Iraq PM Abadi Uses his Shiite Sadr Death Squads to Send a Message to Parliament: Accept IMF Technocrats or Else

by Scott Creighton

Followers of Moqtada al-Sadr are seen in the parliament building 30 April

Followers of Moqtada al-Sadr are seen in the parliament building 30 April

Yesterday I wrote that the flash “protest” in Baghdad looked like a color revolution. I was partially correct. It was staged, but not for the purpose of sending a message to Iraq Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi but rather, now on further inspection, it looks like it was staged by al-Abadi himself. Well, Abadi and the usual suspects here in the States who do anything and everything in support of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Neighbourhoods riven by past sectarian bloodshed on edge as Shia militias mount shows of force

Iraqi Shiite tribal fighters (death squads) in Baghdad’s Sadr City Photo: AP Photo/Karim Kadim

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So Why are the Trump and Sanders Campaigns Popular? It’s so simple, even monkeys understand it

by Scott Creighton

Even monkeys understand it but somehow all those college educated complicit media types don’t? Yeah, right.

Paris Terror Suspect Called “Radical Islamist” by the Likes of Trump et al, Never Read the Koran and is an Idiot

by Scott Creighton

(just a quick note)

Donald Trump yesterday at the neocon announcement of his Kissinger approved foreign policy:

“… we’re in a war against radical Islam, but President Obama won’t even name the enemy… Hillary Clinton also refuses to say the words radical Islam… ” Donald Trump

Salah Abdeslam, one of the key patsies of the November Paris attacks, was recently described by Belgian authorities as he was being turned over to the French. This is how he was described by Sven Mary, Abdeslam’s attorney:

He said the young extremist had scant knowledge of Islam. “I asked him if he had read the Koran, which I have done, and he said he had read his interpretation on the Internet,” the lawyer said.having “the intelligence of an empty ashtray — an abysmal emptiness.Washington Post

Abdeslam isn’t a “radical Islamist”.. he’s an idiot, a soulless opportunist who was probably recruited by the CIA in some local jail, to serve in our “overseas contingency operation” a.k.a. the destabilization campaign in Syria.

These are exactly the kinds of folks whom they target for potential employment. And if they screw up or leave the project before their contractual obligation is fulfilled, they are rounded up and designated “radical Islamist terrorists” in whatever country they flee to.

These are usually petty criminals, arrested in various “friendly” countries, and given an opportunity to serve the masters of the universe by heading over to Syria (or Libya or Yemen) to kill and maim civilians in what’s called “irregular” or “unconventional” warfare.

A recent study cited by the Washington Post points out that these “terrorists” aren’t what they used to be:

“This characterization of the terrorist suspect sketched by his attorney fits in with preexisting analysis by European counterterrorism officials, who see the current wave of violent extremists emerging not from a position of ideological fervor, but criminality and antisocial behavior.

A report by a Brussels think tank cited by WorldViews in March observed how Abdeslam and his peers’ “acquaintance with religious thought is undoubtedly more shallow and superficial than their predecessors’…

The study noted the distinction between an earlier generation of “radical Islamists” and the current crop of “Islamized radicals.”  Washington Post

Abdeslam’s criminal background is well extensive and well documented. Two of his associates, Abdelhamid Abaaoud and Ahmet Dahmani, were known to have been to Syria and supposedly fought with the “moderate” terrorists in that country.

Abdesalm cruised around Europe for a couple of years to nations which saw a large number of “moderate” terrorists recruited during that time frame (2012 -2014) and he could have been serving as a facilitator getting others to go there rather than fighting himself. His history is unclear.

Whatever the case may be, the “ISIS” radical Islam story doesn’t hold water anymore unless of course you are talking about the scripts of all those fake beheading videos. But of course, they’re just scripts, probably written by the SITE Intelligence Group.

The myth of “radical Islam” is fading fast. Someone should let Trump know.

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri’s Angry Response To Media About “Irresponsible Rhetoric” of Social Media

by Scott Creighton

Uh, when those deputies go into that water, up to their knees and it’s all sludge and weeds.. uh… they don’t need to die over it” Sheriff Bob Gualtieri

When I moved my mother into my apartment on April 2 of this year, I was talking to a neighbor (who helped us with his van) about a local story regarding 3 teenagers who were killed when the stolen car they were driving crashed into a retention pond in the middle of the night after fleeing from police. All three of those children drowned.

