(former FBI agent and) Special Operations airman killed his squadron commander in apparent-murder suicide

from the Washington Post

An enlisted airman who served previously in the FBI killed the commanding officer of his Air Force Special Operations training squadron in an apparent murder-suicide Friday after facing a disciplinary hearing, U.S. officials said.

Tech. Sgt. Steven D. Bellino, 41, killed Lt. Col. William A. Schroeder, 39, at the Medina Training Annex of Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland in Texas before turning a gun on himself, U.S. officials said. Bellino joined the Air Force in June 2015 and was a student with the 342nd Training Squadron, Air Force officials said. The unit provides training and screening in pararescue, combat control, explosive ordnance disposal and other skills used by elite units in Air Force Special Operations Command…

Bellino, first identified by The Washington Post early Saturday afternoon, had previously worked for less than two years in the FBI, partly in the New York field office. It was not immediately clear how Bellino obtained the rank of technical sergeant, a mid-ranking enlisted airman, after serving in the Air Force for less than a year.

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The Donald Hands Killary an Early Election Present

by Scott Creighton

In 2008 the majority of the general population of the U.S. was angry about the illegal Iraq invasion and occupation. It was a point of contention on the right just as it was on the left. So what did the Republican Party decide to run against the Democratic Party nominee? John “the Flaming Warmonger” McCain.

In 2012 people were up in arms about how an out of control financial sector deliberately destroyed our economy so they could reap the harvest of unending bailouts and rampant banking consolidation schemes. Republicans and Democrats alike lost massive amounts of their 401ks and many even lost their homes in the recession/depression brought on by the hedge-funders and banksters. So what did the Republican Party decide to run against President Peace Prize? Mitt “the Mormon Vulture Capitalist” Romney.

Here we are in 2016 and the tide has turned against the billionaire class and the undemocratic influence they have in politics. It’s a major part of Bernie’s platform, so much so, even Killary is forced to get in on the act. It’s the major theme of the Republican front-runner’s campaign as well. But what is he? A billionaire. Trying to get into politics.

Anyone notice a theme developing here?

It wasn’t that different back in 2000 and 2004. In 2000 the people, even the left, were getting sick of Slick Willy so the Dems ran his VP, a man so lacking in character and personality, that deficit became his defining trademark. And in 2004, when over half the country was singing “how great we are because we killed Saddam” along with “Let the Eagle Soar” the “We’ll Put a Boot Up Your Ass”, when we were banning the sale of French Fries because the French didn’t support our illegal invasion of Iraq, the Dems decided to put forward a candidate who famously threw his medals on the steps of congress back when he still had a soul and was a hippy peace activist.

Today we have billionaire celebrity “reality” TV star and professional wrestler Donald Trump making ready to lose an election to the presumptive nominee from the fake left, Hillary Clinton and nobody bats an eye every time he does something to disenfranchise yet another large segment of the voting population.

How many times to you have to hear Killary say “he’s not a serious candidate” before you understand that’s he’s not?

She’s been quoting an American poet the last couple of days everywhere she goes, talking about Trump. “When someone tells you who they are, you should take their word for it”

I agree completely, but with a little twist: When someone on the inside tells you what’s going on, you should take their word for it.

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John Kasich Speaks in the Voice of Gladio During CNN Town-hall Meeting

by Scott Creighton

John Kasich, the “responsible” Republican candidate, went full Gladio yesterday in his town hall meeting with Anderson “Mockingbird” Cooper and no one noticed because of The Donald’s abortion comment.

Some of you might recall, Gladio was an operation after WWII where we created stay behind terrorist groups in various European nations who used acts of terror to destabilize countries that our business leaders thought were drifting too far to the socialist side as a reaction to defeating the fascist Nazi invasions. Bombings, kidnappings, mass shootings… it was all on the table and they created fake terror organizations in order to undermine the confidence of the people that they had in their government. That was the point. It’s not ‘conspiracy theory’, it’s history.

And it’s apparently history that is repeating itself.

KASICH:  … Secondly, of course, I think, Anderson, that we need really good worldwide intelligence.  I think that the lemons we’re seeing can be turned into lemonade and I think a president of the United States can rally the civilized world to destroy these folks who are intent on destroying us.

And secondly, we talked about NATO.  That was another thing I talked about.  We need to change NATO from not just a military organization, but an intelligence-gathering and also a policing organization that works across boundaries.

… Now, look, it’s really important that we get these countries to pitch in and do more.  They’ll never do as much as we want.  I mean, I lived through a whole time when we would push them, pressure them.

Part of the problem is it’s their governments over there.  You know, there is too much socialism, there is too much political correctness.  That’s why they didn’t even catch this thing in Brussels.  And you know that the screw-ups that we saw with the intelligence. CNN

“Lemons”? People are dying in terrorist attacks and he’s calling them “lemons” and thinking OUT LOUD how we can profit from these attacks and their suffering by making “lemonade”?

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The Brussels Attacks: Of Patsies and Fascist European Patriot Acts

by Scott Creighton

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” George Santayana

The three men who are suspected of taking part in the attacks at Belgium's Zaventem Airport.

Two patsies and their handler: Khalid and Brahim El Bakraoui and their handler who “got away”

European stock markets have already rebounded. The US president watched a ball game yesterday yucking it up with Castro.

