Billionaires for HILLARY 2016!!! Bloomberg Abandons Independent Run

by Scott Creighton

In order to help preserve Hillary Clinton’s chances at becoming president of the United States, former republican billionaire and “moderate” neocon, Michael Bloomberg, has decided not to run for the office as an independent.

Bloomberg had been saying up until yesterday that he would run if either Trump or Cruz won the republican nomination in order to save the country, but he announced he wont do it because he fears he would pull more moderates from the Clinton side than he would republicans from Trump.

I guess he was only going to run to keep Trump from office if Bernie Sanders won the nomination of the Democratic Party, which now seems out of reach for the “socialist” candidate. If you think about it, that’s the only conclusion you can come to with his announcement. I wonder why that is.

Oh. Well. Yeah, there’s that.

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Russian vs U.S. Elections

by Steve Lendman, ADS

Russia’s December 4 elections filled 450 State Duma seats, Russia’s Federal Assembly lower house.

Claims of electoral fraud followed. All elections have irregularities. At issue is whether results are comprised. Election monitor Golos accusations were spurious. America’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED) funds it. It supports regime change in non-US client states.

It backs opposition groups, conducts propaganda campaigns, and does openly what CIA operatives do covertly to destabilize sitting governments.

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RT Crew Assaulted by Agent Provocateurs at Greek Riots

THREE Neoliberal Party Candidates Take Their Seats in the Senate

by Scott Creighton

Rand Paul , Jim DeMint , and Rob Portman have “won” their respective races and will be joining each other in the US Senate in a couple of months. Rand got there by legacy (his daddy earned him the seat) and Jim by election fraud in the Democratic primary (proven by Vic Rawls in the SC Democratic Party hearing, while Alvin Greene didn’t even bother showing up) and DLC complicity.  But no matter how they each got there, these neoliberal business class servants will be pushing the corporate agenda in DC come January.

Rand Paul raised tons of money back in the day when Alex Jones kept hawking him as some kind of dedicated “outsider”. Fact was, the man is a die-hard neoliberal/Libertarian; business first, free-markets, privatize everything, destroy the department of education (so they can hand that chunk of money over to BIG BUSINESS as well), open borders, deregulation of all business… ect. ect. ect.

That’s the Washington consensus folks… it’s Hillary Clinton’s agenda just as much as it is George W. Bush’s.  You can’t get more “status quo” in DC than that. I guess that’s why Rand met with the neocons and AIPAC in the same week just before the election to assure them he was nothing like the character he played when talking to AJ.

Alvin Greene raised less than $5,000 for his senate “campaign” so he didn’t even have to disclose where the money came from.

There was no campaign from Alvin Greene, none… all he did was use someone else’s money to sign up for the primary then he sat back and let the electronic voting machines cheat Vic Rawls out of the senate .  In the end,  Greene didn’t even put up a fight against Jim DeMint and just let him keep his seat in the Senate.  Because that was the plan all along.

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Obama’s War on the Internet: The Ministry of Truth

by Philip Giraldi, Capaign for Liberty

The Ministry of Truth was how George Orwell described the mechanism used by government to control information in his seminal novel 1984. A recent trip to Europe has convinced me that the governments of the world have been rocked by the power of the internet and are seeking to gain control of it so that they will have a virtual monopoly on information that the public is able to access. In Italy, Germany, and Britain the anonymous internet that most Americans are still familiar with is slowly being modified. If one goes into an internet café it is now legally required in most countries in the European Union to present a government issued form of identification.

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New Australian PM put “on notice” by global markets

by Mike Head, WSWS

Little-reported comments by the newly-installed Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard have revealed more about the driving forces behind the political coup that ousted her predecessor, Kevin Rudd.

Last Friday, after announcing her government’s capitulation to the demands of the giant global mining corporations over the Rudd government’s now-dumped mining “super profits” tax, Gillard told reporters that she was “on notice” that the world economy had entered a new round of fear and uncertainty.

In her first remarks on the state of the economy, the new prime minister said that Treasurer Wayne Swan—who had just returned from the G20 summit in Toronto—had been briefed on “the fragilities and uncertainties in the international economy”.

“So you know, I’m on notice about that, Wayne’s on notice about that. At the moment [we’re] monitoring to see if the anxieties and uncertainties crystallise into more than that, to see if we see a bigger change in the global economy as a result. There is nervousness around so we are alert to that,” Gillard said.

These comments make clear that the Gillard Labor government is preparing to deliver the dictates of global financial markets, which are demanding a worldwide shift from stimulus packages to austerity measures, in order to claw back from the working class the cost of the mountain of toxic debt taken from the banks onto government balance sheets in 2008-09.

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Picked to Lose 5: Alvin “Lenny” Greene Steps it Up a Notch on CNN… Goes “Full Retard”

by Scott Creighton

The “I am Sam” lesson is lost on Alvin Greene… or maybe not?

While Alvin Greene is busy playing his mockumentary version of  “Lenny”  from Of Mice and Men, the Democratic Party establishment is doing everything they can to keep anyone from doubting the legitimacy of the South Carolina primary while it seems at least some republican media outlets are allowing time for those calling these DRE systems into question?

This is a recent CNN interview with Alvin “can I pet the rabbits George” Greene which devolves into some kind of bizarro world “Rain Man” skit from Saturday Night Live. Notice how the Democratic Nominee for the Senate in South Carolina cleverly utilizes the classic “I know you are… but what am I?” tactic when confronted with the names of some S.C. dems who think he might be a little “disabled”.  It’s so clever, in fact, Alvin gives himself a little chuckle afterward…

The most important thing for the establishment Neoliberal Party is to make sure that no one questions this years pro-business candidate hacks already written into the code of our upcoming elections. So the veal pen is busy Tru-Casting comments into any blog that just might question what happened in South Carolina and their spin-doctors are feeding talking points to their establishment scribes as fast as they can.

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