Human rights are no longer a ‘top priority’ for the Government, says Foreign Office chief

(“Top official says ‘prosperity agenda’ now takes precedence over fighting injustice” Fact is, they now, as they always have, breed injustice in order to serve their prosperity agenda. I guess the new twist is, they don’t seem to care who knows it. I guess when you’re about to unleash your fascist New World Order on the people, there’s no sense in trying to hide it anymore)

from the Independent

Human rights are no longer a “top priority” for the Government, Britain’s most senior Foreign Office official has admitted, as ministers put resources into supporting trade deals ahead of tackling injustice in other parts of the world. In a remarkably frank admission to MPs, Sir Simon McDonald, Permanent Secretary at the Foreign Office, said that human rights no longer had the “profile” within his department that they had “in the past”.

And he added that the Conservatives’ “prosperity agenda” was now “further up the list” of areas on which the department was concentrating its dwindling resources.

Last night human rights charities said Sir Simon’s comments were as “astonishing as they were alarming” and described the change in focus as “deeply regrettable”.

The Conservative chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, Crispin Blunt, added that it was “one of the consequences of inadequate resourcing to run a sensible foreign policy”.

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America’s Tonton Macoute is Taking Shape: Video of Psychotic US Marshal Pointing Shotgun at Innocent Civilian

by Scott Creighton

In places like Iraq and Afghanistan, when our beloved troops do midnight raids on dissident’s private homes, you always have a crew of soldiers or Blackwater-type mercs standing around pointing weapons at anyone who happens to be watching. They are there to ‘watch the backs” of those other guys putting the black bag on some poor slob’s head. It’s standard practice.

Death squads do that all the time in countries destroyed by the CIA (Capitalism’s Invisible Army). It’s part of the terrorism they try to inflict. It’s not enough to simply take the trouble-maker out of the community, you have to let the rest of the community know they could be next.

What’s the lesson to be learned by disappearing various people if those who remain think they were taken by a polite and benevolent government?

Behavior like that creates a certain type of “us verses them” psychosis where the men involved start viewing everyone who is not part of their team as the enemy.

I have written before about how this mentality is starting to show itself with various police arrest videos. A large number of cops use excessive force detaining someone and while that takes place, several more officers surround the thug cops to “defend” them from the citizens watching the brutality.

A particularly creepy video has surfaced in which this behavior is once again, on display. However, in this one, the psychosis is beyond evident.

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More terrorists’ positions destroyed by Syrian and Russian airstrikes

from SANA (Syrian Arab News Agency)

The Russian Air Force, in cooperation with the Syrian Air Force, launched on Saturday more air strikes against positions of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) terrorist organization, according to a military source.

The source described the air strikes as being “pinpoint” and highly accurate, directly hitting targets and leading to their destruction.

A fortified command center was destroyed in al-Latamneh in the countryside of Hama province, according to the source.

Air strikes in Idleb province destroyed weapons and equipment depots, a vehicle-rigging center, heavy machine guns and a mortar in Jisr al-Shughour and a training camp and weapons and ammunition depots in Maaret al-Nouman.

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman Igor Konashenkov announced in a press conference that the Russian aircrafts carried out over the past 24 hours 20 sorties attacking 9 ISIS positions in Syria.

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Should US Ally with Al Qaeda in Syria?

(Let’s sum it up. John McCain went on CNN crying about how the Ruskies are bombing CIA-backed “moderates” in Syria north of Homs. That area had been the site of an offensive at the time being run by the Nusra Front. Nusra Front is an off-shoot of al Qaeda. The CIA created al Qaeda to destabilize Afghanistan, way back in the day. And our weapons and trained troops end up falling into the hands of Nusra Front… “accidentally”. Hmmm… I guess it’s no wonder they would rather have us talking about Oregon. So, who are they talking about having our troops protect in Syria?)

by Robert Parry, Consortium News

The key sentence in The New York Times’ lead article about Russian airstrikes against Syrian rebel targets fell to the bottom of the story, five paragraphs from the end, where the Times noted in passing that the area north of Homs where the attacks occurred had been the site of an offensive by a coalition “including Nusra Front.”

