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The Photo, the Dream and the Cruel Epiphany – A Confession

by Scott Creighton

We are forever haunted by the indiscretions of history. Be them trivial or monumental, personal or political, they are the coffee stained dusty blueprints of so many of our broken lives occasionally providing us not so subtle reminders of the frailty of the character we desperately cobbled together and wear like a suit of armor hoping no one, least of all ourselves, can see through the chinks.

I saw a picture yesterday, had a dream this morning and a moment of clarity just now.

In a YouTube/Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/internet-connected-to-everything world where you are a “brand” and “brand” is everything, I am at least free enough to confess I do not like the man I have become and I should have, by all rights, loved another more than I did.

If blogs were created so atheists would have a confessional, here is mine.

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Five Million Whacks

by Scott Creighton




At some point today this website will hit a milestone of sorts; today we’ll hit 5 million total page views.

When I started this website, going on eight years ago, I didn’t pay much attention to things like page views or unique visitors per day. Still don’t really. I just wrote what felt like writing and that was it. No SEO, no marketing, not too much blog whoring. I just researched it, wrote it and posted it and that’s been the only true consistency in my life ever since.

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AE Donation Drive – Now, More Than Ever…

Now, more than ever, the necessity of independent journalism should be crystal clear as the Ideological War we are engaged in turns from cold to hot.

For the elites and the ladder climbing hacks who serve them, this is not an “InfoWar”, it is information warfare in support of a desired ideological sea change which promises to re-pour the very foundations of this nation by perverting the Better Angels of Our Nature on which it was formed. The angels they hate with a passion.

The pieces are set in place: the reactionary congress coupled with a left cover president promises to roll back the hands of time to undo what remains of a century of progress in workers, civil and human rights that we inherited, not achieved. The new CISPA (USA Freedom Act) waits in the wings for the dawn of this two year transition period. As does the Trans Pacific Partnership. Policing will be transitioned with a reactionary servant of the elites at the helm. And somewhere offstage there is always the growing threat of major conflict on a global scale born of the fraudulent endless war of terror and the new world order it supports.

Now, more than ever, uncompromisable voices need to be heard for it is not ignorance itself that is the enemy of truth, but rather compromised knowledge. Ignorance yearns to be relieved. And “by what?” is the only question that remains.

Stephen Biko once said “It is better to die for an idea that will live, than live for one that will die”. The elites are engaged in an informational war with the expressed goal to make us view the world, ourselves and each other as they do. Their desire, to turn this entire nation into “Galt’s Gulch”, could not be more evident just as it could not be more destined to fail.

Savage capitalism will make slaves of us all. Carpenters, doctors, teachers, cops… in the end, we are all equal in the eyes of the masters of the universe, equal to ourselves not to them… and too believe otherwise is vanity or cowardice.

This type of information warfare is designed to make us beggars to our own demise and the only way to counter its highly effective and subversive endgame is to shine a light on the process itself, show it for what it is: poison crafted to eat away at the very fabric of our society. Poison designed to leave us as morally bankrupt as they are.

Now, more than ever, we have to take a side in the ideological war that has been waged against us, all of us, for decades. A new world order is coming, even the former Sec. of Defense admits it, and it will not be as advertised; it will not be yours. Biko got it right. This is an Ideological War that will determine the course of human events for a century if not more. It is the David and Goliath story of all time and far too few even know it exists with still fewer on the side of humanity doing what they can with what little they have.

Now, more than ever, you need to pick a side. And if you can, find an uncompromisable voice in the wilderness and show them support. This site, another, it doesn’t matter. Let it not be said that we fell without firing a shot. Let it not be said we offered no resistance to the darkening that approaches. We must live fully aware of the times we are born to and the transitional period that is unique to our lives but will affect all who must follow.



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