Oh Crap. Crisis Actor “Events” Coming to Tampa

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Here’s what we are going to do. I’m are going to get a couple friends of mine to fill out applications with this company and at least one of them will be hired on for whatever protest or “PR event” they plan to run down here. They will tell me directly (no email or phone) what is planned and where and I will organize a counter protest right behind the fake group with big signs with arrows on them saying “pay no attention to these fakes. THEY ARE ACTORS PRETENDING TO CARE. THEY DON’T“, “SOME PEOPLE WILL DO ANYTHING FOR A BUCK”  and “JUST IGNORE – CRISIS ACTORS AT WORK“. We will run them off of whatever street corner they appear on and my insider will show up for work and be indignant like the rest and they will never know who it was.


Didn’t we used to run charlatans and rainmakers out of town on a rail after they were tarred and feathered? Just asking.

Fake protesters raising tourists’ awareness on Hollywood Boulevard.

Check out this ad I found in the Tampa-bay Craigslist help-wanted section;

Fun, Engaging Acting Work-$15/hour

compensation: $15+/hour
Crowds on Demand, an innovative LA-based PR firm specializing in PR stunts, is looking for enthusiastic and talented actors and photographers to be part of our entourages, protests, flash mobs and other events in Tampa.We have been featured throughout the media for our unique concept including on Good Morning America, GQ, NPR and others. Check out our website (www.crowdsondemand.com) to learn more.Pay is $15/hour.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, please reply with the following:

-Resume (or summary of acting experience)
-Headshot (optional)
-Do you have a camera? If so, please specify

Do you know what is pathetic? Back in 2000, when there was a protest and a bunch of young republican looking types were demanding they stop the recount before Bush lost the White House, when it turned out that they weren’t really protesters but rather paid interns working for the Republican party, people got embarrassed and it was a pretty big story.

Fake protesters used to make the people of this country sick.

Now companies can advertise for them with impunity, looking to sell their ‘PR stunts” to billionaires, political action committees or just the random washed up celebrity looking to rekindle his self-serving career.

It’s “fun” it’s “engaging” to pretend like you give a shit about something when you actually don’t. That’s ACTING BABY!

I wonder what “events” they have planned for my hometown.

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Warren Weinstein was Not an “Aid Worker”: He Worked for the CIA through USAID on Behalf of Big Business

by Scott Creighton

No one has claimed responsibility for the abduction. Sanuallah implied that Weinstein was a spy.

We suspect that he was involved in intelligence gathering because we offered him a police escort, deployed police at his house, but he resisted our attempts,” he said. Express Tribune, Aug. 18, 2011

Suddenly, a lot is being made about the reported killing of U.S. citizen and al Qaeda “hostage” Warren Weinstein in Pakistan a couple months ago during a drone strike carried out by the CIA (see here, here, here and here).

President Obama through a statement has claimed his death was accidental and that they didn’t know he and a fellow hostage were being held in that building they targeted back in January. He says he is deeply sorry for the mistake.

I covered this story a couple days ago because at the same time they reported this “mistake” the White House also mentioned they killed a fake al Qaeda spokesman, a Jewish man by the name of Adam Gadahn who was born Adam Pearlman and lived with his paternal grandfather, a member of the ADL and a rabid Zionist.

So who was this “aid worker” who really worked as a contractor for USAID in Pakistan trying to bring the marvels of neoliberal economic austerity and fascism to the people of that country and why was he killed by the CIA?

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The US Chamber of Commerce is Leading the Charge for Unconstitutional Fast Tracking of TPP and TTIP

by Scott Creighton

(just a quick note)

As I have speculated before, turns out the US Chamber of Commerce is leading the charge for giving Fast Track authority of fascist “free trade” legislation to President Obama and the next president (for 3 years into his (?) first term in office which will probably be Jeb Bush)

By approving Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), also called “fast track,” Congress has the opportunity to open up even more overseas markets to U.S. companies, including two major free trade agreements currently under negotiation – TPP and TTIP. However, to make those trade agreements a reality, Congress must first pass TPA. TPA requires the President and Congress to work together on trade agreements, enabling the President to negotiate on terms set by Congress…

The U.S. Chamber’s report, The Open Door of Trade: The Impressive Benefits of America’s Free Trade Agreements, illustrates ways in which free trade agreements (FTAs) boost growth, ensure accountability and fairness, and improve conditions for the creation of good jobs. The report catalogues the success of these agreements and makes the case for swift renewal of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). US Chamber of Commerce website

They even have a Twitter campaign underway:

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SB277 is Up for a Vote Tomorrow – It’s a Bad Bill for California and Bad Medicine for Us All

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Joshua Krause at Global Research brings another aspect of this debate to light when he argues that there is certainly a question of class that comes up. Under the bill as it is written, parents could still get a medical exemption that prohibits their kids from getting the shots. Wealthy parents would be able to pay off doctors for notes stating their kids fall under that category. He also states those parents of means could easily pay for private tutors or send kids out of state to private boarding schools. None of those options exist for poor, working class families. He also pointed out the fact that the highest level of unvaccinated kids seems to be in the more affluent and educated areas.