Drowning is a horrible way to die.

My neighbor, a good Christian man who attends church services several times a week, said it served them right. They got what they deserved for stealing a car.

I asked him if he knew that two thieves were crucified with Jesus. One on is right, one on his left. He didn’t seem to understand the point I was making.

We don’t commit thieves to the electric chair in this country. We should when they are thieves of the Goldman Sachs caliber, but we don’t. Instead, apparently some of our politicians attend various functions of theirs and get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars of some of that stolen money for giving them a little speech. That’s how it works here.

My neighbor was adamant… they should have been at home in bed instead of out stealing cars and none of this would have happened.

Kids. That’s the Christian proclamation on the big story of the month down here in Florida land. They stole a car and got what they deserved.

Of course, they were all girls. Teenage girls. Black, teenage girls to be more specific. Did I mention that part?

As the story unfolded in the press, it turns out that the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office claims they did everything possible to rescue those girls from the sinking stolen vehicle.

Well, they did everything possible short of getting their shirts wet. After all, “they don’t need to die over it”, right sheriff?

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Hardly Anyone Trusts The (lying corporate) Media Anymore

(The people say they want accuracy above all else. Problem for the MSM is, it’s the independent journalists out here which highlight just how inaccurate the lying corporate media have become. Solution? Stop the lying? Ban the Mockingbirds? Or… get rid of the independent journalist and their access to the internet. Aha! We have a winner!)

by Nick Visser, from the Lying “alternative” Media

Only 6 percent of people say they have a great deal of confidence in the press, about the same level of trust Americans have in Congress, according to a new survey released on Sunday.

The study mirrors past reports that found the public’s trust in mass media has reached historic lows, according to data gathered by the Media Insight Project, a partnership between The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the American Press Institute. The report found faith in the press was just slightly higher than the 4 percent of people who said they trusted Congress.

Alongside the dire findings, the report found respondents valued accuracy above all else, with 85 percent of people saying it was extremely important to avoid errors in coverage. Timeliness and clarity followed closely, with 76 percent and 72 percent respectively saying those attributes were imperative among media sources.

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Like Giuliani and 9/11, I Am So Sick of Hearing Hillary Clinton Talk About Dodd-Frank. It’s an Abject Failure

by Scott Creighton

Hillary Clinton was waving around the myth of Dodd-Frank last night during her debate with Bernie Sanders (watch it here) like Rudy Giuliani used to wave 9/11 whenever he gave a speech or took part in a debate.

“We have a law!” she screeched, over and over again.

Of course, what she doesn’t tell you is, a law is meaningless if no one does anything with it. Kinda like that law that said public officials couldn’t use private email accounts to conduct their daily business so they could erase whatever communication they didn’t want to be part of the public record.

The myth that is the Dodd-Frank law has existed long enough in my opinion. Let’s put it to bed, shall we?

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Goldman Sachs Finally Admits it Defrauded Investors During the Financial Crisis

from Fortune

Investment banking giant Goldman Sachs GS 1.38% has agreed to a list of “facts” in addition to paying $5.1 billion to settle a lawsuit related to its handling of mortgage-backed securities leading up to the 2007 financial crisis, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Monday.

It’s a definite improvement on the DoJ settlements of a few years ago when Wall Street firms were able to get away with saying they “neither admit or deny the charges.” But it’s unlikely to quell critics that say the government hasn’t done enough to punish bankers in the wake of the financial crisis. Just like in past settlements, no individual bankers have been charged with wrong doing.

From 2005 to 2007, Goldman issued and underwrote many mortgages and securities that had been backed by residential loans borrowed by consumers with shoddy credit ratings. That helped tip the economy into recession after the housing bubble burst in 2007, leading to a tsunami of foreclosures and delinquencies. That caused billions of dollars in losses for investors. The settlement mentioned mortgage loans that had been originated by Countrywide, Fremont, and others. Countrywide was bought by Bank of America is early 2008. Fremont is no longer in business.

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