Ferguson Police Shooting – They Got Their Patsy

by Scott Creighton

Eric Holder: “This arrest sends a clear message that acts of violence against our law enforcement personnel will never be tolerated.”

Most serious charge: ASSAULT 1ST DEGREE (?)

Just a quick note:

A suspect has been detained in the Ferguson Police Shooting incident, 20-year-old Jeffrey Williams.

According to St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch, Williams “acknowledged” firing shots and, claims McCulloch, was part of the demonstration that evening.

Of course, from there the story gets jumbled at best.

Though McCulloch claims Williams was one of those protesters out in front of the Ferguson PD that night, none of the other protesters recognize his image. They claim not to know him and it’s a pretty tight-knit group that has been together for a while so can imagine if they were lying there would be all kinds of pictures and videos of them with him. But so far none have surfaced.

And even though there had been a lot of media out there earlier in the evening covering the demonstration, McCulloch offered no video or photographic evidence to back his claim that Williams had been part of the protest.

Here are a couple of other odd facts surrounding this arrest.

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Sniper Shoots Two Police Officers Outside Ferguson PD

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Strange Developments in the Ferguson Shooting Story

UPDATE: Police Chief said three hours after the shooting that the shots came from someone “embedded with the protesters” which might explain why Youtube took down the video showing the shooter was behind the group of demonstrators and up on the hill. Also of note: all the news crews that had been there packed up and left right before the shooting. Seems like someone is trying real hard to blame this on the demonstrators.

UPDATE: You can go here and look at the Google Street View map and see how across from the police station and up on the hill are a couple houses that would have provided a great vantage point for the shooter. The white house on Tiffin Ave. is one possibility. The yellow two-story on Harrison with the black shutters is another.

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The American Gladio campaign of 2015 has begun.

Just after midnight outside the Ferguson Police Department during a peaceful demonstration following the resignation of Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson, shots rang out from a nearby hillside. Two officers, a 32-year-old officer from suburban Webster Groves and a 41-year-old officer from St. Louis County, were seriously injured. A video posted below taken by one of the demonstrators captured the moment of the shooting and some a-hole’s taunting comment yelled to a moaning wounded cop.

“Acknowledgement 9 months ago would have kept that from happening” said the a-hole in what can only be described as an attempt to enrage the officers who were attending to their fallen and moaning companions.

The shots themselves did not come from the demonstrators but rather from a house on a nearby hillside some 220 yards from the station. That’s a long shot. That’s a sniper.

“According to reports, the shots were fired from a house on a hill across from the police station.” Press TV

Gladio operations in the past have typically used snipers during protests, targeting cops and protesters alike, in order to incite hostilities across various nations. This is probably a just another example of that tactic.

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Unfair Dealing: The Toronto Homegrown Terror Threat (full documentary)

by Scott Creighton

Tom Kiely of INN World Report Radio sent me a link to this documentary by David Weingarten about the largest Canadian anti-terrorism case from back in 2006.  Turns out, it was the exact same sort of “manufactured terror threat” the FBI has been regularly crafting for public consumption since 9/11. Just read up on the “Newburgh 4” case as a reference. It’s the exact same game plan all the way from finding some naive patsies to take the wrap to using criminals and drug addicts as informants to set them up (while paying them shit loads of tax-payer money for doing it)

This is such an uncontroversial matter in that it is so widely known that the FBI does this, it was covered in detail by Judge Napolitano on Fox News years ago.  That’s the complicit MSM folks.

Tom mentioned this documentary in reference to the recent Ottawa Shooting false flag pointing out that just like this latest example, the Toronto Homegrown Terror threat was staged at a time when CSIS was struggling to come up with funding and thus this manufactured “threat” served that purpose beautifully.

As I have pointed out, the same kind of situation was present during the Ottawa Shooting false flag. Not only did they need more funding and powers for the CSIS and have legislation before their parliament as Michael supposedly ran through their halls, but the fact is, the higher courts in Canada had recently poked one of the eyes out of the Five Eyed monster and this incident conveniently provided a justification for bringing Canada back online with the Five Eyes program.

