Trump’s Beastly Beatitudes Kill the Joy of Christmas in the Birthplace of Christ

by Scott Creighton

Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called children of God.

Gospel of St. Matthew 5:3-10

All across the modern world and in places from one corner of the Middle East to another, there are protests developing against President Trump’s announcement that he will begin to take steps to move the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in spite of the fact that he’s been told by pretty much everyone on the planet who isn’t wearing a yarmulkes that it’s a really bad idea.

Even the birthplace of the Beatitudes has felt the chilling effect of Trump’s pandering proclamation. It’s like a war on joy in this most progressive of our holidays. A war they will not win.

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Jody Hice Asked for an Investigation into the FBI’s Hillary-favoring Process? Okay. Here’s a Starter Pack

by Scott Creighton

Anyone who follows the work of this independent investigator knows I do not suffer the “there is no motive” line lightly. There is ALWAYS a motive even with the criminally insane. In the case of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) there is no insanity defense as they know exactly what they are doing as they collude with other agencies and political parties to undermine democracy in this country. There is a reason they are doing this… a “why”… a motive.

And the evidence is already out there… if you actually care take a look under a few moss covered stones. You might not like what you find. But it’s out here.

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Millionaire Senator Rips Poor Kids As Lazy Moochers

Try to ignore the fact that fake-left sellout Cenk Uyger is sitting in the middle of the stage in this video. He says absolutely nothing and looks either stoned or just plain stupid up there. He seems about as quick as a slug in molasses. Other than that, pretty funny little scene.

And, oh Jimmy… stop trying to suck up to Cenk.

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I wonder if Hillary’s already talking to her Pussy Riot crew? Who am I kidding? Of course she is (English subtitles if you click on captions)

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