The Bob and Chez Show: Obama’s Willing Executioners Rant On

by Scott Creighton

This morning, for the sake of all humanity, I suffered through something called the Bob and Chez show .

It was like being nailed to a cross for the sins of all mankind. The self-righteous indignation of these partisan-hacks, these intellectual midgets, permeated the airwaves, oozed through my speakers and stunk up my office like patchouli at a Grateful Dead cover-band show.

It was literally enough to make me ashamed, deeply ashamed to have ever called myself a “democrat” or “progressive”

The mind-numbing banality that passes for intellectualism these days on the left (or the right for that matter) is deeply disturbing especially when it’s peppered with the kind of vicious, angry arrogance displayed by these two brainwashed half-wits.

Ignorance and blind faith are extremely bad bedfellows.

But you combine those with a radio station, unadulterated ambition and the appropriate servile nature such ambition needs in our new world order, then what you get is essentially the kinds of apologists like those in Haiti under the Papa Doc regime who extolled the virtues of the Tonton Macoute to an audience made up of Hitler’s Willing Executioners.

Now before someone comes in screeching about the fake left/right Muppet show of a political circus we have here in the states I want to make sure you understand, I call ’em all fascists because they are all fascists. I take shots at the right and the left and that precious thing they like to call “the center” which is so far right of Reagan it makes Augusto Pinochet blush with jealousy.

If you want to take a look at partisan idol-worship, just head over to Bob Cesca’s website. For a guy who supposedly got his start with an ‘alternative’ website, the guy sure spends a lot of time on his knees servicing the democratic wing of our one party system (The Business Party centered at the US Chamber of Commerce)

Well, it’s Bob’s website but it’s “brought to you by” Bubble Genius, a soap company that apparently owns them, lock, stock and soapy barrel and who also, by the way, sells something called “Global Warming Soap”

Yes folks, they are so hip, so right with the times, their corporate sponsor sells “Global Warming” ideology as a soap. They claim they will send “proceeds” to viable groups like those fighting “climate change” (how the FUCK to you “fight” climate change?) AND… get this… they will also send some soap “to our troops fighting overseas”?!?

Talk about covering your marketing bases. Why don’t we just send the heroic troops over to fight global warming with some drone strikes and a couple Wahhabist mercenaries while we are at it. After all, if Obama does it, it can’t be bad right?

And these guys call out the NRA for “selling guns”?

Just to give you an idea of how brainwashed (or full of shit) Bob Cesca is, at one point in the 1 hour show I listened to, he claimed that Obama and Killary Clinton had to attack and bomb Libya because their evil ruler was marching to Benghazi in order to “wipe out” his entire population. That’s what he said.

Ironically, later his little sidekick, Chez Pazienza , pined away about how ignorant the people of this country are. Actually, he did that several times. Seems like a thing for him, mocking the ignorance of everyone who doesn’t think they way he does.

It was at that point the spinning in my head caused me physical illness and a sense of growing despair that I still haven’t recovered from.

It should also be noted just for shits and giggles that at one point, in one line, this “Chez” thing managed to work in three lines of globalist propaganda in one breathless, overreacting sentence: gun-grabbing (disarm a certain segment of the population), global warming (absolute control over industry and production worldwide) and human over population (depopulating the planet). And he did so with such arrogance and outrage I could only conclude that he wasn’t lying or just spitting it out like a MSM talking head would… he actually believes it. All of it. And it angers him that these globalist agendas haven’t been achieved as of yet.

But in that anger there is so much self-contradiction, he’s probably dangerous in that it appears he doesn’t even take the time to evaluate his own bullshit, much less anyone else’s.

In this show that I listened to, the guys go off making pretty much every cliched gross generalization they can about gun owners who wish to protect their second amendment rights, which at one point Bob claims “we should re-write the constitution”

“Chez” claims these “nuts” think of their guns as “part of their anatomy”

Then the “Chez” thing quietly and quickly lets it slip… he owns a gun.

He’s a gun owner. Why does he have it? I guess because he knows radio hosts and journalists in this country have a history of being shot (Bill Cooper, Alan Berg, Robert Stevens…)

He even said at one point that he would “give up” his gun if everyone else did so I guess he doesn’t use it for hunting.

