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Obama extends global reach of US Special Operations death squads


I made this years ago. Prescient?

(As coincidence would have it, the day after ObamaGod authorizes global death squad rights for President Tiny Hands to enjoy, some general JUST HAPPENS to “find” a Big Book of “ISIS” plots and plans in Syria. Like an assassination target catalogue of some kind. What a damned coincidence, huh? Kill anybody, anywhere at any time in the name of our “national interests” and all you have to do is pull up the catalogue and say “See? It’s right there. Page 81b” and you’re fine.)

from the WSWS

In major actions reported only briefly by the establishment press, President Obama has given vast new scope to the Pentagon’s Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), authorizing it to carry out assassinations across the globe.

The units of JSOC have long been employed by the chiefs of the six major regional military commands, such as Centcom, which covers the Middle East and Central Asia, to conduct counter-terrorism operations. One such unit, Seal Team Six, carried out the assassination of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in May 2011.

Obama has approved a proposal to give JSOC independent authority to operate outside the regional commands, essentially as a globalized assassination force. JSOC units will bypass the regional commanders and report directly to Special Operations Command (SOCOM) in the Pentagon.

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Green Party U.S. Publishes Letter Denouncing Jill Stein’s Recount Effort

by Scott Creighton

On the 28th, on the (Margaret) Flowers for Senate website, the Green Party U.S. has published a statement about the Jill Stein recount effort taking place right now. The letter, signed by both co-chairs of Green Party U.S. and other prominent Green Party Members (Chris Hedges, Cynthia McKinney, Kevin Zeese, Margaret Flowers and others) as well as hundreds of rank and file Green Party members, clearly states the Green Party does not support her efforts while they do support legitimate actions to defend voters rights and to fight against election rigging, voter disenfranchisement and voter suppression.

They lay out several reasons for their not supporting this effort which include the undemocratic way Stein went about undertaking this project, the fact that it doesn’t address real election rigging techniques they have seen used (all it focuses on is the “Russians did it” BS) and the appearance of it being done to benefit Hillary Clinton.

The letter and some signatures are republished below the fold. You can go to the original here.

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UPDATES on Jill Stein’s Flailing Recount Efforts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: see update at end of article

Here are a few updates on the process:

Jill Stein went on CNN last night and spoke with CIA Mockingbird Anderson Cooper about this process. He asked her specifically why she was doing this when no one, not even J. Alex Halderman (who’s essay made up the entirety of Jill’s Wisconsin petition) said they had seen any evidence of election rigging in any of these three states. Jill said again it was all about “reassuring the voters”. She was then asked “why these three states that would flip the election results” and Stein answered saying something about there having been “irregularities” noted about them and quickly changed the subject back to “reinforcing voter confidence in the election process”. Interestingly, Cooper asked her about the money being collected and how it would be used specifically and she said that neither the Green Party or herself were in control of the money and it would be used for these effort, which begs the question that Anderson failed too ask “If you and the Green Party aren’t in control of how this money is used, who is?”. Jill Stein never offered that information.

Jill Stein has hired the former head of the Michigan Democratic Party, Mark Brewer, to head up her legal team. Brewer is still a member of the national DNC. His wife, Julianna Smoot, “is a former White House social secretary who most recently served as deputy manager for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign

– Jill Stein has hired another long time Democrat Party insider, Lawrence Otter to help with her recount efforts in Pennsylvania. As it just so happens, I found this picture of Lawrence Otter’s daughter hanging out with… Hillary Clinton… on his Facebook page.

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Is Jill Stein’s Recount Effort Simply TPTB Threatening the President Elect to “Appoint Our Guys or Else”?

by Scott Creighton

What is the real purpose behind Jill Stein’s “blame the Russians” recount efforts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan?

That’s the big question isn’t it?

