So This Just Happened

by Scott Creighton

After writing my latest article about Malala, I was finally able to take my dog Church outside for a short little walk. He’d been begging me to go out while writing and he obviously really needed the relief.

So we go out and it’s just starting to get a little dark down here in Tampa and we usually only go out in the front yard for a bit then off to the back yard for him to do his important business. And I notice up the street a little way, something that looks like a lump on the sidewalk in front of a wheelchair parked next to a dumpster.

My eyes aren’t what they used to be and I couldn’t figure out what it was. Turns out after a closer examination, it was a man lying on the sidewalk.

He wasn’t moving. I tried saying something to him and he didn’t respond. Didn’t move a muscle.

I was without my cell phone so I returned with Church back to the house and called 911.

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Citizen Tells Thug Cops: “This is not policing…. you’re doing your job all wrong” (video)

by Scott Creighton

In San Francisco a group of cops took down a man with one leg on a busy street in the middle of the day. They did their patented “pile on” move where they all felt compelled to jump on the downed “suspect” and place a knee somewhere on his person (pain compliance technique)

Turns out the man with one leg had been armed with his crutches.

At one point in the video the guy on the ground is being perched on by no less than three heavy men. He tells they repeatedly that the guy on his one leg is hurting him, that he has an infection in that leg and the cops knee is causing him a great deal of pain yet the cops do nothing. “What the fuck’s wrong with you?” the pinned man asks.

By the end of the incident, while the man lay on the ground complying with the wishes of the cops, at least 14 police officers are seen in the video… but they aren’t there anymore for the suspect. At that point they take up positions around the fallen citizen and the three cops perched on him so they can protect those cops from the crowd standing around watching.

They (the cops) act as if they are back in Iraq as an occupying force and the enemy is anyone not wearing the colors of their gang. The enemy is anyone who just happens to be there witnessing their brutal, inhumane behavior. Anyone who sees them for what they are and doesn’t like it.

The enemy is us.

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Protests Go Global as Ethiopians March Against Police Brutality in Tel Aviv

from Common Dreams

Several thousand people, mostly hailing from Israel’s large Ethiopian population, took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Sunday to protest racism and police brutality against ethnic minorities.

According to reports, marchers blocked highway traffic chanting and bearing signs which read: “A violent policeman must be put in prison” and “We demand full equal rights.”

The protest was sparked by the release this week of a video which shows an Ethiopian-Israeli man in an IDF uniform being beaten by police. Demonstrators are demanding an investigation into the attack and are calling for an end to what they say is an epidemic of brutality against Israel’s minority populations.

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392 People Killed by Police from Jan 1, 2015 thru April 30 2015

by Scott Creighton

Jan10 left us a link to a story about 388 flags planted on the lawn at Harvard University. They were flown upside down and each one signified someone who had died this year at the hands of the police.

There is a website, which names each and every person killed by police in the United States. This year there have been 392 killed so far (January (91) ,February (85) ,March (115) ,April (101) )

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Freddie Grey UPDATES: Secret Witness Says “I didn’t hear nothing” – Internet Trolls Feeding Racial Divide

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Of course… the same ones who are now pretending to be black rioters posting bullshit Tweets all over the place ARE THE SAME ONES THEY USED TO POST THE #PURGE CRAP! That’s f’in obvious and I didn’t even think about that.


See what happens when your secret witness is no longer a secret?

The secret witness mentioned in the Washington Post article I wrote about yesterday has been identified. His name is Donte Allen and as soon as he was released from police custody, he made his way to the press to report the Washington Post article clearly misrepresented his comments on that short ride he took with Freddie Grey.

But let’s back up a little bit. Let’s take these developments one at a time:

  1. Freddie’s Rough Ride
  2. Secret Witness Not So Secret Anymore
  3. Internet Trolls Inflaming Racial Hatred

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Protests grow in Baltimore in defiance of police-military siege

(“Authorities and the media are seeking to condition the population to accept routine police state measures and the suspension of democratic rights.” Yep. That’s the ticket)

by Jerry White, WSWS

Thousands of workers and students demonstrated in Baltimore Wednesday, defying the military-police crackdown in the city of 622,000.

Solidarity protests, including those demanding the removal of the National Guard from Baltimore, spread to other cities, including New York City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Washington, DC.

While the police murder of 25-year-old Freddie Gray was the trigger of social opposition, the outpouring of protests is driven by deeper social causes.

In addition to police violence, angry youth on the streets of Baltimore spoke out against deteriorating schools, impoverished neighborhoods, poverty level jobs and the vast social chasm that has produced “two Baltimores”—one for the rich and powerful, the other for the poor. They complained of the indifference of the political establishment in the city, which has long been dominated by a corrupt layer of African American Democratic Party politicians.

As the immense class tensions that characterize American society are beginning to rise to the surface, the ruling class is responding with violence and repression…

Much of the media coverage Wednesday was characterized by a self-congratulatory tone over the success of the military-police crackdown and the supposed popular support for the dispatch of armed troops

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U.K. police force accidentally admits it spied on journalists

from The Daily Dot

A U.K. police force has accidentally released documents revealing that it has used controversial anti-terror laws to spy on journalists who had not committed any crimes.

The Cleveland Police “erroneously” sent information to industry paper the Press Gazette indicating that it had used the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) to obtain telecoms data while searching for a journalist’s source, the the Press Gazette reports—and asked the publication to delete the documents when they realized what they had done.

Press Gazette has refused to do so, arguing that “there is a strong public interest in disclosing it.”

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