Meet Um Hanadi: An Iraqi Death Squad Commander Presented as a “Housewife Hero” to Vapid American Audiences

by Scott Creighton

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In Syria, two weeks ago, the Pentagon ordered an “accidental” strike on Syrian Arab Army (SAA) forces in order to stop the cease-fire deal which would have forced them to give up information on “ISIS”, their proxy regime change army in that country. The SAA was engaged in a fight with “ISIS” and other regime change actors in the area.

This week Pentagon and Obama administration officials are panicking because the SAA combined with forces from Iran and Russia are poised to begin a major ground assault in eastern Aleppo in order to retake their city from our “moderate” terrorists who aligned with and indistinguishable from al-Nusra which is actually al-Qaeda. In fact, an al-Nusra commander recently told a reporter that all of the “moderate” opposition in Syria these days are actually al-Nusra.

And if that isn’t enough Bizarro World news for one Saturday morning, try this on for size: CNN and other MSM outlets are touting the “heroic” nature of one thirty-nine-year-old Wahida Mohamed, a.k.a “Um Hanadi”, the self-described “housewife” death squad commander from Iraq.

“This is a woman who commands respect, I thought. She keeps a Beretta 9-millimeter pistol in a holster under her left arm. The area around the trigger was silver where the paint had worn off.

The woman in question, 39-year-old Wahida Mohamed — better known as Um Hanadi — leads a force of around 70 men in the area of Shirqat, a town 50 miles (80 kilometers) south of Mosul, Iraq.

She and her men, part of a tribal militia, recently helped government forces drive ISIS out of the town.” CNN

This tribal militia she is supposedly leading is one of many Iraqi government and US coalition-backed death squads in the country running around killing, torturing and beheading Iraqis who support the real revolution taking place in the country being lead by the General Military Council of Iraqi Revolutionaries.

The CNN story goes on to mention the fact that this woman still has an active Facebook page which shows her beheading captured individuals, cooking their heads in pots and burning them alive. I thought Facebook was supposed to delete and ban users who post graphic images of death, torture and violence? I guess not when they are part of a new hearts and minds campaign.

“After listing all the attacks against her, and all the loved ones lost to ISIS, Um Hanadi said: “I fought them. I beheaded them. I cooked their heads, I burned their bodies.”

She made no excuses, nor attempted to rationalize this. It was delivered as a boast, not a confession.

“This is all documented,” she said. “You can see it on my Facebook page.”

So we checked. Among many pictures of her with her dead husbands, fighters and generals, there was a photo of her in the same black combat fatigues and headscarf holding what appeared to be a freshly severed head. Another showed two severed heads in a cooking pot. In a third photograph, she is standing among partially-burned corpses.” CNN

As is often the case, the truth of her story is hidden right there in plain sight if you simply take the time to do a little research.


“”I began fighting the terrorists in 2004, working with Iraqi security forces and the coalition,” she says. As a result, she attracted the wrath of what eventually became al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, which later morphed into ISIS.” CNN

In 2004, al-Qaeda wasn’t in Iraq. The only thing in Iraq back then was a large percentage of the population who were fighting against our occupation and the corrupt puppet regime we installed after the invasion of 2003. You’ll notice CNN makes that point clear in a way by stating she was fighting “what eventually became” al-Qaeda.

She wasn’t fighting al-Qaeda, she was part of a death squad, one of many set up in 2004 by by the Salvador Option expert we sent in that year, Colonel Jim Steele and his direct supervisor, David Petraeus.

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SANA Reports Coalition Bombed Two Key Bridges in Der Ezzor After Syrian Army Crushed an “ISIS” Advance

by Scott Creighton

[It should be noted for historical context that back in Nov. of 2013, it wasn’t “ISIS” that was supposedly fighting the Syrian army in Deir Ezzor, but instead, it was our “moderate rebels”

Syria’s eastern city of Deir Ezzor is effectively a divided city, split between government and opposition-held areas.

The rebels briefly gained an upper hand when they captured the Siyasiyeh Bridge in late January, effectively cutting off regime supplies to the adjoining province of Hasakeh. But the price tag was a heavy one.” News Deeply

Now ask yourself how did these “rebels” magically turn into “ISIS” while the Syrian army was combating them and then ask yourself if you really believe the Pentagon when they say they “accidentally” bombed Syrian forces in support of these “Rebels/ISIS” just outside the strategically important city.]