Over at Debbie’s Sane Progressive Youtube page, she is getting HAMMERED for continuing to suggest that it’s all about “freedom and democracy and election integrity” and crap like that at a point where it is PAINFULLY obvious that it has NOTHING to do with any of that. All she has to do is read Jill’s damn petition to Wisconsin and she will know IN A HEART BEAT that it’s totally focused on the Clinton campaign’s earlier assertions that the Russians could hack our election system to make Donald Trump win.

And interestingly enough, as she pouts and tells folks they can go ahead and unsubscribe to her channel (as they are doing) she has YET to post a link in ANY of her videos linking her readers to Jill Stein’s petition so they can read it for themselves. That’s a little dubious, don’t you think?

Here is Stein’s Wisconsin petition. Judge for yourself what it’s about.

My opinion on the subject is well documented and based on a substantial amount of research. Plus, unlike Debbie, I come at this issue without the baggage of having been a Jill Stein supporter so identity politics doesn’t factor in with me.

Lastly on this part of the subject I just want too say Debbie’s latest video regarding Stein’s Clinton-inspired efforts include a long-time election integrity activist named Lianda Ludwig who, though her heart is clearly in the right place, has been taken advantage of, in my opinion. This is a comment I wrote on Debbie’s Youtube video of her interview with Lianda:

AmericanEveryman13 hours ago

Lianda’s fundraiser page as well as Jill Stein’s both contain language from Democracy Engine. Line 618 “I agree to Democracy Engine… line 619 “Terms of Service”… line 621 “Privacy Policy” – is operated by Jonathan Zucker who was was the executive director for George Soros’ ActBlue and he’s done work for the DLC. It’s CTO is Erik Pennebaker “During the 2008 election cycle, the system he created for then-Senator Clinton was the online heart of her more than $221 million fundraising effort” I wonder why these two decided to use that particular group to raise money for their projects.

What is that she said? If the money does come from Soros, so what? Yeah. Got it.

Nationbuilder is a “Megaphone”-type platform where, for a monthly fee, folks with a cause can sign-up, collect donations and have their cause spread to all sorts of paid influence peddlers across the country. It was created by a guy who attended college where I grew up in Lynchburg Va. He attended Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University and was a fundamentalist Christian who loved George W. Bush and all things neoliberal until the Iraq War and a Robert Greenwald movie “changed his mind” and he became an “anti-war activist”. Or so the story goes.

This guy then has an idea for Nationbuilder and somehow gets Sean Parker to give him 35 million dollars in start-up money for the project. Sean Parker was the first president of Facebook and the CIA financial asset that gave Zuckerburg the money to kick it off.

This is what happens when people who don’t really understand deep state politics like Debbie of the Sane Progressive and Lianda Ludwig try to pretend like they do. They can’t see past the emotional connections they’ve made with their pet issues, in this case, a rather important pet issue: election integrity (something I have covered for years). They also tend to get trapped by identity politics and refuse too see the writing on the wall until it’s too late. Consider:

  1. Does anyone really think Jill Stein of all people could have motivated so many people to donate 6 million bucks in two days all on her own without Facebook’s Megaphone engine? Be serious. She only raise 3.5 million throughout her entire presidential campaign.. and I don’t care HOW you recount those votes, she’s not going to be president in the end, so WHY would her voters send her their money for this effort?
  2. Why did Jill take up this cause after the two main movers in the action met with Podesta and Elias of the Hillary Clinton team and then why did her petition focus on “Russian hacking” rather than privately owned electronic voting machines and secret software used to count the votes?
  3. Why is Elias and the Clinton campaign now saying they are getting on board with the action to “help” the process along?

Think about it.

So where did she get all that money so quickly? And more importantly, why was she allowed to do it and even have her initiative advertised on the corporate media? Why does it focus on Russia?

Good questions all and I think the answer is a lot more obvious than you might think.