What the Times didn’t say in that context was that Nusra Front is Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, an omission perhaps explained because this additional information would disrupt the righteous tone of the article, accusing Russia of bad faith in attacking rebel groups other than the Islamic State.

But the Russians had made clear their intent was to engage in airstrikes against the mélange of rebel groups in which Al Qaeda as well as the Islamic State played prominent roles. The Times and the rest of the mainstream U.S. media are just playing games when they pretend otherwise.

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US Bombs Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Afghanistan Targeting Taliban – Kills 9 Staff Members

(In spite of how the AP presents this story, this was clearly not an accident. This hospital was serving the people of Kunduz and probably Taliban fighters. Many of the citizens of this town want the US out of their country and provide aid to the Taliban. The strike on an active hospital, even if it only served Taliban fighters, is a war-crime and I am sure it is not the first time our forces have done something like this over there. It’s probably routine. It’s only due to the fact that Doctors Without Borders was there, that this story is getting any attention at all (very little at that). This is a major war-crime, targeting hospitals in conflict areas. Notice the careful choice of language: “near” the hospital, “collateral damage” and the spokesman says they “lost” some doctors. They didn’t loose them. They killed them. They know exactly where they are.)

from the AP

Nine local staffers for Doctors Without Borders were killed and 30 were missing after an explosion near their hospital in the northern Afghan city of Kunduz that may have been caused by a U.S. airstrike.

In a statement, the international charity said the “sustained bombing” took place at 2:10 a.m. (2140 GMT). Afghan forces backed by U.S. airstrikes have been fighting to dislodge Taliban insurgents who overran Kunduz on Monday.

U.S. forces in Afghanistan said they conducted an airstrike on Kunduz at 2:15 a.m. The spokesman, U.S. Army Col. Brian Tribus, said the strike “may have resulted in collateral damage to a nearby medical facility” and that the incident was under investigation. Tribus said it was the 12th U.S. airstrike “in the Kunduz vicinity” since Tuesday.

Doctors Without Borders said its trauma center “was hit several times during sustained bombing and was very badly damaged.” At the time of the bombing, the hospital had 105 patients and their caretakers, and more than 80 international and Afghan staff, it said.

Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said 10 to 15 “terrorists” had been hiding in the hospital at the time of the strike. “All of the terrorists were killed but we also lost doctors,” he told a press conference. He said 80 staff at the hospital, including 15 foreigners, had been taken to safety.

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Quantico is Brutal Propaganda (video review from TNN)

by Scott Creighton

TyrranyNewsNetwork does a pretty good job breaking down this new propaganda show, Quantico. It is the most laughable excuse for a hacked together piece of social programming I’ve seen in a very long time. Check out this still I took from TNN’s video for example:


This scene was supposedly in a mansion somewhere in Augusta, Georgia.

Not only was I a builder and designer of very high-end cabinetry before I got sick (and I still have the cad-files to prove it) I was also for a while, a builder of TV, stage and film sets (and I have the IMDB page to prove that).

This piece of crap cabinet is beyond laughable. If some millionaire (and I have worked for many) paid you to build something for them and you installed this, they would have you shot and drag this piece of shit from their home.

Look how it sticks out into the doorway. They didn’t even bother making it fit the flat (fake wall) behind it.

It’s made of crappy #2 pine and luan (cheap Malaysian 1.4″ plywood) with the cheapest pulls on the planet.

The guns are super cheap and notice the circa Apocalypse Now M-16 cheapo assault rifle prop right dead center in the middle.

When I saw this, I just laughed out loud.

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Pentagon weighs using force to protect US(CIA)-backed Syria rebels (terrorists) targeted by Russia

from Fox “News”

Senior U.S. military leaders and defense officials are debating whether military force should be used to protect Washington-backed Syrian rebels who have come under attack by Russian airstrikes in recent days.

The Associated Press reported early Friday that the question was part of a broader debate within the Pentagon about the the broader dilemma of how the administration should respond to what White House press secretary Josh Earnest described as Russia’s “indiscriminate military operations against the Syrian opposition.”

Tensions between the U.S. and Russia are escalating over Russian airstrikes that are serving to strengthen Syrian President Bashar Assad by targeting the so-called “moderate” rebels rather than hitting Islamic State (ISIS) fighters it promised to attack.

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