Sheepdog Bernie Set to Endorse the Wicked Witch of the West Today. VOTE CTHULHU!!!

by Scott Creighton

It’s been a long primary season this year and the term “disappointed” hardly covers the emotion most voters are feeling in this country on both sides of the artificial divide.

The New York Times is reporting that “the revolution appears to be ending with a whisper rather than a roar” while MSNBC headline says it all: Bernie Sanders to Finally Endorse Hillary Clinton

The Clinton team decided to make Bernie grovel before the master in a state which he won by 22%. A state that doesn’t use Hillary’s favorite method of voting, unverifiable electronic machines. Also see this and this and this and this and this and this.

According to most analysts, Bernie is supposed to be “handing over” the progressives, populists and young voters of the Democratic Party that Hillary and her centrist Business Party ideology couldn’t win on her own. Whether or not that will end happening is for time to tell. My guess is… not.

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Hillary Clinton Says “Shred those votes FOR DEMOCRACY and such!”

by Scott Creighton

Back when I was covering the theft of the California primary by Hillary Clinton and her regiment of neoliberal DNC (New Dems) globalist sycophants, I said we should keep an eye out for those office document shredding trucks pulling up to the polling sites before all the provincial ballots have been counted. I can’t remember which article that was in, but I remember writing it. I’m getting old I guess and I don’t have much time this morning unfortunately.

Well, I thought I was joking. I thought there was no way anyone would steal an election in such an obvious manner (here, here, here, here, here) and then try to get away with it in an even MORE OBVIOUS way… however…

I forgot I was dealing with the kind of system that turns a blind eye to the husband of a suspected criminal under investigation hanging out with the US Attorney General on her private plane for a half hour the day before the Benghazi report came out.

I forgot I was dealing with a family with such strong ties to neoliberal globalization that the State Department would go to the trouble of filing for a court order to keep certain potentially damning emails from public view for the next 27 months… allowing for Hillary to make it into the White House (emails relate to her time as Sec. of State and the Clinton Global(ist) Initiative)

You know, sometimes a funny thing happens on the way to being funny.

Turns out, it ain’t that funny after all.

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Betraying Progressives, DNC Platform Backs Fracking, TPP, and Israel Occupation

by Lauren McCauley, Common Dreams

Despite its claims to want to unify voters ahead of November’s election, the Democratic party appears to be pushing for an agenda that critics say ignores basic progressive policies, “staying true” to their Corporate donors above all else.

During a 9-hour meeting in St. Louis, Missouri on Friday, members of the DNC’s platform drafting committee voted down a number of measures proposed by Bernie Sanders surrogates that would have come out against the contentious Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), fracking, and the Israeli occupation of Palestine. At the same time, proposals to support a carbon tax, Single Payer healthcare, and a $15 minimum wage tied to inflation were also disregarded.

In a statement, Sanders said he was “disappointed and dismayed” that representatives of Hillary Clinton and DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schulz rejected the proposal on trade put forth by Sanders appointee Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), despite the fact that the presumed nominee has herself come out against the 12-nation deal.

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Hillary Clinton Endorsed by Scores of Neocon Republicans and Globalist Business Leaders

by Scott Creighton

No wonder the MSM doesn’t mention Killary stealing the nomination in spite of tons of evidence piling up proving Bernie Sanders actually won. Fascist Big Business leaders and the Zionist neocons all back Hillary’s ascension to the  throne and that is who they serve, isn’t it?

While the corporate Dems finally found something they would take a stand on in the House of Representatives (unfortunately it’s an unconstitutional bill allowing for the creation of fascist blacklists which deprive citizens of their constitutional rights by arbitrary means that even the ACLU can’t support) the Killary campaign released a list of her Big Business backers who have openly endorsed the raving Queen of Scoop Jackson Dems.

When you add those to her growing list of neocon/Cheneyesque Republican supporters, a pretty accurate picture of Hillary Clinton’s potential term as president is starting to become a little clearer.

Here is the list of her Big Business backers according to Politico

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California Dem Primary Turnout Down by 1.6 Million, Clinton Gets 660k Fewer Votes, Millions of Votes Remain UNCOUNTED

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: As you are reading the following article, keep this in mind: record numbers of Californians (18 million) registered to vote leading up to the primary Tuesday.

Yesterday I wrote about the voter suppression and election fraud that took place during the California Democratic Primary this past Tuesday. Today I want you to take a look at the comparison between the contested primary in California back in 2008 and what happened the other day. The numbers are surprising. The implications, along with the information coming out about the rigging of the election, are staggering.

