New text messages from FBI lovers state that Obama “wants to know everything”

from The Duran

New text messages between FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page have now been made public, and the big reveal is that then-POTUS Barack Obama appears to be in the loop, on the whole ‘destroy Trump’ insurance plan hatched by upper management at the FBI.

The messages include an exchange about preparing talking points for then-FBI Director James Comey to give to President Obama, who wanted “to know everything we’re doing.”

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The Missing Texts and Peter Strzok’s Secret Society: We Were Warned

I believe that Peter Strzok’s missing texts would show he and his “secret society” fabricated both the Grizzly Steppe and the “Russian interference” reports in order to undermine the presidency of the United States.

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Missing Text Messages: Was Peter Strzok Part of the “Secret Society” that Wrote BS “Grizzly Steppe” and “Russian Meddling” Reports?

by Scott Creighton

“We learned today from information that in the immediate aftermath of his election that there may have been a ‘secret society’ of folks within the Department of Justice and the FBI to include Page and Strzok to be working against him.” Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Tx)

When I heard those words and started investigating this article… other words echoed in the back of my mind. Words uttered by a president many years ago.

“The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings”

It was recently announced that the FBI informed congressional investigators that they had accidentally “lost” 5 months worth of text messages between agents Peter Stzok and Lisa Page. The missing texts covered the period between Dec. 14, 2016, and May 17, 2017.

These two agents are being investigated due to some previous communications between them that came to light a few months ago which indicated they both harbored extremely biased opinions regarding Hillary Clinton (favorable) and Donald Trump (extremely unfavorable) and they seem to suggest they may have acted on those opinions, misusing their authority and privileges as agents working in our intelligence community.

God(,) Trump is a loathsome human,” Lisa Page, Mar. 2016

I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office” — an apparent reference to Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe — “that there’s no way he gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40 . . . . ” Peter Strzok, Aug. 2016

Just went to a southern Virginia Walmart. I could SMELL the Trump support…” Peter Strzok, Aug. 2016

America will get what the voting public deserves.” Peter Strzok

And then there was this exchange:

And maybe you’re meant to stay where you are because you’re meant to protect the country from that menace.” Lisa Page

I can protect our country at many levels, not sure if that helps” Peter Strzok

Page and Strzok were apparently disappointed on election day and soon afterward they were upset about various choices Trump had made for his cabinet. Not the neoliberal billionaires mind you.. but congress critters like Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. They even went so far in one set of messages to suggest they were hoping for a crash and burn regarding Paul Ryan and the entire GOP

Page’s and Strzok’s apparent political sympathies extended to Congress, too. They also wrote messages disparaging House Speaker Paul Ryan, with Page expressing the hope that Ryan “fails and crashes in a blaze of glory” and Strzok responding that the GOP “needs to pull their head out of that *ss. Shows no sign of occurring any time soon.CBS

So we had two individuals working within the FBI in key positions, who saw themselves as some kind of avenging/protecting angels working to right the wrongs of American democracy and perhaps undermine the incoming administration as well as the entire GOP in general.

And Mueller picked Strzok to help with his investigation into Russian collusion in May.

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The Nunes Memo and FISA Section 702: The Nunes Conundrum

While folks clamor to #ReleaseTheMemo , Devin Nunes’ “fix” to FISA Section 702 is anything but. As the official government (the ELECTED government) is shut down, the Deep State wins again.

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Who is Peter Strzok and Why Does It Matter?

by Scott Creighton

News broke 7 days ago about a key investigator in the Robert Mueller inquiry being suddenly demoted to the Human Resources department of the FBI. The news broke, seemed profoundly interesting and then it disappeared off the radar like it never happened.

Just over a month ago, the Justice Department announced FBI Section Chief Peter Strzok would be joining their investigation into the Trump campaign “collusion” with the Russian’s story. Strzok was a high ranking investigator with a history of being either in charge of or assisting on some very high profile cases:

July 13, 2017 – “Justice Department Special Counsel Robert Mueller has brought on Peter Strzok, a senior FBI official who oversaw the Hillary Clinton email investigation, to help manage his investigation into Russian election meddling, according to two US officials briefed on the matter.

