The Fake “21 Coptic Christians Beheading” Video – Part 1: Timing

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: (H/T Chads) Even Fox News admits it’s a fake.


All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke

When 21 laborers in America die because the Obama administration has cut funding to OSHA to the point where they only have one guy to check on 50,000 job sites (yes, it’s an exaggeration, slightly), neoliberal talking heads like Bill O’Reilly get hard-ons and they call it “freedom”. Or when 21 laborers anywhere die because they can’t afford things like medicine even though they are working 50 hours a week (not an exaggeration), neoliberals like Bill start salivating at the thought of all that glorious “growth”

That’s because, as we all know by now, “Freedom” to the members of the neoliberal Washington Consensus (neocons, New Dems, (big “L”) Libertarians) means “freedom from New Deal social and economic justice reforms… and “Growth” simply means “the growth of the billionaire class’ profit margins”

So imagine my shock and awe when I heard Bill O’Reilly calling for a new “Holy War”, a new Crusades if you will, over the poorly produced video of the deaths of 21 Coptic Christian laborers in Libya at the hands of the fictitious “ISIS™”

“The Holy War is here and, unfortunately, it seems the president of the United States will be the last one to acknowledge it…I’m gonna also make a call …for every cleric in the country next Sunday, Saturday, Friday in the mosques, with the imams, to address this with their congregation and to say enough, that we people of good faith have to tell our leader to get in gear. I’d like to see every cleric in this country do that. …Let’s make that happen. And I want every pastor, every priest, every rabbi and every imam to email me personally and tell me you’re gonna do that and I’ll read as many on the air as I can.” Bill O’Reilly

Simultaneously, fake progressive sites like the Huffington Post are producing equally sophomoric propaganda pieces in support of Obama’s endless war of aggression in lock-step with those of the O’Reilly faction. Thus the true nature of the Washington Consensus becomes easier to see.

Let’s break this down just a tiny bit if we could on a few of the most basic elements of this event starting with:

Part 1: Timing

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How Do Barney Fife and Fidel Castro Factor Into the Biggest News Story of the Year?

by Scott Creighton

I wish to see if I can connect a few dots here, so bear with me.

Putting aside “ISIS™” for a moment and the “Big Story” about some talking head on MSNBC lying to folks (yeah, there’s some news for you) what are the biggest geopolitical trends in the news today? Is it the fact that Syriza, the new “Radical Left™” brand of 3rd Way centrist ideology (think “CHANGE™” circa 2008) seems to have forgotten what the term “odious debt” means?

In international law, odious debt, also known as illegitimate debt, is a legal theory that holds that the national debt incurred by a regime for purposes that do not serve the best interests of the nation, should not be enforceable. Such debts are, thus, considered by this doctrine to be personal debts of the regime that incurred them and not debts of the state. In some respects, the concept is analogous to the invalidity of contracts signed under coercion. Wiki

Is that the biggest story in the world today? Well, if you consider the fact that international debt has risen by 57 trillion dollars since the global economic terrorism of 2008, coupled with the fact that much if not ALL of that new additional debt may be declared odious were Greece to set the precedent, well, that could very well be the story of the year. The story of the decade or the millennium in fact.

But it isn’t, because they wont (“use us to implement the European programme” Varoufakis).

And the usually antagonistic ones, the Webster Tarpley’s of the “interwebs”, aren’t really calling for Syriza to live up to their campaign pledge and do that.

How about “ISIS™”? Now that the MTV music video director and their team made that “burning man” video, seems like all the world wants a piece of “ISIS™” butt.

We have senators and congressman lining up to get in front of anyone with a camera so they can pledge their undying devotion to autocratic, despotic regimes like those in Jordan, UAE, Bahrain and Qatar for the sole purpose of providing them weapons and training, all paid for with your tax dollars while they say they can’t afford to pay teachers here in the states.

No money for teachers or disabled folks but we got butt-loads of cash to heap on dictators from the Middle East to help bomb Syria into regime change. Funny how that works, ain’t it?

We have “progressive” TV personalities spending enormous amounts of their airtime proving what warmongering hawks they can be just like the neocons of yesteryear they pilloried for a decade.

We have the Obama administration, the President Peace Prize farce, presenting their own version, a hand-crafted document they expect to be passed without debate, authorizing war anywhere, anytime against anyone they say is supporting “ISIS™”. That new AUMF document, one usually crafted by congress, will be slapped on the desks of leading congressmen sometime today or tomorrow. It’s something this president has wanted since they created “ISIS™” now that the old one from 2001 is a bit sketchy considering the fact that it names al Qaeda as the enemy and we now call them “moderates” and are funding them in Syria.

And all of this is based on what? A ridiculous MTV-styled video custom made for the purpose of providing the pretext for what is happening right now and released on the very same day the King of Jordan was visiting Obama and congress looking for money to fight “ISIS™”. (I will write more about that video later this morning)

Are those the biggest stories in the world today?

No. Not in my opinion.

So what is? What is the one big story everyone knows about and no one is talking about and how does Barney Fife and Fidel Castro of all people fit into this? Have I gone crazy? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Syrian Gov’t, Opposition Agree on Four Key Points in Moscow Talks

from Sputnik International

Delegates from Syria’s government and opposition managed to reach consensus on four key points during talks in Moscow, the Deputy Secretary General of the Syrian National Youth Party told Sputnik Thursday.

The main points include the “activation and acceleration of delivery of humanitarian aid to all regions of Syria, without exception on the basis of a relevant UN resolution,” as well as “calls on the international community to alleviate and lift economic sanctions imposed against Syrian people,” Suheir Sarmini told Sputnik.

According to Sarmini, both sides reached consensus in condemning “acts of aggression by Israel towards Lebanon and Syria, calling on the international community to pressure Jerusalem with the aim of observance of the UN charter and implementation of international resolutions.”

