Warren Weinstein was Not an “Aid Worker”: He Worked for the CIA through USAID on Behalf of Big Business

by Scott Creighton

No one has claimed responsibility for the abduction. Sanuallah implied that Weinstein was a spy.

We suspect that he was involved in intelligence gathering because we offered him a police escort, deployed police at his house, but he resisted our attempts,” he said. Express Tribune, Aug. 18, 2011

Suddenly, a lot is being made about the reported killing of U.S. citizen and al Qaeda “hostage” Warren Weinstein in Pakistan a couple months ago during a drone strike carried out by the CIA (see here, here, here and here).

President Obama through a statement has claimed his death was accidental and that they didn’t know he and a fellow hostage were being held in that building they targeted back in January. He says he is deeply sorry for the mistake.

I covered this story a couple days ago because at the same time they reported this “mistake” the White House also mentioned they killed a fake al Qaeda spokesman, a Jewish man by the name of Adam Gadahn who was born Adam Pearlman and lived with his paternal grandfather, a member of the ADL and a rabid Zionist.

So who was this “aid worker” who really worked as a contractor for USAID in Pakistan trying to bring the marvels of neoliberal economic austerity and fascism to the people of that country and why was he killed by the CIA?

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The Staged Malala Yousafzai Story: Advocate for Globalist For-Profit Education Scam

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE Oct. 13, 2013 :

McKinsey & Co, Inc.: The Globalist Management Consulting Firm Behind the Malala For-Profit Charter School Psyop

UPDATE: Wow. Has this girl become completely obnoxious or what? She stands at the U.N. demanding for-profit charter school education FIRST from everyone. She sounds like a little Hillary Clinton and she’s only 16. What a difference between her and the young bright little girl in that video the New York Times made.  “Thousands of people have been killed by the TERRORISTS!” she exclaims. “So HERE I STAND!” she screeches “I speak not for myself but for those without voice can be heard” she reads off her little paper (no teleprompters in the U.N.?). How about she gives voice to all those kids murdered in drone strikes by the Obama administration’s CIA? How about giving a voice for those voiceless children? Nah, just rant about “the terrorists” little Hillary. Thanks for playing. Just for the record, most of those people at the U.N. knew what she was saying was complete crap. Kinda like when Bibi gives a speech there.


“Love Malala? Support girls education in Pakistan.”

says Ale Natiq employee of A4e, a company that will profit from the global charter system

   (A4e is now what is called a “3rd sector” corporation. That means it’s paid for with your money to serve a privatized communal service but the profits go to private owner’s pockets. Otherwise known as “fascism”. In America we just call it “business”)

The ‘LOVE MALALA OR WE’LL KILL YOU!” psyop is far from over.

Her daddy got a plush job in Pakistan (her abusive father that is) and now she is scheduled to speak at the U.N. to bring her special kind of “strength” to 500 “young leaders” of the Youth Assembly.

Apparently her dreams of being a doctor are all but gone.

Her new ambition is for the U.N. Global Education First Initiative (“Clinton Global Initiative” anyone?) which promises to tax 1st world nations to the tune of billions and billions of dollars to pay for privately owned charter schools in troubled places like Pakistan where the public needs to learn to love Malala and the Western theories of neoliberal free markets.

“One can hardly pick up the paper without finding more evidence of the growing gap in learning achievement. Not only the gap between different income groups (let’s ignore that please) in different countries but also the widening gap between what is being taught in schools and the SKILLS that learners really need to succeed.” Opening statement Global Education First Initiative, June 11 2013

The U.N. Global Education First Initiative is all about teaching kids across the globe “the skills needed in the workplace”. Why bother wasting time giving kids a well rounded education when they are poor and never going to be more than an employee in some sweat-shop in Bangladesh? What they need to do is take tax money from people across the globe and spend it training future employees of the Fortune 500 companies. And they can make a nifty little profit in the mean-time.

The Staged Malala Yousafzai Story: Suffer the Little Children unto the Greater Good


“The way to see peace is through education. It is an honor for me to be associated with the U.N. I want to tell the world how important education is,” she said.

