Charlottesville Attack, Brennan Gilmore and… the STOP KONY 2012 Pysop? What?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Moon of Alabama blog makes some valid comparisons between this event and those that took place in Kiev during our color revolution

(of course, those were REAL Nazis throwing fire bombs at the police as opposed to FAKE NAZIS, probably police provocateurs, whom the police didn’t bother with and were given a stand-down order to stay out of the way till some good violence unfolded)

Go back and look at the video Brennan Gilmore posted of the Charlottesville attack. Go back and look at it. Something very odd and OBVIOUS is staring us in the face and all we have to do is step back and take a breath and see what’s right there for us to see.

The numbers from the Charlottesville attack are in and one individual is dead with another 30 or so injured. Two more deaths are attributed to the event in an effort to make it bleed more so to speak, but they were killed when their helicopter crashed. I’m not sure how they link that to the protests, but, there you go.

I will do some research on the suspect and publish it a little later but right now I wanted to share with you some things I found out about Brennan Gilmore, the former State Department employee who just HAPPENED to be at the exact right place at the exact right time already filming with his camera to capture the entire event from beginning to end.

And he just HAPPENED to have the pre-approved establishment message canned and ready to go for a CNN interview on the scene. Funny, his video hadn’t gone viral yet and CNN was already interviewing him? What a coincidence there, huh? Notice he says the counter-protesters were “peaceful”. I guess that means Soros’ ANTIFA provocateurs had been told to avoid that particular march. Also notice he equates “alt-right” with “terrorists” and “racists” with ease.

Brennan Gilmore’s video is viral now. It’s been hijacked by more YouTubers than you can imagine. It really was perfect. Not only did he HAPPEN to be at the right place at the right time, but he was ALREADY recording with his camera and it was focused on that car, for SOME REASON as it drove by the corner at a reasonable rate. Why he would focus on that vehicle right then and there BEFORE IT DID ANYTHING is a mystery to me. It was traveling down the street at about 25 miles and hour which is not out of place for that road. Certainly it may be for the situation, but remember, the march was not planned and or sanctioned, so the street was not blocked off, and in fact, there were two more cars in front of the Dodge Charger that were stuck in the middle of the protest on that same street. Those are the ones hit from behind by the Charger. But Brennan wasn’t filming them was he? No. But he did film the Charger heading all the way down the street into the crowd of protesters… almost as if he knew it would run into them rather than simply brake and sit and wait like the other cars in front of it.

Again, not a smoking gun in and of itself, but when combined with all the other coincidences surrounding his video PLUS the fact that he was ready to go with the divide and conquer establishment version of events for CNN while people were still lying on the hot pavement, it kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it?

PLUS… Brennan says it is “definitely terrorism”… no doubt about it. HAS to be “terrorism”, right?

Let me take a second to explain something to you. Terrorism is an act of violence or the THREAT of violence designed to prompt a change in a country in terms of it’s economic, political or social structure.

How is ramming a car into a crowd of protesters you don’t like to be considered an effort by that ONE PERSON to bring about a change in this country’s social structure? Are we to assume the driver thought that running over a few counter protesters would make the rest of the country step back and say “yeah, the Robert E. Lee statue is history, not racism” and let it stand?

A terrorist blows up an airport because he wants to DISRUPT commerce and travel. A terrorist runs a campaign like GLADIO because he wants to prevent a nation from slipping too far to the left. A racist might run over “goddamned hippies” because he HATES THEM. But that’s NOT terrorism.

However… if the event, the mass casualty event, was PLANNED to destabilize the nation, to DIVIDE the “alt-left’ and the “alt-right”… then THAT IS TERRORISM.

Moving on…

“The violence and hatred in our society is out of control. We like to think that it’s better than places like Africa and Asia, but it’s not,” said Mr. Gilmore, who worked in Africa as a U.S. State Department foreign service officer before leaving to manage the campaign of Tom Perriello for Virginia governor earlier this year. “I’m worried.” New York Times

Given Brennan’s rather suspicious positioning before the fact and his former employer (a State Department that is wholly disgusted with BOTH Trump and Tillerson for firing a number of 7th floor entrenched State Department career “soft power” activists) I thought I would look him up and see if I could find some more background on who is really is and what he did for them.

