Why is Our First Black President Fighting So Hard to Protect Slavery?

by Scott Creighton

The argument is forming that it’s OK for the first black president in our history to support slavery just so long as he does it in the service of our quest for global domination.

I tend to disagree.

President Obama got his Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) passed through the senate last Friday evening but it included something, a “poison pill” as the Washington Post called it, that he and his army of corporate lobbyist didn’t want any part of: the No Fast Track for Human Trafficking amendment written by Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.)

This amendment has been a particular point of contention for the Nobel Peace Prize “winning” first African-American president of the United States and all the corporate lobbyists that serve in his administration.

The amendment itself is simple. It states that no country will be allowed to engage in a trade agreement with the US (TPP, TTIP or others) if they are considered a Tier 3 nation in terms of human trafficking, forced labor and slavery.

The No Fast Track for Human Traffickers amendment, introduced by Senator Menendez (D-NJ), stipulates that the United States cannot enter into formal trade agreements with countries that the State Department identifies as a Tier 3 ranking in its annual Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report. This means our trading partners have to take direct action to address labor and sex slavery within their borders before they enter into trade agreements with the United States. CCFJ

You would think that for the first black American president, a declaration like this would be assumed. You would also think that support for something like this being included in the horrendous trade bills like the TPP and the TTIP would be a given at least on the left of the artificial political divide in this country.

On both counts, you would be wrong.

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USA “Freedom” Act Dies in a Midnight Session – Expect “Crisis Compromise” on May 31

by Scott Creighton

Don’t get too excited folks. This is just more cheap theatrics setting up a “crisis compromise” on May 31.

Last night during a special midnight session of the senate, the latest House version of the USA Freedom Act was blocked by a narrow margin in a 57-42 vote. President Obama has been pressuring congress to pass the Freedom Act as a “fix” to the bulk collection authorization found in section 215 of the USA Patriot Act which is set to expire at midnight, May 31.

The senate also failed to extend the Patriot Act for a few more months as they headed off for their Memorial Day vacation.

But don’t worry, a last minute emergency “crisis compromise” session is already scheduled:

Senate Majority Leader McConnell (R-KY) scheduled a last-minute session on May 31st for one last shot at passing the bill. Verge

That gives them 7 days to have their corporate lawyers slap in all kinds of new language in the “Freedom” Act so they can dump it on the desks of Senators and Representatives at the last minute then scare them into signing it into law.

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The Lord Giveth and Taketh Away: Obama Meets with NEW Darling Dictator, Masoud Barzani

by Scott Creighton

The west is no friend of the people of Kurdistan, primarily because during the past two decades they did not spare any effort to fund and arm the most treacherous, the most misogynic and anti-democratic indigenous Barzani gangs to use violence and force against peaceful protestersEkurd Daily

This past Tuesday President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden met with the proclaimed “president” of Iraqi Kurdistan (or “South Kurdistan” as they like to be called – an explanation of that later) Masoud Barzani to discuss handing over US weapons directly to his forces, the peshmerga forces that are currently fighting “ISIS” in Iraq and Syria.

Wednesday Barzani attended a closed door meeting at the United States Institute of Peace which is headed by a neocon warmonger, Steven Hadley who is a a member of the Council on Foreign Relations , sits on the National Security Advisory Panel to the Director of Central Intelligence , is on the Board of Directors at Raytheon (while he owned 11,477 shares of stock)  and just happened to run around to every corporate news outlet he could in 2013 screeching about how we had to bomb Syria over the “chemical weapons attack” that Syria didn’t commit (our “moderate rebels” did it)

Barzani is apparently on a tour of the Westernized imperialist countries having visited Stephen Harper in Canada just prior to heading to D.C.

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Invasive ‘French Patriot Act’ Moves Forward, Spurring Privacy Concerns

from Common Dreams

The lower house of the French Parliament on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a measure authorizing expansive, unprecedented, and invasive surveillance of citizens and foreigners, with little judicial oversight.

The new spying powers, developed over the course of the last year, gained momentum in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris in January that killed 17 people at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a kosher grocery in Paris.

