Neoliberal News of the Day: Aug. 1, 2016

by Scott Creighton

Obama’s “Moderates” Shell Damascus, injure 4 civilians – “Four people got injured when terrorists on Monday fired three mortar shells on Jdeidet Artouz town in Damascus Countryside province.”

Obama’s “Moderates” Shell Aleppo on Sunday, kill 12 civilians – “11 civilians were killed and 53 others were injured due to terrorist attacks with rocket shells on al-Hamadaniyeh neighborhood in Aleppo city on Sunday.”

Russian Helicopter Shot Down After Delivering Aid to Aleppo – “On August 1, a Russian military transport Mi-8 helicopter was shot down from the ground en route to the Hmeimim airbase after delivering humanitarian aid to the city of Aleppo. A crew of three and two officers of the Russian center for Syrian reconciliation were on board.”

Clinton Says Russia Behind DNC Hack – “Hillary Clinton has once again blamed Russian intelligence services for hacking the Democratic National Committee (DNC) computer system and accused Donald Trump of supporting the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.”

Al-Nusra Says they are No Longer Part of al-Qaeda, Goin After that Obama “Moderate” Money I Guess – “The al-Qaeda connection makes [al-Nusra Front] less viable in the very intense politics of jihadi groups within Syria. And so it’s better to strike on its own, better to not be connected to this international organization,”

Rand Paul, Tim Kaine and Marco Rubio Are Gulenists: Call on State Department to Regime Change Turkey on Behalf of Greater Kurdistan in Letter – “What’s good though is it exposes your traitors. Apparently it also exposes globalist, neoliberal war-mongering assholes as well.”

Thousands in Brazil Demand U.S. puppet Temer Leave Office – “Social movements took to the streets to demand respect for democracy in Brazil and the resignation of the coup government.”

Neoliberal News of the Day: 7/14/2016

Neoliberal Grand Spook, the Home Office’s Theresa May, Takes Over in UK: “May is a hard-line Thatcherite, who is considered capable not merely of political spin designed to paper over the Tories’ reputation as the “nasty party,” but of ruthlessly defending the interests of the ruling class. Her political record includes opposing a minimum wage as an unacceptable burden on business and declaring that tax credits for poorer workers “disincentivise[s] people from working more hours or finding better-paid jobs.” Ending poverty, she added, was about ending “idleness.”

Syria’s UN Rep Says Some Countries Install Terrorists in Countries Then Exploit Them to Interfere With Internal Politics (called unconventional warfare over here): “Some countries give themselves the right to violate human rights in other countries under the pretext of protection of these rights and kill under the pretext of protecting civilians,” the Permanent Representative said.

Our “Freedom Fighters” Launched Another Rocket into Syrian Controlled Aleppo Yesterday: “The terrorist attack caused material damage to a bakery and a number of houses and cars in the neighborhood, the source said.”

The FBI Seeks to Demolish the 4th Amendment: “The security that Comey wants to protect is not our security or the national security of the United States. Comey’s intent is to make Washington secure despite its violations of statutory law and the US Constitution. The way Comey intends to do this is by intimidating, harassing, and arresting Washington’s critics.”

FBI Made Agents Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement Protecting Hillary Even More: “In an unusual move, FBI agents working the Hillary Clinton email case had to sign a special form reminding them not to blab about the probe to anyone unless called to testify.”

No Chilcot for Copenhagen: “Unlike the United Kingdom, which last week published the Chilcot Report, which unleashed strong criticism of Tony Blair’s Iraqi venture, Denmark decided to block a secret note regarding the 2003 Iraq War from public access, obviously with the intention of shielding its former Prime Minister and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen from similar scrutiny.”

Turkish Foreign Minister Condemns EU for Promoting Photos of “Syrian Kurdistan”: “European Parliament has become an instrument for making propaganda of a terrorist organization and encouraging terrorism w/ the exhibition,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Twitter.

“If Congress Funds a War, then it’s Legal” Says Obama: “In its motion to dismiss (pdf), the administration argues that Congressional funding for the war amounts to Congressional approval for it.”

Just Say No to Pokemon Go: “Considering that one of Big Brother’s favorite pastimes is watching its citizens at all times always and forever, Pokémon Go is an ideal vessel for its many, many eyes. It’s addicting (kids, adults, and conspiracy-loving bloggers for can’t seem to put the thing for more than ten minutes at a time). And it has access to pretty much our entire phone, meaning tons of personal data and monster tracking capabilities:”

Neoliberal News of the Day: Memorial Day 2016

by Scott Creighton

Yesterday I spent the whole day binge-watching an X-Files marathon on Chiller. Today I will be outside working on my car (yes, Eclipsius Bound 3 taking shape.)

Happy Memorial Day. Here are some headlines:

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Neoliberal News of the Day: April 23, 2016

by Scott Creighton

1.  “former human rights advocate” Samantha Power runs over a small child in Africa – foreshadowing?

US Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, took a feel-good PR trip to Cameroon a few days ago where her motorcade promptly ran over a small child and killed him as the neoliberal Power and team were racing through the country at over 60mph. Power, wife of Cass Sunstein, another favorite of mine, felt “real bad” about running over a child, so she got her PR team together and they decide to take some pictures of her with some other little African kids whom she hasn’t run over as of yet.


Image taken hours after Power’s motorcade ran over a different little photo-op prop.

