So This Just Happened

by Scott Creighton

After writing my latest article about Malala, I was finally able to take my dog Church outside for a short little walk. He’d been begging me to go out while writing and he obviously really needed the relief.

So we go out and it’s just starting to get a little dark down here in Tampa and we usually only go out in the front yard for a bit then off to the back yard for him to do his important business. And I notice up the street a little way, something that looks like a lump on the sidewalk in front of a wheelchair parked next to a dumpster.

My eyes aren’t what they used to be and I couldn’t figure out what it was. Turns out after a closer examination, it was a man lying on the sidewalk.

He wasn’t moving. I tried saying something to him and he didn’t respond. Didn’t move a muscle.

I was without my cell phone so I returned with Church back to the house and called 911.

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Just for Laughs – VanossGaming Hide and Seek Video

by Scott Creighton

“What do you call an owl that’s a magician?”


Some here think I have no sense of humor (go fuck yourselves)… jury is still out on that one.

This weekend I finally got my PT/INR in therapeutic range (2.5 for those interested, yea me) and figured out what the heck has been wrong with my car for the past 2 months (after replacing 1. fuel filter, 2. water pump and 3. thermostat and patching those damn holes in the water pump inlet pipe (damn thing), turns out it was simply the spark plugs all along…) so I kind of relaxed and nested a bit fixing up my crappy little apartment in celebration.

I now have duck paintings. Two of em. Gifts from Jan10. That’s right bitches. Duck paintings. Deal with it.

So I was in a slightly better mood as we started off this week when I was treated to the 1,000 point Wall Street downturn a couple hours ago.

The rigged markets are tying their level best to neutralize the damage to the big boys so us little people can only just sit back and watch. I guess someone thought they needed some help getting another TARP bailout deal done (QE4 is meeting some resistance) and here we are.

For those of you are worried and think the end is nigh, that the zombie apocalypse is just around the corner, I can only offer you a little brevity as the stock market story unfolds and you take inventory of your prepper stockpiles. No, I’m not treating you to Adam Sandler’s 20 Best Moments, because frankly, he doesn’t have 20. He doesn’t have 2.

Instead, here’s something recent from VanossGaming.

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John Oliver on Televangelists and My Brief Introduction

by Scott Creighton

I’m not a huge fan of John Oliver as many of you already know, but when he’s allowed to do something he cares about as opposed to the propaganda his show now routinely produces, he’s a scathing joy to watch. Such is the case with his video below on televangelism.

I only wish to add a little personal history of mine related to the topic.

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AE Donation Drive: … Much Better

Hi all. The situation this month has become a little desperate. We’ve received a total of four fourteen donations so far and it’s not looking good looking… much better.

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Hospital Stay UPDATE: “We Live”

by Scott Creighton

Hi all.

Yes, I am back from the hospital. They took good care of me and hopefully my clotting ratio will be within a therapeutic range from here on out.

“malterwitty” posted by article “9/11 Shock Opera… Act 4 – Building 7 and Flight 93: The Grand Finale that Wasn’t” on What Really Happened so I expect a few conversations about that today. Published on May 25, 2009 it’s still one of the best pieces of analysis I’ve written on the subject so if you haven’t had a chance to read it, you should check it out.

I want to thank you all for the kind words of support you left on the earlier hospitalization article. Though I wasn’t able to reply from the hospital, I could read them on my cell phone and they were very encouraging.

I also wish to thank Jan10. Poor thing had to hobble around my house and look after all the four-legged critters running around this zoo which is no small feat.

I will be back at it today sometime a little later (it’s 3am eastern). Seems like yesterday was a kind of a slow news day anyway, unless of course you think of Donald Trump’s kids killing animals and hip-hop “beefs” as “news”

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Anyone know what this part of the coolant system is called?

by Scott Creighton

Hi guys.

Anyone know what this part of the coolant system is called? I have to replace or repair it and I can’t find a single mention of it in my cheap Haynes manual (don’t ever buy one of those)

I just finished coughing and cursing my way to replacing the water pump… which didn’t fix the problem… and then I found two pin-hole leaks in this freaking thing.

I found a diagram on the interwebs but it fails to mention 1. where the diagram comes from and 2. what the fucking part is called.

On the left side it connects directly to the water pump and the right, it takes in cooled water from the bottom of the radiator.

Taking the thing out was a major pain. It tore up my hands to the point where I felt like I just woke up after a dinner date with Bill Cosby.


If you know what it is called, I would appreciate you letting me know. If you think I should take it and beat myself to death with it, you can feel free to let me know that as well. Thanks.

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