Seems like these types of false flag events are getting pretty commonplace these days. Nobody is bothering to go through the motions anymore. When all out war with “ISIS™” starting up in the capitol of the EU doesn’t elicit either panic in the markets or even a reaction from the man at the center of the Global War OF Terror, something tells me people in the know are getting tired of playing their roles.

Two days ago the terror attacks in Brussels left the corporate MSM in a tizzy. They were beside themselves covering the story non-stop which continues right up until this morning. Of course, they hardly ever mentioned the PKK offshoot bombing in Istanbul last week carried out by the Kurdish “Freedom Falcons” (“freedom fighters”? sound familiar?)

Turkey is a partner in NATO. I wonder why the complicit corporate press ignored that little story of terror. Draw your own conclusions.

As is usually the case with these all-too frequent events, I like to take a day or so to let the BS sink to the bottom before I write about them. In this case it didn’t take long to discover this official story has all the hallmarks of a false flag event complete with confusing stories, patsies heavily connected to law enforcement officials and a clear and present motive which is in this case, a European version of the USA Patriot Act.

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About that “Protester” at the Trump Rally in Tucson Yesterday – Real Independent says: “Bryan Sanders” is a Jackass and a Tool

by Scott Creighton

(professional?) disrupter at Trump rally in Tucson

First of all let me say this: if you go into a rally for any candidate and start acting like an asshole with the intention to call attention to yourself and shut down the event, you’re not a “protester”, you are a DISRUPTER and in my opinion, you deserve what you get. Especially if you’re with another asshole dressed as a KKK member. You asked for it, you got it.

KKKguy leaving with his buddy who’s getting stomped by angry black man who apparently didn’t like the reference these two were making. A little more cultural sensitivity my be in order, you think?

And if a black man punches you in the face and kicks the crap of you because you’re the first he can get his hands on, so be it.

If you’re too stupid or blinded by identity politics to understand what a KKK outfit might mean to an older black man in this country, maybe a little attitude check is exactly what you need. Or a history lesson.


Food for thought: next time let the idiot in the KKK hood walk up the stairs first.

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Kalamazoo Shooting Story Gets Worse While Obama Condemns the “Ideological Rhetoric” of the Second Amendment

by Scott Creighton

terrorism: the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims

Headlines across the country read “Suspect Admits Involvement in Shootings… Motive Unclear” as the story of the Saturday shooting spree in Kalamazoo gets sorted out by the MSM for public consumption.

Meanwhile, the father of the modern interpretation of the second amendment remains dead (but don’t question those circumstances or you will be branded with a scarlet “CS”)

As usual, the MSM only gets part of the story correct. There is no motive. That’s the only part that is right.

Yesterday, I wrote about the ridiculous story of how Jason B. Dalton was working two jobs, a normal quiet guy, raising two children and doing everything he thought he could to live the American Dream when suddenly for no reason, he went off and shot some random person, drove a shift for Uber and then went off on two more locations killing 6 people before retiring to his favorite bar for a couple hours to wind down after a night of mass murder. He was calmly arrested after leaving that bar, according to officials.

So the official story tells us he went from Ward Cleaver to Travis Bickle and back again in the blink of an eye – for no reasons – and we are supposed to sit back and accept it as the gospel truth.

If you were inclined to have questions about the official story before, prepare to be amazed because it gets worse.

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The Crazy Story of Uber’s New Travis Bickle and the “River of Blood” That is “Drowning Our Freedom”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Believe it or not, I found a rant that actually surpasses mine by a mile. Trust me and wait for it…

UPDATE: Please check out my “Soup Nazi” rant added to the end of this article.


(note: if you are offended by rants from people who are sick to death of these ridiculously staged American Gladio events, please skip this article. It’s just not for you. Thank you and let the rant begin)

“God hates us for our freedom”

After 42 mass shootings, “random” is not exactly accurate. There is a common denominator...” says gun-grabbing activist, Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite

And that is the ONE thing the good “Rev. Dr. activist ” and I agree on. There is DEFINITELY a common denominator.

For those of you still trying to pay attention to the scripted reality TV show we call the American corporate media these days, my telling you there was another highly suspicious mass casualty event that took place this past weekend in Kalamazoo, Michigan of all places, is not news.

For those of you who have tuned out on behalf of your own sanity and because you’re tired of having your intelligence insulted EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY OF THE WEEK by these people, I will en-devour to recount the official story to you as best I can.

Sometimes I feel like a cub reporter assigned to the WWE beat.

The official story goes something like this:

Part-time Uber driver Jason Brian Dalton was an insurance salesman by day with a wife and two children. The “good family man” was working two jobs to make a better life for his kids and… THEN SUDDENLY for NO APPARENT REASON he FLIPPED OUT and did something COMPLETELY CONTRADICTORY to his nature and shot some random person before his Uber shift started on Saturday… drove around picking up fares for a couple of hours… FLIPPED OUT some more and killed 6 people in two drive by locations… then went to his local bar, hung out peacefully until deciding to go home… and was pulled over by a cop who just HAPPENED to notice his car… he was arrested in a calm and peaceful way… they found a gun in his car that is completely legal… and CASE CLOSED. “We got our man


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