Petty Bourgeoisie “activists” – More Useless Grandstanding from Code Pink LLC and David Swanson™

by Scott Creighton Snake Oil Activism at its Finest It’s not about “any action” folks, it’s about resistance, it’s about informing, it’s about winning the hearts and minds of our fellow countrymen even though many of those we seek to convert think have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. What it’s not about […]

David Swanson on a Rambling LIHOP Diatribe

by Scott Creighton I am going to try to post this audio clip of David Swanson talking with Jim Fetzer that I found over at Swanson’s site. Now, for those of you who don’t know, I and another reader here were tossed out of David Swanson’s website, After Downing Street, back before the 2008 elections. Swanson and […]

David Swanson; Pimping Propaganda for the Fake Left… Again

by Scott Creighton God I hate spending my time writing about sellout jackasses like David Swanson. How much you getting for speaking engagements these days, David?  You call yourself a “peace activist”? You’re a sellout, nothing more. Occasionally I still trip over to his site… check up on what the other contributors have posted over there. […]

David Swanson is a Bald Faced Liar (let’s all remember that when he runs for office)

by Scott Creighton I was banned from After Downing Street the other day by David Swanson. He said this today about why I was banned… … and heartily encourage 911ers to discuss 911 nonsense on sites dedicated to it, i’ve only blocked people who libeled, not people who expressed dumb or off-topic opinions, er, sorry, […]

Aaron Russo (for David Swanson)

by Scott Creighton **UPDATED** I want you to understand David, this is not meant to be insulting in any way.  As I mentioned before on Op Ed News, your new efforts to call for serious restructuring of the banking system reminded me of this; of Aaron Russo’s efforts to call attention to the corruption in […]

So Where Does ADS get Their Funding, and Why is David Swanson so Touchy About It?

by Scott Creighton ***UPDATE*** It has been stated by Mr. Swanson (after calling me paranoid and suggesting I am looking for “little green men” under my bed because they did not remove comments from the site) that in fact, an administrator did remove the comments from the thread. So, if that is the case (I […]

Beck Swindles Swanson

by Scott Creighton ***UPDATE*** You might not believe this, but David Swanson actually wrote an article about this topic, about how Beck may actually be “the best antiwar voice on tv”.  He ran around spaming it up on progressive sites like Op Ed News (where it is still the mainpage headline) and Firedoglake.  But remarkably, he […]

Obama/Cheney – Policy differences or high crimes? an interview with Mr. Swanson

by Scott Creighton Though Mr. Swanson and I have had our differences in the past (in the interests of full disclosure; David created a justification to ban me from his site at the same time he banned another, rather tenacious 9/11 Truth advocate, JD.  This, of course was after one of his admins had made […]

I’m a REAL Anti-fascist from the Left and You Will be As Well, One Day

by Scott Creighton As a member of the real anti-fascist left (not the paid provocateur type) it’s been kinda hard for me over the past week or so. Even before that really  because folks on the left think I’m going all… alt right or something for simply pointing out that there really is a war […]

CrossTalk: Sanctioning Russia

The Republican-controlled Congress can’t unite around Trump’s legislative agenda, but with Democrats they are in unison when it comes to punishing Russia for alleged meddling in the 2016 election. Russia will brush off new sanctions as it did three years ago, but the Europeans won’t. CrossTalking with Mitch Feierstein, David Swanson, and Alexander Mercouris

Petition: Reject S. 452, “A bill to provide lethal weapons to the Government of Ukraine.”

by David Swanson (a petition to the U.S. Senate)(H/T Jay) The United States is the leading provider of weapons to the world, and the practice of providing weapons to countries in crisis has proven disastrous, including Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. Expanding NATO to Russia’s border and arming Russia’s neighbors threatens something worse than disaster. The […]

Matt Taibbi Quits Pierre Omidyar Controlled Opposition “News” Site – First Look Media Tries to Smear Taibbi’s Reputation With Unfounded Rumors

by Scott Creighton UPDATE: please see update at end of article UPDATE 2: Ah. It would appear Taibbi is going to play the safe card and remain quiet about the split with First Look Media and their color revolution backing Omidyar.  Did you guys know Matt was a legacy baby? I did not know that. […]

CNN: Palestinians Want to Die

by David Swanson, Dissident Voice In this latest assault on Gaza, Israel had by Thursday already killed 69 Palestinians including 22 children and 13 women, plus 469 wounded including 166 children and 85 women, and 70 houses destroyed. These numbers have since increased significantly. In this video from Thursday on CNN, Jake Tapper interviews Diana […]

Obama’s Deeply Flawed Murder Loophole Memo Cites Israeli Law (among other problems)

by Scott Creighton “Frankly, it’s offensive that we are sitting around pondering whether or not Obama has the authority to murder one U.S. citizen (a guy who was partying at the Pentagon not that long ago) after the piece of shit slaughtered 23 children on behalf of a brutal dictatorship in Yemen back in 2009. […]

The Opiate of the Disenfranchised

by Scott Creighton First things first: let’s stop calling this global neo-liberal class war “austerity”. It’s not austerity. When it was done to Chile in 1973 and Argentina and Poland and the Russia and all the others, it was naked class warfare… it’s fascism. That’s what it is. And it’s happening here as a direct […]