This is what I found:

Brennan M. Gilmore | Embassy of the United States Bangui, CAR

Prior to this, Mr. Gilmore served as the Special Assistant for Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) Issues in the Bureau of African Affairs, coordinating the development …

The link is dead. They scrubbed it from the interwebs. But as you can probably imagine, when I saw he was linked somehow to the whole “STOP KONY 2012” psyop, I was amazed.

Then I found some more (not an easy thing to do mind you):

State/OIG recently posted its inspection report of the US Embassy in Bangui, a 15% danger pay post, as well as a 35% COLA and 35% hardship differential pay assignment.  The inspection took place in Washington, DC, between September 10 and 28, 2012, and in Bangui, the Central African Republic, between November 5 and 12, 2012.

The diplomatic mission is headed by Ambassador Laurence D. Wohlers, a career diplomat.  The deputy chief of mission (DCM) is Brennan M. Gilmore. The embassy temporarily suspended operations on December 28, 2012, as a result of the security situation in the country…

The Ambassador arrived in September 2010 and the deputy chief of mission (DCM) in July 2011. They constitute a team that is particularly strong in outreach and reporting and have successfully weathered a series of management challenges. They are not as successful when it comes to leadership and morale.

The DCM has broad executive responsibilities. He supervises the reporting agenda assigned to the first-tour political/economic/consular officer. The officer meets weekly with the DCM and usually the Ambassador as well. The DCM is responsible primarily for military affairs, which include the U.S. Special Forces deployment to the eastern Central African Republic and a rotational U.S. Africa Command liaison officer position. Diplopundit archive on Brennan Gilmore

The STOP KONY 2012 psyop was all about using the Joseph Kony boogieman to justify letting Barack Obama send Special Operations troops into Africa to run around and squash any and all resistance to our new imperialism campaign. It was a fraud. A show. And Brennan was part of it.

He was also part of the campaign of Tom Perriello’s in Virginia to become the next governor. Perriello also has ties to the new African imperialism campaign that was waged under the watchful eyes of our first black president. Tom lost the primary two months ago in spite of the fact that he was backed by every establishment unDemocratic Party leader and even that Khan guy who was rolled out by Hillary Clinton to paint Trump as a racist way back when.

In July 2015, President Obama appointed Tom Perriello to succeed former US Senator Russell Feingold as Special Envoy to the Great Lakes Region and the Democratic Republic of Congo. As Special Envoy, Perriello was the US representative to a region including Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, and Rwanda, countries working to overcome a recent legacy of civil war and genocide.

In December 2016, Perriello indicated that he would run for Governor of Virginia in the 2017 election on a platform centered around economic justice as well as resistance to the Trump Administration.[51]

Perriello is currently CEO of Win Virginia a PAC dedicated to helping Democrats win back the Virginia House of Delegates in 2017.

And there’s one more thing about the man Brennan Gilmore tried to make the next governor of Virginia… he’s a centrist neoliberal linked to the CIA’s USAID.

During the 2009 legislative session, Perriello voted for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act,[31] (he voted for TARP) the American Clean Energy and Security Act,[32] and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in March 2010.[33] During debate over the health care bill in the House, he voted for the Stupak–Pitts Amendment to the Affordable Health Care for America Act, which would have prohibited the use of federal funds to cover any part of the costs of any health plan that includes coverage of abortion (and he voted for fascist ObamaCare but didn’t want abortion to be paid for under it)

Tom Perriello was selected by Secretary of State John Kerry to lead the 2015 Quadrennial Diplomacy & Development Review, a strategic planning process intended to be conducted every four years for the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)…

He has worked as a consultant to the International Center for Transitional Justice in Kosovo (2003), Darfur (2005), and Afghanistan (2007) where he worked on justice-based security strategies.[13] Perriello has also been a fellow at The Century Foundation

Ah, so Tom worked mopping up resistance in places like Kosovo, Darfur and Afghanistan before becoming such a stalwart “progressive” huh?

And what’s that about The Century Foundation? Who are they you ask?

The Century Foundation is a progressive think tank headquartered in New York City with an office in Washington, D.C.[1] It was founded as a nonprofit public policy research institution on the belief that the prosperity and security of the United States depends on a mix of effective government, open democracy, and free markets

Ah, the Global Free Market Wars, a.k.a. the Global War on Terrorism a.k.a. Overseas Contingency Operations. And Tom, and apparently our “convenient witness” Brennan Gilmore, were all over it.

