Again, reports are that he seemed “distracted” and didn’t say a word in court while some woman jumped up in the back of the court room claiming to […]

Aurora Massacre: Press Sueing to See Evidence

by Scott Creighton According to the first version of the story, the defense had requested the judge seal the case and put a gag order on everyone involved… now it turns out, it was the prosecution that demanded that little adjustment. RT has a story on the legal battle shaping up over the nation’s right […]

Aurora Massacre: ABC Reports Multiple Shooters

“One suspect is in custody and believes one more suspect that is on the loose” I wonder if he ended up heading over to Wisconsin.

Aurora Massacre: “Sources Say” Jounalism from CALL 7 “Investigators”

by Scott Creighton All across the internet “news’ sites, people are writing about University of Colorado psychiatrist Lynne Fenton and whether or not she did enough to warn authorities about the potential danger of her patient, James Holmes. According to all the reports, Fenton contacted the threat assessment team at the school 10 days or […]