State Department: “Assad Regime is the Root of All Evil” in Syria Because He Stands in the Way of Greater Kurdistan

by Scott Creighton

“The discovery in 2009 of a new gas field near Israel, Lebanon, Cyprus, and Syria opened new possibilities to bypass the Saudi Barrier and to secure a new source of income. Pipelines are in place already in Turkey to receive the gas. Only Al-Assad is in the way

This video from RT is interesting on a number of levels. Among other things it shows the Obama administration is right on track in their efforts to build a new country, Greater Kurdistan, and Assad and all those Syrians who support the sovereignty of their nation are simply getting in the way.

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Petraeus, Zakheim and Barzani – Laying the Groundwork for a Bigger and More Corrupt Kurdistan at the Sulaimani Forum

by Scott Creighton

As of late we’ve been hearing a lot about the possibility of creating a new Kurdistan by expanding the “de facto” Iraqi Kurdistan into other people’s nations, namely Syria and Turkey (both being equally demonized in the press )

A recent call put out by the George Soros funded AVAAZ begs “progressive” readers to sign a petition asking President Peace Prize to please carpet bomb a northern corridor in Syria for “humanitarian” reasons.

The “alternative” Tea Party leader also got into the act recently, trying to drum up support for the same kind of action only he made the objective a bit clearer:

I would draw new lines for Kurdistan and I would promise them a country,” Rand Paul

Looks like he’s punching his ticket to a 2016 Vice Presidency, doesn’t it?

These things are not unrelated. Nor is it a coincidence that Gen Petraeus, Dov Zakheim and the totally corrupt President of Iraqi Kurdistan, Masoud Barzani, got together last week to map out a strategy for the creation of a Greater Kurdistan while simultaneously laying the groundwork for yet another new LNG pipeline.

In our recent tradition of really, really, really bad ideas, this one ranks up there with the classics.

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More Afghans Killed: Karzai Blasts US “This is unacceptable. It cannot be tolerated,”

by Robert Dreyfuss, Information Clearinghouse

Leon Panetta, the over-his-head U.S. secretary of defense, is in Afghanistan today after a day on which the greatest number of civilians were killed so far in 2012. But Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president, isn’t there. He’s in Beijing, meeting with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, an all-Asian bloc  led by China and Russia. The SCO, not surprisingly, is expressing a greater interest in building ties with Afghanistan as the U.S. begins in long, drawn-out drawdown to 2014. And Panetta, it seems is trying to interest India, a rival to China, is taking a greater interest in Afghanistan too. It’s the Afghan Endgame.
First, the civilian dead.

Karzai is charging that a NATO airstrike killed 18 Afghan civilians, including woman and children, as part of a U.S.-led ground operation in Logar province. Reports AP: “Villagers displayed 18 bodies at the provincial capital on Wednesday, including five women, seven children and six men.” Added AP:

“This is unacceptable. It cannot be tolerated,” President Hamid Karzai said in a statement condemning the strike in Logar. He criticized NATO for not being able to provide an explanation for the vans piled with bodies of women and children that villagers displayed to reporters.

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Clinton Admits We Created al Qaeda But Lies About Why and When

by Scott Creighton

Even when she tells the truth, Hillary Clinton is still lying.

It’s now almost commonplace to hear people make connections between the type of destabilization campaign being run in Syria to that of Libya and Yugoslavia in the comparatively past. For the most part, these analogies are extremely accurate: pro-western powers equip and use trained terrorists to destabilize what they consider to be unfriendly nations while publicly blaming the governments of the targeted nations for responding to the foreign led terrorist insurgencies. Their goal is always the same: regime change.

Unfortunately most of those making the connections fail to understand that there are far more examples of this illegal and immoral imperial foreign policy from which to draw upon.What follows are just a few examples of how this type of program has been used throughout our history to reclaim a fallen puppet nation by using terrorism and wanton violence directed at economic infrastructure and innocent civilians… absent are the various military coups we have imposed on other nations to achieve the same corporatist (fascist) goals…

While Clinton’s admission is clearly a sign that dissident “conspiracy theorists” are having an impact on the global discussion of our foreign policy, the important aspect of her statement seems lost in translation: she is still lying about the reason we created a terrorist group in Afghanistan. It had nothing to do with a “Soviet invasion” as she claimed… they weren’t there at the time, they were asked by the Afghani government to come in and help defend them from our terrorists who were actively destabilizing the country.

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by Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research

While the President and Commander in Chief of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama “celebrates” the first anniversary of the alleged death of bin Laden, the substantive issue as to WHO WAS OSAMA BIN LADEN remains unheralded.  (Remarks by President Obama in Address to the Nation from Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan, see video at foot of article)

Through lies and fabrications –which he intends to use in his election campaign– president Obama`s carefully scripted speech upholds a world of total fantasy, in which “bad guys” are lurking and “plotting acts of terror”. Meanwhile, Islamic “jihadists” are said to be threatening Western civilization.

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Russia Just Says No to NATO Smack

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Go here to read how Hillary Clinton was recently praising the good work of NATO over the past 63 years and her plans to strengthen NATO’s abilities to wage these kinds of destabilization campaigns and drug trafficking operations.


It’s being reported that Russia is finally putting their foot down to NATO’s use of their territory to transport Afghan heroin to Europe and other countries. Apparently they are pissed off about how much smack is flooding into their country killing their young people. Who can blame them right?

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Kandahar Massacre: “One entered the room while the others were standing outside holding the lights.”

by Scott Creighton

They attacked during the night. They knocked on the door. My elderly mother came out she was shot in the door” man who lost 11 family members

A reporter, an extremely brave and dedicated one at that, traveled to Kandahar and then to the villages where the massacres took place. At first she was prevented from going to the villages by the Afghan military (in the pockets of Nato) due to Taliban attacks and all of these landmines which they claimed the Taliban set in the villages for some reason. The next day the same Afghan military police come to get her at her hotel in the city and they take her to the villages where the massacres took place. There was apparently no Taliban shooting at them and surprise surprise… no landmines as they walked through the villages. But also important to note, that day, the day after she was prevented from going to the villages, there were also no villagers there for her to interview. Seems like they may have trucked them out prior to the reporter arriving on the scene.

She was then prevented from speaking to several children who were witnesses and victims of the crimes. The U.S. military has them in custody the hospital, taking “care” of them. President Karsai apparently intervened and the reporter was allowed to talk to them.

One entered the room while the others were standing outside holding the lights.” wounded child from Kandahar

That child watched her parents die and was shot in the leg.


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