Lying Ryan Lochte and the Rio Robbery that Wasn’t – Brave Brave Sir Gunnar, Sir Gunnar Ran Away

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The two swimmers pulled off the plane have admitted to authorities that Ryan Lochte lied to police and then fabricated a story to tell NBC News that Sunday morning. They said they all went around to the back of the gas station to use the bathroom but the door was locked so they broke it to get in to take a piss and the security guard walked up to them telling them they had to pay for the door. He was armed according to ESPN’s version of those two swimmers’ story, but he never pulled out his weapon. The owner of the station showed up, they paid approximately $70 US for the door and were allowed to leave.

UPDATE: X-ray images of the men returning to the Olympic Village through security screener appears to show wallets in their pockets. That would be their stolen wallets.

One sleazy self-absorbed sellout to another

Do you remember that story coming out of Libya in the early days of Hillary Clinton’s bloody regime change operation about the woman who claims to have been kidnapped and gang raped by scores of Gaddafi’s soldiers over a two day period? She said she escaped from them and then ran straight to a hotel where all the embedded press was staying so she could “tell her story” prior to getting medical attention, taking a shower or sitting in a corner in the fetal position crying herself to sleep.

Her story was bullshit. It never happened. She now lives in the US from what I understand, enjoying a comfortable life after being the focus of a phony “hearts and minds” campaign which sought to further demonize the beloved leader of a beautiful country so Hillary Clinton could murder him in cold blood and decimate Libya to the point where it isn’t recognizable anymore.

I can’t help but think about that story when I hear about Ryan Lochte and the Rio Robbery that wasn’t.

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Brazilian Senate Study Clears President Rousseff of Wrongdoing: Wall Street Journal Says “So What?”

by Scott Creighton

In a 224-page report put together by a three-member group of high ranking Brazilian Senate budget technicians, it seems the accusations which resulted in the suspension of President Dilma Rousseff last month (aka the “impeachment coup”) were unfounded. This is the conclusion of Telesur:

“TeleSUR said Monday that Senate’s analysts prepared a report, showing that Roussef did not participate in the fiscal wrongdoing directly and could not bear personal responsibility.

The report, saying that there were no reasons to continue the impeachment process against Rousseff, should be analyzed by the Senate Impeachment Commission in a three-day period, the broadcaster added” Sputnik International

The Wall Street Journal, forever the supporter of all things neoliberal, tried to put a positive “class half full” spin on the release of the official study. But even they had to admit the core of the impeachment charges have been exposed as hollow at best:

“…But the group also said Ms. Rousseff wasn’t personally to blame for the fund-transfer delay.

There was not any identified act by the president that would have contributed directly or indirectly to the delays,” the report said.

The group also found no fault with a fourth presidential budget decree that had been questioned by her accusers because it didn’t impact fiscal targets and therefore wasn’t illegal, the report said.” Wall Street Journal

So, according to the report and Telesur’s and the Journal’s reporting on it, Dilma Rousseff had nothing to do with the 3 delays which formed the basis of the impeachment process and the fourth charge they leveled against her, “wasn’t illegal”

The Brazilian Senate is expected to vote on her final impeachment on Aug. 8th. according to the Wall Street Journal, the lack of evidence against President Rouseff will have little to no impact on the outcome.

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Brazil’s media ‘incited protests,’ favored Rousseff’s impeachment from start – Greenwald

(This is why Erdogan of Turkey put restrictions on those three Gulenist newspapers. The ruling elite get their companions in the publishing business to stoke the flames of regime change. Erdogan was taking steps to counter the attack. Steps Dilma should have taken. Of course they will always scream about democracy and tyranny when leaders they are undermining make moves to combat their regime change agenda which is why it’s such a despicable scheme. The regime change operation itself is the real attack on democracy considering the fact that the people voted for these leaders and by and large, still support their elected leaders, the same ones these globalist are trying to remove from office.)

from RT

Brazil-based US journalist Glenn Greenwald, who broke the story on NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, said Brazilian media is owned by a few families that have a clear political interest in pushing President Rousseff out by “inciting street protests.”

“What makes Brazil so different in terms of its media is that the largest media organizations are almost entirely owned by a very small number of families. It was for a long time. Three, four, now it is five,” Greenwald told RT’s agency Ruptly during an event in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday.

“They all have the same interests, they have very close ties to the political class, they have clear political interests that are not the interest of the overall population. There is very little inhibition about using the media outlets for political activism.”

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Temer Convicted of Breaking Election Laws As Thousands March for Democracy in Brazil

by Nika Knight, from Common Dreams

Upheaval in Brazil continued this week as a court handed down a conviction against right-wing president Michel Temer, who took over after the ouster of leftist president Dilma Rousseff, and banned him from running in elections for the next eight years.

A regional elections court in Temer’s hometown of São Paulo on Thursday “issued a formal decree finding him guilty and declaring him ‘ineligible’ to run for any political office as a result of now having a ‘dirty record’ in elections,” Glenn Greenwald reported in The Intercept.

The decision came less than three weeks after Temer oversaw what has widely been described as a “coup” to overthrow Rouseff, the recently re-elected Workers’ Party president.

