Ayn Rand “Institute” Promoted Their fascist, Oligarch Worshiping Selfish Ideology on Twitter – Gets WRECKED in Comments from Real Human Beings

by Scott Creighton

This is funny as shit.

You think the oligarchs who have been paying billions since the Lewis Powell memo of ’71 have been winning when it comes to their plan to turn us all into sociopathic, selfish drones with nothing more than self-serving service to their greatness on our minds?

Think again.

Just now the Ayn Rand Institute promoted (paid for) a Tweet on Twitter to be shoveled down the throats of everyone on the service. I received the ridiculous message (Ayn Rand “institute”? Higher learning associated with their childish drivel? Now that’s funny) and was offended that it was there so I clicked on it in order to leave an appropriately sarcastic message. That’s when I was pleasantly surprised to see the response. By a count of about 99 to 1 the replies are definitively negative. The Ayn Rand “institute” got completely WRECKED with their little promotion idea. Absolutely, totally WRECKED.

So I figured I would post them here for you to see. Enjoy.

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The Social Cost of Capitalism

(Yeah, it’s called neoliberal fascism, folks. And unfortunately, Mr. Roberts helped design it when he crafted Reagan’s “trickle down” economic theory (i.e. neoliberal, Free Market economics). Well, maybe he’s had a bit of a change of heart since then. Who knows.)

by Paul Craig Roberts, Sputnik International

Few, if any, corporations absorb the full cost of their operations. Corporations shove many of their costs onto the environment, the public sector, and distant third parties. For example, currently 3 million gallons of toxic waste water from a Colorado mine has escaped and is working its way down two rivers into Utah and Lake Powell.

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Citizen Tells Thug Cops: “This is not policing…. you’re doing your job all wrong” (video)

by Scott Creighton

In San Francisco a group of cops took down a man with one leg on a busy street in the middle of the day. They did their patented “pile on” move where they all felt compelled to jump on the downed “suspect” and place a knee somewhere on his person (pain compliance technique)

Turns out the man with one leg had been armed with his crutches.

At one point in the video the guy on the ground is being perched on by no less than three heavy men. He tells they repeatedly that the guy on his one leg is hurting him, that he has an infection in that leg and the cops knee is causing him a great deal of pain yet the cops do nothing. “What the fuck’s wrong with you?” the pinned man asks.

By the end of the incident, while the man lay on the ground complying with the wishes of the cops, at least 14 police officers are seen in the video… but they aren’t there anymore for the suspect. At that point they take up positions around the fallen citizen and the three cops perched on him so they can protect those cops from the crowd standing around watching.

They (the cops) act as if they are back in Iraq as an occupying force and the enemy is anyone not wearing the colors of their gang. The enemy is anyone who just happens to be there witnessing their brutal, inhumane behavior. Anyone who sees them for what they are and doesn’t like it.

The enemy is us.

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Tempest in a Teapot: The Story of Neoliberal Kristen McQueary and Longing for a Katrina in Chicago

by Scott Creighton

Sometimes the neoliberal apologists for the neoliberal Free-Marketeers go too far.

Sometimes their editors have to erase the little peek they give us inside the minds of the sociopaths who make up the Milton Friedman True Believer class.

Sometimes they have to write unapologetic apologies when civil society reacts with horror at the shear selfishness and cruelty these Ayn Randians harbor deep down inside.

“Envy isn’t a rational response to the upcoming 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

But with Aug. 29 fast approaching and New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu making media rounds, including at the Tribune Editorial Board, I find myself wishing for a storm in Chicago — an unpredictable, haughty, devastating swirl of fury. A dramatic levee break. Geysers bursting through manhole covers. A sleeping city, forced onto the rooftops.

That’s what it took to hit the reset button in New Orleans. Chaos. Tragedy. Heartbreak

An underperforming public school system saw a complete makeover. A new schools chief, Paul Vallas, designed a school system with the flexibility of an entrepreneur (privatized). No restrictive mandates from the city (deregulated) or the state. No demands from teacher unions to abide (no labor protections). Instead, he created the nation’s first free-market education system

That’s why I find myself praying for a real storm. That’s why I can relate, metaphorically, to the residents of New Orleans climbing onto their rooftops and begging for help and waving their arms and lurching toward rescue helicopters” original version of Kristen McQueary’s libertarian/neoliberal screed

not so cute sometimes I guess

That’s what happened when cute little libertarian Kristen McQueary penned her latest OpEd for the Chicago Tribune in which she pined away wishing for a Hurricane Katrina to come to Chicago and wash away all that liberal excess so the neoliberal economic hit-men could remake the city into Galt’s Gulch like they did in New Orleans.

It’s called “disaster capitalism” and in the case of New Orleans, it only cost about 1,800 lives and countless people being made homeless. That’s to say nothing of the corrupt, fascist, privatized public education system (the kind promoted by Rahm Emanuel, Jeb Bush and Ron Paul alike) they installed in the wake of the storm which has cost countless futures for countless kids of the poor and working classes of that once great city.

Just for shits and giggles, you guys do understand that the father of modern day charter school ideology was Augusto Pinochet under his Milton Friedman inspired dictatorship, right?

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Video: The battle facing US autoworkers

Watch the Difference Between How #BlackLivesMatter “Shut Down” Jebs Event Compared to Bernies

by Scott Creighton

So much for the, “Why are they just protesting allies? Why don’t they protest Republicans?” complaint.” Daily Kos

Over at the fake “progressive” sites like Daily Kos and Raw Story, they are coming out saying that BlackLivesMatter “shut down” a Jeb Bush campaign event which of course, to them, proves BlackLivesMatter isn’t deliberately targeting the populist Bernie Sanders on behalf of their globalist sugar daddy, George Soros.

This is complete bullshit. The two “disruptions” aren’t even close in comparison. Not in how they were handled. Not in the vitriol the BlackLivesMatter activists leveled at the two contenders. Nothing could make their real purpose more obvious than simply putting the various videos side by side and letting people see how they played out. Which is what I do after the break.

(It should be noted that the Daily Kos runs the Netroots Nation conference where Bernie and O’Malley were first accosted by BlackLivesMatter and someone within the organization of the conference allowed them into the event with press passes and helped them stage the distraction.)

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A Little Insight Into the Twisted Mind of Barack H. Obama, Leader of the Free Market World

by Scott Creighton

Five days ago the Obama State Department announced their opinion of the elected Assad government in Syria: “Assad regime is the root of all evil” in Syria.

When I saw this graphic on Twitter, I thought of how fitting it was.


Barack Obama is not simply a liar playing a role in American politics on behalf of criminal capitalism and the corporate elites who practice it. That conclusion infers a kind of neutrality on his part, a willingness to do whatever is asked of him be it imposing crippling neoliberal austerity on the suckers who voted for him or raising them up with a real progressive agenda… were that to be in vogue for the ruling class these days.

It is my contention after all these years, that Barack Obama could no more stand by and allow a real universal healthcare program to take shape in this country than Dick Cheney could restrain himself from profiting off all the wars that he himself started. It’s just not in their DNA. Never was.

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