American Gladio: No. It’s Not “Big Pharma” Folks

by Scott Creighton

Funny isn’t it how these alternative sites (Prison Planet, What Really Happened and Ryan Dawson’s site) are pushing the exact same misinformation started by a paper owned by Philip Anschutz in the wake of the Aurora Massacre.

Many of the so-called “alternative media” prophets are pushing the “big pharma is too blame” meme on the recent spate of mass casualty events taking place across the country. Though we are far too medicated as a society and we should not be prescribing most of the medications we are too our children, the fact is, this line of propaganda (and it is propaganda) is beyond counter productive to our efforts. By blaming medications and thus the medicated suspects (i.e. “patsies”) what these alternative news voices are saying is the official narrative is accurate. It’s the LIHOP explanation for the American Gladio project which is clearly underway at this point.

It is toothless, pointless and fails to take into account multiple bits of relevant information which are out there which I believe prove many of these patsies did not even take part in these shootings much less “go off” because of SSRIs.

This line of distraction is also not fully supported by the facts. In the case of Adam Lanza, the police specifically stated that they did not find evidence of any medications in the home. In the case of William Spengler, what they call “evidence” is shaky hearsay evidence at best. The reports that James Holmes took medications either comes from the “unconfirmed” report that he was hooked on Vicodin or the guilt by association conclusion that since he was seeing a councilor, he must therefore have been on medication. But I have yet to see concrete proof that Holmes was on anything.

There is no information that Wade Michael Page was on any kind of medications at all before he went off shooting up the joint at the Sikh Temple. All we know about him is the fact that he was a psychological operations specialist for the army before apparently infiltrating the Hammerskins for the FBI and that many witnesses reported more than one gunman.

But SSRIs? Nope. Not a one.

So where is this line of disinfo coming from and who does it serve?

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Obama Administration Denies Request for Fort Hood Report That Could Aid Suspect

from Fox News

A key intelligence report that could aid accused Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan’s defense is being withheld by the Obama administration, according to a letter obtained by Fox News as part of its ongoing investigation of a radical American cleric.

Intelligence officials do not deny that the report contains information about the cleric, Anwar Al-Awlaki, who is the first American on the CIA’s kill or capture list.

The letter, dated Oct. 19, 2010, was sent by the general counsel for the national intelligence director – the nation’s top intelligence official – to the chief Army prosecutor, Col. Michael Mulligan. It states that the intelligence review requested by President Obama immediately after the shooting last year “is not reasonably available.”

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Kidnapped by Israel, forsaken by Britain

By Jamal Elshayyal , al Jazeera

Firstly I must apologise for taking so long to update my blog. The events of the past few days have been hectic to say the least, and I am still trying to come to grips with many of the things that have happened.

It was this time last week that I was on the top deck of the Mavi Marmara, and first spotted Israeli war ships in the distance, as they approached the humanitarian flotilla.  Little did I know how deadly and bloody were the events that soon began to unfold.

What I will write in this entry is fact, every letter of it, none of it is opinion, none of it is analysis, and I will leave that to you, the reader.

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Maj. Hasan/Anwar al-Awlaki Update – Obama Administration Refused to Hand Over Documents

by Scott Creighton

  Oh what tangled webs we weave
  When first we practice to deceive
. Sir Walter Scott 1808

Just yesterday, the chairman and ranking Republican of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee alleged that the Obama administration is covering up important details in the Fort Hood shooting case concerning communications relating to Maj. Nidal Hasan the accused shooter. Maj. Hasan is charged with killing 13 military personnel stationed at Fort Hood. The official White House story is that Maj. Hasan was inspired to commit the act after communicating with Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S. citizen living in Yemen.

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has subpoenaed the Obama administration for the documents relating to the case after having been previously denied access to them.

The Defense and Justice departments say that release of the disputed data would compromise the prosecution of Maj. Nidal Hasan, the disgruntled Army doctor charged with killing 13 people.  AP

This is a remarkable position for the DoJ to take on this.  The Obama administration has recently added al-Awlaki’s name to the “to be killed” section of their TO DO list.  The “Change” administration issued what amounts to a contract on Awlaki’s life, partly because of his alleged contribution in the Fort Hood shooting.

