Joe Biden, Doing His Best Rainmaker Act, Says Our Fascist Oligarchy is Based on “Trust” and Trump is Going to Spoil Everything

by Scott Creighton

VP Joe Biden, a Clinton campaign surrogate, is angry that someone would DARE insinuate that our election system is rigged and that we don’t actually live in a democracy. He says it detracts from the “good news” we should be reading like our high school graduation rate increasing to the highest it’s been in history (that’s because all those for-profit charter schools mass produce idiots and rubber stamp them as “graduates” with students barely knowing how to read, much less teaching them how to think for themselves).

According to Biden, there is a sacred “trust” that Donald Trump is undermining when he suggests the election system, and the whole system in general, is rigged against the will of the people. He delivered his little speech with that phony, slimy pedophilesque “deep emotional passion” that better befits a rainmaker or a faith healer than it does a Vice President of the United States.

“its a threat to the democratic process which is based on (clasp hands together and look pleadingly to audience) TRUST. No democratic process can be sustained without a sense of TRUST”

You have to TRUST us and the oligarchs of this country that everything is fine and that the will of the people will be done. That’s what he is saying.

And no, we don’t.

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Yes, the Election Will Be Stolen

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Go here to see Hillary team feeding questions to reporters in a short presser on her plane after the debate.

All of the neocons back Hillary Clinton. The war-mongering bi-partisan establishment think-tanks back Hillary Clinton. Newspapers that have backed republican candidates for decades, even centuries, back Hillary Clinton. The complicit corporate media backs Hillary Clinton to the detriment of their facade of being neutral in this election. All of this because Hillary Clinton represents a continuation of our global hegemonic ideology set in motion by Dick Cheney and those same neocons in the 2000 PNAC study paper Rebuilding Americas Defenses.

Yes, the polls are skewed to count more democrat voters and more middle aged women so that they will show Hillary Clinton with a large lead. They’ve been doing this for a while. In fact, it’s a tactic we use in other countries when we try to influence elections in favor of candidates who we know will advance our national interests. The idea is simple: make supporters of our opposition feel the fight is already lost so they don’t show up and, if needed, create a false narrative of the opinion of the population to support the rigged election results prior to the rigging.

Why do I say the election will be stolen? Here’s one reason:

The CNN moderator was all smiles when she went to ask the question about whether or not these undecided voters made up their minds during the final debate and if so, who did they now decide to vote for. After she got the results, she wasn’t smiling anymore. Five chose to vote for Hillary while 10 decided The Donald was their guy. Only one of the five saying they decided for Hillary was a woman while five women decided to vote for Trump.

You see, the problem for these war-mongers and sympathizers of theirs is that there just simply isn’t enough of them to vote Killary into office. People are sick of neoliberal austerity being shoved down our throats. People are sick of “free trade” deals that do nothing but crush worker’s standards of living while enriching a few friends of people in high places. And people are sick of the endless war, the hundred year war, the Global War OF Terror we are waging all across the globe with no authorization and against international law.

The.. people.. don’t.. want.. total.. global.. hegemony.. at the cost of the lives of their sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters.

The people are sick of the lies, the spying, the political correctness and the Orwellian world we find ourselves in.

The people want something different and for all their efforts to dissuade folks from a CHANGE vote, the establishment are failing. And they are failing miserably.

So what do they do? They do what they always do… they make ready to rig the election because they can’t afford at this point to allow the people to “vote the wrong way” when the whole of the New World Order is right there at their fingertips.

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War-hawks from the Right and the Left are Chomping at the Bit for a Clinton Presidency and More Endless War

by Scott Creighton

Over at the Washington Post, Greg Jaffe has posted an article explaining how there is a bi-partisan movement afoot in Washington to redirect the Obama foreign policy practices in the Middle East with an eye on making things far, far more aggressive.

Apparently all the former Bush and Clinton advisors are getting together to scribble a new foreign policy doctrine they fully expect Hillary Clinton to follow which includes bombing Assad forces in Syria if he doesn’t behave (read as “leave the country”?) and finally putting an end to that pesky resistance in eastern Ukraine.

And don’t think this is just the neocon republicans pushing this stepped up mass murder agenda on the next president:

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White House Press Secretary Admits US Isn’t Fighting al-Nusra (al-Qaeda) in Syria (video)

by Scott Creighton

This is amazing. After complaining about the elected president of Syria being the ONLY obstacle to a peace deal in Aleppo, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest admits to another reporter that the US and coalition forces are currently uninterested in fighting al-Nusra (al-Qaeda). That makes me wonder who those Belgian F-16s were targeting the other day just outside Aleppo when they killed 6 civilians “by mistake“. Earnest says we are fighting “ISIS” in Syria. There is no “ISIS” in Aleppo.

