Israel Endorses Kurdish Independence in Lone Show of Support

from Bloomberg

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu voiced support for Kurdish statehood, offering a lone source of backing for an autonomy referendum in Iraq this month that allies oppose.

Israel “supports the legitimate efforts of the Kurdish people to achieve their own state,” Netanyahu said in a statement Tuesday night during his visit in Latin America.

His endorsement clashes with the U.S. and Turkish positions. The Turkish government is concerned that sovereignty for Iraqi Kurds would encourage its own Kurdish insurgents. The U.S. says a Kurdish vote could destabilize the region and undercut the war on extremism…

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3 Responses

  1. “Israeli … a lone source of backing for an autonomy referendum in Iraq this month that allies oppose”

    I think that’s a lie. The “allies” do not oppose it at all. The US Special Forces are embedded with the kurds. The US just let Netanyahu float the balloon at the UN faking neutrality on the issue.
    Funny how the referendum for kurds to form a state on the land of other nations is OK but the Crimean referendum of citizens deciding their fate in their own land was… Russian intervention, even “invasion” and “annexation.”

  2. This whole bloviating over the “specialness” of the Kurds is like a reskin of Zionist ideology (not surprising, considering that the Barzanis played a role in founding the Israeli state).
    Since Israel would almost be by itself in backing the Kurdistan operation, one would hope that their military technology doesn’t previal over the combined might of their opponents.

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