Sputnik EXCLUSIVE: Secret Document Tells Daesh (“ISIS”) Not to Attack US Coalition Planes (in Mosul)

(I wonder why “ISIS” wouldn’t want their sub-contractors to shoot down any US warplanes with the weapons the US gave them.)

from Sputnik International

Decree instructing Daesh fighters not to attack coalition aircraft.

Sputnik’s Arabic bureau has obtained photos of a decree by Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) leaders instructing its fighters not to attack US-led coalition aircraft operating over Mosul and the surrounding area.

The document, discovered in the recently-liberated Iraqi city of Bakhdida, about 32 km southeast of the Daesh-held stronghold of Mosul, explicitly tells jihadis not to attack any coalition aircraft over Mosul or its suburbs.

According to Sputnik Arabic, the decree was discovered by Assyrian Christian militia on an information stand in central Bakhdida, at a so-called Daesh ‘mobilization center’. Such centers were established by the terrorist group to mobilize the local population and train new recruits.

The text of the decree reads: “It is strictly forbidden to shoot down, using any weapons whatsoever, any aircraft that is in the air, no matter what height they are flying at, even if the aircraft lands on the rooftop of houses.”

The document is signed by local Daesh leader Abu Muawia.

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CNN’s Star Field Propagandist Arwa Damon Spends 28 Hours With an Iraqi Death Squad in Mosul

by Scott Creighton

God Jesus I hate Arwa Damon. She’s been making “on the scene” propaganda from various Global War OF Terror hot spots for years, trying to punch her ticket to the Big Club and an anchor seat with the Big Boys on the Clinton News Network (CNN)

I covered her war-mongering hearts and minds bullshit propaganda before.

Today Arwa has release of video of her and her cameraman riding along as “embedded journalists” with an Iraqi death squad in Mosul where she calmly explains how they “accidentally” shot and killed an elderly cab driver and conducted and interview with a family who’s young daughter was absolutely terrified of the Iraqi death squad members standing just off camera and actually walked over and put her arms her father, crying, saying she loved him and “needed” him. She did that because she knew exactly what those men were capable of and were there to do. The fate of the father was not mentioned in Arwa’s despicable video.

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Holy Twisted History Batman: Watch John Kirby Lie With Every Breath He Takes on Aleppo and Mosul

by Scott Creighton

This is disgusting. Remember back when a republican was in office and an administration official would come out and lie about events unfolding in Iraq or Afghanistan? The left would launch themselves in a way that would get them ejected from an NFL game but now that President Peace Prize is using his special left-cover superpowers… nada, zip, zilch, “nothing too see here” coming from that morally upstanding “anti-war” crowd… especially since Killary represents a continuation of the Obama administration.

The “moderate” terrorists are fighting FOR the people of Syria in east Aleppo? The Syrian military forces are targeting hospitals, schools and civilian infrastructure in Aleppo whereas the coalition in Mosul are using “precision airstrikes” taking care to avoid civilian casualties? Wow.

Watch John Kirby lie with every breath he takes to reporters in this press conference. Literally every damn breath. It’s like something out of 1984 or “V”

60 civilians killed, 200 injured as US-led coalition strikes Mosul residential areas – Russian MoD

(Since we left a corridor open for “ISIS” to use and they have left the building like Elvis, who exactly are we bombing in Mosul? Same people we’ve been bombing in Mosul since 2004. The people of Mosul)

from RT

Over 60 civilians have been killed and at least 200 injured during three days of US-led coalition airstrikes on residential areas in Mosul, the Russian military reported.

There were numerous attacks of the US-led coalition targeting residential areas, schools, and other civilian objects both in Mosul and in other parts of the Iraqi Nineveh Governorate,” Gen. Sergey Rudskoy, head of Operations in the Russian General Staff, told journalists on Tuesday.

We are closely monitoring the situation around Mosul. So far we see no substantial progress in liberating this city from the terrorists of ISIS,” he added, referring to the terrorist organization Islamic State by its former name.

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Iraqi “Federal Police” Death Squads Steal Tents and Water from Refugee Families from Mosul – Leave them Exposed and Thirsty in the Desert

by Scott Creighton

People walk past an empty ground that used to house tents at a camp for for displaced people in the village of Tinah

Walking past plots that used to house 175 of the 200 tents set up there for the refugee families, people spoke of the families being in the tents when the Iraqi Federal Police units moved in and stole them.

Talk about being on the wrong side of history… again.

Just outside Mosul in al-Tinah Iraq, there is a refugee camp set up for displaced families fleeing the violence taking place just a few miles away. Oxfam is providing wash basins and blankets to the hundreds of families forced to live there. Last week the UN delivered truck loads of bottled water to these families in an effort to keep them from dying from dehydration. Apparently everyone knows just how dangerous exposure and dehydration is to young children.

