Donald Trumps “Presidential” Foreign Policy Speech to (written by?) Globalist Think Tank Run by Dov Zakheim, Henry Kissinger and John D. Negroponte

by Scott Creighton

Last week some Trump campaign staffers were recorded telling influential GOP leaders that everything he had been doing up until that point was a “show” and that he was about to become more “presidential”

They got that right.

Donald Trump delivered his “America First” foreign policy speech yesterday in front of a select group of friendly reporters, neocons, Council on Foreign Relations members and think-tank war-mongers at a conference held by the Center for the National Interest (CNI).

Dov Zakheim is currently the Vice Chairman of CNI and Henry Kissinger is their Honorary Chairman. John D. Negroponte is on their advisory council. Negroponte is a well known terrorist who’s solution to pretty much any foreign policy issue is to put together death squads and have them run around killing and torturing dissidents. For that matter, so are Zakheim and Kissinger.

Trump was introduced by PNAC member Zalmay Khalilzad who is also on the board of CNI. As some of you may recall:

(Khalilzad) worked closely with Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Carter Administration’s architect of the policy supporting the mujahideen (al Qaeda) resistance to the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan… Khalilzad served in President Ronald Reagan‘s Administration as a senior State Department official advising on the Soviet war in Afghanistan … he developed and guided the international program to promote the merits of a Mujahideen-led (al Qaeda-led) Afghanistan … Between 1993 and 2000, Khalilzad was the Director of the Strategy, Doctrine, and Force Structure at the RAND Corporation… While at RAND, Khalilzad also had a brief stint consulting for Cambridge Energy Research Associates, which at the time was conducting a risk analysis for Unocal, now part of Chevron, for a proposed 1,400 km (890 mile), $2-billion, 622 m³/s (22,000 ft³/s) Trans-Afghanistan gas pipeline project which would have extended from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan and further proceeding to PakistanKhalilzad was involved in the early stages of planning to overthrow the Taliban and on December 31, 2001 was selected as Bush’s Special Presidential Envoy for Afghanistan.

Once again, the story of the Trans Pacific Pipeline and 9/11 is rearing it’s ugly head and it this case it’s because the “outsider” candidate Donald Trump needed to be introduced by one of it’s key architects in order to make him seem more “presidential”

The speech was one of the only ones Trump delivered by reading it off teleprompters. When you combine that fact with the setting it becomes clear who wrote Trump’s “America First” speech: the neocons associated with Zakheim, Kissinger and Negroponte wrote it.

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True Believer: The Story of Toby Lopez, the Forrest Gump Who Shook the World of Deep State Politics

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: After communicating with him briefly, Toby has posted some more Tweets about his case. They are included at the end of the article. They should make his motivation a little clearer.

If you take his Tweets at face value, Toby Lopez was a true believer. He believed every bullshit propaganda story they put before him. He believed the fake “ISIS™” beheading videos. He believed Mike Brown deserved to get shot from behind while running away. He believed in the rightness of Joe Biden’s justification to send troops back into Iraq after we had finally got them out of there. He believed it all.

And in the end, he believed he was negotiating with a big-time “ISIS™” leader whom he made contact with on Twitter (of all things) and that he, a car salesman from Wyoming, Del, was capable of playing a staring role in securing the release of an American hostage, if only the Feds would believe him.

Quite by accident, Mr. Lopez exposed a couple rather interesting truths about the propaganda campaign known as “ISIS™” and even threatened to inadvertently reveal all of it, but he was too much of a believer to understand what he had stumbled upon.

In many ways, Toby Lopez turned out to be a modern day Forrest Gump. He had it all right there in front of him but he couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

In the end, authorities considered him a loose cannon armed with a deadly truth he was unfortunately too naive to understand himself. But his threats to go public with it all made him a problem that had to be solved.

So on Feb. 11th, 2015, Toby Lopez was arrested at his mother’s home where he lived and spent the next 14 months being shuttled from one federal institution to another until he was finally released late last month.

After all that, judging from his latest Tweets since his release, Toby still doesn’t get it. Not entirely.

But his story is fascinating for those of us who do. Sure, he was an accidental tourist tinkering in the clockwork of the biggest propaganda campaign of the time but he came closer to exposing the US Special Operations irregular warfare “hearts and minds” project that is Kurd “ISIS™” than any of us independent journalists out here, even if no one else noticed other than the Feds who whisked him away and locked him up for 14 months in order to get him to shut up before he dumped a real turd in the punch-bowl.

