Massive Collection of Photographic Proof the “White Helmets” are Actually al Qaeda/al Nusra Terrorists

by Scott Creighton

Thanks to a Twitter post from Tim Anderson, I have found a MASSIVE collection of photos which prove the so-called “White Helmets” are actually al Qaeda-linked terrorists operating in Syria. I’ve seen a couple comparison photos before and posted articles which feature a few but I have seen nothing like this.

The collection was put together by someone over at Clarity of Signal which is a website I had never heard of but looks pretty good. I don’t know who runs it. Here are just a couple:



This is outstanding work and should be your go-to location to send folks when they have any questions about what the White Helmets really are. Well, here and Vanessa Beeley’s website. She just did a good interview over at RT by the way.

Who ever did this, it was obviously a massive undertaking and a labor of love. Love for the truth. Kudos to Clarity of Signal for putting this together. You should put it in your Favorites and link any trolls you come across to the collection. That’ll shut em up fast.


4 Responses

  1. I checked into the site and it is ran by Doug Schoen who is an analyst for Fox news. The site clarityofsignal is simply awesome in its comprehensiveness. I couldn’t find anything bad about him in a cursory look, but I’m wondering if he is a supporter of Israel based on one article I read. Definitely worth looking into. He is a cum laude grad of Harvard, worked for Clinton, and was democratic until last October. Looks like he’s really got his shit together now in his later years.

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