SANA News is reporting the news that US coalition aircraft have attacked and destroyed two bridges that span the Euphrates River in the countryside of the eastern Deir Ezzor province.

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American Everyman is the Latest Victim of Neoliberal SSD “program integrity” Tidal Wave

by Scott Creighton

[see UPDATE at end of article]

The Wave of Integrity

Over the years of doing this I have learned that the hardest things to write about are those that are the most personal. The things that lay bare who I am and what I have become. How I live and how I lived up to the expectations I set for myself all those years ago is a point of contention for me. While I am proud of this work, I am not proud.

We are all impacted by social conditioning whether we want to admit it or not. Though no rational reading of my work over the past 9 years would lead anyone to conclude I am a follower or a conformist, I am not immune to the narcotic lure of the American Dream and the promise it holds of a better life just beyond the horizon.

As a result I am not inoculated against the shame of the failure to realize that dream or the dread that comes from seeing an awful nightmare replace it just beyond the skyline.

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Charlotte Police Release Some Keith Scott Videos While Race-baiting Fascism Apologists Like Mark Dice Squeal in Delight

by Scott Creighton

“Putney said that officers are “absolutely not being charged” … not all of the footage in police possession would be released Saturday, but that more would be released in the future.” Huffington Post

As I predicted yesterday morning, police in Charlotte have indeed released the two videos they had previously claimed they would not release until the investigation into the shooting of Keith Scott was concluded. And, as I predicted, the videos, though still up for interpretation, do show Keith Scott with something in his right hand. Does that justify the use of deadly force by officers? It didn’t used to.

In this image taken from the body-cam of one of the officers involved, you can barely see Mr. Scott getting out of the vehicle and you certainly can’t see him being shot as he backed away from that officer due to the fact that the camera is located next to and behind the officer’s head, which gets in the way at the critical moment. It is grainy and may have even been altered in a key frame. There seems to be a dot covering Keith Scott’s right hand in the only frame you could have actually made out what was in his hand. One thing you can see is Mr. Scott’s right pant leg pulled up well above his ankle.


Mr. Scott is only in this video for a total of about 3 seconds and the grainy resolution of it makes it impossible to determine what he is holding. But he is holding something and it is not a book.

Mr. Scott’s pants leg is important due to the fact that the police have released an updated version of what they found at the scene to include an ankle holster. As I said yesterday, the small size of the gun and his pants having been pulled down by the officers left me to deduce that either Mr. Scott had the gun in his pants crotch or the weapon was a “drop gun” which are typically kept on an officer in an ankle holster.

In neither of the two videos is it possible to determine that Mr. Scott was actually wearing the ankle holster.

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What Does Rakeyia Scott’s Shaky-cam Video Show Us? Is it Bait? Staged?

by Scott Creighton

In an environment where one half of the presidential campaign is suddenly focused almost entirely on creating racial division among the electorate and where millionaire professional football players are taking a knee in support of the pursuit of more racial equality in our justice system, we find ourselves with two very different and potentially defining moments in this country and this Black Lives Matter movement in general.

On Sept. 17th, Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby shot and killed Terence Crutcher, a 40-year-old unarmed black man, after his car was found disabled in the middle of the road. Crutcher had apparently approached Officer Shelby’s vehicle when pulled up onto the scene while on route to another call. There are two videos which clearly show the event as it unfolded and in one of the videos from a police helicopter flying above, an officer can be heard describing Crutcher as a “bad dude”. He was driving a family SUV, walking with his hands up and wearing khaki pants. So what made him look like a “bad dude” to the officer? Officer Shelby is a petite white woman whose lawyer stated she was frightened and felt threatened because he was a large man, not because of the color of his skin.

This is a very cut and dry case. You don’t kill someone because they refuse to OBEY and do so calmly and peacefully. The “bad dude” comment makes it much worse. Clearly, racial issues aside, tiny Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby should never have been a cop in the first place. You don’t get to shoot people because you’re scared of large men.

In this case, Tulsa police arrested Officer Shelby and charged her with manslaughter and yet, what could have been a major rallying point for the Black Lives Matter movement has quickly dropped off the radar of the national press… because of Charlotte.