On that note, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that the elites don’t vaccinate their children at the same rate as the middle class. Jon Rappoport pointed out last month that in New Mexico, the Los Alamos school district has the highest rate of vaccine exemptions in the state. In all likelihood, these are the children of parents who work for the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Krause


SB 277 Mandated Vaccinations denying education is discrimination

Huge numbers of concerned parents turned out last week on the 15th at the California Senate Education Committee in order to voice their opposition to a bill, SB277, which would remove the right of Californian parents to opt-out of the vaccination program for their kids if they wish for them to attend either public or private schools anywhere in the state.

The constitution of California stipulates education is a right guaranteed to all children which has been upheld time and time again “ safeguarding students against discrimination and inequality in the classroom

Concerned parents waited in long lines stretching from the podium in the conference room all the way out the door, through the hallways and outside the building. They were there to say they opposed the passage of the bill and the elimination of a parent’s right to choose what someone injects into their children. Some were even parents of vaccinated kids who also just happened to oppose the state taking away another’s right to decide what is best for their children.

Two lawmakers, Senator Richard Pan (916) 651-4006 and Senator Ben Allen (916) 651-4026, crafted the bill after Richard Pan received a considerable amount of campaign contributions from vaccine manufacturers like GlaxoSmithKline, Merck and Eli Lily.

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Creepy Surgeon General Vivek Murthy Uses “Molest Me Elmo” to Push Vaccines on TODDLERS

by Scott Creighton

This PSA gets a 9.5 on the Creepy Meter.

In a “What the F@ck Were They Thinking” video, a very creepy sounding Surgeon General Vivek Murthy did a PSA with the “Elmo” Muppet in order to tell kids to go out and get their vaccines.

All you’ll feel is a little pinch. And it’s perfectly safe” Vivek Murthy

1. It’s not a little pinch, it hurts and 2. it is NOT perfectly safe. 3. Elmo is a pedoMuppet. Go f@ck yourself Vivek Murthy.

The “Elmo” character is one of a couple from Sesame Street that is directly aimed at toddlers. Toddlers range from one to three years old and “[t]he toddler years are a time of great cognitive, emotional and social development.”

Yep, that’s right. As creepy as this is, it’s even worse that they are targeting toddlers with their propaganda.

F@cking toddlers. Are you shitting me?

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Izzat Ibrahim al-Dour, Falsely Linked to “ISIS”, Reportedly Killed in Iraq

by Scott Creighton

(Just a quick note)

He is being reported as having been “allied to ISIS” or even as an “ISIS Mastermind” yet neither of those statements are true.

“… last summer al-Douri’s banned Ba’ath party “declared war” against the newcomers.

In a statement, the party had said: “Isis is a terrorist  organization that carry the project of destroying the popular revolution sweeping Iraq, and we will stand against it with all our power.” Independent

Izzat Ibrahim al-Dour, leader of the banned Ba’ath party in Iraq and a general in the Naqshbandi Order, a real revolutionary uprising in the country, has reportedly been killed by Iraqi forces aided by the various Shia death squads which have been burning, looting and raping their way through northern Iraq with Obama’s help.

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Richard Engel 2012 Kidnapping was a Staged Fabrication According to Richard Engel

by Scott Creighton

Back in December of 2012, The “All Obama All the Time” network, NBC, staged a little fake news story designed to ramp-up hatred for the legitimate government in Syria in order to help President Obama’s push for military action in the country that had done nothing to us or their neighbors.

The storyline was simple: a popular foreign correspondent, Richard Engel, and 5 others were “taken hostage” by a group loyal to Bashar al-Assad and held hostage during the end of the first year of Obama’s attempted regime change operation.

They claimed after their dramatic, made for Hollywood “big shootout” rescue that they had been tortured and made to endure mock executions regularly during their 5 day captivity.

It was a big story for NBC as the “hostages” pleaded with the cameras from their confinement for the US and all other countries to do whatever it took to free them.

Of course, it was all a lie.

Who says so? Richard Engel and NBC news.

NBC News on Wednesday revised its account of the 2012 kidnapping of its chief foreign correspondent, Richard Engel, saying it was likely that Mr. Engel and his reporting team had been abducted by a Sunni militant group, not forces affiliated with the government of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria. New York Times

According to Richard Engel’s new accounting of what really happened during those 5 days, he was recently “shocked” to discover that his captors were really an FSA militia (the “moderates”) who Richard was there to glorify in the early days of the regime change operation. He went there to document the heroic “freedom fighters” in an attempt to garner support for them with the US population and what ended up happening was… they staged a kidnapping in order to make the Assad regime look sinister… thus ginning up even more support for the FSA terrorists working for the Obama administration.

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