New York Times Pulls their Weiner… story

by Scott Creighton

wow a jewish girl who sucks c***! this thing is ready to do damage.” Anthony Weiner, future Mayor of New York City

I was hoping my fat c*** would be a selling point too.” Anthony Weiner, future Mayor of New York City

Anthony “Pure Class” Weiner by all accounts has led a charmed life. And now the New York Times pulls a story about the lasting damage this prick (opps… sorry) did to his wife and 6 other women while jacking off on his office keyboard because he’s running for office as a Jewish man in NYC who just happens to be best-est buddies with another political couple who have their own martial problems.

Mayor Anthony “Wanna See My C*ck?” Weiner and the editorial staff of the New York Times. Pure Class baby.

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Ed Schultz Calls On Anthony Weiner To Resign

Anthony Weiner Has No Honor

by  Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Clinton and Obama linked MSNBC is reporting that Weiner’s constituency supports him remaining in office. This is apparently based on ONE PERSON’S comment in his district. MSNBC had a poll up yesterday evening asking if he should stay in office. When I saw the poll, 69% said “NO”, he should resign. Only 19% said he should remain in office (the rest were “I don’t know”). Now remember, this is the LIBERAL MSNBC, not Fox News and 70% of the people were saying he should go. What do you think that number would be among conservatives in his district? 90%?  MSNBC has apparently taken down the poll, since they didn’t like the results. Apparently REDDIT is also scrubbing up the Weiner scene by removing threads about the incident if they don’t like the general tone of the comment discussion. As discussed in the article, it looks like Weiner and the Clintons are calling in some markers to get this swept under the rug.

Looks like I was correct. Fox News poll shows that 90% of respondents wish to see Anthony Weiner resign.

MSNBC poll is back up. Looks like 70% still want Weiner to resign.

UPDATE 2: Remember Chris Lee? Feb. 09, 2011

“Rep. Chris Lee (R-N.Y.) resigned from the House Wednesday evening effective immediately, an announcement that came just hours after a Web site reported that the married congressman had sent a shirtless image of himself to a woman he met on Craigslist.

… Lee’s decision to vacate his Upstate New York seat came after Gawker, a gossip Web site, posted the shirtless image and what it said was correspondence between him and a 34-year-old woman.”


In Japan a scandalized politician will resign immediately. It’s a matter of honoring one’s family and the institution of government after publicly bringing shame upon them. Now perhaps that’s due to Confucianism, perhaps it’s due to Bushido. Who knows? But it’s definitely not a myth. In Washington, there is no such thing as honor anymore. The culture of corruption is so pervasive that our representatives don’t seem to understand the meaning of the word anymore or even care for that matter. Their self-serving “me first” attitude is all that they have and Anthony Weiner is just the latest pathetic example of just how far this country is from being what it pretends to be. Weiner is the poster boy of the classless, selfish, dishonest, greedy, lying miscreants we have running around in DC these days and if he had the slightest amount of self-respect, he would take his lead from the Japanese and resign immediately.

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