Democracy Wins: Electoral College Voters Cast Votes in Line With Their State’s Wishes

by Scott Creighton

First of all, stop saying Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 2.8 million votes. It’s simply not verified in my opinion.

All of those additional votes came well after the election was finalized and almost every single one of them came from one state, California, where Killary “won” by a whopping 4.3 million votes (most showed up well after the election)

Alex Padilla is the Secretary of State in California and as we know, the Sec. of State overseas the elections of a state. He’s a Democrat who also just happens to have two Mexican parents and when he took office his primary concern was to “modernize” voting in California.

“Padilla said his priorities include upgrading the state’s voting systems to use modern technology and making the act of voting more accessible and convenient..” LA Times

That’s right. He brought in more electronic voting machines.

Some of you might have forgotten the massive election fraud that took place in California during the 2016 Democratic Party primary elections, but I didn’t. Millions of likely Bernie supporters found their party affiliation suddenly switched from Democrat to Republican or Independent come election day which meant they had to ask for a certain special type of ballot or vote via an provisional ballot which were later shredded before they were actually counted.

There has been no recount of the general election results in California. Jill Stein wasn’t interested in asking for a recount in states where Hillary clearly stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders this year. In fact, she didn’t seem all that interested in doing recounts in states where Hillary won the general… for some reason.

So this story that Hillary won the popular vote is bunk because it is based entirely on a state where we know election fraud was already committed on behalf of Hillary Clinton this year. Stop making that claim.

Why would they pad the numbers in California after Hillary clearly lost the election? It’s simple: because they needed her to “win” the popular vote in order for John Podesta to run “install Hillary no matter what” campaign.

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Is the Weiner Laptop Actually a Backup from 2013 that He Gave the FBI to Stay Out of Prison?

by Scott Creighton

huma-2People are wondering why there were so many emails on a laptop Anthony Weiner had shared with Huma Abadin which ended up in the hands of the FBI back on Oct. 3rd 2016. Even if she had linked it to her State Department account and her account, there is no way there would be that many on it. I think there is a very good reason there were so many on it. It wasn’t an overflow storage unit, it was a back-up created in 2013 by the private company that set up her new server after she left office at the requests of Hillary Clinton and her personal assistant, Huma Abadin. That’s why there were so many emails on it.

What did Anthony Weiner do on Oct. 3rd 2016? He was facing a charge of exchanging sexually explicit texts with a minor which was after he had been busted several times cheating on Huma Abadin in much the same way over a period of time and well after Huma publicly stood by her man and forgave him his indiscretions. Weiner’s relationship with Huma was done and thus, so to was his “in” with the political dynasty known as the Clinton family.

Weiner was undoubtedly looking at prison time and if you know anything about prison, you know other inmates (and guards for that matter) don’t think highly of pedophiles… especially silver spooner pedos who think they are bad-asses (just look at Weiner’s dic-pics if you don’t know what I am talking about)

He certainly wasn’t going to get any help from the Clinton machine staying out of prison. Hell, after what he did to Hillary’s “other daughter” he must have figured they would help the prosecution before they helped him.

So what does a weasel do in a situation like that? What does he do when he remembers his estranged wife just happened to leave a laptop in their shared home with something like 650,000 emails from Hillary’s server?

I know what I would do. Cut a deal. And I think that’s what the sleazy bastard did.

It’s all over Twitter right now that the FBI has reminded folks that Huma Abadin testified to them in April of this year (full transcript here page 7 and 8 pictured below) that she and another Clinton aide talked about making a back-up of Hillary’s server when they left the State Department so she could use it while writing her books in the future. The location of that laptop, she said, was unknown to her at that time.


According to Huma’s testimony, she knew a laptop had been created as a back-up to the server for the purposes of Hillary being able to access her information later when she started writing a book about her time in office. That laptop’s whereabouts were unknown to Huma at the time.

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New York Times Pulls their Weiner… story

by Scott Creighton

wow a jewish girl who sucks c***! this thing is ready to do damage.” Anthony Weiner, future Mayor of New York City

I was hoping my fat c*** would be a selling point too.” Anthony Weiner, future Mayor of New York City

Anthony “Pure Class” Weiner by all accounts has led a charmed life. And now the New York Times pulls a story about the lasting damage this prick (opps… sorry) did to his wife and 6 other women while jacking off on his office keyboard because he’s running for office as a Jewish man in NYC who just happens to be best-est buddies with another political couple who have their own martial problems.

Mayor Anthony “Wanna See My C*ck?” Weiner and the editorial staff of the New York Times. Pure Class baby.

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Ed Schultz Calls On Anthony Weiner To Resign

Anthony Weiner Has No Honor

by  Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Clinton and Obama linked MSNBC is reporting that Weiner’s constituency supports him remaining in office. This is apparently based on ONE PERSON’S comment in his district. MSNBC had a poll up yesterday evening asking if he should stay in office. When I saw the poll, 69% said “NO”, he should resign. Only 19% said he should remain in office (the rest were “I don’t know”). Now remember, this is the LIBERAL MSNBC, not Fox News and 70% of the people were saying he should go. What do you think that number would be among conservatives in his district? 90%?  MSNBC has apparently taken down the poll, since they didn’t like the results. Apparently REDDIT is also scrubbing up the Weiner scene by removing threads about the incident if they don’t like the general tone of the comment discussion. As discussed in the article, it looks like Weiner and the Clintons are calling in some markers to get this swept under the rug.

Looks like I was correct. Fox News poll shows that 90% of respondents wish to see Anthony Weiner resign.

MSNBC poll is back up. Looks like 70% still want Weiner to resign.

UPDATE 2: Remember Chris Lee? Feb. 09, 2011

“Rep. Chris Lee (R-N.Y.) resigned from the House Wednesday evening effective immediately, an announcement that came just hours after a Web site reported that the married congressman had sent a shirtless image of himself to a woman he met on Craigslist.

… Lee’s decision to vacate his Upstate New York seat came after Gawker, a gossip Web site, posted the shirtless image and what it said was correspondence between him and a 34-year-old woman.”


In Japan a scandalized politician will resign immediately. It’s a matter of honoring one’s family and the institution of government after publicly bringing shame upon them. Now perhaps that’s due to Confucianism, perhaps it’s due to Bushido. Who knows? But it’s definitely not a myth. In Washington, there is no such thing as honor anymore. The culture of corruption is so pervasive that our representatives don’t seem to understand the meaning of the word anymore or even care for that matter. Their self-serving “me first” attitude is all that they have and Anthony Weiner is just the latest pathetic example of just how far this country is from being what it pretends to be. Weiner is the poster boy of the classless, selfish, dishonest, greedy, lying miscreants we have running around in DC these days and if he had the slightest amount of self-respect, he would take his lead from the Japanese and resign immediately.

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