Ron Paul Would Privatize the Fire Department: That is Savage Capitalism Ben Franklin Style

by Scott Creighton

It used to be in this country that fire departments were nothing more than a cost control arm of the insurance companies. You paid into the highly profitable insurance/protection racket and the insurance company would send over a team to put out your home or business when it caught on fire. You would receive a “fire mark” to put on the front of your home and when the fire broke out, the team would come along, check for the fire mark, and then put out the fire. But only if you had the right fire mark. The practice in that form came from Britain, Ben Franklin brought it over seeing it as a nifty way to make a lot of money. And it did make a lot of money for people like Ben Franklin for instance.

Ron Paul wants to bring those glory days back.  All praise to the glorious hypno-market.

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The Politics of Envy

by Scott Creighton

When you lose your home to shifty finance companies that lied you into a loan you couldn’t afford and then hired on robosigning companies to speed the illegal process of stealing your home, when your career moves overseas because the company you work for cut a deal with D.C. to give them tax breaks to do it after one free-trade agreement after the other was ramrodded through congress, when your pension fund invested in a worthless bundle of shit peddled by Goldman Sachs evaporates before you can claim it and they got richer betting against your future, when the racketeers of Wall Street strike a deal with the GOP and the DNC to drain your Social Security savings and privatize everything from public schools to the post office to the Medicare you will depend on when you are too old and tired to labor for their profits anymore, when presidential administrations barter with Enron and insurance companies and fuel companies and telecoms to drive prices through the roof, then they bail out the bankers and the hedge funds that created the havoc we all live in today… when all that happens and you complain that the system is rigged for their benefit and to your impediment… then you are simply envious, jealous of what they’ve got.

You are the problem.

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American Everyman Imperialist War and Political Ticker

by Scott Creighton

Things are speeding up and we are rushing headlong into 2012, the year of real “CHANGE” in America. Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta are busy prodding Iran, Syria and Russia into all-out war while the presidential race is neatly boxed in with all neoliberal candidates arguing about who would privatize Social Security fastest leaving Granny to feast on Wal-mart brand deregulated cat food while their friends in Wall Street post still more record bonuses.

Let’s check out some of the latest news.

Destabilization Campaigns

After being demonized for months for not letting Arab League observers into Syria, the Assad government has allowed them to come see what’s really happening in their country. Terrorists attacked an area as the observers advance team showed up last Saturday. They were hoping to derail the process but the observers showed up anyway and now that they are there, their leader has made it clear that they saw “nothing frightening” in Homs, supposedly the epicenter of all that violence, at least that’s what “activists say” journalism has been reporting in the MSM. The MSM seem to side with the al Qaeda linked Syrian opposition when they claim it was an “inside job

Let’s take a quick look back at some of the failed fake news stories and propaganda campaigns focused on destabilizing Syria so that we can force regime change and our own special brand of neoliberalized Shock Therapy “democracy”

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Keep America American: Romney Conjures Up Old Demons (or should I say “the seed of Cain”)

by Scott Creighton

I don’t get into political debates during election time. They all lie and they’re all part of the same neoliberal party, so why pretend one is better than the next and why waste time with their bread and circus act?

That said, something has happened that shines a bit of light on a couple of aspects of our current predicament, namely the collapsing economy is starting to breed a dangerous mix of anger, frustration, and racism and in order to prevent this undercurrent from being exposed, “progressive” media organizations are quick to whitewash conservative candidates.  Or is something else afoot?

A blogger has caused a bit of a stir over at MSNBC which has forced them to expose a couple of their “progressive” products for what they  are.

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