Who is James Alex Fields Jr.? (photos and background)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: the shot

The driver of the car that hit all those counter-protesters in Charlottesville yesterday has been identified by authorities as 20-year-old James Alex Fields Jr. of Ohio. And like I said in my video yesterday, he, like MANY of the others who were at the neo-Nazi-themed “protest” on Friday night… is former military.

James Alex Fields Jr. (born April 26, 1997) is a resident of Maumee, Ohio​. He is registered to vote in Lucas County, Ohio​ and put his party affiliation as Republican. In addition, James is registered as the owner of a gray 2010 Dodge Challenger​ that ran into protesters at the Unite the Right​ rally. James was listed as an Active Duty Service Member in the United States Army​…

On the day of the rally, James can be alongside Vanguard America​ wearing their uniform and holding a shield with their logo (Vanguard America denies having any affiliation with him)

Here is DoD manpower status report:

Here is a photo of him taken at the Robert E. Lee statue that day carrying a shield from the Vanguard America destabilization phonies.

Image result for James Alex Fields Jr.

Here is the complete version of that photo.

Jason alongside members of Vanguard America

Reportedly, this is a photo of him behind the wheel of the Dodge Challenger.

James Alex Fields Jr. in the vehicle

And here is his registration:

Vehicle registration of Dodge Challenger​

Apparently I’m REALLY in the wrong line of work, because I can’t afford to fix the bullshit ’91 Eclipse I got and this kid is running around in a 2010 Challenger with a 6 cylinder engine.

Here’s a pic of him being arrested.

James' arrest caught on Snapchat​

Here’s on of the car showing it’s license plate before the attack.

His vehicle

And here is one after the fact.


This is interesting. Here is James supposedly posing with his Challenger.

James next to his Dodge Challenger​

So when did he get the different hood and paint job?

All of these photos and more can be found here.

Fields was in the military a total of 4 months. Went through basic training and then left.

There is a long history of various intelligence and law enforcement agencies recruiting directly from the ranks of the military and then sending those young recruits off to join various white supremacist movements and or militias. I’m not saying that is what happened with this guy, but it’s been done before. I covered one such operation in a previous American Gladio operation during the Obama days, though I can’t remember which one it was.

Vanguard America is definitely a honeypot operation.

Here are a couple of them in the March Against Sharia destabilization rally.

Related image

Here’s one of their flyers.

Image result for Vanguard America

Like any self-respecting honeypot psyop, they have their own manifesto.

So that is James Alex Fields Jr. Or what I know of him at this point.


11 Responses

  1. “…of Ohio”

    Go Bucks…

    Muck Fichigan… 😉

  2. hard to tell, but it looks to me like the photo of him with the car may have been photoshopped.

    “vanguard america” denies fields is one of them — they said they were freely giving out shields to anyone who wanted one. i wonder how many extra shields they brought, lol.

    • and giving away the white polo shirts as well? and tan slacks? hmmm. I guess they will keep up that story until someone on 4chan finds pics of him with them from a year ago or so.

      • another funny thing i forgot to mention: the press have published an image fields posted online that seems to support assad. i got a good laugh over that.

  3. He looks a bit different in every photo, espec the ones on the Daily Mail photo shopped maybe?

  4. The Sikh shooter had more tats than these “nazis” iirc. Pretty sure he was ex-something as well.

  5. okay I am a little confused. The smashed up car has hood stripes down the middle yet videos show a car without the hood stripes. Am I missing something???

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