Osborne: Britain Must Bomb “Evil Assad Regime” Over Refugee “Crisis”


Britain moved closer to military action in Syria as a senior minister on Saturday said Europe’s migration crisis had to be tackled at its source and a newspaper said a parliamentary vote on bombing Islamic State militants in Syria could take place next month.

Finance minister George Osborne said Britain and Europe had to find a way to tackle the conflict in Syria as well as provide asylum to those genuinely fleeing persecution.

You’ve got to deal with the problem at source, which is this evil Assad regime and the ISIL (Islamic State) terrorists, and you need a comprehensive plan for a more stable, peaceful Syria,” Osborne told Reuters in an interview.

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    No proper category to put it under (Surveillance tech, or watching the watchers?), so i put it here.

    I put up a novel tech item article this site a few months ago, but can’t remember under what.

    This ability to see & record color in near darkness should have the cockroach class skittering off to find even darker hidey holes.

    Whoever Canon has working long hours in their R&D labs deserves a raise. Just about a month after the company introduced a video camera that can record HD color video in the dark comes another mind boggling advancement – a 250 megapixel monster of a sensor.

    Earlier today Canon formally unveiled a 250 megapixel image sensor small enough that it can fit inside of a DSLR camera. Highlighting how powerful the new sensor is, Canon writes that it can distinguish the lettering on the side of an airplane flying 11 miles away “from the shooting location.”

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