“The master class has always declared the wars, the subject class has always fought the battles”

Mark Ruffalo reads Eugene Debs “Canton, Ohio” Speech



While listening to this speech delivered originally on June 16, 1918, remember we are engaged in the “Long War”, the “Endless War” the “100 Years War” on terrorism which was started, nearly 14 years ago with this event pictured below.

The masters told us this building was brought down by office fires and therefore we had to go to war.

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The speech earned Eugene Debs 10 years in prison.

96 of Scott Creighton’s Best Articles on the Subject of 9/11

by Scott Creighton

Someone has been asking me about my views on what happened at the Pentagon on Sept. 11th, 2001 and so I figured I would post a quick list of 96 of my best 9/11 related writing in chronological order. I know 9/11 and other false flags are the trains that already hit us and I usually try to focus on the ones steaming down the tracks right at us like these “trade” agreements, the Freedom Act and other nightmares currently in the making. But looking back over how we got here in the first place does help and remembering the Truth Movement as it once was may be a little inspiring to some, depressing to others.

This list, though it is long, is not quite complete. There were some articles I wrote on 9/11 that I am sure I lazily tagged as “uncategorized” and others I wrote prior to creating the “Scott’s 9/11 Writing” category. A few others I left out because they were simply examples of in-fighting in the movement. What’s included here I think are valuable contributions to the Truth movement that I have been able to make over the years.

Below the list of articles are some original drawings I created to explain various aspects of what I believe the demolition process looked like. This is as good a way as any for me to reflect back on my own personal journey so I’m going to post these in chronological order complete with links and a few graphics I created along the way to figuring out what really happened on Sept. 11, 2001.

To answer the question the reader put to me about what happened at the Pentagon, you should read the several articles I wrote about Dwain Deets. He ended up being in the Truth Movement for a while promoting everything from the Fly Over theory to Ray Beams from Space. In the end he swears that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon.  He also just happened to be the leading engineer at NASA developing things like… drones and remote piloting systems. Yep. He headed up the program that made the Global Hawk. Some interesting chats he and I had.

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CIA Assets in Pakistan Back-up Seymour Hersh’s Propaganda “The Death of bin Laden 2.0”

by Scott Creighton

To start off let’s make this very clear: President Peace Prize did not kill Osama bin Laden. I don’t care which version of the fairy tale you chose to “BELIEVE” in.

Sy Hersh’s painfully contrived new version of “The Death of bin Laden 2.0” is still being hotly debated across the interwebs. I picked his offering apart the other day and have very little interest in spending much time on his ridiculously cobbled together narrative that he clearly cooked up, by his own admission, like a stenographer recording the secret CIA “retired official’s” new version of events.

It was painful to read his work then as it’s painful to even mention it now.

However, there is a new development which might shed a little light on the 1. validity of Mr. Hersh’s crappy new “official story” and 2. at least part of the MOTIVE behind it.

This morning there is a new wrinkle to the story that Sy Hersh slathered all over us when he published his “The Death of bin Laden 2.0” propaganda.

A Pakistani newspaper has published the name of the secret Pakistani former intelligence officer who Sy Hersh claims his “secret retired intelligence official” says was the one who came to US intelligence officials and fingered bin Laden’s hideout in Abbottabad.

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Seymour Hersh’s “Zero Truth Thirty” Article Fixes the Narrative of the BS “bin Laden Raid” Story

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Seymour Hersh Succumbs To Disinformation — Paul Craig Roberts

UPDATE: Of course, Prison Planet and Business Insider regurgitate the Hersh propaganda without question.


Seymour Hersh was once one of the good guys. Today, he’s joined the ranks of the has-beens and the sell-outs.

Anyone can get something wrong. That’s not what Seymour Hersh did here. The last “clarifying statement” to fix the narrative.