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Jill Stein’s “The Russians Did It” Recount Petition is Based Entirely on Flawed and Discredited MSM Propaganda Reports

by Scott Creighton

Jill Stein’s petition to recount the votes in Wisconsin never once mentions any statistical evidence of flawed election results. She never once suggests she and the Green Party should have received more votes than they did. And she never once suggests it is in bad taste to allow privately owned companies to write and use code for their electronic voting machines and that code is protected under proprietary software rules from any sort of disclosure or evaluation both prior to and after elections.

There is no mention of exit polls, there is no mention of pre-election polling results not matching official voting tallies in Wisconsin. There is no statistical evidence presented at all.

Instead, Jill Stein parrots old propaganda from the MSM which backed Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid by claiming their reports are evidence of Russia’s hacking the Wisconsin election results. It is important to note Jill Stein regularly dismissed these kinds of reports from the Clinton-backing press during the campaign season.

In a stunning turnaround, by way of “proof” Jill Stein cites the work of one individual expert, J. Alex Halderman, and his work on the subject as the grounds for her desire for a recount of the election results. It is stunning because his “proof” is nothing more than five pieces of MSM propaganda and  one report from the Department of Homeland Security that says they are “confident” Russia was behind the DNC, Clinton server and John Podesta email leaks and the alleged voter data-base hacks in a couple states (not Wisconsin)

Aside from the fact that this “evidence” is merely a small number of articles written by biased reporters, none of that has anything to do with proving election fraud or hacking in the Wisconsin presidential election. None of it. Not one single shred of evidence is provided.

And yet, Wisconsin upheld the recount petition.

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Jill Stein Parrots the Dem’s Discredited “The Russians Did It” Narrative in Her Official Petition to Recount Wisconsin Votes

by Scott Creighton

Sounds to me like John Podesta wrote her petition to Wisconsin and it is clearly designed to help Hillary Clinton. Jill, the Russians didn’t “hack” anything to steal votes from you, now did they? So logically, since “the Russians” are the PRIMARY FOCUS of your petition, that means… you filed the petition on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Didn’t you?

Jill Stein’s petition to recount Wisconsin votes has been published online (PDF). Does she cite issues with electronic voting machines being proven to be susceptible to rigging by the companies that own them? No. Does she have any evidence at all to show the official count in Wisconsin was rigged for Trump to win? No.

Her entire argument to recount the votes in Wisconsin comes down to two things which she summarizes in section F of her petition;

f. The well-documented and conclusive evidence of foreign interference in the presidential race before the election, along with the irregularities observed in Wisconsin (more absentee ballots than usual), call into question the results and indicate the possibility that widespread breach occurred.

Stein also included an exhibit from J. Alex Halderman to further support her claims. Halderman, if you recall, met with Soros operators John Podesta, John Bonifaz and Mark Elias to discuss how they were going to move forward with a recount process without making Hillary Clinton look like a sore loser.

In his exhibit offered by Jill Stein as evidence of the stolen election, J. Alex Halderman makes these statements:

6. The 2016 presidential election was subject to unprecedented cyberattacks apparently intended to interfere with the election… The Department of Homeland Security has stated that senior officials in the Russian government commissioned these attacks... Russia has sophisticated cyber-offensive capabilities and it has shown a willingness to use them to hack elections elsewhere.

Another exhibit Stein included in her petition is an article written by April Glaser titled “Here’s What We Know About Russia and the DNC Hack”. This is part of it:

DNC officials allege that the Russian government is behind the breach. The New York Times reports that the US intelligence agencies increasingly share that opinion. According to a number of top cybersecurity researchers, they’re probably right

Another exhibit she offers as proof is a New York Times article titled “Private Security Group Says Russia was Behind John Podesta Email Hack

Jill Stein tosses in a couple more MSM articles about Russians hacking everything in sight.

And that’s it. That’s her argument. The Russians did it.

This, too me, signifies the final straw of evidence we need to conclude Jill Stein is acting as John Podesta’s proxy candidate in his bid to get Hillary installed in the White House.

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