Debbie Wasserman Schultz Booed at unDNC Convention Before it Even Started (video)

by Scott Creighton

What did I tell ya yesterday?

The unDemocratic National Committee (unDNC) convention doesn’t start for another 4 hours and it’s already more of a freak-show than the RNC debacle was.

Just a little while ago, Debbie Wasserman Schultz who was finally exposed for tipping the scale during the primary season for her hero and slave master, Hillary Clinton, was booed by the Florida delegates when she tried to address them at a per-convention meeting.

Wasserman Schultz has agreed to step down after the convention. Not nearly soon enough for most.

Hillary has rewarded Debbie for her cut-throat loyalty to her neoliberal agenda in the unDemocratic Party. She has given her a new job where she can promote Hillary even more right out in the open without worrying about pesky email issues. She should have gotten a private email server like her hero that way she could have erased all the troubling ones before anyone ever saw them.

I wrote yesterday that this was going to be a mess. Now that Debbie refuses to walk away it’s going to get much worse real fast. I can’t wait.

Nice Attack: “Whistle-blower” Threatened with Lawsuit, Attack at Weak-point in Security, Potential Motive for FF Event Uncovered

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: By the way… how did the suspect know there would be a weak point in the security at that entrance when he rented the vehicle and picked up his fake grenades and guns? I mean, if the national police were on the scene, just at the end of the run, how did he know that spot would be undefended when he planned this whole thing? Just asking.

(Computer is running smoothly but my chest hurts again so this will be brief. Sorry)

I read an article from Russia Today which seems to answer a few questions for me and opens up a new line of inquiry regarding the Nice Truck attack which took place on July 14th and supposedly claimed the lives of 84 people.

As I have already pointed out, the “journalist” (Richard Gutjahr) who just happened to be on that balcony facing the start of the attack and just happened to be filming the scene with his Iphone, is married to a former Israeli intelligence officer with ties to global management behemoth, McKinsey & Company. This company has well established ties to the CIA and as I pointed out years ago, they also have their fingerprints all of the Malala psyop. This “witness journalist’s” wife, Einat Wilf , is also a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy   which focuses on all things Israel in the heart of our nation’s capital.

It should also be noted that another key “witness” at the scene of the attack is one Eric Drattell. He’s an American living in London and working for Risk Management Solutions Limited. They have a branch that does what they call “terrorism modeling“. Mr. Drattell has been all over the corporate media telling his story to anyone with a camera. Mr. Drattell must feel very comfortable in front of the cameras as he lists this as part of his resume “Responsible for public relations and internal communications, which integrate messaging across media platforms

McKinsey & Company has offices in Paris. Back in 2012, McKinsey & Company was focused on the neoliberal transformation of France in the wake of the banker-conscripted global economic demolition they staged for just such outcomes. To them,it was a wonderful thing. They had been calling for “smaller gubment” in France for years. McKinsey & Company have had senior partners “advising” the French government for years.

Keeping all of that in mind, this new article from RT tells us a great deal about what’s going on in the wake of the Nice attack without intending to do so in my opinion.

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Switching Out Computers

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: I’m back. Feels weird. But it’s working. Hate this keyboard.

I’ll be down and out for a little while. Switching out computers. Got a little upgrade. Not much of one, going from an AMD A6-3650 (2.6ghz) to an AMD A8-6500 (3.5ghz). The big thing is the motherboard. This one has always been crap. And yes, it has the dreaded Windows10 God help me.

This will definitely fix the rendering issues I was having (blue screened again after the last video I did) so you can look forward to my smiling mug soon enough (until I learn to edit videos and can put something other than my face on the videos)

Maybe it will even be able to play a video game made this century without dying. Maybe…

I’ll hopefully check back in a couple hours. Have a nice Sunday folks.

The unDemocratic National Committee Convention Starts Tomorrow: LET’S GET READY TO RUMMMMMBLE!!!

by Scott Creighton

For those of you who read my RNC convention coverage, you might recall I was a little critical of it. I was critical of the ham-handed sappy WWE emotionalism they tried to provoke. I was critical of the deliberate missteps they took in order to shoot themselves in the foot at every turn. I was critical of their “CHANGE” candidate basically voicing his support for the Washington Consensus policies that created his base in the first place. I was critical of it with good reason.

But don’t be confused. I’m not one of these HillaryBots running around saying The Donald is Satan 2.0

Today over at the fake-left Huffington Post, they have a piece linked from Murdoch’s Washington Post written by chess grand master Garry Kasparov talking about how much Donald Trump reminds him of the other great boogie-man in the world today, Vladamir Putin.

One should remember Garry Kasparov backed the Ukraine color revolution… including all those damn neo-Nazis killing protesters and Ukrainian police officers on behalf of Barack Obama’s (and Hillary Clinton’s) regime change operation.

So no, I’m not in that camp. My criticism of the RNC event was based in reality, not breathless fear-mongering hyperbole like that put out there by Killary shills.

That said, I also wrote that the upcoming unDemocratic Party convention was going to make the RNC coming out party look like an episode of Kaptain Kangaroo by comparison.

And I do not disappoint, now do I?

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Munich Shooting: So Many Odd Facts Surrounding New Mass Casualty Event

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Hey look. Here’s another odd part of the story:


It took 3,200 security personnel 2 1/2 hours to find the suspect’s body? I wonder if they are going to destroy those CCTV videos like they are doing in Nice France.