According to the Guardian, “despite opposition from green and hard-left MPs, the bill won the overwhelming backing of the majority of MPs from the Socialist and rightwing UMP parties, which said it was necessary to tackle the terrorist risk. The bill was passed in the national assembly by 438 votes to 86, with a handful of no votes from Socialist MPs.”

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Syriza floats proposal for referendum to impose EU austerity in Greece

(Let me guess: electronic voting machines? Where is your rock star now Webster?)

by Kumaran Ira, WSWS

In an extensive prime-time TV interview on Monday that stretched into the early hours of Tuesday morning, Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras made clear that his Syriza party would intensify austerity measures demanded by the troika—the European Union (EU), European Central Bank (ECB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Tsipras declared that his government is “very close” to striking a deal with the Troika by the end of next week, so that the EU would release bailout funds that it has refused to hand over to Greece and relax the ECB’s cut-off of credit to Greek banks. Speaking to Greece’s private Star TV channel, Tsipras said, “I think that by May 9, we will have an agreement that will allow release of some bailout funds.”

To reach an agreement with the EU, Syriza is preparing to enforce deep social cuts that blatantly violate Syriza’s campaign promises to end EU austerity. Tsipras indicated that Syriza would therefore consider organizing a referendum to try to obtain a veneer of democratic legitimacy for policies dictated by the EU that have been overwhelmingly rejected by the Greek people.

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Extraordinary Double Standard: West Silent Over Murders of Kiev’s Opponents

by Alexander Mercouris, Sputnik International

The silence of the West over the deaths of Kiev’s opponents – in contrast to the outcry following Russian politician Nemtsov’s death – yet again shows extraordinary double standard and its complicity in the destruction in Ukraine of the very standards of law and morality it claims to believe in.

The murder of the Russian liberal politician Boris Nemtsov in Moscow on 27th February 2015 was an international media sensation.

The story of his murder was extensively covered by all mainstream Western media. Few held back from speculations about who was responsible. Though evidence was completely lacking, the Western media had no hesitation pointing the finger at the Russian government.

The murders in Ukraine of the Ukrainian opposition politician Oleh Kalashnikov and of the Ukrainian opposition journalist Oles Buzina have attracted no such attention.

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Maidan Massacre Documentary (video)

(Unfortunately, there was a lot left out of this documentary as is illustrated by the director’s own statement published below. Of course, there is the video of Oleg Tsarev saying in parliament that the protest itself was funded and started by the US due to Ukraine turning away from the EU to sign a trade deal with Russia while the bought-off opposition members in the room tried to shout him down. There was also an interview done with a “protester” who clearly states he was one of two snipers firing from the roof of the Conservatory building, controlled by the opposition at the time. He claims he wasn’t shooting to kill but the body count dispels that story. The Tsarev video is posted after the documentary.)

from Global Research

John Beck-Hoffman acknowledges that his film was censored, without going into details. It was initially 90 minutes, important sections pertaining to US sponsorship of the Coup d’Etat were removed. In the words of John Beck Hoffman, in response to comments on his youtube channel;

Comment: On the basis of examining the issues of the Maidan snipers a decent documentary. However, more background to the events that led these “protests” would have been welcomed e.g. Oleg Tsarev’s claims of US NGOs funding regime change in Ukraine. The events in the attempted Macedonian coup shows that the US still up to its tricks.

Beck-Hoffman: “all that was in my original cut of the film which was closer to 90 mins. I went into great detail of USAID, NED, Nuland/Pyatt, corporate interests and the history of how this has happened many times before – I unfortunately had to cut it out for reasons I can’t go into, but I will eventually release the full “directors cut” of the program.”

Beck-Hoffman: [in response to another comment] A Russian language version was released first, as well on youtube. I had also originally made a longer version of the film which went into detail as to “who would benefit” from such an atrocity. It unveiled a lot of what was going on behind the scenes, but that segment ended up being cut from the final film. I would like to release that someday but I have no idea if and when that would be possible. If I do, I will put it on my youtube channel. But please, pass along this film to whomever you think would enjoy it. It needs to get more exposure as so many people have no idea what really happened over there. thanks you again. JBH

(videos after the break)

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