Strzok helped oversee the beginnings of the Russia probe last summer at the FBI.” CNN

So Strzok was not only the lead investigator looking into Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a private email server while she was Sec. of State, but he was ALSO helping to head-up the FBI’s investigation into the alleged Trump “collusion” story.

That’s some high-powered investigations at the time, especially when you consider the lengths to which the Obama administration and the Justice Department went through in order to make sure Hillary was ordained in November of 2016.

But then something happened:

Aug. 16 2017 – “One of the FBI‘s top investigators, tapped by special counsel Robert Mueller just weeks ago to help lead the probe of Russian meddling in last year’s presidential election, has left Mueller’s team, sources tell ABC News.

The recent departure of the FBI veteran, Peter Strzok, is the first known hitch in a secretive probe that, by all public accounts, is charging full steam ahead…

It’s unclear why Strzok stepped away from Mueller’s team

As chief of the FBI’s counterespionage section last year, he helped oversee the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server when she was the secretary of state

Within weeks of the end of the Clinton probe, Strzok found his office facing a new challenge: investigating Russia’s alleged efforts to influence last year’s presidential election

(He) is now working for the FBI’s human resources divisionABC News

This is a remarkable demotion for someone with so much access to extremely dangerous information. It has been reported that it is very rare for someone so high ranking to be demoted in this way, but it has happened and when it has in the past the point it to keep a subject on the payroll while limiting their access to intelligence.

In short, the neutered Peter Strzok after he was a key player in their efforts to white wash Hillary’s criminal background, while trying their best to fabricate one for her opponent.

Right around the same time seven days ago, this little gem appeared:

Aug. 16 2017 – “The FBI has “reopened” its consideration of a request for records on the infamous 2016 tarmac meeting between then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton, the group behind that request told Fox News” Fox News

Was Strzok struck down because they wanted to avoid the appearance of still more collusion between the Justice Department and the Clinton criminal regime or were they concerned he might leak something in a last ditch effort to protect them?

It’s hard too say but these two events are probably not merely a coincidence.

In order to better understand what has just happened under the radar, you have to go back and take an honest look at the timeline of events that unfolded during what I consider the most corrupt election process this country has ever suffered from. And we are suffering.

Say what you will about Bernie Sanders (and I have said plenty about that corrupt, sheep-dogging, war-supporting, lying piece of crap) the Clinton campaign stole the nomination from him and more importantly, his supporters. That is an UNDENIABLE fact.

Understanding that very simple fact should make it easier for you to digest what I am about to tell you:

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The Yates/Clapper Hearing Proves “Truth is Treason in an Empire of Lies”

by Scott Creighton

But putting Americans in prison if they cooperate, collude, aid and abet or otherwise assist in that illegality might send a very strong deterrent message, correct?” Richard Blumenthal, May 8th, 2017

Stunning Hypocrisy

First thing to keep in mind: nothing happens in a vacuum and there are no such things as coincidences in Geo-politics these days. So, as adults who understand the world as it really is, let’s look at current events as the Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election took place yesterday (full transcript here)

  1. Russia and Turkey begin final leg of Turkish Stream pipeline (May 7th)
  2. U.S. and coalition forces excluded from control of safe zones in Syria (May 4th) (Gen. Mattis opposes them)
  3. Hillary Clinton “Rebrand HER!” campaign kicks off (May 5th)… new book shows “Russia hacked us” story designed to cover for election loss

We are about to lose a major 6-year-long Geo-political battle right now. Whatever you believe about Syria, it was never a civil war or a struggle from within for more rights. It was always about regime change on behalf of greater control of the resources of the Middle East. It was about making moves on the Grand Chessboard just like Afghanistan was… just like Iraq was.

