There is Something Very Wrong with Official Story of the Sutherland Springs Church Shooting

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Go here to watch my video on this topic. It’s my Youtube channel. Enjoy it before they shut it down.

Let’s begin with this, a summary of the events laid out on the Wiki page:

At approximately 11:20 a.m. CST, Devin Patrick Kelley exited from a vehicle at a gas station across the street from the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs wearing black tactical gear, a ballistic vest, and a black face-mask featuring a white skull,[6] and wielding a AR-15 pattern Ruger AR-556 semi-automatic rifle.[7][8][9] He immediately fired in the direction of the church.[10] He crossed the street and approached the building from the right while firing, and continued to fire while entering the church building with worshipers attending regular Sunday service.[11] Inside, he yelled, “Everybody dies motherfuckers,” as he proceeded up and down the aisle and shot at people in the pews.[6][12] Police found 15 empty AR-15 magazines capable of holding 30 rounds each.[13][14][15] According to investigators, the shooting was captured on a camera set up at the back of the church to record regular services for uploading online. The footage shows Kelley methodically shooting the victims, pausing only to reload his rifle.[16]

As Kelley left the church, he was confronted by local resident and former NRA firearms instructor Stephen Willeford,[17] armed with an AR-15 pattern semi-automatic rifle. Willeford took cover behind a truck and shot Kelley twice.[18][19][20] Kelley dropped his rifle and fled in his Ford Explorer as Willeford fired several rounds through the vehicle’s window.[21][22] Willeford flagged down a passing pickup truck driven by Johnnie Langendorff, and they pursued Kelley at high speed for about five to seven minutes. According to Langendorff, they drove at speeds up to 95 miles (153 km) per hour.[23] During the chase, Kelley called his father to tell him that he was injured and thought that he would not survive.[20] Kelley lost control of his vehicle, and it hit a road sign and flipped before landing in a bar ditch in Guadalupe County, near the city of New Berlin.[24][25][26][27] Willeford and Langendorff observed that he was motionless, and police took over the scene when they arrived.[28] Police found Kelley dead in his car[25] with three gunshot wounds, including a self-inflicted head wound.[29] Two handguns were found in the vehicle: a Glock 9 mm and a Ruger .22-caliber, both of which Kelley had purchased.[30]

Do you see it? It’s staring you right in the face.

If he left his vehicle in the gas station parking lot and walked across the street shooting at the church… how did he jump in his vehicle just outside the entrance of the church after getting in a firefight with Stephen Willeford and shoot at him again as he sped off?

Several witnesses reported the shooter, already wearing tactical gear and his mask, got out of a vehicle at the gas station, walked across the road and the field and began firing at the church.

Forensic investigators from the FBI are seen in photographs searching for shell casings in the field behind the church between it and the gas station and the road.

This is a layout from Google Earth showing the location marked with all the points of interest.

How is it the shooter gets out of his vehicle at the gas station and walks over to the church several hundred yards away and starts a shooting spree and then hops in his waiting vehicle just outside the front entrance of the church and makes his get-away?

There is something very wrong with this story. It doesn’t add up. Either someone dropped the shooter off at the gas station, the guy wearing tactical gear and a mask and carrying a firearm with loads of ammo… or the whole story about the chase is bullshit from the beginning.

And remember, since the weapon was dropped at the scene and the shooter was wearing a mask, the ONLY thing that puts that dead body at the scene of the shooting… is the story of the car chase and the “heroes” who chased him. And that’s it.

Also of note… Stephen Willeford says the shooter’s car hit a road sign and it “flipped over his SUV”. Here is a photo of the SUV from the driver’s side. You can tell the front bumper has some damage (seems to be missing a bit of it from this angle) but the windshield looks fine. The back window is blown out and there appears to be some damage to the top luggage rack on the driver’s side.

In this image taken from the right side much later, you can see damage to the bumper and what appears to be a cracked windshield though I can’t see that from the other image.

Make of that what you will.



63 Responses

  1. WTF is going on?
    Here’s the video of the Cops approaching the alleged shooter’s vehicle & it’s not Gray & is parked on the road NOT in a ditch !

