“Decision” 2016! Proves the Adage: If Voting Mattered, They Wouldn’t Let Us Do It

by Scott Creighton

The freak show that is “Decision” 2016! just got a little more surreal (or a little more revealing. However you look at it). Check these out:

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So the Last Will be First: Election Rigging Pattern in America Inc.

by Scott Creighton

“So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”  Mathew 20:16

How are selected presidents currently marketed to the U.S. population through the artifice of the election process in a way that leaves most with the comfortable illusion that we still have a democratic process that still answers to the will of the people?

What history shows us is that Newt Gingrich did not win South Carolina as much as Barack Obama has been selected to occupy the White House for 4 more years. So who was the big winner in South Carolina yesterday? Barack Obama and his neoliberal bosses who apparently need his special brand of left cover for 4 more years.

Newt Gingrich will win the Republican nomination after a close race with either Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney and then he will lose to Barack Obama in the general election of 2012. How do I know this? It’s already happened. Twice.

Allow me to explain.

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The Ridiculous Bullsh*t that is the Herman Cain Candidacy

by Scott Creighton

These days you control the elections by scripting the primaries; just check out my section on Alvin Greene if you want a current example of how that works.

Elections aren’t worth writing about these days as that they are so obviously staged between the two parties who work hand in hand to ensure the “right” candidate wins and the “right” administration takes or holds power. Having said that, this Herman Cain fiasco has become so ridiculous  it’s impossible to ignore.

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THREE Neoliberal Party Candidates Take Their Seats in the Senate

by Scott Creighton

Rand Paul , Jim DeMint , and Rob Portman have “won” their respective races and will be joining each other in the US Senate in a couple of months. Rand got there by legacy (his daddy earned him the seat) and Jim by election fraud in the Democratic primary (proven by Vic Rawls in the SC Democratic Party hearing, while Alvin Greene didn’t even bother showing up) and DLC complicity.  But no matter how they each got there, these neoliberal business class servants will be pushing the corporate agenda in DC come January.

Rand Paul raised tons of money back in the day when Alex Jones kept hawking him as some kind of dedicated “outsider”. Fact was, the man is a die-hard neoliberal/Libertarian; business first, free-markets, privatize everything, destroy the department of education (so they can hand that chunk of money over to BIG BUSINESS as well), open borders, deregulation of all business… ect. ect. ect.

That’s the Washington consensus folks… it’s Hillary Clinton’s agenda just as much as it is George W. Bush’s.  You can’t get more “status quo” in DC than that. I guess that’s why Rand met with the neocons and AIPAC in the same week just before the election to assure them he was nothing like the character he played when talking to AJ.

Alvin Greene raised less than $5,000 for his senate “campaign” so he didn’t even have to disclose where the money came from.

There was no campaign from Alvin Greene, none… all he did was use someone else’s money to sign up for the primary then he sat back and let the electronic voting machines cheat Vic Rawls out of the senate .  In the end,  Greene didn’t even put up a fight against Jim DeMint and just let him keep his seat in the Senate.  Because that was the plan all along.

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Picked to Lose 6: Alvin Greene Leaps Way Beyond “Full Retard” and Keeps his Eyes on the Prize

by Scott Creighton 

(prediction: Alvin Greene is going to win this thing. He is going to win that Oscar!) 

Alvin Greene:NoooooOOOooooOOOooooOOOOoooooOOOo!” Aug. 16th, 2010 

Alvin Greene:GooooOOOOooooOOOOoooooOOOooooOOOOo!” Aug. 16th a few seconds later, 2010 

All the DLC and the neoliberals needed to do was to run some schmuck against the populist Vic Rawls in the South Carolina Democratic primary for the Senate seat (opposite the republican incumbant and friend to the corporate masters, Jim DeMint), let the rigged electronic voting machines do their job in the primaries, and then make sure that the schmuck plays dumb enough to ensure he doesn’t get any votes in the general election. 

Along the way, make sure your fake candidate does something to get himself a felony (like showing porn to a white woman in a public place, that’ll go over well in South Carolina) which he will be indicted for AFTER the primary (to get rid of Vic Rawls, a REAL Democrat and the REAL enemy of the DLC and the New Dems) but BEFORE the general election. Of course he will never be tried for the “crime” till AFTER the general election, at which time he will be free and clear to jetset back to South Korea (Alvin Greene’s real home) where he will be reunited with all his intelligence community contractor friends and they will all share a good laugh at the notion that some dumbasses still think there is a functioning democracy in America. 

Plan is working so far. So far, so good. 

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Democracy is Dead in America: In Spite of ALL the Evidence Presented, Alvin Greene Wins Again, WITHOUT EVEN SHOWING UP

by Scott Creighton

Though they knew the election results were flawed and probably hacked, and even though Alvin Greene has been “disrespecting” democrats since this all began, and though they know he will lose to Jim DeMint… the South Carolina Democratic Party Executive Committee voted to reject the valid protest and thus ensured that once again, without showing up, Alvin Greene wins again.  The most dispicable thing of all is afterward they announced a move to honor Vic Rawl for a lifetime of service to the Democratic Party of South Carolina… and gave him a standing ovation.  This is the state of politics in the Corporatist Neoliberal Democratic Party; fuck over the voters and a life-long democrat in service to a corrupt republican. And do it right to his face.

Even though I predicted this outcome, during the hearing, which I watched all of it, I came to believe that NO ONE… NO ONE could possibly have the audacity to vote against the motion to have a new primary election with all the evidence presented showing the election results were flawed.  The order of the hearing was that they had to vote BASED ON THE PREPONDERANCE OF THE EVIDENCE PRESENTED… ALVIN’S SIDE PRESENTED NO EVIDENCE.

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IT’S BACK UP – Vic Rawl Protest Whitewash Hearing to be Streamed Live @ 3pm EDT – THEY PULLED THE PLUG 3:30


Go to the Vic Rawl for Senate website at 3 pm EDT today to watch the Executive Board of the South Carolina Democratic Party undermine Vic Rawl’s legitimate protest in favor of the Neoliberal Party of America.

the South Carolina Democratic Party Executive Committee prefers to conduct their whitewash in the dark opting that ONLY corporate MSM be allowed to view the goddamn hearing!

here is the live feed… Vic Rawl TV LIVE BLOG – Things I learned

1 A candidate can stay on the ticket, on the ballot, even if he NEVER files with the Federal Election Committee…. he is just subject to “fines” – wow

2 Vic Rawl protest will be the SECOND hearing on the docket. Mayes (?)vs Hodges is first… (this may take a while😦 )

3 Mayes’ daughter testifying for him saysOMG… that poll workers were offering to buy… oh no, don’t say it… Kentucky Fried Chicken for voters if they voted a certain way…. I know… I didn’t say it…they were bribing voters with fried chicken


5 ITS BACK UP – 4:23 (looks like they blacked out the first protest hearing)

6. the chairman is going to make a statement prior to the Rawl protest hearing…

ALVIN GREENE IS NOT THERE AT THIS POINT!!!!! 4:41 edt (he told them he didn’t want to show up… no LAWYER AT THIS TIME FOR HIM EITHER)

see the live blog after the break

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