[read more here]

While John McCain’s Moderate Terrorists Bomb Civilians in Syria, Google Blocks Sana News

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: A reader informed me that he could reach SANA and so I tried again and it worked. Maybe “ISIS” hit em with a DDS or something.


Syrian rebels struck Damascus with 38 rockets, casualties reported

John McCain’s moderate mercenaries


“Do no evil”

That’s what CIA-crafted Google says.

“Do no evil”

Meanwhile in Syria, John McCain’s precious “moderate” terrorists are bombing civilians in Damascus.

I figured I would do a little follow-up to the Damascus story this morning, but unfortunately, seems Google and pretty much everyone else are blocking the Syrian news website, SANA.

What a coincidence, huh?

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Demonizing Turkey: What Disinfo Assets Like “Tony Cartalucci” Aren’t Telling You

by Scott Creighton

Suddenly the “ISIS™  Crisis” psyop has turned on Turkey and more specifically, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The claim is that Turkey is supplying “ISIS” in Syria and allowing “ISIS” fighters to cross their border into the neighboring country.

The whole “ISIS™” in Syria story is so convoluted and stupid, it demands a bit of an explanation. The story goes like this:

  • We back destabilization forces in Syria and have for the past 3 years. They are terrorists who are trying to force a regime change on our behalf, so Washington can get a more friendly puppet regime in the country.
  • Supposedly, “ISIS™” is fighting against that same regime we wish to change.
  • So, we have to blow them up?
  • But we don’t target “ISIS™” in Syria, we target oil infrastructure and grain silos. oops.
  • Turkey has been allowing our NGOs to set up shop and assist our “moderate” terrorists in Syria with resupply lines and medical assistance for over a year now. Maybe longer. The NGOs (like those that several of the supposed “beheading victims” worked for”) are disguised as ambulance services or other “humanitarian” relief workers.
  • But now, Turkey supposedly turns a blind eye to supply trucks heading to “ISIS™” controlled areas and so…
  • … now we got to blow up Turkey as well?

If you find that a little hard to believe, maybe I can shed a little light on the subject. At least, a little more light than places like the Huffington Post, Prison Planet and “Tony Cartalucci” are shedding on this matter. If you think it’s odd that those three are basically regurgitating the same propaganda, don’t. When big operations like this one are rolled out, the disinfo assets have to cash in some of their street cred by backing it.

Joe Biden’s Failed Talks in Turkey

First of all, what these three assets aren’t telling you right off the bat is that Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan recently rejected a deal proposed to him by the now infamous Joe Biden. Joe is the left cover version of John McCain, running around cutting deals with various brutal puppet regimes on the down low.

Biden recently went to Ukraine to cut a deal with the puppet regime there on behalf of Big Business (his son’s company for instance). He was met with angry Ukrainian people telling him to get out of their country and take his neoliberal austerity theology with him.

Joe also took a little trip to Turkey last week (Nov. 21) in order to talk about how the two countries could strengthen their resolve to fight “ISIS™” together. Once again, he was met with mass protests from the indigenous population.

Well, apparently, the negotiations didn’t go so well.

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Peter Kassig Was Part of Gen. McChrystal’s “Killing Machine” in Iraq from 2006-2007

by Scott Creighton

Peter Kassig, whatever else he was, was no “humanitarian” and in all likelihood, he was operating a front NGO out of Turkey helping train and supply Barack Obama’s regime change destabilization campaign of death-squads in Syria from late 2012 to Oct. 2013. That conclusion is based on the fact that he was indeed a special forces Ranger with the 75th Ranger Regiment in Iraq from mid-2006 to 2007.

“(in 2006) Kassig then became a U.S. Army Ranger, with an army special operations unit, 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. His service including training in Fort Benning, Georgia, and a fourteen-month deployment to Iraq, from June 2006 to September 2007, when he received a medical dischargeWiki bio

What were the 75th Ranger Regiment doing in Iraq during that time? It’s called the Salvador Option and it’s basically the same thing we are doing now: training and aiding pro-government death-squads in Iraq in order to quell an uprising against our puppet regime, to make them “obey and submit” to our occupation.

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The truth about Iraq’s liberation

(also read my articles – ISIS™ Defined  and What Did I Tell Ya? Russia, Like the U.S., Exploits the Manufactured ISIS™ Crisis for Their Own Big Oil Interests  )

by Dahlia Wasfi, al-Ahram

In March 2003, the US military began an aggressive bombing campaign against Iraq’s major cities for the alleged purpose of liberating the Iraqi people. Of course, “liberation” was the explanation of choice after allegations of Iraqi ties to the events of 9/11 and the claims of weapons of mass destruction were called into question.

The US/UK-led war that followed was inspired by the so-called shock and awe military doctrine. The strategy was authored by two Americans, Harlan Ullman and James Wade. Its objective was “to destroy or so confound the will to resist that an adversary will have no alternative except to accept our strategic aims and military objectives.”

Earlier this month the US Air Force began launching new air strikes in northern Iraq, for the alleged purpose of liberating a besieged community of Iraqis starving to death and with no place to go. The Iraqi Yazidis are, indeed, suffering from a frightening humanitarian crisis. They have fled their homes in fear of the barbarism of Islamic State (IS) militants who have already swept through eastern Syria and northwestern Iraq, establishing what they say is a new caliphate.

By all possible means we should deliver humanitarian supplies to these refugees, not to mention those in other parts of Iraq, Syria, and Gaza. But air strikes? Why air strikes now, without congressional or UN approval? Make no mistake, the control of oil remains the driving force behind the US attacks on Iraq. An examination of US policy in Iraq from 2003 to the present illustrates this point.

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