  2. Also: Kelley was found, per Wiki, “dead in his car with three gunshot wounds, including a self-inflicted head wound.” But earlier in the story we’re told Kelley was wearing “a ballistic vest.” On what part of Kelley’s body, then, did he sustain those three gunshot wounds?

    Not to the head. Kelley did that himself, we’re told. To the legs? Highly unlikely, since he was shot by an AR-15 and yet was still capable of running back to his Explorer, which from the aerial photo is over 100 yards away, as Scott points out. To the arms? That seems highly unlikely as well, since Kelley was not only able to man a vehicle in a 95-mph chase, but to place phone calls while doing it.

    All of these details might be curious if they weren’t part of yet another porous yarn ball.

    • I suppose he may have had only a pistol-rated vest. Even if he had heavy duty rifle plates, there’s still no guarantee of protection from little pointy things moving 3000 fps.

      And I don’t know about humans, but I’ve seen mule deer run a very long ways (miles) despite being totally wrecked by a high powered rifle round. The old ‘hero’ guy’s 5.56 round has like half the energy. So it seems at least somewhat plausible that a guy could take a few 5.56 hits and still manage to skidaddle before he bled out down the road.

    • These cops are guless. Good think the civilians weren’t that cautious.

  3. Smells like fish

    • indeed. very very fishy

      • What happened to all the comments? I have looked through all the Texas shooter threads and can’t find the one where you pointed out that the car was waiting for him in front of the church. What gives?

        • Scott had to delete a bunch of comments since this guy was spewing msm talking points and denying all suspicious anomalies. Probably a sunstein shill.

          • Probabaly the same guy who took down your internet Scott!

            • No it was definitely the shooters accomplice in the Ford Explorer.

              • Or the team in the helicopter shooting into the church!

                This is my moto. This is what I do. “government agents or their allies (acting either virtually or in real space, and either openly or anonymously) will undermine the crippled epistemology of those who subscribe to such theories. They do so by planting doubts about the theories and stylized facts that circulate within such groups thereby introducing beneficial cognitive diversityCass Sunstein

  4. personally, i never believed this event was genuine. i wasn’t comfortable with the “coincidence” of 26 victims (like sandy hook), the shooter’s age being 26 & the date 11/5/2017 working out the same in regards to numerology.

    i have a hard time believing the number of victims, given the time involved.

    i also have difficulty believing this event is genuine when i look at the behavior & listen to the statements of those affected. i didn’t see much that suggested fear, anger, anxiety, grief, etc. the very first statements made by the pastor & his wife struck me that way, and in their press conference they almost seemed more concerned with property damage than losing a daughter & many friends/neighbors. and from what i understand, the plan now is that the church will not be reopened — which leads me to wonder whether or not it had been an active church before (much like the situation with the sandy hook school).

    but who knows? i can’t be too sure, given the limited information i’ve had about this event.

    In reply to Noam.

    in numerology 26 would be 2+6 =8. if you add 11+5+2017 the result is 2033, which is 2+3+3=8. whether or not numerology is a factor in these shootings i can’t say for sure. but it sure has seemed to me over the years that some of the same numbers have been thrown around in some of these events — maybe for symbolic reasons or maybe as some sort of code — or maybe they’re just a coincidence.

    In reply to Noam.

    as i said before, the numbers were just a little too coincidental for my liking. and the statements & affect of those involved left me with questions regarding the legitimacy of the story. but maybe i’m wrong — who knows?

    i pretty much assume that almost all mass-shootings these days are perpetrated by the state — with some having actual victims, while others (such as sandy hook and the cassidy stay event) are complete hoaxes. but maybe you believe the official stories of those incidents?

    anyone who doubts the state would or could perpetrate such crimes against the citizenry should look into “operation northwoods”, which was nearly implemented in the early 60’s & which spoke of funerals for “mock victims” to incite the public to support an invasion of cuba.

    beyond that, people should probably ask why it is we’ve had mass-shootings on a REGULAR BASIS since 2012. we’ve had an armed population for a couple hundred years now, but suddenly people are shooting 10 or 20 random strangers? does that make sense regarding the history of gun crimes & the nature of homicide? does the lack of motive for these shooters make sense?

