Intel Community Is Sabotaging Trump! – Warns Notable DEMOCRAT (video by Jimmy Dore)

With the “ISIS” boogeyman losing credibility and al Qaeda now back to being our friends and allies in Syria, a new Cold War is just what the doctor ordered to pump up MIC expenditures, right?


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  1. A tiny bit of good news from Sweden…

    Haisam Omar Sakhanh, 46, was a mercenary terrorist in Syria (i.e. he was one of Obama’s mass-murdering “moderates”). In service to the Empire, he tortured and killed countless Syrian soldiers and civilians, often on videotape. Then he went to Sweden and applied for asylum. There, in March 2016, he was arrested. The Swedish government has now sentenced him to life in prison. Mr. Sakhanh has three weeks to file an appeal. Since he was charged with murdering captive Syrian soldiers, will the CIA pressure Sweden’s government to release him? Maybe, but with the Empire having failed to destroy the Syrian government, let’s hope that the CIA now regards its head-chopping “moderates” as disposable.

  2. I’ve seen many fake liberals cheering this on. The same people who were shitting bricks about right wingers calling for a coup against Obama. Yes, in the short term result of getting Trump out might be not so bad, but the implication that this whole shit show has should seriously disturb people. The intelligence community does not work for us – they don’t work for the President either. The fact that they’re out in the open threatening to not share information with the President while simultaneously leaking information to damage the President should make people furious.

    Who are they accountable to? Who do they answer to? Anyone who thinks that this whole thing is happening because the Old Boys are just so scared of Trump and that as a result they’re trying to do the Patriotic(™) thing….come on. The same CIA that overthrows foreign countries and backs brutal dictatorships worldwide? HAH!

  3. A reading of A Devil’s Chessboard by Talbot will highlight how this concept has been around for a VERY long time. It’s amazing that the phrase Deep State doesn’t get mentioned until well into the discussion. I’m sure congressman Kucinich is well aware of the machinations of this wonderful democratic entity since he has served in the cesspool known as american participatory politics.

    A very good starting point is Stockwell’s description of the CIA:

    At the end of World War II, we were militarily dominant, economically dominant, and we enjoyed a remarkable international credibility. With a modicum of restraint and self-confidence we could have laid the foundations of lasting world peace. Instead, we panicked, exaggerating the challenge of a Soviet Union which had just lost 70,000 villages, I,7l0 towns, 4.7 million houses, and 20 million people in the war. We set its dread KGB as a model for our own alter ego in foreign affairs. In the words of the Hoover Commission report of 1954:
    There are no rules in such a game. Hitherto acceptable norms of human conduct do not apply. If the U.S. is to survive, long-standing American concepts of “fair play” must be reconsidered. We must develop effective espionage and counterespionage services. We must learn to subvert, sabotage and destroy our enemies by more clever, more sophisticated and more effective methods than those used against us. It may become necessary that the American people be acquainted with, understand and support this fundamentally repugnant philosophy.
    It was a tragic, fallacious thesis. Our survival as a free people has obviously not been dependent on the fumbling activities of the clandestine services of the CIA, but on the dynamism of our economic system and the competitive energies of our people. Nor was Hoover’s philosophy “fundamentally repugnant.” Rather, it was irresistible, for it created an exhilarating new game where all social and legal restraints were dissolved. Cast as super-patriots, there were no rules, no controls, no laws, no moral restraints, and no civil rights for the CIA game-players. No individual in the world would be immune to their depradations, friends could be shafted and enemies destroyed, without compunction. It was an experiment in amorality, a real-life fantasy island, to which presidents, legislators, and the American people could escape, vicariously.
    Not surprisingly, the mortals of the CIA were unable to cope with such responsibility. Over the years, a profound, arrogant, moral corruption set in. Incompetence became the rule. The clandestine services, established a solid record of failure: failure to produce good intelligence; failure to run successful covert operations; and failure to keep its operatives covert. And its directors also failed to respect the sacred responsibility they were given of extra-constitutional, covert license. Eventually, like any secret police, they became abusive of the people: they drugged American citizens; opened private mail; infiltrated the media with secret propaganda and disinformation; lied to our elected representatives; and set themselves above the law and the Constitution.
    But our attachment to the CIA’s clandestine services nevertheless seems to be unshaken. We still argue that, no matter what it does, the CIA is essential to our national security.

    • “Our attachment to the CIA’s clandestine services nevertheless seems to be unshaken. We still argue that, no matter what it does, the CIA is essential to our national security.”

      Agreed. Most Americans (not all) tend to be rather conceited and self-righteous — or “exceptional,” to use a currently fashionable word. Hence most Americans (not all) enjoy movies about agents of the CIA, MI6, etc. as heroes hunting “bad guys.” James Bond defeats fictional super-villains so that real-life super-villains (central bankers for example) are free to continue their evil. Trashy TV series like “Homeland” and “24” justify this ambient arrogance. Such programs camouflage mass stupidity.

      In short, the CIA’s evil persists because most people (not all) are selfish creeps who consciously or subconsciously want it to persist.

      • Precisely…The book Spooked;How the CIA Manipulates the Media and Hoodwinks Hollywood is just one of many detailed accounts of the incestuous relationship between the agency and the “left” media.

      • Funny you mention James Bond as there seems to be a bit of the “revelation of method” in many of those films. In particular, the stock scene of a handful of secretive and powerful men meeting with the megalomaniac baddie du jour seems oddly evocative of those 80 or so families who own most of the world’s wealth. They’ve been known to meet in private as well, no?

    • I read somewhere that the primary reason OSS/CIA exaggerated the post-war soviet threat was because of disinformation they received from Reinhart Gehlen’s paperclipped spies. Apparently these former nazi spies weren’t very honest, but smart enough to fool the Dulles brothers into keeping them on the Company payroll.

  4. This maybe somewhat off topic but, it really disconcerting over how many in the so called left, the “undemocrats” are you call the Scott, how they want the Deep State to take out Trump over his alleged Russian ties. It really is scary how much a war they want with Russia. They wanted Flynn because he was too Pro-Russian from the Russophobes in Washington, and yet they are not upset over Flynn’s anti-Iranian bullshit?

    But it is also disconcerting, or I should say, its very telling that some many people on the left and right really want to get at everyone’s throat. I was reading through comments about France’s new law that allows Police to shoot protesters apparently, unless this is more Fake News, I think that’s a dangerous precedent to set considering that France is under martial law still.

    There are a lot of people that are okay with the police state and living under a technological type of surveillance state which also includes the privatized neoliberal version of the police state. Not just ordinary people but people who are in the alt-media and those that use to be against the police state. The people commenting on that RT video are okay with martial law and a permanent state of emergency, I am not welcoming refugees in open arms, I am not favor of open borders, far from it, but I am not okay with a police state either.

    They are talking about giving “leftists helicopter rides”, everyone seems to be angry and at everyone’s throat, they aren’t focused at the neoliberals and the oligarchy, they are focusing their anger at leftists and Muslims and white males etc.

  5. Interesting documentary (among many) that reveals the intricacies of the CIA. Most of its people are compartmentalized and unaware of what the specific agenda is all about. Which explains how an action like 911 could happen with thousands of unaware participants (in several multinational intel agencies) could be done without clear evidence or whistleblowing of those in the highest level of responsibility.

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