Church, Hot Dogs and Guilt

God do I love my dog. His name is Church and he’s laying on the guilt thick in this action packed video.


Donation Drive Success! Thank you all very much

I will be sending out email thank you notices today and tomorrow. Thank you all so much. I can’t tell you how helpful this has been.

I’ve been Spectrumed!

by Scott Creighton

Hi everyone.

I didn’t post anything today because my internet connection is beyond crippled. I mentioned it the other day and yesterday a techie came out to the homestead and installed a new modem and checked all the lines and such and discovered the issue lies with the box on the pole out side my house. A service crew with a big old truck is supposed to come by between 24 and 48 hours from yesterday mid morning and as of 4pm today… nada. (Spectrumed)

UPLOAD speed is somewhere between .12 Mbps and .41 Mbps and DOWNLOAD speed is about 20.0ish to 60.0 (Spectrumed)

It makes it impossible to upload the video I made yesterday and very difficult to research articles so… here I sit… (Spectrumed)

Actually, I used the time to work on Jan10’s luxury ride, the Ford Festiva circa 1989. Various liquids are shooting out of it like a frightened squid. Something tells me, with my keen insight into auto-mechanics, that that ain’t supposed to happen… to often. So, I’m working on that today a bit.

Been kind of a slow news day anyway… unless your name is Al Franken.

What a time for a stupid photo of you pretending to grab a sleeping woman’s breasts to show up, huh? But Al says he “respects women” so all is well.

Anyway I would love to post that video before it becomes last week’s news but… alas… (Spectrumed)

I will do what I can tomorrow to post something for you guys. Sorry for the delay… but I’ve been…

(look at that. We’re finishing each other’s sentences. This is big step don’t you think?)

UPLOAD TEST – Spectrum Seems to have Greatly Reduced My UPLOAD Access

Hi folks. Tried to post another video yesterday but it would not upload. Speedtest showed UPLOAD speeds at .41 Mbps, .21 Mbps and .19 Mbps respectively. I contacted Spectrum this morning (5am) and they couldn’t even send a package to my router for testing. They say it’s some kind of signal corruption in the line. The earliest they can send someone out here is Weds. morning between 10 and 12.

So right now I am testing to see if I can even post articles with images from my computer.

Here’s a pic of me

Here’s a pic of Church.


A flower in my yard.


And there we have it. It took 3 minutes to upload that one image of me from my system. It usually takes about 5-7 seconds.

So… I will still be able to write and post but will not be able to download images and highlight areas of them for reposting on the site. I will see what happens on Weds. but something tells me Spectrum may not fix it.

I don’t know what happened to suddenly develop feedback on my signal right after I posted the video and photos I did yesterday. Go figure. I may have to switch service providers.

AE Donation Drive – Could Really Use Some Help Folks

Things are really bad over here these. Please help if you can

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Thank you very much.


AE October Donation Drive – Success!

Thank you all very much!


The Day the Kittens Shut Down American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

Yep. I have beat back the trolls, depression, blacklisting and poverty. Suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and held fast to my core beliefs and plodded along, day in, day out bringing as much insight as this old brain is capable of toting to you, for your consideration. For the good of mankind. For the good of my own sanity.. or what’s left of both.

Flame wars. Tin foil shortages. Google censorship. “Fake news” lists. Facebook censorship. Accusations of antisemitism. Twitter censorship. Accusations of being a Mossad agent. Threats. Squeals. Headaches and heartaches from flinging my heart against the wall with regularity and vigor.

Against all of that and more I took up arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing, ended them.Or at least, outlasted them.

And nothing has shut me down, not even for a day…

until… this.

Behold, that which did the impossible and shut down American Everyman today…

They could be cognitive infiltrators. I’m not sure yet. But I think they are…


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