Thanks to all the readers who have left comments and links regarding this event.

This is going to be a quickie. My computer is dying, gasping it’s last blue screens of death as I try to research this event. I will be headed out in a little while to see if I can’t scrounge up another one. Cross your fingers.

The Munich Shooting Mass Casualty Event looks suspiciously like so many others in the recent past it’s hardly worth mentioning but let me list a few of the similarities right off the bat:

  1. no clear motive
  2. shooter takes his own life somewhere in private
  3. convenient dramatic cell phone video
  4. multiple shooters reported by witnesses becomes “lone nut gunman”

There is an unsourced video out there reportedly showing the “lone nut gunman” shooting folks outside a McDonald’s on the street.

It was posted to Twitter the same day of the shooting by this guy, uprising@johndeconner  who apparently ignored a request from a CNN producer asking him to let him know exactly where he got the video.

uprising@johndeconner  is an account that follows a total of 6 people and was created in Dec. of 2015. It had no Tweets from then until July 6th. It is definitely some kind of bot or propaganda account. To my knowledge, the original source of the cell phone video of the shooting is still a mystery.

A reporter from Munich who describes the scene as looking like “something out of a bad action movie” just happens to be the same guy who just happened to be filming off his balcony when the truck drove by in Nice a couple weeks ago.

His name is Richard Gutjahr. He’s a reporter wonder-kid celebrity from Germany who also happens to have a Youtube video showing people how to use their Iphone to shoot videos off their balconies. I’m not kidding.

Aside from being in both places at the just the right time, this guy is married to a rather interesting woman.

Her name is Einat Wilf and she is a self-described “atheist Zionist” who served as a member of the Knesset for Independence and the Labor Party.

“I am a Zionist because I am an atheist and a Jew. Zionism has allowed someone like me to preserve my faith in the sovereignty of human beings over their fate, while maintaining a deep and continuous commitment to the Jewish people and its future.” Einat Wilf

Being a Jew and being a Zionist is not what makes her association with this guy who ends up as Johny on the Spot in these two latest mass casualty events.

What makes her association with this event suspicious is her other associations… and the fact that the suspect is being linked to … wait for it… WAIT FOR IT… Iran.

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Search for Flight MH370 to be Suspended as the Obama’s Pivot to Asia is Saved for the Greater Good

by Scott Creighton

It’s what I said all along.

When they fabricated the story about Flight MH370 flying south for the winter from the location where it disappeared off the radar over the South China sea, where a witness reported seeing a plane burning and crashing in the night sky, where the US was holding naval drills with two cruise missile destroyers… when they fabricated the “super stealth” commercial airliner story and diverted the search area a thousand miles from anywhere one would logically look for debris.. I wrote that the plane would never be found.

And after a number of bullshit “discoveries” of parts and pieces of things that had nothing to do with Flight MH370 and spending $180 million on an ocean floor mapping project for Big Oil (under the cover of “looking for Flight 370)… they have now given up entirely on ever finding the plane and the bodies of those poor souls lost that day.

The hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 will be suspended if the aircraft is not found in an area now being searched, Malaysia, China and Australia said in a statement on Friday.

The Boeing 777, with 239 aboard, disappeared in March 2014 while on a flight from the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, to Beijing.

Almost $180 million ($135 million) has been spent since then on an underwater search spanning 120,000 square kilometers (46,332 square miles) in the southern Indian Ocean. Reuters

Being right has never left me feeling so empty inside.

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Nafeez Ahmed is a Propagandist for Obama’s “Freedom Fighters”, the Kurds – Blames Erdogan for the CIA’s ISIS™

by Scott Creighton

At one point in his career, Nafeez Ahmed was praised by Gore Vidal. He argued that the CIA and various Washington insiders had their fingerprints all over 9/11 (even though he was basically a LIHOPer from day one) He was against the cancer of globalization and the scourge of the Endless War (OF) Terror being waged by the neocons in their pursuit of what Condi Rice once called the “New Middle East”

Now that he’s earned some street cred, Nafeez Ahmed is a sellout piece of shit just like the rest of ’em. Well, let’s be honest. Nafeez has been cashing in his “truther chips” for a while now, hasn’t he? For years he’s been propping up various psyops on behalf of those same CIA and neocon war-criminals he used to pretend to oppose. He even started his own little “think tank” so he could really cash in.

In a piece he scribbled together on his “crowdfunded” website called “Insurge Intelligence” Nafeez spends up the last of his left-cover credibility points when he claims “he has the documents” that prove President Erdogan of Turkey is personally running the CIA’s ISIS™ program.

“New evidence has emerged that the Turkish government under President Erdogan is covertly providing direct military, financial and logistical support of ISIS, even while claiming to fight the terror network.” Nafeez Ahmed

With “evidence” provided by our new “freedom fighters”, the Kurds, Ahmed is trying to lay blame for false flag ops like Paris, San Bernadino and Orlando squarely at the feet of Turkey’s elected President Erdogan and the implications for that are staggering in the wake of the failed US-backed coup. Nothing short of all out war against Turkey to “fight ISIS” is a distinct possibility. All out war in pursuit of Condi Rice’s “New Middle East”

And here we have an “alternative truth teller” laying the foundations for this new version of Dick Cheney’s WMDs story.

Gore Vidal is rolling in his grave. He should be digging himself out and printing a retraction for writing anything positive about this Mockingbird propagandist asset Nafeez Ahmed. Is he the new Judith Miller? You be the judge.

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