The Newest and Most Dangerous Violent Extremist Group of ALL TIME! The TARD™ Menace

by Scott Creighton

It is with extreme sadness that I have to admit, after all these years of exposing and debunking various dubious bullshite “extremist” groups that have been created in order to manufacture consent for one operation or another in service to the Global War of Terror and the banks who fund it.. I have found this latest threat is more than credible… it’s hyper-credible… it’s incredulous… and it’s all around us just waiting to strike.

We are all doomed and therefore must sacrifice any number of freedoms on the altar of security in order to preserve our way of life that currently sucks and is getting suckier because after all, USA™…USA™…USA™

When asked why the White House called an emergency press conference this morning, State Department™ Spokesman Jen Psaki said :

“ISIS™? No, this meeting isn’t about ISIS™ . ISIS™  is so August™. This is September™. Try to keep up. We’re here to talk about TARD™ , the most ruthless, vicious, evil, monstrous, impolite, unfriendly, antisocial social media expert terrorist group to ever have occupied a green screen sound stage! Duh.”

Psaki said we need to build an international coalition to put an end to  TARD™ (not to be confused with the Coalition of the Willing used as cover to create the impression of international legitimacy the Bush administration could not get at the start of the invasion of Iraq back in 2003) she called it a Coalition of the Willing TARDS™ because, as she said:

TARD™  is EVERYWHERE.  TARD™  is NOWHERE. Therefore, we must be prepared to allow ObamaGod the flexibility to bomb EVERYTHING and EVERYONE without asking congress or the people. It’s the TARD™ way!”

Like Colin Powell did at the UN Security Council, Psaki knocked it out of the park. Who in their RIGHT mind can argue with that kind of logic I ask you?

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The Vegas Shooting – the “New World Order and Shit” and Other Dangerous Ideas

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: see several updates at the end of this article


Years ago I wrote that when they decide to make that big leap from the slightly open society we have now to the totalitarian closed one we are destined for, one of the things they need to do is round up the dissidents in a very public manner so that not only are they out of the way, but so they will serve as an example of what happens to you when you think the wrong things.

You can see examples of this taking place right now in Egypt, Thailand and Ukraine. History is rife with examples. Look no farther than Indonesia when we installed Suharto or Chile after we installed Pinochet.

The most recent mass casualty event in the on-going American Gladio op took place in Vegas a few days ago. Two police officers and a woman shopping at WalMart tragically lost their lives. Was this simply a case of two bottom feeders going off? Was it part of a destabilization campaign designed to remake the country into something else? Was Cass Sunstein right about his “dangerous ideas” and the need to wipe them all off the interwebs or is someone helping him make his point as the new CISPA is about to be rolled out?

Let’s see.

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Syrian Destabilization Campaign: Kronen Zeitung Photoshop Propaganda

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The Obama administration has cleared the way for U.S. NGOs to provide financial and technical support to the marauding terrorist groups in Syria.

The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) last week sent the waiver to Brian Sayers, of the Syrian Support Group, which describes itself as “a United States-based non-profit organization committed to supporting the Free Syrian Army.”

“The OFAC decision is huge,” Sayers said. “It gets us the leeway to support the Free Syrian Army in broad terms.”

The Syrian Support Group, according to Sayers, aims to “provide direct support for the FSA, and to stand up the Free Syrian Army as the future Syrian Army,” which “requires both short term things — financial operations, logistics support, communications— but also long-term support: security sector reform, a training doctrine.” AntiWar

Apparently it’s now OK to provide weapons and cash to terrorist organizations just so long as you are an NGO funded by the same corporations that will swoop in and pick the meat off the bones of the Syrian civilization in the aftermath of the pending humanitarian shock and awe.


Remember when the BBC ran a photo taken in Iraq and claimed it was all the little kids killed in the Houla Massacre (which was actually committed by the “Free Syrian Army” by the way)? Remember “Syrian Danny” or the “Gay Girl from Damascus“? Remember those little pro-regime change psyops?