Earnest blames the failed ceasefire deal as the excuse that we aren’t targeting al-Nusra right now. He says if the deal had lasted til the 8th day, then they would have handed over info to the Russians on al-Nusra and all would have been well but “we didn’t get there” he says. He forgot to mention we didn’t get there because Sec. of Defense Ash Carter gave the order to bomb Syrian soldiers outside Der Ezzor killing 80 of them and then he gave al-Nusra the order to bomb a UN aid convoy in East Aleppo.

In other words, someone in the Pentagon went to a great deal of trouble to scrub that cease-fire deal and as I wrote when it happened, they did it so they wouldn’t have to live up to the agreement and hand over all their intel on al-Nusra (al-Qaeda) and “ISIS” to the Russians and Syrians and here we are, with the White House Press Secretary admitting in a presser that since then, we simply aren’t interested in using our armed forces to attack the group who supposedly killed 3,000 Americans on Sept. 11th, 2001.

Back on Oct. the 12th, State Department Spokesman Kirby was asked directly if it was the US’s plan to allow al-Nusra to keep and run Aleppo. He acted indignant. And come to find out, we are still providing these terrorists with heavy weaponry like TOW antitank missiles. I guess it’s no wonder these reporters are finally starting to ask some really tough questions about the nature of our operations in Syria.

Watching this man squirm is painful. And embarrassing.

Professor Warren in 2004 Describes Senator Warren’s Current Choice for President as a “Puppet” of Big Finance

by Scott Creighton

Ironic or just foreshadowing?

Back in 2004 then Professor Warren was having a chat with Bill Moyer about what a puppet Hillary Clinton had become once she became a US Senator in Jan. of 2001. She used as an example a bill sponsored by the credit card industry that would make it harder for individuals to file for bankruptcy protection. Warren said this bill would have an especially detrimental effect on single mothers trying to raise children. Warren had written an op-ed on the subject and Hillary Clinton saw it, brought Elizabeth in for a meet and tutoring session on the bill, then she went off back to the White House to get her husband to veto it after he and his Wall Street cronies had been pushing for it all along. Killary then used that progressive momentum to help push her into office in Jan. of 2001.

Then according to Professor Warren, one of the first bills that came up in the senate after Hillary was sworn in was that very same bill and she voted for it.

Elizabeth doesn’t seem to understand Hillary’s real motivation for getting the bill squashed before her election and she certainly doesn’t seem to understand that all they were doing was kicking it down the road a little to buy her time to get in office. Immediately afterward, she dutifully voted for it, her pretend concern for the middle class and all the single mothers out there went out the window. It was a sham and Professor Warren got sucked in “BELIEVING” in an idea of a truly progressive and liberal champion who just happened to be a woman.

In short, Hillary Clinton USED Prof. Warren and her wide-eyed addiction to HOPIUM that kept her BELIEVING that Hillary was genuinely of the same moral center Elizabeth possessed. it was clearly a callus and manipulative move on Clinton’s part. The kind that has kept them in power for decades. But then again, it’s not that hard to figure out…

Image result for hillary clinton democrats are stupid

What’s ironic is the fact that Warren claims in the video below that once someone is a senator, they become locked into being beholden to special interests, like the credit card companies, to the point where they will turn on a dime and support something they once found repulsive.

ಠ_ಠ  You see where I am going with this?

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Clinton Supporter (and Probable Treasury Secretary) Wants Wall Street’s Piece of Your Paycheck for a Mandated “Retirement” Slush-fund

by Scott Creighton

What did I write when ObamaCare was being rammed down our throats while being billed as the next best thing to the New Deal? I wrote that it was an unconstitutional mandated payday for Big Insurance and I also wrote that if allowed to stand, it would be only the first of it’s kind with various politically connected mega industries being allowed to take a percentage of the American worker’s paycheck… by law.

Well, guess what?

A prominent Hillary Clinton donor and potentially her Treasury Secretary, Tony James (president of the mega-conglomerate The Blackstone Group), has a plan to save retirement for all Americans. A MANDATED payday for Big Finance. Let’s not forget, Hillary was a big supporter of the mandated insurance coverage scheme a.k.a. ObamaCare. And how has that worked out so far?

That’s right. The insurance industry got their percentage of your pay mandated by law and now Wall Street wants their cut. What do they call that when government works on behalf of Big Business at the detriment of society? I know there is a word for that somewhere… What could it be?

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Continuing with Their “SAVE HILLARY!” Campaign, the FBI Just Teamed Up With the Czech Republic to Arrest a “Russian Hacker” Patsy

by Scott Creighton

The biggest drawback of their “The Godless Russians did it!” story is that they have no proof and everyone is coming to understand, even The Donald, that it’s all simply cover for embarrassing Hillary, Podesta and DNC email leaks with a little New McCarthyism thrown in for good measure.

That’s all about to change.

The FBI just teamed up with police from the Czech Republic to arrest a “Russian hacker” they will claim is the culprit behind all of these leaks. I wonder if the FBI team that helped them “find” this guy were some of the new international FBI teams they got in that quid-pro-quo deal with the State Department. If so, they are certainly earning their new paychecks aren’t they?

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