“Within days, some of the early exaggerations and distortions had become obvious and the Pentagon issued a series of clarifying statements.” Seymour Hersh

He penned a propaganda article about how ‘Obama lied” about the early morning hour Seal Team 6 raid in Pakistan that supposedly killed Osama bin Laden. That’s click-bait. Seymour claims Obama’s lies are nothing more than his refusal to admit how intimately involved the Pakistani intelligence services (ISI) were in the “raid” and of course the official story they came out with in the days right after the raid.

That’s bullshit.

Osama bin Laden most likely died sometime in December of 2001. At least that’s the best estimate I can come up with. Fox News thought the same thing back in the day (H/T What Really Happened)

Of course, it wouldn’t do back then to have the great boogieman dead and gone before we really invaded Afghanistan and Iraq so they let the legend live on til we were about to pull out of Iraq (2011) and Obama was making plans to do the same thing in Afghanistan. Super convenient timing if you ask me (the fake raid was in May of 2011)

And of course, it wouldn’t do to have him keep running around saying he had nothing to do with 9/11 like he did a couple times in Sept. of 2001 either.

Like I said, anyone can get something wrong. No journalist is infallible.

In this case though, Mr. Hersh seems to have been spoon-fed this bullshit “fix the narrative” version of events from one of the guys who helped plan the original bullshit story and he keeps this source’s identity a secret while never once even wondering aloud that his source might be playing him.

“The major US source for the account that follows is a retired senior intelligence official who was knowledgeable about the initial intelligence about bin Laden’s presence in Abbottabad. He also was privy to many aspects of the Seals’ training for the raid, and to the various after-action reports.” Seymour Hersh

Seems to me that any journalist worth the paper their story is printed on would immediately suspect this secret former CIA guy might just be spinning the latest, last, lingering tale of the bin Laden raid in an effort to put the final touches on the propaganda so that the narrative might just stand the test of time.

Not Seymour Hersh. He takes it all as the gospel truth. And since it’s coming from Seymour Hersh, I guess we are expected to do so as well. I wonder who this secret former intelligence source was. Was it Leon Panetta who helped stage the whole thing in the first place or George Tenet of 9/11 fame? Or could it have been George H. W. Bush himself or maybe Seymour channeled the ghost of Allan Dulles fired by President Kennedy and served on the Warren Commission? So many honorable fellows in those intelligence services to chose from.

I also wonder what it costs to buy someone like Hersh these days. Is there a standard minimum like SAG actors have? Did he need an agent to handle the contract negotiations? Inquiring minds want to know Mr. Hersh.

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How Do Barney Fife and Fidel Castro Factor Into the Biggest News Story of the Year?

by Scott Creighton

I wish to see if I can connect a few dots here, so bear with me.

Putting aside “ISIS™” for a moment and the “Big Story” about some talking head on MSNBC lying to folks (yeah, there’s some news for you) what are the biggest geopolitical trends in the news today? Is it the fact that Syriza, the new “Radical Left™” brand of 3rd Way centrist ideology (think “CHANGE™” circa 2008) seems to have forgotten what the term “odious debt” means?

In international law, odious debt, also known as illegitimate debt, is a legal theory that holds that the national debt incurred by a regime for purposes that do not serve the best interests of the nation, should not be enforceable. Such debts are, thus, considered by this doctrine to be personal debts of the regime that incurred them and not debts of the state. In some respects, the concept is analogous to the invalidity of contracts signed under coercion. Wiki

Is that the biggest story in the world today? Well, if you consider the fact that international debt has risen by 57 trillion dollars since the global economic terrorism of 2008, coupled with the fact that much if not ALL of that new additional debt may be declared odious were Greece to set the precedent, well, that could very well be the story of the year. The story of the decade or the millennium in fact.

But it isn’t, because they wont (“use us to implement the European programme” Varoufakis).

And the usually antagonistic ones, the Webster Tarpley’s of the “interwebs”, aren’t really calling for Syriza to live up to their campaign pledge and do that.

How about “ISIS™”? Now that the MTV music video director and their team made that “burning man” video, seems like all the world wants a piece of “ISIS™” butt.

