The Nunes Memo and FISA Section 702: The Nunes Conundrum

While folks clamor to #ReleaseTheMemo , Devin Nunes’ “fix” to FISA Section 702 is anything but. As the official government (the ELECTED government) is shut down, the Deep State wins again.

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Christmas Fun: Watch “Collusion Denialist” Aaron Maté Trigger Luke Harding’s Collective Psychosis

by Scott Creighton

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Guardian reporter Luke Harding would have you believe that just because there is no evidence that Vladamir Putin is out to get you doesn’t mean he isn’t.

The Russian hacking/collusion story is baseless propaganda. It is a conditioning of the public exercise that has accelerated to the point of creating a sort of mass psychosis. Like when you tell the followers in your cult that the dreaded Feds are on their way to round you all up and take your children away forever in order to get them to drink the laced KoolAid (yes, I know that isn’t what really happened).

Tell the same lie enough times from varied angles and outlets and in the end, it will become a truism that is accepted on faith despite all evidence to the contrary. The more the evidence shows it never happened, the stronger the faith becomes of the true believers that it did. Claims of “heresy” are made. People are labeled “collusion deniers” and “hacking Truthers” in an effort to discredit all those who call the great truth into question.

That is the Russian hacking/collusion story in a nutshell and it has produced a class of Collusion Zombies who are running around promoting this contemporary mythology like the Ziocons promoted the Iraqi WMDs stories back in 2002.

This is something akin to what Chris Hedges wrote about the other day when he wrote “The Permanent Lie, Our Greatest Threat

“The permanent lie is not circumscribed by reality. It is perpetuated even in the face of overwhelming evidence that discredits it. It is irrational. Those who speak in the language of truth and fact are attacked as liars, traitors and purveyors of “fake news.” They are banished from the public sphere once totalitarian elites accrue sufficient power, a power now granted to them with the revoking of net neutrality. The iron refusal by those who engage in the permanent lie to acknowledge reality, no matter how transparent reality becomes, creates a collective psychosis.” Chris Hedges

Imagine that. I just used Chris Hedges’ words to defend Donald Trump. It is a topsy-turvy world we live in, is it not.

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As the Draconian Tax Bill Ascends, The Jill Stein Story is the Last Volley of the Russian “Collusion” Distraction

by Scott Creighton

In spite of the fact that Rachel Maddow is still dedicating most of her air-time to baseless innuendo, sophomoric “what do you think THAT means?” theatrics and six-degrees of separation connections between Trump and anyone that ever said the word “Russia” out loud, for the rest of world, the Russian “collusion” probe is pretty much dead and buried. There was never a “there” there in the first place but they kept it going for as long as they could in order to keep progressive minded people distracted from the real damage Donald Trump was doing to the country with his neoliberal Reaganite reactionary presidency.

Why did those in the unDemocratic Party play along with this sideshow that promised to never go anywhere or turn up anything of any consequence? Because they’re all Reaganite reactionaries as well and like it or not, they all support the big tax breaks for Big Business and billionaires who pay them for their services.

This latest distraction, the claim that the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is investigating Jill Stein for potential “collusion” with the Ruskies is absolutely ridiculous but it’s being snatched upon by various “thought leaders” on social media across the spectrum of controlled opposition:

Despite the breathless proclamations, the “witch hunt” has not come for Jill Stein. The “Russian collusion” weapon of mass distraction may have been turned in her direction temporarily for the time being since no one except Rachel Maddow’s brainless followers give a crap about it anymore.

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CrossTalk Bullhorns: FBI-gate (Extended Version)

Hillary Clinton PR firms BUSTED paying off journalists to push Trump-Russia fake news

by Alex Christoforou, from The Duran

The Gateway Pundit reported that on Tuesday, a federal court unsealed Fusion GPS’s bank records, showing that the PR smear machine paid off journalists to push the fake news “Trump Dossier”, that was the impetus for the entire Mueller special counsel.

Hillary Clinton paid Fusion GPS upwards of $12 million to put together the fictitious “dossier” that her Clinton mafia media machine would later use to drive a Trump-Russia collusion narrative.

Judge Richard Leon, a Bush-appointee, unsealed the records, showing 112 transactions involving Fusion GPS…

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Who Gets to Push the Nuclear Button?

(I agree with PCR on this but he forgot one key part and that was the Obama administration and our intelligence agencies using the 5-Eyes program to get foreign governments to spy on Trump and the other Republican candidates during the duration of the Republican primary contest.)

Paul Craig Roberts

William Binney is the former National Security Agency (NSA) official who created NSA’s mass surveillance program for digital information. He says that if the Russian government had conspired with Trump, hacked the Democratic National Committee’s computer, or in any way influenced the outcome of the last US presidential election, the National Security Agency would have the digital evidence. The fact that we have been listening to the unsubstantiated charges that comprise “Russiagate” for more than one year without being presented with a scrap of evidence is complete proof that Russiagate is entirely fake news.

The fake news originated with CIA director John Brennan and FBI director Comey conspiring with the DNC in an effort to discredit and unseat President Trump and at a minimum prevent him from damaging the vast power and profit of the military/security complex by normalizing relations with Russia.

Consider what this means. The directors of the CIA and FBI made up a totally false story about a newly elected President and fed the lies to the presstitutes and Congress. The presstitutes never asked for a drop of evidence and enlarged the Brennan/Comey lie with a claim that all 17 US intelligence agencies had concluded that Russia had interfered. In actual fact, a handful of carefully selected people in three of the agencies had prepared, perhaps under duress, a conditional report that had no evidence behind it.

That it was fake news created to control President Trump was completely obvious, but corrupt security officials, corrupt senators and representatives, a corrupt DNC, and corrupt media used constant repetition to turn a lie into truth.

Here is Binney:
See also:

Having shoved Trump into the militarist camp, his enemies have turned on Trump as an unstable, volatile person who might push the button. Senator Bob Corker (R, TN) and Senator Chris Murphy (D,CT) are using the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to portray President Trump as a quixotic person who shouldn’t have his finger on the nuclear button. We have gone full circle, from Trump who wants to defuse nuclear tensions to Trump who might push the button…

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RT targeted for ‘giving platform to anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist critics’ ‒ Chris Hedges