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A guy on Twitter uses this quote as his tag-line:

The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it. – George Orwell

I have decided to leave the site as is for now but greatly reduce the time I spend on it. I’m told as a resource, it’s pretty helpful so I will leave it listed as “public” and write something new every few days but I have to attempt to find something that provides me with a more hopeful future.

American Everyman Now Officially the Bionic Blog!

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: American Everyman! Now with Fan Art!

fan art

by David Hazan

Just a quick note:

Today, Dec. 12, 2015, I hit a milestone of sorts, we’ve had just over 6 million page views over the life of the website.


And no I did not deliberately wait until three sixes rolled up on the meter. Or did I…. hmmmm…. (yes, that was for you Eggman)

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A Little Medical Update for Posterity’s Sake

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: After a bunch of tests and a few tense moments, I was released back into society with a nice stack of papers with instructions, I suppose, on how not to die right away.

They told me “yes, there is some new clotting” and “no, there is no new clotting”

Then they wrote on one of my little papers “There is decreased opacification of branches to the right middle lobe which is site of prior pulmonary embolus” which I have no idea if that is good or bad.

Either way… I’m still here and still in pain but will keep doing what I am doing.

Interestingly, while I was undergoing many of the tests, they had these nifty lightboxes on the ceilings for people to focus on. We used to make them for TV studios back when I did that kind of crap. Made a bunch of them for MSNBC’s studio that I worked on. Funny how they’ve made their way into the healthcare world. Took me back a little.


Hi guys. I am going to be heading over to the hospital this morning to have them run these damn tests I’ve been putting off for a couple of weeks. The pains in my chest have been getting worse and my doctor’s appointment this Wednesday is looming ever closer and if I don’t do my homework, he tends to pout a bit. I’ve been putting it off for far too long and like everything else, you can only get away with that for so long.

I’m hoping they will say it’s no big deal, but with my luck they might want me to stay on for a few days and so I am telling you guys this in the eventuality that I don’t have any new articles put up for a few days in a row. I don’t typically do that so I want to make sure people don’t jump to the wrong conclusion.

Jane Hampshire from FireDogLake eventually shut down her website for “health reasons” this past year. A hip problem from what I understand.

That’s not happening here.

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See Spot. See Spot Drool. Drool Spot Drool.

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Oct. 9, 10am – He is still having trouble eating and drinking but he’s still in good spirits. Looks like we found a vet which will accommodate us and poor little Spot, the snaggle-toothed feline. Should be able to provide an update on the saga later this afternoon.


UPDATE: I finally heard back from ACT. They say they don’t do major vet operations anymore or feline dentistry. They suggested I contact the Humane Society of Tampa which I have now done. I am looking to get him an appointment there or at a local vet for tomorrow. Jan10 came by and we went to get him some Baby Tylenol since the vet said it was just as good for him as aspirin and I gave him some of that, some water and chicken broth via an eye dropper. The tooth is still pretty solid in his mouth. We will see how it goes tonight. Thanks everyone. will keep you up to date.


This is Spot. He’s a 12-year-old rescue living with me down here in Tampa. I’ve had him since he was about 5 months old. As you can see, he can’t close his mouth. He has a bad lower canine.


Spot was the first pet I adopted when I relocated almost 13 years ago. He’s now one of three cats and a dog named Church.

A vet once asked me “where’s the spot?” and I told him “he is the Spot”

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A Little Perspective on YouTube Vs Blog Exposure (or… An Artist Rekindled)

by Scott Creighton

Hi everybody.

As some of you know, I made my article What’s the Story with Ahmed Mohamed and his Ridiculous Briefcase “Clock”? The Answer Lies with his Father  into my first real YouTube video on my American Everyman channel. It was kind of rough around the edges and I’ve been getting a lot of good constructive criticism on the effort so my next one will be better, I promise.

A lot of you have been telling me this move will garner a bit more exposure for the work that I do here and that’s a good reason to do it. But I wanted to share something with you guys that I don’t do very often but I think it will help you understand why I am doing this.

I’m very excited to tell you guys that the video has now been viewed over 650 times and received some comments and some “likes” and I’m very happy for all of that.

But let me show you something:

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