Maidan Massacre Documentary (video)

(Unfortunately, there was a lot left out of this documentary as is illustrated by the director’s own statement published below. Of course, there is the video of Oleg Tsarev saying in parliament that the protest itself was funded and started by the US due to Ukraine turning away from the EU to sign a trade deal with Russia while the bought-off opposition members in the room tried to shout him down. There was also an interview done with a “protester” who clearly states he was one of two snipers firing from the roof of the Conservatory building, controlled by the opposition at the time. He claims he wasn’t shooting to kill but the body count dispels that story. The Tsarev video is posted after the documentary.)

from Global Research

John Beck-Hoffman acknowledges that his film was censored, without going into details. It was initially 90 minutes, important sections pertaining to US sponsorship of the Coup d’Etat were removed. In the words of John Beck Hoffman, in response to comments on his youtube channel;

Comment: On the basis of examining the issues of the Maidan snipers a decent documentary. However, more background to the events that led these “protests” would have been welcomed e.g. Oleg Tsarev’s claims of US NGOs funding regime change in Ukraine. The events in the attempted Macedonian coup shows that the US still up to its tricks.

Beck-Hoffman: “all that was in my original cut of the film which was closer to 90 mins. I went into great detail of USAID, NED, Nuland/Pyatt, corporate interests and the history of how this has happened many times before – I unfortunately had to cut it out for reasons I can’t go into, but I will eventually release the full “directors cut” of the program.”

Beck-Hoffman: [in response to another comment] A Russian language version was released first, as well on youtube. I had also originally made a longer version of the film which went into detail as to “who would benefit” from such an atrocity. It unveiled a lot of what was going on behind the scenes, but that segment ended up being cut from the final film. I would like to release that someday but I have no idea if and when that would be possible. If I do, I will put it on my youtube channel. But please, pass along this film to whomever you think would enjoy it. It needs to get more exposure as so many people have no idea what really happened over there. thanks you again. JBH

(videos after the break)

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Learn About the ISDS – Extremist Corporate Fascism²

If you care about protecting people and the planet, you will be outraged by the latest corporate sneak attack against the public interest: Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS). ISDS empowers corporations to go to secret foreign tribunals to attack the laws we rely on for a clean environment, financial stability, affordable medicines, safe food and decent jobs.

The ugly reality of the ISDS system can no longer be ignored. Get outraged when you learn about dozens of real-life ISDS attacks and the billions in taxpayer compensation the tribunals have ordered to be paid to corporations. Get inspired by governments and public figures who are standing up to say “No!” to this extreme system. Get engaged to stop attempts to expand these extreme corporate powers at the expense of the rest of us.

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Bernie Sanders – No Fast Track for the TPP (video)

by Scott Creighton

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(image from the Sparrow Project)

(Just a quick note)

Bernie Sanders is taking a stand against Fast Track authority that the republicans and Vichy Dems want to give to President Obama so he can stuff a fascist set of “trade” agreements down the throats of the American people. The fight is on. No to Fast Track. No to the TTIP and No to the TPP (and CISA while we are on the subject of “no”)

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The Clinton Chronicles

(H/T Greencrow)

Hillary’s Campaign Will Focus on Global Warming According to Her Campaign Chairman, a Major D.C. Lobbyist

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: John Podesta’s lobbying firm, the Podesta Group, helps international corporations position themselves to take full advantage of the TPP and the TTIP. One of their VPs, Jordan Valdes, claims to have been on Obama’s team to help write the TTIP. Now she sells her insider knowledge and connections on behalf of the Podesta Group to help companies get ready for the fascist takeover of America.

UPDATE: So I went to her campaign website, Ready for Hillary, so I could see for myself where Global Warming factored into her platform and guess what I found? No platform. Not a page or a word about what she stands for or what she intends to do as president. Nothing. You can sign up to volunteer for her campaign, you can sign up to be on the mailing list and receive requests for donations, you can buy all kinds of ridiculous crap and you can watch that stupid video they released yesterday. But there is nothing outlining her platform which makes me wonder if Podesta isn’t once again using Think Progress as a focus group to see how the Global Warming issue resonates with their audience before adding it to her platform.


Another of the clients of the Podesta Group is a little group called American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity

A hard-core career Clintonista and D.C. lobbyist for Big Business is now Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager and he kicked off his campaign efforts with a Tweet stating global warming is going to be a major issue in the campaign.

John Podesta was Chief of Staff for Bill in the latter days of his second term in office (from 1998 to 2001) and currently serves as Councilor to Barack Obama. Before that, he had a long, on-again/off-again career in D.C. taking full advantage of the revolving door that laughingly “separates” government and Big Business in America.

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Hillary, the Neoliberal, Globalist, 1% Serving Maniac, Will Announce Today on a Populist Platform

by Scott Creighton

The phony progressives and fake left (a.k.a. the corporate, moderate, just-right-of-Reagan Vichy “left”) are in a breathless tizzy this morning. They are all waiting for Hillary (Killary) Clinton to announce she is running for the White House in 2016 via a social media video she and her staff intend to release today.

Choking back my vomit I am forced to report, incredibly, her platform with be one of a populist revolution for the 99%

You can all take comfort in the fact that this latest project of Killary’s, like all of those in the past and even those she ran as Secretary of State, is designed to make her money and is of course in service to the oligarchs of the new world order she and her husband have served for so very long.

Aside from emailgate and all the other indiscretions of her past (like selling her services as Secretary of State for cold hard cash), her current campaign is already knee-capping itself as if Tonya Harding was running the show which makes you wonder what this 2.5 billion dollar campaign of hers is really about.

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Gawker: It’s Time to Imprison Global Warming Heretics

by Scott Creighton

Heresy is any provocative belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs or customs. A heretic is a proponent of such claims or beliefs”

Cristiano Banti’s 1857 painting Galileo facing the Roman Inquisition.


Over at Gawker, Adam Weinstein is making the argument that making an argument against the conventional wisdom that global warming exists and is caused by our behavior should be enough to land someone in prison.

He calls us “climate change deniers” which is ridiculous. Everyone knows the climate changes. What I deny is the story about how our carbon footprint is causing the ice caps to melt and the earth to heat up like it’s in a microwave oven.

What I deny is the narrative that the science is indeed conclusive on this subject, which it clearly is not.

What I deny is the necessity to regulate carbon, the basic building block of everything on the planet.

What I deny is the creation of an unelected global board which will basically dictate what every country can develop or manufacture or grow on it’s own soil.

What I deny is the need to create carbon credit markets that have been and will be used to create more derivatives, more bubbles and more economic crashes while enriching a very few people.

That’s what I deny.

So according to Mr. Weinstein, I’m screaming “fire” in a crowded theater and therefore I should be detained. I’m a heretic to the global warming religion and therefore I must be silenced, imprisoned, re-educated, excommunicated, banished for my wrongthink or, more specifically, for my wrongspeak.

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