This past Tuesday, the 20th of Sept. there was another shooting incident involving a very similar set of circumstances.

Keith Scott, was shot and killed by a black officer in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Early reports stated he was on his porch reading a book and was shot by officers, once again, attending to another call. After further review it turns out Mr. Scott was in a vehicle and then he got out of that vehicle while several officers had guns drawn on him. He then moved toward the position of one of the officers and after apparently ignoring several commands to drop his “gun”, was shot a few feet from that position one of the officers was holding.

His wife says he didn’t have a gun, but only a book. Video she released is inconclusive as to what he was really holding but there are clues.

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Joe Biden Trying to Make His Coke-head Son Hunter Into a LNG Oligarch in Our New Regime Changed Ukraine

by Scott Creighton

In the wake of Obama’s neo-Nazi-backed color revolution in Ukraine, Joe Biden’s coke-head son stood to make a bunch of money sitting on the board of directors of Burisma Holdings, a LNG company operating in the south eastern part of the country. As Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko dutifully imposed brutal austerity measures on the people of his country on behalf of the neoliberal masters of the universe, he was somewhat slower in implementing other structural reforms demanded by the IMF, World Bank and the Obama administration. This was the deal. They put him in power and he makes the people pay while privatizing and deregulating everything under the Ukrainian sky on behalf of foreign interests, those self-same masters of the universe.

Burisma Holdings, for example, is based in Cyprus.

In light of that betrayal, Vice President Joe Biden (on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton, by the way, who has her own history of using political influence to line the pockets of family members as well) has openly threatened President Poroshenko recently by suggesting if they don’t implement these “reforms” on the energy sector, he could see to it that the sanctions on Russia are halted.

US Vice-President Joe Biden says Europe could walk away from sanctions against Russia, unless Ukraine makes progress with economic and political reforms. At least five countries want to drop the sanctions, he warned…

I’ve been the guy on the back of Ukrainians – which was a thoroughly corrupt system when they came in – making the case that, ‘You have to understand: everybody’s willing to blame the victim, and you better straighten up and fly right,” he added.

Biden’s statement comes a day after he met with Poroshenko at the UN. The VP said that all policy steps were taken to issue to Ukraine a third US sovereign loan guarantee of up to $1 billion. He urged Poroshenko to accelerate the reforms in Ukraine’s energy and justice sectors.” RT

It should be noted that these “reforms” Biden is demanding will directly influence his son’s net worth. In short, they will make him a richer coke-head. And yes, Hunter Biden is a coke-head. He got kicked out of the Navy for it.

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FBI Now Seeking Information on “Leave the bomb, take the luggage” Guys from 27th St. in Chelsea

by Scott Creighton

Two Guys wanted for questioning by the FBI

They look like they were two gentlemen just strolling up and down Seventh Avenue at the time,” Boyce added. DNA info New York

Back on Sept. 19th I wrote about the odd coincidence of two mysterious guys finding both bombs in Chelsea and Elizabeth, New Jersey during the weekend of distraction terrorism in the tri-state area. According to the official story, two well dressed guys were walking back and forth on 27th St. in Chelsea after the first bomb went off on 23rd St. until someone came by and dropped off the rolling luggage on the sidewalk. According to videos they have yet to release, authorities say the two guys opened up the luggage, removed the white plastic bag, removed the bomb and a note from the bag and left them on the sidewalk and simply walked away with the piece of luggage.

Here we are now on Wednesday and these two individuals, knowing full well how big this story is, have not contacted police anywhere and asked them if they might want the piece of luggage for their investigation into the attacks.

Not only that, but if authorities haven’t been able to find them in the area or anyone who might know who they were, that seems to suggest they weren’t from that area and it kind of makes one wonder… what were they doing walking around until they found a piece of luggage with a bomb in it?

Why would well dressed guys want a chicken restaurant employee’s luggage? Why would they mess with a pressure cooker bomb after opening the bag and seeing what it was? And more importantly… why, after pulling the obvious bomb out of the luggage and leaving it on the sidewalk for anyone to find, why didn’t they contact authorities with their nifty little cell phones and let them know about the dangerous thing sitting out in the open on 27th St.?

All good questions, right?

Apparently the Feds agree. They have put out a call for any information about these guys.

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