Gilmore has spent a lot of time Tweeting since the event unfolded yesterday. As expected, he is quick to label it terrorism and cast blame on the “alt-right” which he equates with Nazism.

It’s important to put into context Brennan Gilmore’s time in CAR when they were fighting “KONY”

They weren’t fighting KONY. He was there in support of the brutal military dictatorship of General François Bozizé who took over in coup from the elected president of the country, Ange-Félix Patassé

Our puppet dictator Bozize was trying to hold onto power in the face of a 2012 uprising from Séléka CPSK-CPJP-UFDR not “KONY”. But of course, that would have been a harder sell to the fans of President Peace Prize so “KONY” the boogieman. In the end, Special Operations and all the propaganda we could muster did little to stem the tide of CHANGE in CAR and the start of 2013 saw folks like Brennan Gilmore and Bozize flee the country.

Gilmore has said on multiple occasions since the event yesterday that you would think hatred and violence is more widespread in “African nations” than it is right here in the states, but “you would be wrong” which is quite an amazing statement coming from a man who resided in a country that routinely killed opposition leaders and who was forced to FLEE THE COUNTRY when the people finally took it back from us.

All this being said, is it possible this man with links to Special Ops and CIA and various other black ops kinds of actors just HAPPENED to be there at that particular moment in history?

Yeah, I guess that’s possible, if you’re into coincidence theories I suppose.

But I’m not into such things.

Clearly the State Department has a lot of disgruntled former employees who would delight in destabilizing Trump’s tenure even more than they already have. And Gilmore, like Tom, seem particularly invested in undermining the “alt-right” in the lead-up to the next round of elections.

Waaaaaay too much coincidence for me folks. Waaaaaay too much.


41 Responses

  1. Good sleuthing.

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  3. Excellent. Superior work. Thank you

  4. He’s not State, he’s CIA. And he’s not disgruntled, he’s still on the job, as a illegal domestic NOC. If you meet the scumbag sometime, ask him about all the airdrops that Kony’s harem lived on. But anyway, good catch.

  5. re the car crash: the really strange part wasn’t that gilmore’s camera followed the car, it was that he chose to pan away from the car after it crashed into a crowd of people.

    also, i couldn’t help but think of recent terror events in europe where a vehicle was used as a weapon. i guess we’re supposed to equate the threat from trump/alt-right as being as dire as the threat of radical islam?

    • i don’t think that car was supposed to come back up the street. they couldn’t foresee cars stopped in the middle of the crowd and the driver couldn’t see them stopped there due to all the people walking in front of them. When he hit the car, he hit it hard enough to launch it into the one in front of it, then the driver paniced and hit reverse. I think, if the videographer was part of the operation, he was as shocked to see the car coming back up the street as the driver was and probably didn’t want to risk recording the driver’s face had the window been busted.

      • the vid cuts away from the car almost as soon as it crashes into the crowd, which i thought was weird; i know if i captured something like that on camera, i’d keep the camera on the car & probably try to get a closer pic of the car, rather than turn the camera around to film a handful of people away from the crash.

  6. Strange that the police helicopter crashed before they had a chance to
    shoot at the car as it was backing up the street.

  7. Fascinating. Excellent work, Scott, as usual.

  8. them thar Al Quida boys will do almost any sneaky OP to
    get the GOYIM to blame the {{{{JEWS}}}

    sneaky & cunning is what they are

    can I get an AMEN…?


  9. No think tank claiming to believe in a “free market” can call itself progressive. The ‘free’ market doesn’t exist; further, the consequence of unfettered trade is a huge outflux of cash from this country and a lot less money flowing into the economy, since it’s offshored or in some fatcats’ bank accounts. Neoliberalism is just Reaganism hiding in sheep’s clothes.

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  11. All the White Nationalist rally organizers are CIA also, including Richard Spencer and David Duke.

    C.I.A. Connections of White Nationalist Leaders and Alternative Media Figures

  12. Before you guys go crazy making connections. We are talking about Charlottseville, VA. Langley is just a couple of hours away. The feds love recruiting from UVA. As a person that lives in Northern Virginia it’s not surprising in the least to see a former agent taking this video. He makes no secret about it in his politico article- infact he makes some interesting comparisons to situation dealt with in Africa. If anything we owe him a great deal for his ability to stay calm and articulate during a hostile situation. We are are all better informed because of it.