Though this is his story, it’s also a cautionary tale for all of us about meddling in affairs way above your pay-grade.

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Hillary Clinton calls Iraq a “Business Opportunity” – If You Vote for this Fascist, You Are a Fascist

by Scott Creighton

“Iraq has in many ways been a leader in demonstrating to believe and to see that democracy delivers. Is your life better or not? Do your children have a better opportunity or not? And this is clearly not a job for government alone. It is clearly an important partnership that has to be forged. Businesses like those represented here at this table create jobs, provide livelihoods, increase standards of living, give hope to individuals.. and what government should do, whether it’s in the United States or in Iraq is to be a good partnerIraq is a business opportunity…” Hillary Clinton, Business Forum Promoting Commercial Opportunities in Iraq, 2011

I have often said that Bernie Sanders is doing us no service by simply reminding people Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq War in 2002.

What she really did was stand up in the senate and regurgitate the lies of Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld and Rice, line for line, word for word, in a speech she gave in support of their illegal war of aggression. She talked about WMDs, chemical weapons, biological weapons and even nuclear weapons. She talked about al Qaeda in Iraq which didn’t exist. None of it did and there were MANY out there who KNEW none of that was true (including members of Bush’s administration… like Colin Powell for example)

She CERTAINLY knew it was all a lie as she spewed the neocon talking points like she was getting paid for it.

And what’s worse is you KNOW this woman was working diligently behind the scenes twisting the arms of every Democratic senator to make them vote for the illegal war of aggression and without their support, without her cheer-leading the cause, IT NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED.

She “voted” for it Bernie?!? She MADE it.

The first video features one (ONE) of those speeches she gave on the floor of the senate. It also features her laughing about the “Hard Choices” she had to make which resulted in the Iraq War of Aggression and juxtaposes images of all the suffering she caused as a result of it.

Then, in order to expose her even more, the short video shows her at a the Business Forum Promoting Commercial Opportunities in Iraq, at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C., on June 3, 2011. This is where she gleefully says Iraq is a budding business opportunity.

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Brazil’s Petite Bourgeoisie Have Had Enough! The Color Impeachment is Underway (Colonia Approaches)

by Scott Creighton

famous image from the “protests”. Wealthy white couple with their brown “weekend nanny” in tow on their way to protest having to pay her a living wage.

The white upper middle class of Brazil are taking it to the streets after being prompted to do so by every corporatist media organization in the country. It’s time to take a stand against the “corruption” of President Dilma Rousseff and have her (and more importantly, her political party the Workers’ Party (PT) ) impeached. So said Brazil’s lower house of congress last night when they voted to begin impeachment proceedings against the standing president of the country. It should be noted, the member of the lower house who led that proceeding is a political opponent of the president and is himself facing serious corruption charges.

Demonstrators in São Paulo celebrate as congress voted for President Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment.

Yea! I’m rich! And we are taking the country BAAAAACK!!

The mostly white petite bourgeoisie protesters screamed in glee. I’ll bet there was good sex in the pale Brazilian suburbs last night.

Dilma supporter rightly sees this as a coup.

The rest of the country… not so much.

Yes folks, this is a coup. It’s a color revolution/regime change operation every bit as much as the one taking place in Syria or the one that took place in Libya. The only difference is, they are using the impeachment process to remove the troubling leader as opposed to “humanitarian” bombing campaigns or “moderate” terrorist mercenaries.

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U.S. ambassador to Turkey Admits Kurds Guilty of Ethnic Cleansing in Syria (and Turkey?) “under the guise” of Fighting “ISIS™”

by Scott Creighton

Yeah. Let’s arm these Kurdish “freedom fighters” so they can ethnically cleanse northern Syria! They look trustworthy, don’t they? They don’t look ANYTHING like the previous thugs we’ve use like al Qaeda or the Contras!

I’m a “conspiracy theorist” I am told because I have been writing for quite a while now about the Greater Kurdistan project and the attempt by various globalist entities to achieve their desired goals in the “New Middle East” project by breaking off pieces of Iraq, Syria and Turkey in order to form a brand new country run by a clan of neoliberal puppets who are currently acting dictators in Iraqi Kurdistan, the Barzani clan. That makes me (and the few other independent journalists covering this project, like Penny) a “conspiracy theorist”

Today, Amb. John Bass, made a statement which deserves some attention:

The U.S. ambassador to Turkey has called on Kurdish rebels to lay down arms and end violence in Turkey.