We have senators and congressman lining up to get in front of anyone with a camera so they can pledge their undying devotion to autocratic, despotic regimes like those in Jordan, UAE, Bahrain and Qatar for the sole purpose of providing them weapons and training, all paid for with your tax dollars while they say they can’t afford to pay teachers here in the states.

No money for teachers or disabled folks but we got butt-loads of cash to heap on dictators from the Middle East to help bomb Syria into regime change. Funny how that works, ain’t it?

We have “progressive” TV personalities spending enormous amounts of their airtime proving what warmongering hawks they can be just like the neocons of yesteryear they pilloried for a decade.

We have the Obama administration, the President Peace Prize farce, presenting their own version, a hand-crafted document they expect to be passed without debate, authorizing war anywhere, anytime against anyone they say is supporting “ISIS™”. That new AUMF document, one usually crafted by congress, will be slapped on the desks of leading congressmen sometime today or tomorrow. It’s something this president has wanted since they created “ISIS™” now that the old one from 2001 is a bit sketchy considering the fact that it names al Qaeda as the enemy and we now call them “moderates” and are funding them in Syria.

And all of this is based on what? A ridiculous MTV-styled video custom made for the purpose of providing the pretext for what is happening right now and released on the very same day the King of Jordan was visiting Obama and congress looking for money to fight “ISIS™”. (I will write more about that video later this morning)

Are those the biggest stories in the world today?

No. Not in my opinion.

So what is? What is the one big story everyone knows about and no one is talking about and how does Barney Fife and Fidel Castro of all people fit into this? Have I gone crazy? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Chomsky’s Hypocrisy Knows No Limits: Tweets About “voluntary propaganda of the intellectual class”

by Scott Creighton

I follow Noam’s Twitter feed, Daily_Chomsky and today these little gems popped up telling his followers to actively work to counter voluntary propaganda from the intellectual class. Immediately I recalled Noam’s little “Truther” debunking he offered up last month at the University of Florida in which he ultimately concluded that no one in the Bush administration contributed to the events of 9/11 or planned them because “they aren’t lunatics”

Well, I debunked his debunking, basically doing exactly what Mr. Chomsky suggested we all do today… I countered his voluntary propaganda and I think I did so quite effectively, since Chomsky himself is on record saying that there is no evidence bin Laden had anything to do with 9/11. Well, if Chomsky knows that bin Laden didn’t do it, then who does he think did?

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Noam Chomsky’s 9/11 “Truther” Debunking Debunked: Yes Noam, They Were Lunatics

by Scott Creighton


Chomsky’s Hypocrisy Knows No Limits: Tweets About “voluntary propaganda of the intellectual class”


Chomsky’s conclusion: “They weren’t lunatics so they didn’t do it”

Noam Chomsky is dead wrong regarding 9/11 and you don’t have to be a physicist to understand it. You just have to think for a minute.

What is being hailed as the End-All-Be-All of “truther debunking” is disturbing to watch. This video is mentioned on places like the Huffington Post as something to show to “anyone who still buys into the 9/11 truther stuff”. It’s a video of Bob Tuskin asking Noam Chomsky a question about Building 7 at a speech Noam gave at the University of Florida.

(see video at the end of this article)

Here is my effort at debunking a man who I have defended for apparently far too long. His ignorance of the geopolitical climate prior to the invasion of Afghanistan is, quite frankly, unforgivable given his acute awareness of such matters. His forgetting that he himself has stated on many occasions that there is no evidence of bin Laden being involved in 9/11 is also quite telling here. I will break down his 3 uncontroversial “facts” which prove the Bush administration had nothing to do with 9/11 and I will also expose his hypocrisy and the petty little debunking tricks he uses to marginalize those of us who still question the events of 9/11.

But in the end, it’s his statement that the Bush administration wasn’t run by lunatics that leaves me most disgusted by the man and the activist I revered so much because it is a lie and he knows it is a lie.

Ergo, here I offer my Chomsky mia culpa by way of debunking his pathetic debunking of 9/11 truth activists. To my great shame and disappointment, Noam Chomsky exposes himself as not only a left-wing gatekeeper but also a flat out liar and hypocrite.

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