She added she wanted to be a leader and “to serve this whole world.” NBC News

But don’t worry, she isn’t alone in this little project to teach the kids of the world what they need to know to work at McDonald’s… the great and wonderful Angelina Jolie is helping her out…

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Neo-liberal Destabilization Plan for Syria Continues: How long till we are on that “Seven Countries” list?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Russia opposes ‘Libyan scenario’ in Syria and will block resolution

Syrian government accepted Russian brokered peace talks with opposition

The Syrian “rebels/activists” rejected a Russian brokered peace talks

The Syrian “rebels/activists” sabotage state run natural gas pipeline and murdered a doctor


So, I came back to see him (in the Pentagon) a few weeks later (October of 2001) and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan and I said “Are we still going to war with Iraq?” and he said “It’s worse than that.” He said.. he reached over on his desk and he picked up a piece of paper and he said “I just got this down from upstairs today..” meaning the Secretary of Defense’s office… and he said “this is a memo that describes how we are going to take out 7 countries in 5 years.. starting with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and finishing off Iran.Gen. Westley Clark

When every single MSM “news” outlet is on the same page, reporting “activist said” unsubstantiated propaganda pertaining to Libya, Somalia and Syria as unquestionable fact, the current administration is free to do whatever they want with no fear of reprisal from their so-called “progressive” supporters. That means the Obama administration of “CHANGE” is able to openly continue yet another horrendous and illegal policy of the Bush administration, the neoliberalization of several state centered nations, unencumbered by the inherent restrictions of democracy ie the “will of the people” who would never support premeditated invasions and occupations of other nations for the express interests of multinational corporations and financial institutions.

Just as the complicit corporatist media assisted the Bush regime in manufacturing consent for the illegal invasion of Iraq, they are doing the exact same thing now under the Obama administration as they openly continue to fulfill the “7 countries in 5 years” agenda set so long ago.

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Beyond Pretense: The Global Free Market Wars Finally Acknowledged (and another U.S.S. Liberty event on the horizon?)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: After all attempts to frame Iran have failed thus far, a Jerusalem Post article (written by a former Israeli intelligence officer turned Operation Mockingbird style “journalist“) suggests Iran will provide the needed pretext for the war themselves by attacking a U.S. warship. Get that? They failed to frame Iran for everything from rigged elections to 9/11 and now, out of the blue, they expect Iran will make the unusually stupid move of attacking a U.S. warship and setting themselves up for regime change and perhaps a million dead Iranians in the process.

A Prison Planet article about this frightening prediction mentions Gulf of Tonkin and the USS Maine false flag attacks but for some reason never mentions the prolonged Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty (see details at the end of this article) which looked to pull us into their conflict with Egypt until a Russian sub was spotted nearby watching the hours long attack and the Liberty simply refused to sink. Go figure.

UPDATE 2: Chris Mathews covered the Israeli assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist yesterday. You might think that is good, but it is not because of HOW they covered it; they are setting up a narrative explaining WHY the Iranians would launch a military attack of some kind against the U.S. Navy. And that is EXACTLY the same thing the Jerusalem Post wrote about the other day.

The story line according the Hardball goes something like this:

  • The Obama administration doesn’t want a conflict with Iran (even though it’s obvious that they do want a regime change in Iran)
  • The new sanctions on Iran are making them desperate (even though South Korea, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Russia, Pakistan, India and others are not going to abide by them, and neither is Halliburton for that matter)
  • The Israeli attack on a nuclear scientist is going to prompt Iran to attack the U.S. (even though they know it was not the U.S. that killed their scientist and even though there are Israeli ships in the Gulf as well as U.S. ships)
  • There are mentions of Iran firing a missile at a U.S. warship or mining the Straight of Hormuz (does that remind anyone of the Cheonan incident, or is it just me?)
  • Israel will then “help” the United States and be the good guys by striking back at Iran.

Mathews and Hardball are not helping us by exposing the underlying truth in this situation but rather they are laying the groundwork for the official narrative of another false flag attack even before it plays out. The Iranians would never launch an attack on a US warship because Israel killed another of their scientists. That premise is ludicrous at best. And yet, there it is.

UPDATE 3: British Prime Minister has gone to meet with the Saudi Royal family just days after the Saudi ruling regime killed protesters and hours after the British issue a warning to their citizens about traveling to that region due to “conflicts” escalating.

UPDATE 4: According to the complicit MSM, an “independent news service” known as irannuc.ir is claiming that the Iranian people buried the nuclear scientist chanting “death to the US. death to Israel” and they claim that Iran (quoting unnamed sources) is planning an attack against the West in retaliation. Of course the only videos of the burial show mourners saying “death to the terrorists”

It appears the “independent news service” (read as US financed destabilization campaign NGO) is helping to push the “Iran is going to attack” narrative.

This irannuc propaganda is already on Fox News and MSN alike.