That’s not a coincidence folks… that’s MOTIVE… obvious, world class, Five Eyed MOTIVE… and according to the corrupt RCMP, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau’s motive is a secret. So don’t ask.

I have written extensively about the Ottawa Shooting and Canada’s dark history of staging false flag events. This video is a fine addition to the archives.



This is part 1. The other parts, 2-6, are after the break.

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State of Insecurity – Political Repression in Canada

by Scott Creighton



Yes, that’s the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who are the ones in charge of the investigation of the Ottawa Shooting incident. Notice all of the institutions they set up with their false flag events over the decades are all left-leaning institutions. Just look at all those false flag events designed to help enable the furthering of Canada’s police state. And what did the Ottawa Shooting do?

Here’s a list of some of the controversies surrounding the RCMP

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Fox News Host Openly Calls for MORE Regime Change Terrorism Worldwide a.k.a. American Jihad

by Scott Creighton

An international mercenary force of terrorists for good

Dr. Keith Ablow, a self described forensic psychiatrist who spends more time on TV and selling his testimony in court than he does treating celebrity patients, wants us to back CIA and Special Forces regime change ops (unconventional and irregular warfare) all across the world to bring our system (currently a fascist corptocracy) to every nation on the planet. He calls it an “American Jihad”. The rest of the world calls it “state sponsored terrorism” in pursuit of the ultimate goal, a fascist global New World Order.

We would unabashedly fund pro-democracy movements around the world, partly with government funding and partly with donations from American citizens. Through these donations we would seek to double the budgets of the CIA and our Special Forces, seek to fund an international mercenary force for good and provide our veterans unparalleled health care. Keith Ablow

Just turn the spooks and the Spec Ops guys loose to spread terror and destabilization campaigns to anyone who foolhardily resists American corporate domination. You think for a minute they are going to have to outsource the coming American death-squads with silver-spooner goons like this guy getting face-time on Fox?

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May the Five Eyes of British Fascism Smile Upon You

by Scott Creighton

At what point in time are US citizens going to come to the realization that the Revolutionary War was never conceded by the authoritarian Brit royalty who have been using our corporations, corrupt politicians and banking sector to reclaim what they feel is rightfully theirs: the American colonies?

Meet the Five Eyed monster of modern British fascism

What is the Five Eyed monster you ask?

a “supra-national intelligence organisation that doesn’t answer to the laws of its own countries”

The Five Eyed monster is a globalist intelligence contract which links the domestic intelligence services of the following 5 neoliberalized nations:

The most recent false flag terrorist event staged in Canada, the Ottawa Shooting, is paving the way for Canadians to commit entirely to the Five Eyed monster while they are forced by peer pressure to stand at the newly militarized singing of the not-militaristic national anthem at every hockey game they attend.

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RCMP Official – Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was Wealthy but Homeless, Had a Motive… but… It’s a Secret

by Scott Creighton

While Stephen Harper continues to use the Ottawa Shooting to his political advantage (passing the ill-advised draconian bill in Canadian parliament intended to add expanded powers to CSIS  ) the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have declared that suspect Michael Zehaf-Bibeau did in fact have a “political and ideological” motive but they claim they can’t tell you exactly what that motive is right now because it’s a secret.

But hey, trust your government Canada. The suspect had politically motivated reasons to attack a soldier and parliament… or at least, someone did.

In a statement released by the RCMP, they write that Zehaf-Bibeau recorded a video statement “just prior” to the attack which they have now located and will not release to the public. They also claim he had “contact” with others prior to the attack. Is it possible that we are going to find out those “others” may have been CSIS handlers? Lastly, they still don’t know where the vintage “Big Valley” type rifle came from but they say Michael was working in the oil industry prior to going off for no apparent reason so he had plenty of money.

Didn’t they run a bunch of stories saying the guy was homeless and using crack again just prior to the attack? Homeless, using crack, working in the oil industry with plenty of money?


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