    • @mercury7 — IKR? The pastor’s wife says that the building is probably beyond repair at around 16:25 of the video here: Neither she nor her husband are believable in their role as grieving parents, IMO. Also, when is the last time you’ve seen a church with no cross on the exterior? It’s like Sandy Hook Elementary being devoid of Christmas decorations. I doubt that church has been used for a while.

      • i seem to remember a bunch of boxes & such piled up in front of the windows at the sandy hook school — something you would never see in any operating public building anywhere.

        beyond that, i remember that when the community was given several million dollars for a new school they claimed that a new school wasn’t needed. it’s not too hard to figure out that a new school wasn’t needed because sandy hook elementary had been closed for a while & students from those neighborhoods had already been reassigned to other local schools.

      • Our church is over 100 yrs old and there has NEVER been a cross on the exterior! Functions weekly. This means nothing.

        • I agree. If you go to Google Earth and zoom in on that corner you will see images from 2016 I think with their buses in the lot. It was clearly in use then. They actually have a thingy where you can switch to an image from 2008 and you can see it’s still there and they have a crappier bus, but it’s clearly been in use.

      • “Also, when is the last time you’ve seen a church with no cross on the exterior?”

        Actually, I drove by a church I used to attend years ago, and just as it was back then, there is NO CROSS on the exterior of the building,

        The church is My Fathers House and here’s what it looks like from the street…
        …and here’s the link to it on Google Maps….

  5. I watched another video in which Willeford stated that the gunman was shooting at him with a pistol, not with a rifle. Wasn’t there a rifle left behind at the scene? If so, the gunman must have dropped it before Willeford confronted him.

  6. For what it’s worth, this timeline says he drove from the gas station to the church

    • it’s worth nothing. there is no link provided in the article that supports that conclusion. They don’t even say “sources say”. they just ASSUME that he drove to the church after going to the gas station like everyone else did. BUT THAT WAS WRONG. Also note the date that article was last updated: Nov. 7th, two days after the event. Now we KNOW that the shooter GOT OUT OF A VEHICLE AND WALKED ACROSS THE STREET SHOOTING AT THE CHURCH. So, that report is worthless in that is it WRONG.

      • Thanks for clearing that up. I wasn’t suggesting that it was correct but was noting that there are/were some conflicting reports about how he got to the church.

        • as of three days after the event, there are no conflicting reports. and none apparently that are based on facts as told by the witnesses nor the officials in charge of the investigation. and someone linked to that article on my Youtube page as well so apparently there aren’t that many “conflicting reports” out there aside from this one… which as I pointed out, is entirely baseless and devoid of evidence.

  7. Website full of conspiracy theorists, lol

  8. One lady survivor in the church says that a shooter was on the roof during the start of the attack. A little girl survivor of the attack said that a bad guy with a face mask put his gun to his head and killed himself in the church.

    Lots of FBI strangeness reported too …. just like Vegas.

    • hi Jason. As I said in the video, I saw that video and thought about it a bit. If you were in the church and the person outside is shooting upward toward the church through the windows or the walls, the bullets would continue up into the ceiling tiles. Someone inside would hear the shots and see the holes being blown into the tiles and when pieces of said tiles come down… they might think the shots were coming from the roof, might they not? it’s possible. also possible a helicopter was involved but might be less likely. the real question is why would he start shooting outside the church then move in. had someone been armed in there, they would have been warned by the initial firing and been ready to shoot him as he came in. i mean, it is Texas. God don’t mind a Texan packing in his house i guess. So that doesn’t make sense. UNLESS his shots were COVER for someone elses?

  9. What I don’t get is why when he was seen at the gas station…Why didn’t they call the police right then and there..?

    • yeah, especially if he was opening fire while walking across the street. that’s ridiculous. of course they would call.

