SITREP: grenade attack in Kiev – a US PSYOP?

Vineyard of the Saker

It did not take the Ukrainian security services, which are usually not known for their competence, very long to identify the person who tossed the combat grenade at the security forces guarding the Duma: his name is Igor Gumeniuk.

The official version goes like this: Igor Gumeniuk is a member of the Svoboda Party of Oleg Tiagnibok and a solider of the “Sech” death squad.

This proud Ukrainian patriot had a page in the Russian equivalent of Facebook (Vkontakte) where he posted photos of himself as a formidable nationalist warrior and some of his original “artwork”, including two Russian-made Makarov pistols and some bullets arranged in the form of a Swastika.  A true intellectual indeed.

So yes, he is perfect for the job and he was found in a record time.

Does anybody else get a weird feeling while reading all this?

Let’s think about the cui bono thing again and begin by setting the context.

[read more here]

2 Responses

  1. All news footage is Unreality TV now…

    Maybe these are the catalysts to foment change.

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