Tawana Brawley Rape Hoax Leads To Defamation Damage Payout 26 Years Later

(I remember, I lived in New York while the Steven Pagones lawsuit was taking place. Everyday Sharpton would walk into the courtroom and sit there until the judge came in and gaveled the court into session and everyday when he did, Sharpton would jump up and call the judge and everybody else a racist. He did that in order to attempt to get a mistrial. It didn’t work.It was discovered through witness testimony that Twanna’s mother had told Sharpton early on that the whole thing was a lie, but Sharpton didn’t care, he had his crusade to run and he was getting national attention. The fact that he works at MSNBC is disgusting. The fact that he is so involved in the Trayvon case is quite telling. He did everything he could to ruin a man’s life for money and fame and all in the name of racial injustice. Once it all came out, Sharpton set back the racial justice movement by about 30 years or so. He is doing the same thing now. It wasn’t Twanna’s fault, she was just a kid. It was the fault of the vultures who convinced her to keep lying and keep making it a national story for their own benefit. It’s like Oprah Winfrey telling a mainstream interviewer that the Trayvon case is just like the Emmitt Till case. These vultures will do or say anything and they don’t give a shit what it does in the end to the real civil rights struggle just so long as they please their masters like billionaire Bloomberg and or the Obama administration. That comparison is sickening and it is a slap in the face to the memory of Emmitt Till and his family)

from Huffington Post

The nation was stunned in 1987 by an African-American teenager’s accusation that she had been brutally gang raped by a group of white men, including a local prosecutor and a local police officer. Those accusations turned out to be an elaborate hoax — and decades later, one of the men wrongfully accused in the fabricated horrific crime is finally receiving reparations payments.

Eleven years after Tawana Brawley’s sensational story was disproved, former prosecutor Steven Pagones successfully sued Brawley, her attorneys and Rev. Al Sharpton — who had gotten involved with the case — for slander, according to the Poughkeepsie Journal. Although the others paid up, for years Brawley refused to pay the $185,000 in damages, worth closer to $400,000 with interest.

Brawley now works in Richmond, Va. as a nurse at the The Laurels of Bon Air nursing home, under a different name, Tawana V. Gutierrez, according to the Journal. A court has ordered Brawley’s employer to garnish her wages in order to begin paying Pagones.

So far, Pagones has received around $3,700, the Journal reports.

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Smithsonian director wants Trayvon’s hoodie

by Scott Creighton

Another one for the “you have got to be shitting me” file.

Lonnie Bunch, director of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture told The Washington Post that he want’s Trayvon Martin’s hoodie for his museum because “it’s such a symbol, it would allow you to talk about race in the age of Obama

The “age of Obama”? Did Bush get an “age”? Did Clinton? Obama has an “age’ now?

That is just amazing.

George Zimmerman Trial Juror B29 Says He ‘Got Away With Murder’

from the Huffington Post

The only minority on the jury that found George Zimmerman not guilty for fatally shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin sat for an exclusive interview with Robin Roberts for Friday’s “Good Morning America” and revealed very strong feelings about how the 29-year-old fared in his trial.

“George Zimmerman got away with murder,” she said. “But you can’t get away from God. And at the end of the day, he’s going to have a lot of questions and answers he has to deal with. [But] the law couldn’t prove it.”

Although formerly only known as juror B29, she allowed her face to be shown and chose to withhold her last name, only using her first name Maddy.

A 36-year-old Puerto Rican nursing assistant, Maddy was the only minority on the six-person jury. She admitted she was the juror who originally wanted to convict Zimmerman of second-degree murder, but eventually realized that the evidence didn’t support a guilty verdict with respect to his claim of self-defense.

“It’s hard for me to sleep, it’s hard for me to eat because I feel I was forcefully included in Trayvon Martin’s death. And as I carry him on my back, I’m hurting as much Trayvon’s Martin’s mother because there’s no way that any mother should feel that pain,” she said.

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Sometimes the Truth Hurts: Dr. James David Manning on Trayvon Martin



Chris Matthews Apologizes To Black Colleagues On Behalf Of ‘All White People’

by Scott Creighton

A black journalist talks about his personal history with racist cops. Talks about warnings his father gave him about how to deal with racist cops. Chris Mathews takes it upon himself to apologize to the guy on behalf of all “white people” for the actions of the racist cops as if the actions of those cops are the fault of all white people. An interesting direction to take that discussion in light of the Bloomberg attempt to incite racial tension.

I have to say, speaking on behalf of all white people, I don’t remember holding a vote and electing Chris Mathews as our official spokesman. Maybe I missed the memo, but I don’t recall it. And you would think electing such a pompous sellout as Mathews as our representative would stick in my mind as a kind of a low-point or a “bottom” as the drunks like to call it.

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MLK Jr. “Hoodie” Image Done by Hardcore Obama Fan

by Scott Creighton

Trying to turn Trayvon Martin into some kind of civil rights hero is flat out disgusting.

I’m not going to go into that anymore than I already have many times over.

But trying to draw Martin Luther King Jr. into this is beyond tasteless. It show me that people these days have absolutely no respect for the sacrifices people made in the past to give this country a fighting chance.

By sticking a picture of MLK Jr. in a “hoodie” in some kind of tribute to Trayvon Martin is so disparaging of one of this country’s true heroes that it defies belief really. Why someone like Nikkolas Smith would do that is beyond me. Well, he does seem to be a huge Obama fan and since we all know the Obama administration is doing their level best to turn this into a racially charged issue, that could possibly have a little something to do with it.

Either that or Nikkolas is just an opportunistic idiot.

See the pic in question and a few more examples of his work after the break

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The Truth About George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin

(H/T David Martin)

“If this is not a case of self defense, then there is no such thing as self defense in this country anymore.” Stefan Molyneux



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