Well, thanks to a head’s up from one of my readers, we have a new bit of disinformation to add to the growing list of efforts made by the international complicit press to demonize the Assad government in Syria. A paper in Austria has taken an image from Homs and Photoshopped a family onto it and now they claim it’s from Aleppo.

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CNN’s Arwa Damon is at it Again – Filing Fake Reports About Syria

by Scott Creighton

One day after Glenn Greenwald declared that CNN’s Erin Burnett was the “worst of the worst” of the lying war-mongering talking heads on corporate media, CNN’s Arwa Damon throws her hat back in the ring with a more than despicable challenge to the title.

A quick note about Arwa before we get into her new chicken hawk efforts: I exposed a fraudulent little pro-war/regime change bit she did a while back in June of 2011. She went somewhere (probably Bahrain) and filmed what she claimed was a refugee camp for Syrians suffering under the Assad led government. It was complete bullshit, but she did manage to exploit some little kids who were there, brought by their paid parents no doubt, trying to make them seem frightened and lost. They looked at her as if she was an idiot.

Arwa really likes using children to try to help spur another brutal NATO bombardment of civilian targets, this time in Syria. She must get paid well or have absolutely no conscience what-so-ever. To use children as pawns in an effort to bring about a military invasion which will undoubtedly kill and maim children in the process is morally reprehensible.

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”Gay Girl” Psyop Completely Unraveling – Another “Sock Puppet” Bites the Dust

by Scott Creighton

To believe MSNBC’s version of things these are just two normal straight guys who just happened to get caught up in a nearly full time hobby of pretending to be lesbian women… just for the challenge of it.

Yeah right. This newly exposed member of the psyop industry called himself a “sock puppet” in an MSNBC interview… what does that tell you?

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Tom MacMaster is the “Gay Girl in Damascus”

by Scott Creighton

Back on June 9th I wrote Amina Arraf: The Nurse Nayirah of Syria.  I was comparing the current “Gay Girl in Damascus” story to the old 90-91 propaganda effort of Nurse Nayirah, the ambassador’s daughter who pretended to be a nurse and went before the U.S. congress and lied about Saddam’s army throwing babies out of incubators in Kuwait (I guess no one back then ever wondered why the heck Saddam wanted incubators).

Turns out Electronic Intifada was all over this story and they dug deeper and deeper til they found out who was really behind it. They found out it was a couple from the United States and after the Washington Post also got into the act, the two confessed.

Statements from Tom MacMaster and Britta Froelicher.

In part, this is the confession he posted on his fraudulent “Gay Girl in Damascus” blog…

I do not believe that I have harmed anyone — I feel that I have created an important voice for issues that I feel strongly about.

I only hope that people pay as much attention to the people of the Middle East and their struggles in thıs year of revolutions. The events there are beıng shaped by the people living them on a daily basis. I have only tried to illuminate them for a western audience.” Tom MacMaster

Only in America could someone actually claim that they have not harmed anyone after they attempted to start a war, an illegal occupation, based on lies.

The Syrian government had this to say about it:

MacMaster’s hoax aimed at enhancing continuous fabrications and lies against Syria in term (sic) of kidnapping bloggers and activists,”  CNN

Without even a hint of irony, MacMaster still tried to hold onto the propaganda saying that this is all being shaped by people living it, living in Syria. MacMaster is from Stone Mountain Georgia and Scotland.

His wife/girlfriend sent a Tweet to a guy from NPR stating that they were currently “on vacation” in Turkey and they just wanted to have fun right now and not deal with “all this mess”. Nice huh? Doing their best to set-up the next Nurse Nayirah story for an invasion of Syria and then it’s off to Turkey to probably set up another little “pro-democracy” effort there as well.

Anyway, that little bit of propaganda didn’t last long.

Amina Arraf: The Nurse Nayirah of Syria

by Scott Creighton

A few days ago a humanitarian story emerged about a gay Syrian blogger who had been taken by the Syrian authorities for saying bad things about the government. It was just pure propaganda. Like the Jessica Lynch story or the “incubator babies” propaganda, this one was tugging at the heart strings a bit too hard and now lies on the trash heap in complete disrepute. Even the other propagandists are distancing themselves from it just as fast as they can.

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