Ambassador John Bass also said Thursday that the United States does not provide weapons to a Syrian Kurdish militia group, which is affiliated with Turkey’s outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party – or PKK.

Bass said Washington was sensitive to Turkey’s concerns over the Syrian Kurdish militia group and opposed any efforts by the group to change the demography of northern Syria “under the guise” of battling the Islamic State group. It was a reference to Turkish accusations that the Syrian Kurdish group is purging the area of Arabs and Turkmens. WBAL

Imagine that. The US ambassador to Turkey admits that the precious new “freedom fighters”, the Kurds, are actually trying to “change the demography of northern Syria” (and of course, by extension, Turkey) while pretending to be fighting “ISIS™”

What does “change the demography of northern Syria” translate to? “Ethnic cleansing

And WHY do we ethnically cleanse certain areas? Well, we do that in preparation of nation building. The same reason it has ALWAYS been done (right Israel?)

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Screw Paul Krugman: Bernie Had Better Keep Exposing Hillary’s Legendary Level of Corruption

by Scott Creighton

Leave it to Paul Krugman, the voice of the “responsible” left, to tell us when it’s time to stop exposing the criminal face of the shape-shifting chameleon that is Hillary Clinton so that we can “win” the upcoming election and keep a globalist Business-first war-mongering self-serving Democrat in the White House. Because, as you know, it’s always better than the alternative. Right?

In an op-ed for the New York Times, Krugman writes about how Bernie Sanders has to start acting like an adult and stop “feeding the right-wing disinformation machine” by talking about how corrupt Clinton is.

“Engaging in innuendo suggesting, without evidence, that Clinton is corrupt is, at this point, basically campaigning on behalf of the RNC. If Sanders really believes, as he says, that it’s all-important to keep the White House out of Republican hands, he should stop all that – and tell his staff to stop it too.” Paul Krugman, NYT

By far and away, Krugman’s career-minded pandering aside, Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt politician left standing this election cycle. Period. And she’s dishonest. That’s been proven time and time again.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most recent examples of work establishing Hillary Clinton’s criminal bona fides, shall we? Let’s see if it’s just Bernie doing that work “on behalf of the RNC” as Paul seems to suggest.

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Staged Provocation of Turkey’s Security Detail- Aided by Amnesty International & Brookings

(The “victim” is available for interviews. What a fucking laugh. Yep. They continue to build a pretext for regime change in Turkey. The third and final part of Greater Kurdistan is being prepped for transfer and it’s THE most OBVIOUS propaganda campaign as of late. And what do our “alternative” media outlets do? The go right along with the MSM, promoting the same bullshit talking points, making all us anti-war and anti-globalization folks, ready, willing and able to support the next regime change operation. H/T to Penny and those FEW others who are sticking with this story and exposing it as it takes shape. This obviously staged hearts and minds street theater production looks an AWFUL LOT like the old “Pussy Riot” provocations, no doesn’t it? I wonder if the same globalization production company staged it.)

by Penny from Penny for Your Thoughts

‘Cause this doesn’t happen unless it was intentional. By design. To demonize an intended target. For the creation of bad press. Trial by media…

Amnesty International’s Protestors, threatened by Turkish Security in Washington
Amnesty International, just another, scummy No Good Organization
Amnesty International giving legitimacy to the illegitimate.

Amnesty Press Release: And no surprise they have an individual who will spin for the media

(WASHINGTON, DC) – Today a delegation of Amnesty International USA staff and volunteers protested human rights abuses in Turkey in front of the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC where Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave a speech. Amnesty protestors were confronted by plainclothes Turkish security who threatened them and grabbed at their protest signs.

“Today’s confrontation in Washington vividly illustrates how little Turkey’s government values human rights such as freedom of the press and freedom of assembly. Those who were present at today’s protest saw firsthand the consequences of governments that violate human rights,” said T. Kumar, Amnesty International USA’s advocacy director for Europe.

Amnesty International USA urged President Obama to address human rights concerns with President Erdogan earlier this week.

Kumar, who was at the scene and was personally threatened by Turkish security, is available for interviews.

Can you say provocation?  

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