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Killing Us Softly: Here as it is in Britain, the War on the Disabled Carries On With Little to No Attention from the “Progressive” Left

by Scott Creighton

The war on the disabled has been going on in this current version, since Obama and congress passed a bill in 2013 which was very similar to the one Ronald Reagan passed in 1981 which was designed to kick people off Social Security Disability by the tens of thousands. That bill back in the early 80s killed thousands of people, just like left-cover Obama’s bill is doing right now.

I know because I am one of it’s victims. I write about it because I have to.

(I’ve written about this extensively and you can access the history of my writing on this subject under the “personal” and “war on the disabled” headings on the left side of the webpage.)

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About Yesterday’s Post

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE:A Bernie Sanders-Led Party Would Still Be an Imperialist, Pro-War Party

Yesterday I was angry and frustrated and took it out on you guys when I shouldn’t have and for that I’m sorry.

I recently discovered The Sanders Institute which is billed as a “progressive think tank” made, according to Jane Sanders, to help young, progressive thinking people see the world as it really is. Or at least, that’s what Jane said during an interview with the Young Turks at the “People’s Summit”

So I went over and took a look at this thing’s website and this is what I found under their “foreign policy” header:

Everyday that old piece of shit gets closer and closer to becoming a full blown Likudnik. He’ll be campaigning with Rita Katz and David Horowitz pretty soon if he keeps this up.

And yet, this is what passes as “progressive” thought these days and it’s gaining momentum.

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AE Donation Drive

Drive was successful. Thank you all very much


May Funding Drive for American Everyman NEEDS HELP

Next month I celebrate 10 years of running this website and there is nothing I am more proud of

I could really use some help guys

Thank you all so much

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AE Donation Drive – Thank You

Thanks to you guys I am in much better shape than I was this morning. I don’t know how to thank you but I will be sending notes out to you in the morning.

I can’t thank you enough. It’s been a long day and this is a great relief to me.

Brief Update to My Condition

by Scott Creighton

Hello again all.

I am back home and in considerably less pain than I have been this past weekend and yesterday. As best as I can tell, I had another clotting event on Saturday which caused me some pain on that day but which led to something much worse Sunday and Monday.

My guess is it was a clot in the Great Saphenous which runs up the back of your leg and which all the lesser veins from the muscle groups in you thigh feed into.

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