New Book Reveals Clinton Campaign Hatched Russia Hysteria To Cover For Losing

In this video, Jimmy makes a very good point about how the Clinton team decided to accuse Trump and his associates of colluding with Russia as cover for Hillary and Bill taking millions from a Kremlin-linked bank to OK the sale of uranium. Imagine if Trump had done something like that.

But what he misses is just as big, in my opinion.

Jimmy always points out, rightly, what a corrupt war-monger Hillary is and says that’s why he voted for Jill Stein as if she’s that much better.

In this video he talks about the book Shattered and mentions how the Clinton team was setting plans to discredit the vote tallies less than 24-hours after Hillary conceded. One of those plans was the “Russian hacking” bullshit…

… but another had to be getting Jill Stein, Dore’s candidate of choice, to mount a recount campaign in the 3 swing states that cost Hillary the election. My evidence showed over the course of my research that Jill got her marching orders on that one directly from Podesta and in fact some funding came from the Hillary camp.

Jimmy fails to mention that little tidbit of information, that Jill Stein did what she could to get Hillary Clinton to usurp the freely elected president.

Zombie Trump Now Says “I’m a nationalist and a globalist” as he Reassures his Base he is the “decider”

by Scott Creighton

Image result for zombie trump

Saying you are “a nationalist and a globalist” is like saying you’re alive and dead at the same time.

Not only is it nonsense, but if you believe it, it makes you a zombie: a soulless Walking Dead prop of a character with no past or future, just an incessant need to feed the basest of your human instincts right now in this moment.

“I don’t think (Trump) is ideological. Ultimately he is pragmatic in that way.” President Obama Nov. 14, 2016

A zombie is the ultimate pragmatist. All they focus on is feeding. Nothing else comes into play. Men, women, children… it doesn’t matter to the zombie. They are all merely food sources some faster, some slower, some stronger, some weaker. But they all serve to fulfill the same burning desire for more which is the only human desire a zombie knows. All they have left.

No remorse, no pity, no empathy, no guilt. Whatever is in the way is merely an obstacle to overcome so one may feed that desire. Capture, consume and continue.

The perfect neoliberal vulture capitalist businessman and the politicos who serve them are zombies. The Wolf of Wall Street. Gordon Gekko. Bub the zombie. Milton Friedman. Maggie Thatcher. Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama. Emmanuel Macron. Gary Cohn. Steven Mnuchin. And yes… President Trump.

These are the zombies we have to deal with everyday. Some fictional. Some “real”. But all are zombies… in every sense of the word.

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Turns Out Nikki Haley’s Colin Powell Moment was Her Going “Off the Reservation” (Possibly Taking Orders from Someone Else?)

by Scott Creighton

“The people of South Carolina are embarrassed by Nikki Haley!” Donald Trump, Oct. 2016

A little while ago after the White Helmets (formerly known as the Islamic State Fire Brigade) staged a little street theater claiming Assad used chemical weapons against civilians in Syria, Nikki Haley pulled a Colin Powell at the UN Security Council where she directly blamed Assad and called for regime change action based entirely on the ham-handed false flag op and the subsequent propaganda produced by “ISIS” and al Qaeda.

At the time I thought she was going off in her own direction because the State Department and Trump had just said they had decided to let the Syrian people decide Assad’s fate and that regime change was no longer their priority in the country.

Of course I was ridiculed for coming to that conclusion.

Then this happened…

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Syria’s Assad Says Trump Is Puppet of US Deep State

(This is the same thing I have written several times and the same thing Obama himself inferred about Trump after their first post-election meeting when he said he had “hope” about the new administration because “…Trump is not an ideological man. He is pragmatic”. Being an ideological blank slate makes candidates perfect for the job)

(The full transcript of this interview can be found here)

from TeleSur

Trump “changed his rhetoric completely and subjected himself to the terms of the deep American state, or the deep American regime,” Assad said

“Yes, from a Western perspective, you are now sitting with the devil. This is how they market it in the west,” Syrian President Bashar al-Assad told teleSUR’s Rolando Segura in an exclusive interview from Damascus, addressing a range of subjects including claims of chemical attacks as well as the shifting geopolitical alignments impacting the war which has ravaged his country.

Speaking on the subject of Donald Trump, the Syrian leader said the U.S. president “has no policies,” but is rather implementing decisions made by “the intelligence agencies, the Pentagon, the big arms manufacturers, oil companies, and financial institutions.”

“As we have seen in the past few weeks, he changed his rhetoric completely and subjected himself to the terms of the deep American state, or the deep American regime,” Assad said…

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Turkish warplanes hit Washington’s Kurdish proxy forces in Syria

from WSWS

Turkish cross-border attacks against Kurdish militia positions in Syria and Iraq continued for a second day Wednesday, following dozens of airstrikes on Tuesday that left at least 70 people, including both Kurdish fighters and civilians, dead.

The attacks were met with protests from both Washington and Moscow, as well as the Syrian government. One of the main targets of the strikes was the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), which constitutes the backbone of so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which serves as the main proxy ground force in the US intervention against ISIS in Syria.

The US State Department said Tuesday that it was “deeply concerned” about the airstrikes, which it charged were launched “without proper coordination” and had “led to the unfortunate loss of life of our partner forces.”

A spokesman for the US-dominated anti-ISIS “coalition” told a Pentagon teleconference Wednesday that Turkey had provided less than an hour’s warning before bombs fell on Iraq and Syria (didn’t give Uncle CIA enough time to warn KurdISIS)…

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German Soldier Caught Setting Up False Flag Gladio Attack… In Germany… So They Stage An Attack to Distract the German Public

by Scott Creighton

A German soldier stationed in France has been living a double life supposedly without the knowledge of his commanding officers.

They wont release his name but the soldier was somehow able to stay away from his base for long periods of time without causing suspicion and remarkably was able to register as a Syrian refugee without speaking Arabic and in spite of his German heritage.

“An officer in the German army who spent more than a year posing as a Syrian refugee has been arrested on suspicion of planning a terror attack.

The 28-year-old lieutenant, who has not been named under German privacy laws, was living a double life, prosecutors said on Thursday.

Police are believed to be working on the theory that the officer, who has a history of expressing anti-foreigner views, planned to carry out a “false flag” terror attack and blame it on refugees…

The arrested man successfully posed as Syrian asylum-seeker despite the fact he is of German background and speaks no Arabic.” Telegraph

This only came to light because this German false flag terrorist (Operation Gladio ring any bells?) was caught by Austrian authorities trying to hide a gun in an airport that he could use later for a terror attack.

Authorities in Germany said “gee? I don’t what on earth his motivation could have been… ”

“It’s more than strange. We will have to wait for the investigation to uncover his motives.”

For those of you who don’t know the translation what that means is “we have to wait until we can come up with some bullshit you idiots will believe”

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The Trumpening Accelerates: ObamaCare to Stay (and get worse), NAFTA Remains (and gets worse) and Wars, Wars, Wars for the MIC

by Scott Creighton

Repeal fascist ObamaCare on Day One. Remember that?

Use an executive order to end NAFTA right off the bat and bring jobs back to our desperate middle class workers.

End the stupid wars in the Middle East and spend that money by “Making America Great Again” instead.

This is what got the Duke of Orange elected in a surprise victory in November: a solidly populist message that appealed to the working class Americans who have been getting screwed by the “centrists” and the “free marketeers” in Washington for decades.

Here we are, still less than 100 days into the new administration and the populist Trump campaign platform is long gone… in it’s place is a brutally establishment agenda fit for the most neoliberal of neocons.

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