“In the scope of the scheming, corruption and illegality from this ‘interim’ government, Temer’s law-breaking is not the most severe offense,” Greenwald notes. “But it potently symbolizes the anti-democratic scam that Brazilian elites have attempted to perpetrate. In the name of corruption, they have removed the country’s democratically elected leader and replaced her with someone who—though not legally barred from being installed—is now barred for eight years from running for the office he wants to occupy.”

As interim president, Temer has swiftly and openly transformed the formerly left-leaning and diverse Brazilian government into one pushing neoliberal, right-wing policies, helmed by an all-white, all-male cabinet. In the New Yorker, Jon Lee Anderson summarized a few of Temer’s decisions that have raised eyebrows worldwide:

He got rid of the Ministry of Women, Racial Equality, and Human Rights, ordering it to be subsumed into the Ministry of Justice—which he promptly handed over to Alexandre de Moraes, a former security official from São Paulo who is accused of deploying death squads to fight crime in that city. (His former office has denied the accusations.) This came at the same time as news of a horrifying case in which a sixteen-year-old girl in Rio de Janeiro was gang-raped by as many as thirty-three men, some of whom filmed their abuse and posted it to social media.

[…] Temer’s choice for agriculture minister, meanwhile, was a portly billionaire senator named Blairo Maggi, who cast the deciding vote in the Senate to unseat Rousseff. Maggi, the former governor of the state of Mato Grosso, made his fortune by cutting down millions of acres of Amazonian wilderness. In a 2007 piece for National Geographic, the journalist Scott Wallace wrote, “Maggi is ‘O Rei da Soja, King of Soy, the world’s largest single producer. Maggi acquired a less flattering honorific when Greenpeace gave him its Golden Chain Saw award in 2005.” For a number of years while he was governor, Mato Grosso led Brazil in deforestation. In 2010, Maggi was elected to the Senate, and, with the support of the powerful bancada ruralista, Brazil’s agribusiness lobby, he became the head of the environmental committee, where he helped push through a set of environmental regulations known as the Forest Code. Among other things, the Forest Code gave amnesty to landowners who had previously engaged in illegal wilderness clearances.

“The oozing corruption of Temer’s ministers has sometimes served to obscure his own,” Greenwald writes. “He, too, is implicated in several corruption investigations. And now, he has been formally convicted of violating election laws.”

On the same day Temer was convicted, suspended president Dilma Rousseff joined 5,000 women marching for women’s rights and democracy in Rio de Janiero

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‘Coup took place in Brazil’: Film crew stages red carpet pro-Rousseff protest in Cannes

from RT

Director Kleber Mendonca Filho and cast members hold placards to protest against the impeachment of suspended Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff on the red carpet as they arrive for the screening of the film "Aquarius" in competition at the 69th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, May 17,2016. © Reuters

The cast and crew of the Brazilian film Aquarius have staged an improvised protest on the red carpet of the Cannes competition in the south of France to show support for unseated President Dilma Rousseff, denouncing her suspension as a ‘coup d’état.’

Kleber Mendonca Filho, the film’s writer and director, Sonia Braga the lead actress, and a number of other members of the cast and crew unveiled a selection of printed banners on the steps of Palais des Festivals ahead of their film’s Tuesday premiere.

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Surrounded by White Male Criminals like Aecio Neves, Michel Temer Announces New Neoliberal “Salvation Government” of Brazil

by Scott Creighton

Brazil's interim President Michel Temer (centre) attends a signing ceremony for new government ministers on May 12.

unelected Temer with his unelected neoliberal scumbag technocrats set out to drop the economic brick on Brazil before the law and democracy can catch up with them

Neoliberal Michel Temer has stepped into the illegally vacated shoes of left-leaning Dilma Rousseff as the president of Brazil. He has announced and signed-in his technocrat-filled cabinet and as expected, they are setting out to drop the neoliberal Milton Friedman “free market” brick on the people of their country. Not one single woman was announced as a member of Temer’s new cabinet of technocrats. They are also all white.

“He charged his new ministers with enacting business-friendly policies… He quickly named respected former central bank governor Henrique Meirelles as his finance minister, with a mandate to overhaul the costly pension system.” Lisandra Paraguassu and Alonso Soto

“Mr Temer, who is perceived as more market-friendly, but is facing his own impeachment requests and corruption allegations, has called for investor calm. He says he will push for more privatisations, reduce the number of public employees and get the budget deficit under control.” Sydney Morning Herald

Talk about understatement: the New York Times says Temer “may herald a shift to the rightಠ_ಠ

I guess we should be happy they didn’t accuse Dilma of harboring WMDs, say she was behind 9/11 or currently supporting “ISIS™”

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Neoliberal Coup Attempt in Brazil Hits Speed Bump

by Steve Lendman, from the People’s Voice

US-manipulated dark forces want democratically elected Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff ousted, fascist leadership replacing her.

The scheme has nothing to do with corruption or other alleged wrongdoing – everything to do with manipulative power-grabbing, similar to what’s ongoing in Venezuela, fascists wanting social democracies eliminated.

Brazil’s lower house April vote to impeach Rousseff is in question after interim speaker Waldir Maranhao invalidated it because of procedural irregularities, saying lawmakers announcing their intentions ahead of voting constitutes “a clear offense to the wide right to defense that is consecrated in the constitution.”

He issued a press release, saying “I have annulled the session held on the 15th, 16th, and 17th of April, and determined that a new session will be held to deliberate over the material during five sessions from the date that the process is returned from the Senate to the Lower House.”

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