    • B.B.M. CIA troll pops up to defend fellow agent?
      This CIA orchestrated Exercise, now going on Tour.
      The ranks of Police/Internment Camp Interns,
      the Badges StandDown…Shows that Rulers preparing a JadeHelm
      For Real. Civil disturbance Provoked. Martial Law Rule.
      It’s all so obvious, It Screams Out!

  13. Did you see that someone is driving the wrecked vehicle through the streets of Charlottesville ?……dragging the bumper and with a crashed wind shield ???

    You would think that the cops would have put it on a flat bed tow truck to examine it for fingerprints and other evidence in a vehicular homicide investigation.

    Something very strange going on here.

  14. When my shrink said there are no coincidences I thought she was batty, but the more I focused on “coincidental” occurances it became clear that she is right. There are no coincidences. Every thing that happens is explainable. The next time you have a; “well, what a coincident” moment, try looking back at, the “coincident”, and what just happened, disect the moments, question the elements involved. You will also come to the same conclusion. There are no coincidents. Except the Big Bang.
    I thank the author for doing the work necessary to the forming an opinion based on logical assesment of some hard to find information. Good work.

  15. […] And he just HAPPENED to have the pre-approved establishment message […]

  16. no one died at Sandy Hook either
    Alex Jones is a gatekeeper/controlled oppo
    Megyn Kelly is a miserable deceptive kunt

  17. XCELLENT work WillyLoman. I have followed you since the Aurora psyops where you came up with (from my rapidly ageing brains memory) the discarded gas mask lying on the ground in the back of the theatre. I came across a 4 second video on Live leak & I too thought it strange that the cameraman panned away after watching the car driving sedately it seemed down the street. It doesn’t show any other cars I might go look on (((You Tube))). Over here in New Zealand the latest story is that he hit his mother & that when he was on a school trip to Dachau he’d said “this is where the magic happened” .
    Check this guys twitter feed out – appears to be saying someone else driving car ??? Wouldn’t be the 47th time some patsy has been told “you’re it sunshine – don’t you remember doing that??”

    Again top notch research

    • How come his airbag didn’t deploy?

      • someone disabled them (that model has air-curtains over the side windows as well, right?) prior to the event so when he hit people they wouldn’t deploy making it impossible for him to see and steer. that’s my guess anyway

  18. Ah interestinger & interestinger . . . . . . . I’ve just looked on you tube & the—- first thing I noticed was that my browser extension /download button is no longer working. And I seem to have gone from You Tube .com to You Tube .com. NZ.

    It would appear from the videos I watched that the shot of the car driving relatively sedately before the “mayhem” has been placed into the “presentations” later on, so that one can’t actually work out the sequence of events. There were obviously multiple camera-people & a guy from Twitter (linked to above) has what may well be pertinent to understanding WTF happened. Someone else did a Twitter search on the hash-tag # False Flag . . . .(where I picked up Ariosopher from) – there’s are certainly shit loads of people calling “bullshit” on the MSM version of events !!

    We watch with interest.


    Chris in Christchurch

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  21. Members of The Century Foundation were involved in JournoList too.
    3 are listed in the KNOWN members –

  22. […] roles” in creating this media spectacle, this report says, third up was Brennan Gilmore—who “magically and mystically” was able to appear at the height of this created mob violence with a …—with Brennan Gilmore, afterwards, being prominently interviewed by not only CNN, but every […]

  23. O. B. V. I. O. U. S. l. i e !

    Virginia cia pentagon MilitryP’Lice E X E R C I S E .
    Testing sheeple. are u ready to cook?

    These Pentagon Bankster Corporate /robot monster mass murderers are on automatic holocaust apocalypse FinalSolution.
    amurdika. Yer doom.

  24. How come his airbag didn’t deploy?

  25. Brennan GIlmore is a racist himself

  26. […] La jugada se completa con la aparición de Gilmore, armado con su videocámara, para grabar la estampida del coche que mató a la manifestante, dando acto seguido las consabidas entrevistas a la CNN, como estaba previsto en el guión previamente escrito. […]

  27. Amazing amount of investigative reporting. Continuing to peel back the layer. The LEFT is so craven they will stop at nothing to regain control.

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