      • i’m wondering why he would have parked that far away & walked through that field shooting. he could have pulled his car right up front.

        aside from that, didn’t people in the church hear the gunfire & shots hitting their building? you’d think they would be out of their pews making a run for it.

        • I’m starting to think the dropping off at the station across the street was for timing. it allowed whoever dropped him off to get into position elsewhere. Pretty bold though. I mean, had a local sheriff been nearby, he may never have made it across the field to the church where he supposedly wanted to shoot his mother in law or some such nonsense.

  10. If Kelly had a history of violence he could have been selected for this reason to be a patsy for a so-called Black Op. Everthing is under surveillance these days. (Thanks to 9-11). There are very likely people who are looking for good patsies.

  11. I would be careful regarding the report that Kelly showed up at the church wearing black shortly before the shooting. If he is a patsy you can expect some disinformation.

  12. What I do not understand, when the man went to reload, why did not the men in the congregation take a charge???????? What has happened to American men? They have become Sheeple………

    • Could have been a helicopter shooting in from the sky. It’s all in Scott’s analysis if you watch the video

      This is my moto. This is what I do. “government agents or their allies (acting either virtually or in real space, and either openly or anonymously) will undermine the crippled epistemology of those who subscribe to such theories. They do so by planting doubts about the theories and stylized facts that circulate within such groups thereby introducing beneficial cognitive diversityCass Sunstein

      • I did not say a helicopter was shooting into the church. I was talking about what the witness thought she saw and I concluded more than likely the shooter from outside was shooting UP into the ceiling and the holes in the tile and the pieces falling down made her THINK the bullets were coming from above. And you could CLEARLY UNDERSTAND THAT in my video a-hole

        • Ok I’ve noticed some chatter re: missing comments and although I was just going to chalk it up to trolls, now I can’t see the whole numerology debate from mercury 7. Is he a troll too?

          • no. I will find his comment with the nuberology crap on it and repost that one so you can see it and the replies. but I will not repost his others.

          • I found the two from Mercury7 that were lost due to being replies to Noam/Marble’s deleted comments. I have added them to another of his on the same thread.

            • i promise i won’t ever be offended if you need to delete my comments when dealing with a troll.

              and the numbers thing was just a curiosity, lol.

              interesting to see so many new names on your site…

              • unfortunately most of them are the same guy apparently

                did get a lot of visitors from yesterday. About 8,000 or so. Good too see them stop by. They were here checking out this article which might explain why the trolls took more notice of me than usual this time around.

        • With all due respect, you did say “also possible a helicopter was involved” in a comment up a few lines.

          This is my moto. This is what I do. “government agents or their allies (acting either virtually or in real space, and either openly or anonymously) will undermine the crippled epistemology of those who subscribe to such theories. They do so by planting doubts about the theories and stylized facts that circulate within such groups thereby introducing beneficial cognitive diversityCass Sunstein

          • I said that in respect to what the witness thought she understood about the attack. Did I not say and carefully describe what I believed to have happened with the shooter outside hitting the ceiling through the walls and her misinterpreting THAT to be the cause? Did I not say that?

  13. the truth is missing here like in all the other shootings. if you recall this is to make sure the gun loving sheeple feeel goood about themselves and their ‘gun’ abilities. any other shooting has had the ‘right’ looking at the victims to see if they are crisis actors or not — if you look close there are some ‘actors’ in the lot at this church, but it isn’t brought to the attention of anyone because the ‘alt-right’ feels good about the guns they possess and how good they are for keeping everyone safe. this time the left is playing the right against itself and the fools fall for it and the left is laughing their arses off at their stupidity. if it furthers the ‘right’ they keep it — if it goes against the ‘right’ they fight it. the politicians play both sides to ensure they get the desired end result no matter who is in office for there is no difference once the ballots are counted — tptb always win. anyone who states they are falling apart is a liar and those who believe it are the biggest of fools!
    you idiots on the ‘fairytale right’ truly need to awaken to facts and not the fantasy in which all sheeple live.
    again, a staged event and the right sucks it up cause it makes them feel good!

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