What You Are Not Being Told About the Afghanistan War

The Most Important WikiLeaks Revelation Isn’t About Hillary Clinton (but then again, it really is since she is a continuation of the Obama administration))

(The country according to the New Dems, the neoliberal unDemocrat Party: everything of, by and for the bankers)

by David Dayen, from New Republic

The most important revelation in the WikiLeaks dump of John Podesta’s emails has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. The messages go all the way back to 2008, when Podesta served as co-chair of President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team. And a month before the election, the key staffing for that future administration was almost entirely in place, revealing that some of the most crucial decisions an administration can make occur well before a vote has been cast.

Michael Froman, who is now U.S. trade representative but at the time was an executive at Citigroup, wrote an email to Podesta on October 6, 2008, with the subject “Lists.” Froman used a Citigroup email address. He attached three documents: a list of women for top administration jobs, a list of non-white candidates, and a sample outline of 31 cabinet-level positions and who would fill them. “The lists will continue to grow,” Froman wrote to Podesta, “but these are the names to date that seem to be coming up as recommended by various sources for senior level jobs.”

The cabinet list ended up being almost entirely on the money. It correctly identified Eric Holder for the Justice Department, Janet Napolitano for Homeland Security, Robert Gates for Defense, Rahm Emanuel for chief of staff, Peter Orszag for the Office of Management and Budget, Arne Duncan for Education, Eric Shinseki for Veterans Affairs, Kathleen Sebelius for Health and Human Services, Melody Barnes for the Domestic Policy Council, and more. For the Treasury, three possibilities were on the list: Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, and Timothy Geithner.

This was October 6. The election was November 4. And yet Froman, an executive at Citigroup, which would ultimately become the recipient of the largest bailout from the federal government during the financial crisis, had mapped out virtually the entire Obama cabinet, a month before votes were counted. And according to the Froman/Podesta emails, lists were floating around even before that

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Pentagon Video Warns of “Unavoidable” Dystopian Future for World’s Biggest Cities

(The Intercept obtained a video from Special Ops University (funny huh?) which claims the world will be a horrible dystopian nightmare for most of the world’s population by 2030 so they have to retool the military to deal with this new urban warfare model. The video itself is unremarkable and the forecast is certainly lacking in statistical integrity. But it is interesting for three different points:

  1. The enemy of all national armies in the future are the poor huddled masses left behind as a by-product of neoliberal economic ideology. And this video seems to suggest a large percentage of those unfortunate populations amount to not much more than biological waste which needs to be eradicated like one wipes out an infestation of cockroaches.
  2. The students watching this at Special Ops U. are clearly being brainwashed into thinking they are somehow being entrusted with this “special knowledge” of the future of mankind and are being tasked with the awesome responsibility of that privileged insight. This builds the much needed elitist mentality among these young soldiers and the even more important “us verses them” outlook toward… poor people from their own countries.
  3. It is an “unavoidable” future we face.

You should know: Special Ops are the guys who run irregular and unconventional warfare operations like what happened in Libya and what is happening in Syria. Fact is, they create dystopian landscapes like the ones pictured in the video, they don’t simply respond to them. And they do it on behalf of the major banking cartels of the world who benefit most from the imposition of neoliberal economic austerity programs which also create such horrors. So I guess this video is just a Special Ops guy outlining a self-fulfilling prophecy.

What is scariest about this video is when I think about how many other members of special police forces or tactical units over the decades across the globe have viewed similar films or videos. The Tonton Macoute, Alianza Anticomunista ArgentinaBattalion 3–16 , Esquadrão da Morte, Caravan of Death, Freikorps, Grey Wolves , SAVAK  … these are all James Steel/School of the Americans types of ‘special” forces who’s main targets were always the dissidents of the poor underclasses of various nations who opposed the horrors of the world they found themselves in. Seems to me this video is straight out of School of the Americas and unfortunately, it’s being used as a teaching tool for our soldiers now. )

by Nick Turse, Intercept

The year is 2030. Forget about the flying cars, robot maids, and moving sidewalks we were promised. They’re not happening. But that doesn’t mean the future is a total unknown.

According to a startling Pentagon video obtained by The Intercept, the future of global cities will be an amalgam of the settings of “Escape from New York” and “Robocop” — with dashes of the “Warriors” and “Divergent” thrown in. It will be a world of Robert Kaplan-esque urban hellscapes — brutal and anarchic supercities filled with gangs of youth-gone-wild, a restive underclass, criminal syndicates, and bands of malicious hackers.

At least that’s the scenario outlined in “Megacities: Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity,” a five-minute video that has been used at the Pentagon’s Joint Special Operations University. All that stands between the coming chaos and the good people of Lagos and Dhaka (or maybe even New York City) is the U.S. Army, according to the video, which The Intercept obtained via the Freedom of Information Act.

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Do Not Resist Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Documentary

“On contact” with Chris Hedges (Episode 17) discussing the effects of neoliberalism with Ecuador’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Guillaume Long

Amy Goodman Uses White Helmet Videos and Regime Change “Activists” from Syria to Promote Yet Another Humanitarian Bombing Campaign

by Scott Creighton

Amy Goodman, you’re pathetic.

When we talk about the “progressive” left being confused about Syria (and Libya before that) because of complicit phony “alternative” left-leaning journalists lying to them incessantly, none of the institutions out there are more responsible for that than is Democracy NOW! and Amy Goodman. Under the Obama administration, the once fearless anti-war activist and journalist has become an apologist for war criminals. There is no other way of looking at it. And not only an apologist for their crimes after the fact, but a complicit co-conspirator in the promotion of propaganda to seeks to justify more crimes against humanity in the future. She is practically on the payroll of US Special Forces doing work in their unconventional warfare division helping sway the “hearts and minds” of US citizens to accept and even call for aggressive military action against non-compliant nations across the world.

This latest segment she did on the situation in Aleppo, which her propagandist producers called “Worse than a Slaughterhouse”, proves my point and solidifies her position as the Judith Miller of the fake alternative media.

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Why Everything You Hear About Aleppo Is Wrong: Sept. 29th Interview with Vanessa Beeley

One quick thing: the interviewer states that al Qaeda was created by the US after “the Russian invasion of Afghanistan”. That’s not entirely accurate. The Afghanistan Mujahideen was created by the US at that time and al Qaeda stemmed from that for one thing. Most importantly, Russia did not invade Afghanistan. The new Afghan government at the time was building closer ties to Russia and looking to them for assistance. They came in by invitation of the Afghanis, it was not an invasion. So our actions back then were similar to what is going on in Syria. We were not just attacking Russians in Afghanistan, but also the Afghan government at the time. It’s a small difference, but I think a critical one to note.