Power, who once called Hillary Clinton a “monster“, is described by the Boston Globe as a “former.. human rights advocate“.  “Former” being the active word I suppose. Of course, what she really was, was an embedded journalist/cheerleader for such imperial missions as the destruction of Yugoslavia. She covered that “humanitarian” mission for the Boston Globe.

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Neoliberal News of the Day: April 13, 2016 – Nude Trump Edition

by Scott Creighton

Hillary Clinton is busy defending her support of the illegal coup in Honduras back in 2009 – “Clinton justified the move despite opposing advice from her top aides, who urged her to declare it a military coup, and to cut off U.S. aid, as some emails leaked in July revealed.”

There have been 59 journalists murdered in Honduras since Hillary’s coup – “Since the 2009 U.S.-backed coup that removed President Manuel Zelaya, 59 journalists have been assassinated in Honduras, with four of them being murdered just in 2016 alone.”

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Neoliberal News of the Day: Mar. 29th, 2016

by Scott Creighton

(I will be making ready for a move today so I will be away from the computer for a while. I’m taking in a new roomie… my dear old moms. I’ll check in once I relocate my desk and computer. You guys have a good day.)

The Israel Lobby’s Totalitarian Agenda: Smash Free Speech and Criminalize Resistance – “Free speech is being used in our country to denigrate Israel and we need to actively fight against that,” Ros-Lehtinen… (Hillary) “Clinton vowed to punish the campus left for supporting Palestinian human rights. Slamming BDS as a form of anti-Semitic hate speech…”

New Study Shows Mass Government Surveillance Silences Unpopular Opinions – “The “spiral of silence” is a well-researched phenomenon in which people suppress unpopular opinions to fit in and avoid social isolation. It has been looked at in the context of social media and the echo-chamber effect, in which we tailor our opinions to fit the online activity of our Facebook and Twitter friends.”

ABC News Censors Interview with Vaxxed Producer, Secretly Recorded in Full – “You can practically hear the cognitive dissonance slapping the reporter in the face during this interview. This is the full UNCUT interview that ABC World News conducted with Del Bigtree of the “VAXXED” documentary now censored by Robert De Niro and the Tribeca Film Festival.”


Neoliberal News of the Day: 3/13/2016

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Trump threatens Bernie Sanders by telling him in a Tweet that he will send his fascist,ultra-right-wing followers to his campaign events.

– Fascist Trump blames “communist” Sanders for Soros’ BLM Disrupters – “these other people by the way, some represented Bernie, our communist friend. Now really Bernie should tell his people…he should really get up and say to his people ‘stop, stop,'” The BLM astroturf group has been harassing the Sanders campaign on behalf of their sponsor, billionaire George Soros, for quite sometime now. I don’t find it that hard too believe that they deliberate took Sanders campaign posters in with them in order to frame the Sanders supporters for their disruptive actions. It’s clear that Hillary Clinton is winning because of the minority vote across the country and it’s also clear that BLM supports, if only tacitly, the campaign of Hillary Clinton. which officially backed Sanders in Jan of this year due to a landslide victory he posted among MoveOn members, has admitted to providing assistance to some of the protesters.  MoveOn has been supported by Soros in the past.

The destabilization designers even gave one of the “protesters” a communist flag to wave around in front of the cameras, just in case the right-wing fascist media outlets like Fox News and Prison Planet were having a hard time blaming this on the dreaded “leftists”

Palestinian siblings killed in Gaza by Israeli airstrike –  “A six-year-old Palestinian girl and her 10-year-old brother were killed in the Gaza Strip by fragments from a missile fired by an Israeli aircraft, medical officials said.”

Kerry meets with French, British, German and Italian foreign ministers ahead of Syrian peace talks to hammer out deal to break up Syria – “U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is meeting with new French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault and Europe’s top diplomats to discuss major international issues including the Syria peace talks.” Kerry has been a long-time advocate for direct attacks against the elected government in Syria. To think his meeting with these foreign leaders has anything to do with the success of a negotiated peace deal in Syria is naive at best.

UN report details the government we created in South Sudan (we created South Sudan) using rape as a tool of war against people who support rebels in the country – “These shocking revelations come from a U.N. report accusing the South Sudanese government of turning a blind eye to soldiers while they took on a “scorched earth policy” to commit human rights violations and violence against civilians, even allowing them to rape women in lieu of paying wages. ” The civil war in South Sudan has been going on for 2 years now, without any kind of attention from the MSM because we created the country and support them in their opposition to Sudan, who is aligned with the Chinese. The thug we put in place to rule the new country,  Salva Kiir Mayardit, still wears the black cowboy hat given to him by George W. Bush when he was selected to be out puppet over there.

Obama droned another 150 people to death, this time in Somalia, a country we have no business in – “Other than the higher-than-normal death toll, this mass killing is an incredibly common event under the presidency of the 2009 Nobel Peace laureate, who has so far bombed seven predominantly Muslim countries. As Nick Turse has reported in The Intercept, Obama has aggressively expanded the stealth drone program and secret war in Africa.”

US-backed Saudi coalition backing former dictator, Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, move on Yemen’s third largest city – “The coalition has been trying for a year to roll back gains by the Houthi militia and restore Hadi, who is currently in Saudi Arabia. The war has killed more than 6,000 people and displaced millions.

The push for our new freedom fighters, the Kurds, to help them forge their own country from stolen pieces of Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey is real. Very real.