Forgotten in all of this are the early reports that came out right after the shooting occurred in which administration officials reported that they had been aware of Maj. Hasan’s communications with Awlaki and that he was making them on behalf of Fort Hood in accordance with the work he was doing at the base.

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Why Brian Ross of ABC News Needs to be Fired

Can the president kill U.S. citizens at will? Can the CIA? Do these questions deserve “mulling over” Mr. Ross?

by Scott Creighton

Brian Ross is at it again. Someone call Glenn Greenwald.

In an article posted on ABC News this morning, Brian Ross seems to be up to his old tricks, helping the dangerous imperialist agenda of yet another White House administration. This time, his facts are even hollower than the last while the implications are far more dangerous to our civil liberties and even our lives.

 Right on the front page of ABC News is a headline which reads… U.S. Mulls Legality of Killing American al Qaeda “Turncoat”.  The basic question seems to be whether or not President Obama can kill U.S. citizens at will. Even more distressing, they seem to be asking whether or not NSA types can assassinate U.S. citizens even without so much as a presidential order to do so. Can you say “plausible deniability”?

Effectively what we are talking about are “death squads”; official organizations carrying out extrajudicial killings of U.S. citizens who have been officially accused of committing no crimes what-so-ever.

As outrageous as this is, Brian Ross gives the matter an air of acceptability in his article, he doesn’t even seem to be questioning the legality of it all.

Not only that but the winner of the 2003 George Polk award for “journalistic integrity and investigative reporting”, by omitting certain very important facts from his story and openly contradicting already recognized facts that he himself reported on not 2 months ago, he appears to be aiding the administration in building an argument for the sanctioned killing of U.S. citizens.

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So Why Did President Obama Try to Kill a Witness in Yemen

by Scott Creighton

Up until now, there has only been speculation as to who was the real target in the most recent U.S. backed attack in Yemen that killed a reported 34 people.  But today it is being reported that the target was in fact, Anwar al-Awlaki, the controversial cleric who communicated with Ft. Hood shooting suspect Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan.  This most recent attack comes on the heels of another one, just a week ago, in which 17 women and 23 children were slaughtered in order to protect the investments of “U.S. assets” in Yemen (namely, Kuwait Energy and the IMF and World Bank).  As bad as that was, Obama’s killing of innocent civilians to protect pipelines and IMF’s investors, this most recent assassination attempt may be even more troubling.

The Yemeni government has confirmed that today’s US-backed air strike was aimed at assassinating US-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, and officials speculated that he might have been slain in the attack.  Antiwar

The question is, “why kill this man?”.  Why risk more anger from the people in Yemen, Muslims all across the world, and Obama’s own antiwar rooted liberal left?  What is the payoff?  Well, it might be bigger than you think.

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Ft. Hood/Hasan Update

Just a quickie… it would appear that all those emails that everyone (read as Joe Lieberman and his neocon Bush administration GWOT hawk Senate hearing “witnesses“) keeps talking about which prove Hasan’s “extremist” views (you know, the emails that a government official accidentally reported as taking place on behalf of the work that Hasan had been doing FOR THE GOVERNMENT and had absolutely NO terrorist overtones at all? You know, those emails) have been not only kept from public scrutiny… but apparently they have been kept from the scrutiny of Hasan’s lawyer as well.

According to the FBI, investigators from one of its Joint Terrorism Task Forces determined “that the content of those communications was consistent with research being conducted by Maj. Hasan in his position as a psychiatrist at the Walter Reed Medical Center [in Washington].”  CNN

Galligan said he has received a military personnel file pertaining to Hasan, but said it has only basic details on where his client went to school and where he received additional training. He said he has not received any classified documents yet, and has not seen the e-mails that investigators said show Hasan corresponding with a radical Muslim clericCNN

But that isn’t all… it would appear that if those documents are classified as “SECRET”, for the good of the Global War on Terror, Hasan’s lawyer may NEVER get a chance to go over them, as that the military has not upgraded his security clearance status as of yet.  Nice touch, huh?

Galligan said the Army has not responded to his request that his own security clearance be reinstated.  CNN


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