So what does the US Coalition partner Iraq do to help these families? They send in the Federal Police Rapid Response Unit to steal the tents and the water from the families so they can ship that stuff back to a coalition base, QWest, in the nearby town of Qayyarah.

“But when The Telegraph visited a camp in the town of Tinah, near Qayyarah in northern Iraq, this week it was told by local Iraqi police guarding the site that soldiers had come and loaded the tents on to their trucks and left.

They were coming from Baghdad, they said they were the rapid response unit,” said one officer who did not wish to be named to protect his identity.“They said they needed them as they didn’t have enough at their base.

“I begged them not to take them as the refugees here have nothing, but they ignored me and I couldn’t stop them.”

The troops took around 175 of the 200 tents, which were provided by the Iraqi ministry of displacement and migration, and sent them on to the QWest base they share with US troops in the nearby town of Qayyarah.” The Telegraph

The report states that the tents were occupied, many with the families physically inside them, when the Iraq Federal Police units came in and stole them. They also stole the large water bins that literally mean life or death for the refugee families.

Some of the families were thrown out of their tents while they were still in them,” said one refugee at the camp.

“Children were left without homes, again. They have had to move in with others and it is very cramped.”

The troops also took eight Unicef water tanks serving the some 300 families at the site, all of whom have recently fled fighting in their home towns and villages around Isil’s stronghold of Mosul. The Telegraph

Iraqi Federal Police units came to this refugee camp and stole the water and the shelter from families leaving them to suffer and die in the desert. And these are the assholes we are helping in Iraq? Are you kidding me?

Most of the tents were already empty but some 30 families still living here are now staying in 26 tents

Children playing where their tents used to be

This is sickening… but it gets worse.

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US-led coalition strike killed dozens of civilian mourners 30km from Kirkuk – Russian MoD

(I’ve been hearing reports all evening that “ISIS” attacked someone just outside Kirkuk as a “distraction” from Mosul. I thought “a distraction? what would that do for them?” Turns out… ah…)

from RT

The Russian Ministry of Defense says that the US-led coalition is responsible for striking mourners in the Iraqi city of Daquq on Friday, killing dozens of civilians, including women and children.

The coalition jets apparently identified the mourning procession as Islamic State terrorists, said General Igor Konashenkov, spokesperson for the Russian Defense Ministry.

“Judging by the eyewitness accounts, the mourning procession was mistaken for terrorists by the coalition aviation. Dozens of Iraqi civilians died, including women and children,” Konashenkov said.

“Russian reconnaissance pinpointed two jets conducting airstrikes on Daquq, located 30 kilometers to the south of Kirkuk, where, according to our data, there are no ISIS fighters,” he added.

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As Obama’s Mosul Shock and Awe Campaign Ramps Up, Preemptive Media Propaganda About “Human Shields” Surfaces to Explain Away “Tens of Thousands” of Civilian Casualties

by Scott Creighton

This is as horrible as it is sadly predictable. It’s straight out of the “IDF attacks Gaza” playbook and I hate to see it happening all over again because I know for a fact that the corrupt complicit MSM and their ladder-climbing quaffed talking heads will never say a truthful word about it.

Here’s the story: according to reports, over a hundred thousands Iraqi “Special Forces” troops (i.e. “Government-backed Shia death squads”), Kurdish pershmerga troops (Kurdish death squads accused recently by other Kurds as “ethnically cleansing” areas of Iraq for their own purposes) and US military “advisers” (recall Vietnam?) are moving in on Mosul which is supposed to house 5,000 “ISIS” fighters at this point. They have the whole of the awesome power of US/coalition air-power providing cover and airstrikes as they advance on the city of 2.5 million people (now reduced to an estimated 1.5 million)… and we are told this heavily one-sided assault will take…


I’m sorry… what was that? Over one hundred thousand troops and the full might of the US air force against five thousand guys with AKs and Special Ops pickup trucks….


Oh I don’t know, maybe it works that way because we’ve already allowed our “ISIS” contractors to leave the city on route to Syria and now we have to pacify the ENTIRE POPULATION OF MOSUL because they dared to say they didn’t want to live in neoliberalized client state of ours that Iraq has become AFTER THE ILLEGAL FUCKING INVASION WE CONDUCTED, BASED ON MORE LIES, BACK IN 2003.  Maybe it works kinda like that.

To that unfortunate end, the complicit media, especially the left-leaning complicit media (you know who you are Rachel Madcow (H/T Tom K.) is already starting the pretext narrative concerning “tens of thousands” of future dead civilians in Mosul. I shit you not. They are being trivialized already as “human shields”… you know, the kind that bin Laden used when he was supposedly killed in his bedroom. Oh wait. That never happened. Ah. Yes. I see. Now I get it.

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