Clinton Admits We Created al Qaeda But Lies About Why and When

by Scott Creighton

Even when she tells the truth, Hillary Clinton is still lying.

It’s now almost commonplace to hear people make connections between the type of destabilization campaign being run in Syria to that of Libya and Yugoslavia in the comparatively past. For the most part, these analogies are extremely accurate: pro-western powers equip and use trained terrorists to destabilize what they consider to be unfriendly nations while publicly blaming the governments of the targeted nations for responding to the foreign led terrorist insurgencies. Their goal is always the same: regime change.

Unfortunately most of those making the connections fail to understand that there are far more examples of this illegal and immoral imperial foreign policy from which to draw upon.What follows are just a few examples of how this type of program has been used throughout our history to reclaim a fallen puppet nation by using terrorism and wanton violence directed at economic infrastructure and innocent civilians… absent are the various military coups we have imposed on other nations to achieve the same corporatist (fascist) goals…

While Clinton’s admission is clearly a sign that dissident “conspiracy theorists” are having an impact on the global discussion of our foreign policy, the important aspect of her statement seems lost in translation: she is still lying about the reason we created a terrorist group in Afghanistan. It had nothing to do with a “Soviet invasion” as she claimed… they weren’t there at the time, they were asked by the Afghani government to come in and help defend them from our terrorists who were actively destabilizing the country.

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We Trained Terrorists In Nevada (and in Afghanistan and in Vietnam and in El Salvadore and in Miami and in the SOA)

by Scott Creighton

Seymour Hersh has an interesting article in the New Yorker magazine about how the Joint Special Operations Command conducted training starting in 2005 for members of the Mujahideen-e-Khalq, the MEK for short. The MEK is a known terrorist organization listed as such by the U.S. government. His article is well sourced and seems to be accurate at least, that’s what people like Glenn Greenwald are saying.

I recently wrote about the MEK and how leading political figures in this country are pushing to have them removed from the list of known terrorist organizations so they can be funded by us to commit terrorist acts inside Iran on behalf of the Israeli government.

Training and funding terrorists to attack civilian targets and infrastructure inside various countries that don’t look after our “national interests” the way we want them to is nothing new for the CIA and those kinds of capitalist “heroes” we have running our show.

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Rudy and the Terrorists: The MEK Terrorists Take Over Camp Liberty

by Scott Creighton

Terrorists rule America. They serve other terrorists. They employ other terrorists. They conspire and “plot and plan” with other terrorists. They betray other terrorists and they worship other terrorists. They use other terrorists to fulfill their terrorist agendas. They covet what some terrorists have while they lust for the same things that other terrorists want. Terrorists rule America. By deception they make war. By complicity they make allies. By terror they profit.

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