For years I have been using the phrase “The Global Free Market Wars” to explain what is happening around the world. I didn’t coin the phrase, I don’t know who did, I wish I had. The pretense is coming to a end.  The Global War on Terror is and has been since it’s inception, a fraud. A lie. 935 lies for Iraq; 1 Big Lie for Afghanistan (built on literally tons of smaller lies); NGO lies for Libya; a Fox News generated lie for Pakistan; a retroactive lie for Yemen; a lie of omission for Sudan; an opportunistic lie for North Korea; and finally, a string of lies for Iran.

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At Least 29 Slain in US Drone Strikes Against South Waziristan

by Jason Ditz, Antiwar

At least 29 people were slain and an unknown number of others wounded today in a pair of US drone strikes against South Waziristan Agency, Pakistan. The first strike targeted a vehicle, killing eight people in Shawwal.

The second strike hit a home full of tribesmen in Mandoi, killing the 21 people inside and wounding a number of people surrounding the area. The toll in Mandoi is expected to continue to rise through the evening, as people were continuing to be pulled from the rubble.

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Neoliberal News of the Day – 11/29/2010

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Bin Laden Now in Pakistan Livin La Vida Loca, as the “Weekend at Bernie’s” Floating War Party Rolls On

by Scott Creighton

CNN mockingbird Barbara Starr is reporting that “unnamed NATO sources” are claiming that Bin Laden is living the high life somewhere around north-west Pakistan near the Afghanistan border. Apparently bin Laden is  partying and living large, no more of those fake cave stories for him. And just for good measure, mockingbird Starr claims Gen. Petraeus says things are going great in Afghanistan…

The official said the general region where bin Laden is likely to have moved around in recent years ranges from the mountainous Chitral area in the far northwest near the Chinese border, to the Kurram Valley which neighbors Afghanistan’s Tora Bora, one of the Taliban strongholds during the U.S. invasion in 2001. Raw Story

Shades of Donald Rumsfeld… “we know exactly where the WMDs are. They are just north, south, east, west of Baghdad…”

Of course, bin Laden has been dead since Dec. 2001, but that makes no difference to the propaganda machine when we have a new “Shock and Awe” campaing to launch and a new ground invasion and regime change to justify.

After all, since we killed three of their soldiers a couple of weeks back, the Pakistanis shut off the supply routes to our illegal occupation of Afghanistan and Hilary Clinton and her globalist friends can’t allow that. Might hurt the progress of the Global Free Market Wars and that liquid natural gas pipeline they have been working on since years before 9/11.

So they dust off the ghosts of 9/11, pile up the bodies, and climb on top with a bullhorn so they can point their crooked fingers of self-righteous indignation at the Pakistani government for not killing the memory of bin Laden like they were supposed to.

The CIA mockingbird, Barbara Starr, then goes on to parrot David Betrayus saying that they are making a lot of “progress in Afghanistan”… though she did fail to mention they just announced yesterday that they had to remove 1 million fraudulent votes from their recent “election” (25%) and the fact that people were reporting they were forced to vote a certain way in other areas, “with a gun pointed at their head”. Literally, not figuratively. 

Kabul: In the wake of the preliminary results of the September 18 Afghan parliamentary elections having been postponed, interviews with Afghan and Western officials have indicated that fraud was pervasive in the elections, and nearly 25 percent of the votes are likely to be thrown out.

According to two Western officials who have been following the election closely, 800,000 to one million votes may be nullified due to the fraud, which included ballot-box stuffing, citizens being forced to cast their votes at gunpoint, and corrupt election officials and security forces complicit with corrupt candidates, The New York Times reported. Zeenews

If this is the kind of  “progress” that the CNN globalist propaganda mill is boasting about in Afghanistan, is it any wonder that they would still have the people of this country chasing the ghost of bin Laden from one regime change to the next?

(click for larger view)

Coalition fatalities are off the charts as you can clearly see, yet this is what CNN tries to pass off as “progress”?  Fraudulent elections and dead US soldiers?

Personally, I would call that a horrid failure, but what do I know? CNN’s mockingbird parrots the reports of a known liar (Betrayus) and an “unnamed source” so  off we go to invade Pakistan and kill or capture the rotting corpse of Osama bin Laden.

Collateral damage be damned!… there’s gold in that there war! Yeeeeehaaaaa!

It’s getting about as stupid as “Weekend at Bernie’s” and now we are up to “Weekend at Bernie’s 3″ and people are still buying the tickets.  Enough to make you cry if it wasn’t so damn stupid. I guess people are more worried about the damn banks stealing their homes out from under them than they are their endless war profiteering. One day I guess the general population will put 2 and 2 together. One can always “HOPE” I guess.


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