I put it all in one nifty graphic for you guys (click on image for larger view).


So Hillary Clinton, at a time when she is about to clinch the nomination, received 667,000 fewer votes than she did in 2008. That says a lot.

Here’s another interesting set of statistics: according to an LA Times poll taken just before the California primary, there was an estimated 8 million people set to participate. 5 million alone were to vote by mail.


If you add the 3,475,720 votes for Bernie and Hillary to the 1,174,829 votes cast for Donald Trump, you end up with 4,650,549 total votes cast in the California primary Tuesday. That’s about 350,000 less than the expected mail-in ballots alone. And that’s too say nothing of the total being just over 1/2 of the expected total of 8 million.

Those are big numbers with bigger implications.

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Bern It Down

by Scott Creighton

One way Sanders supporters can show their disgust at the theft of the Democratic Party nomination is to take out their Democratic Party registration cards and burn them on video and then post them online via Twitter, Facebook or whatever imaging social media outlet people use.

This would be especially powerful if done by a number of the new young Dem. party members brought in to support Bernie Sanders. Don’t let Killary and the corrupt to the core DLC profit from stealing this election process. Perhaps if enough of the new registered voters take this step, the entrenched “superdelegates” of the left side of our one party system will get the message that they aren’t going to win any favors with the Trump camp once Hillary loses in a landslide to the Donald.

In 2008 there were 30,000 PUMAs (Party Unity My Ass) who refused to back Obama after he was declared the party nominee.

The level of corruption and graft this process in 2016 has seen should produce 30 million.

Do not let the corrupt Democrat Party of America profit from their suppression of the will of the people across this country.

We don’t want any part of the Goldman Sachs candidate.

We don’t want any part of a felon representing us in November.

We don’t want a war-monger who thinks of Iraq as a “business opportunity”

We don’t a proven liar as commander in chief.

We don’t want a regime change specialist laughing “We came, we saw, he died” with her finger on the button.

We don’t want any part of her Scoop Jackson, neocon neoliberal ideology running the country.

And damn sure don’t want her husband running around the White House again hitting on interns while popping Viagra.

Young people had a vision and hope for their futures. It was stolen from them by Hillary Clinton and the corrupt DNC. They need to take it back. We need to help them. Take out your cards, light them on fire and post the videos where ever you can. They don’t represent what you thought they did, would. They represent repression, election fraud and massive levels of voter suppression. So as Samuel Jackson asks, what’s in your wallet… and how does it make you feel?

Clinton Machine Set to Steal Puerto Rico Primary Today Via More Voter Suppression

by Scott Creighton

Puerto Rico is holding their Democratic Party primary today and true to form, MSNBC called it for Hillary Clinton long before the polls ever opened. The only question they ask is “how close will the primary get Killary to the magic number?”

Puerto Rico has 60 delegates up for grabs. The MSM pretends Hillary only needs 60 delegates to cinch up the nomination but that’s not true. At current count, Hillary has 1,776 delegates while Bernie holds 1,501. Those are pledged delegates, won by the various caucuses and primaries held so far this year. We all know Hillary’s campaign machine has stolen a number of votes and suppressed likely Sanders voters along they way to achieve that slight lead but there it is none-the-less.

The slight of hand employed by the corporate media involves “superdelegates” and who they claim to support. Since they don’t actually vote until the Democratic Party convention in July, Hillary wont have “won” anything until then. There are only 895 delegates still up for grabs in the primaries and neither she nor Bernie will win enough of them to claim the nomination outright. She needs something like 67% of the votes to win that number and he needs about a 100%.

Puerto Rico’s Democratic Party is run by a rabid long-time Hillary supporter named Roberto Prats.

Back in April, Prats said that Hillary’s ascension to the throne was a “given” and that Bernie should drop out of the race.

The Sanders campaign has leveled some charges against the establishment Dems in Puerto Rico and Prats specifically. They say they have made it harder to register prisoners in Puerto Rico to vote today.

This is par for course. Voter suppression has been a big part of Hillary’s “wins” in New York and Arizona so far and it seems like the winning formula is being repeated in Puerto Rico and not just with prisoners.

Back in 2012 there were 2,300 polling places for the Democratic Party primary. In early May of this year, Prats and his “Hillary-backing” party promised they would have at least 1,500 for today.

Well, there are a total of 430 polling locations open today and they are only open from 8 am to 3 pm. Some 700,000 people are expected to try to vote at those few locations. Do the math. That’s 1628 voters per polling location for 7 hours at something close to 232 voters per hour. That isn’t going to happen.

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