U.K. police force accidentally admits it spied on journalists

from The Daily Dot

A U.K. police force has accidentally released documents revealing that it has used controversial anti-terror laws to spy on journalists who had not committed any crimes.

The Cleveland Police “erroneously” sent information to industry paper the Press Gazette indicating that it had used the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) to obtain telecoms data while searching for a journalist’s source, the the Press Gazette reports—and asked the publication to delete the documents when they realized what they had done.

Press Gazette has refused to do so, arguing that “there is a strong public interest in disclosing it.”

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Ferguson Reexamined

by Paul Craig Roberts, Sputnik

Few, if any, of the correct questions were asked in the grand jury hearing to decide whether policeman Darren Wilson would be indicted for killing Michael Brown.

The most important unexamined question is whether police are trained to use force immediately as a first resort before they assess a situation or determine if they are at the correct address. Are the police trained that the lives of police officers are so much more valuable than the lives of possible suspects, or a houseful of people into whose residence a heavily armed SWAT team enters, that police officers must not accept the risk of judicious behavior when encountering citizens? If this is the case as all evidence indicates that it is, then the police when they gratuitously murder members of the public are merely doing what they have been trained to do. As police are trained to use violence as a first resort, the police cannot be held accountable when they do.

There are a large number of videos available online that show that the first thing that police do when they arrive is to use force.

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Denver Police Beat Man, Trip His Pregnant Girlfriend, Then Try to Delete the Evidence

from Alter Net

One of the ways reformers are trying to reduce the use of excessive police force is by requiring police officers to wear body cameras. Cities like Cleveland are moving toward requiring more officers to wear cameras to ensure accountability.

But a case out of Denver shows that not all police are so keen to be recorded. This past August, a group of police officers attempted to arrest David Nelson Flores for suspected drug possession. When he stuffed a sock in his mouth and refused to open his mouth, one of the officers struck him in the head repeatedly. “Those were the hardest punches I have ever heard, said Levi Frasier, a bystander who witnessed the beating.

But police did not limit their use of force to Flores. They also tripped his girlfriend, who was almost eight months pregnant at the time. Luckily for Flores and his girlfriend, Frasier recorded the entire incident on his tablet. But the police took his tablet and deleted the video. At least they thought they deleted it. When Frasier got home he discovered the video file reappeared once the tablet synced with the cloud server…


Thug State: NYPD Officer Caught on Video Stealing $1,300 Cash from Construction Worker

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Another St. Louis teen shot and killed by cops last night. Shot between 6 and 7 times, the last shot going from his cheek into his body suggesting he was falling or lying prone when killed

Lamard Joye was stopped by police on Sept. 16, 2014 in Coney Island late in the evening. The officers had been roughing up someone in a Stop and Frisk action and Lamard and his sister and friends were giving the cops a hard time for being such fascists.

One of the cops decided he was going to Stop and Frisk Lamard and so, the fat little pig used his badge as cover to protect him while he stuck his hands in the younger and larger man’s jacket pocket. That’s where the “protect and serve” officer found about $1,300 the construction worker had withdrawn from his bank account in order to take his wife out that night.  At least that’s what Lamard says. And bank records turned over to authorities seem to back him up.

Marinelli said he gave the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office pay stubs and bank records to show the money was legally obtained and withdrawn, but the money still has not been returned. AlterNet

Yep, that’s the man’s money going in the pocket of New York’s Finest

I believe that this officer made an assumption that any money Mr. Joye possessed was obtained illegally, and therefore he would not report the theft,” Marinelli said. “This assumption was wrong. Mr. Joye is a hardworking taxpayer deserving respect.” AlterNet

The officer pepper sprays Lamard when he objects to being ripped off and then does nothing in an attempt to ascertain where the money had come from. In fact, Lamard throws something at the officer, which would normally require the cop to taze, beat and kill the young black man, but, cop-O (capo?) does nothing in response to that either.

In short… the officer wanted no part of any paperwork being filed in this case. That’s because he wanted the money. He’s a thief, a thug, with a badge.

Now I’m sure I will get the requisite amount of folks coming here saying things like “well where did the black guy get the money?!?” and “you can’t prove how much he took”… none of that matters.

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Strategy of Tension: CNN (and the rest of the complicit media) Goes Full Retard in Ferguson

by Scott Creighton

You might think after a week of deliberate incitement in Ferguson with the mass media playing the role of special operations megaphone assets, the streets would be packed with angry protesters and the gutters would be running with blood.

However, like all those Muslims the FBI tries to entrap across the country, it would appear the average young black man isn’t as stupid or naive as the narrative crafters believe.

Try as they might to gin-up social and racial unrest, if turn-out is any indication, the latest strategy of tension op in the U.S. is starting to look like Waterworld’s box office receipts. That’s what you get when you underestimate the intelligence of your target audience.

But that didn’t stop CNN’s Don Lemon and Jake Tapper as they take the melodrama to the next, pathetic level in this ridiculously sophomoric segment from last night’s “Crisis in Ferguson” street theater production.

You gotta see this.

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Is the U.S. Becoming a Police State Info-Graphic

by Scott Creighton

A reader, Jasmine, sent me a link to an info-graphic she helped put together which explores the question “are we becoming a police state”

It’s easy to understand and quite an eye-catching display. It’s very well made and professional looking and they want people to post it up on their sites so it gets a lot of attention. It’s full of hard to deny statistics which when put together in this fashion, makes it very clear what this nation is quickly becoming. Tweet it, Facebook it, do whatever you do to spread it around.

Good work Jasmine.

image after fold.

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Why Cops Fear – It’s only their turf if you let them have it


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