DNC Brilliantly Trolled at Politicon by The Yes Men


2 Responses

  1. The DNC was trolled at this year’s Politicon by ‘The Yes Men.’ One of the members from this activist duo managed to get accepted into Politicon while posing as a member from the DNC, and while he had the ears of attendees, he announced that the DNC would be going in a radically different direction after admitting to being corrupted by corporate money; they’d support ‘Medicare for All,’ universal basic income, and they’d attempt to ban lobbying and support corporate financing of elections. This “DNC announcement” put the DNC in a position to come out and denounce all of these popular policies.

    Ha-ha-ha… Bet the DNC and their battalion of flying monkey’s choked on what the ‘Yes Men’ did. Nothing like a little truth and Sunshine to air out the foul-smelling DNC lair..

  2. Interesting approach, would love to see what DOW had to say re the India admission. And did the DNC panel event get any media coverage, did it take place at an actual DNC conference, was he exposed at any point to the audience, would love some background, thanks!

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