Obama’s Nation-building: Greater Kurdistan Updates

by Scott Creighton

Obama’s real legacy = Condi’s New Middle East

President Peace Prize has sent 250 more troops to fight alongside the Kurds as they silence dissent and ethnically cleanse north-eastern Syria making ready the Syrian Kurdistan part of Greater Kurdistan. The Syrians living in the area don’t seem to be please with the new development.

“We are categorically against the impermissible and flagrant violation of our country’s sovereignty. We will not allow American boots on our soil. We are also against any plans for a division or federalization of Syria,” Al-Hasakah Governor Mohammad Zaal said during the meeting.” Sputnik

The Americans have no legal basis for being there, so an intelligence officer has decided to help push congress into giving President Obama a blank check for unending war against “ISIS™” by filing a bullshit, psyop lawsuit against the federal government.

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Obama Goes Full Regime Change Terrorism in Syria with Russia’s Tacit Support

by Scott Creighton

Obama’s moderates bringing democracy to Syria

There has been a new cease-fire agreement reached between the US and Russia regarding the brutal fighting in Aleppo, Syria. This 72-hour agreement comes at a time when US-backed “moderate” terrorists have been shelling the Western part of the city without pause for several days and just after a refugee camp was hit by something. “Activists” say it was some kind of airstrike while the Russian military says it looks like it could have been some of those massive homemade mortars the “moderates” (like al Nusra) have been lobbing into civilian areas throughout the country.

More likely than not, the attack on the al-Quds hospital and the shelling of the refugee camp were the work of our “moderates” designed to produce gross mortality rates and enrage public sentiment against the conflict in Syria, if not the freely elected government of the country. What we are seeing is something very similar to the end of the Libyan regime change operation when US and coalition forces bombed the country mercilessly until the will of the Libyan people broke. The only difference here is our peace prize “winning” president and his military advisers are using mercenary terrorists like those in al-Nusra (al-Qaeda affiliated) instead of French bombers.

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