And this loss we are facing is in large part due to what we consider “interference” from nation states like Iran, Turkey, Hezbollah and… Russia. Mainly Russia.

This “Russia hacked our election” disinformation campaign now straddles both parties for this very reason. While the unDemocratic Party still insists (with no evidence mind you) then candidate Donald Trump and Russian president Vladamir Putin were in cahoots with one another in an effort to undermine the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, the Republicans deny there was any  collusion between them, while now fully supporting the notion that Russia interfered with our presidential election.

The One Party system we have in place has decided to agree on that and they did so because Russia has to be punished for “interfering” in something else. But they can’t say that, so the “threat to our democracy” line is used.

In order to do justice to any evaluation of what happened yesterday in the Senate hearing on “Russian interference”, one must first put it in context of our own efforts to do just that in literally dozens of nations across the world.

“The U.S. has a long history of attempting to influence presidential elections in other countries – it’s done so as many as 81 times between 1946 and 2000, according to a database amassed by political scientist Dov Levin of Carnegie Mellon University.

That number doesn’t include military coups and regime change efforts following the election of candidates the U.S. didn’t like, notably those in Iran, Guatemala and Chile.” LA Times Dec. 2016

If you include the bloody coups, color revolutions, wars based on lies and “humanitarian” bombing campaigns, you are looking at well over a hundred and fifty times, since WWII, that we have sought to interfere with the political destiny of nations across the world.

In other words… do the exact same thing we accuse Russia of doing.

The only difference is… there is actual evidence of what we did.

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The Declassified Russian Hacking “Intelligence” Report is Devoid of Any Evidence and Apparently Based on Previous Lies

by Scott Creighton

Yesterday (Friday Jan. 6th 2017) around 1pm, the Department of National Intelligence released their declassified report (PDF) on the Russian hacking story or the Russian “influence” story that has been taking shape here in the States surrounding Hillary Clinton’s crash and burn presidential campaign of 2016. At about the same time, a man got off a plane in Florida and took a gun from his checked bag and opened fire on people in the baggage claim area of an airport, emptying 3 clips before lying down on the ground and waiting to be arrested. That man claimed earlier that the CIA had been trying to force him to watch “ISIS” videos.

Each and every page of the declassified report contains in the top header an official disclaimer of sorts which reads:

“This report is a declassified version of a highly classified assessment; its conclusions are identical to those in the highly classified assessment but this version does not include the full supporting information on key elements of the influence campaign.”

Key here is the fact that the report contains no facts. None. Zip. Zilch. No evidence reported in the report whatsoever.

Also key is the word “assessment” and in the beginning of the declassified report, they take the time to explain that term:

“When Intelligence Community analysts use words such as “we assess” or “we judge,” they are conveying an analytic assessment or judgment. Some analytic judgments are based directly on collected information; others rest on previous judgments, which serve as building blocks in rigorous analysis

“(O)thers rest on previous judgements”. Got that? No evidence reported in this report and they tell you right off the bat that in all likelihood, this “assessment” is based on “previous” assessment, which as we all know, were bullshit. “Grizzly steppe” anyone?

Here is a little glimpse into some of those “previous judgements”:

this report is provided “as is” for informational purposes only. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding any information contained within.”

The current assessment based in part on previous assessments which the intelligence services provide no “warranties of any kind” regarding the information they provided.

Got that? New bullshit based on piles of older, baseless bullshit.

Buried deep in various articles about the new release we find a little rational thought on this evidence. That of course is buried under tons of regurgitated, unsubstantiated accusations leveled at Vladamir Putin, Guccifer 2.0 and DCLeaks.

The report contains scant information on attribution
That may not be enough for some critics, who have been publicly calling on the intelligence community to release more information explaining how it linked hacking operations to Russia” The Verge

And by “scant information” they mean “no information”

“Some critics” may not find their baseless accusations to be “enough” to jump on the New McCarthyism bandwagon. How unfortunate. But apparently the Verge doesn’t mind Megaphoning Mockingbird fake news:

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