If you want more self-contradiction, try this on for size:

They go on and on about keeping “the crazy people” from having guns, right? It’s a big thing for them. Will “save lives”

Then they spend about 20 minutes talking about how “unhinged” and crazy Alex Jones is because he dared talk about Killary Clinton. Political dissent is “crazy” don’t ya know.

Then, they make a point to say how wrong Alex Jones is for saying they are going to come take his guns.



Let’s back up.

Crazy people shouldn’t have guns. Alex Jones is crazy because he voices his unpopular opinion about Killary and guns. Alex Jones is crazy for thinking he can’t keep his guns. Crazy Alex Jones can keep his guns?


It makes your head spin, doesn’t it?

The last part of the show is even worse if you can imagine that. Talk about apologists for the Tonton Macoute, these guys started talking about that idiot from the Alex Jones show, Dan Bondi (or whatever the idiots name is) and they suggested the cops should be “checking him out” every day because he’s a conspiracy theorist.

Then they go on to belittle any parents who have questions about being forced by state laws in Rhode Island to make their kids submit to the whims of Big Pharma via mandatory vaccine laws.

These sycophants to power don’t know a corporate agenda they don’t support whole-heartedly as if the human race’s mere survival depends on it.

Thank God for Big Pharma and the hundreds of vaccines they will eventually jab into your newborns. Thank God for all those profits they will generate.

And this from the left.

What was that I said about the one party system we have here? Oh yeah, the Business Party.

The reason I post this article, because as you guys know, I don’t waste time with flame-wars, the reason I post this is because you have to listen to the hatred, the vindictive, belligerent animosity these two revel in with regard to anyone who thinks differently than they do.

I’m a leftist. I’m not a “right wing nut-job” and neither is Alex Jones for that matter. He’s a show. A pretense. A neocon phony giving idiots like Bob and Chez something to hate when it comes to people who don’t accept whatever official narrative they are spoon-fed every day. He’s an act, folks. It’s called “InfoWars” for a reason.

I’m a real “conspiracy theorist”. I’m really what Bob and Chez hate with a passion, even more so because I’m also a real leftist who serves as a reminder to people like them of what sellouts they are and… I’m not a clownish caricature, something they can easily dismiss. I’m a rational, reasonable mirror by which they can see their true, far-right, corporate worshiping selves. And they don’t like it.

I posted this little review because I want people to understand just how divisive and hostile the narrative is becoming in this country. And it’s not just on the fringes. It’s not just the Soros controlled BlackLivesMatter crowd or the Koch brother’s Tea Party. This audio track of these idiots was posted on the front page of the Huffington Post. This kind of hostility toward people who THINK DIFFERENTLY is going MAINSTREAM. And that is a serious, serious problem.

When you can convince a population that they are fighting for the survival of a nation-state or their religion or even the human race itself, you can get them to do all sorts of horrific things.

You can get far-right fascists in Ukraine to beat and burn to death dozens of middle aged women and other protesters simply because they oppose joining the Eurozone for instance.

You can get US citizens to join Special Forces and conduct terrorism against civilian populations because they don’t like our “national interests”

You can get average Indian citizens to ride around on the backs of trucks at 3 am rounding up dissidents because they speak out against the new, IMF neoliberal ‘reforms’ in the country.

And ultimately, you can get an entire population to turn their backs on their friends and neighbors as they are rounded up and disappeared, as has happened in so many countries across the world as our intelligence services have imposed the same neoliberal system they are currently in the process of imposing on us right now.

If you think this is Chicken Little hyperbole, you need to think again.

West Point Professor Calls On US Military To Target Legal Critics Of War On Terror

By every single account from people who were alive in Germany when their own transition took place, this shift doesn’t happen in a heartbeat like it did in Libya, Iraq and recently in Egypt. It is gradual. Incremental.

The process is one of brainwashing. It takes time.

These two wannabes could be the poster children for the process. They will simply absorb and regurgitate any propaganda they are feed and do so with a hostility toward all those who refuse to do the same. They do it, as Bob and Chez point out several times in their little show, because the human species, according to them, is in peril.

If the global order of corporate execs and bankers want to impose global warming restriction on every nation and tell them what they can do with their industry, resources and workers and then bomb them into compliance “for the good of the species”, well, Bob and Chez will be right there to cheer them on.

If they want to hand over the FDA to Monsanto in order to better feed the over-populated planet, they will do the same.

And when it ultimately comes to silencing critics of their corporate, fascist Orwellian state, it appears Bob and Chez have no problem applauding the daily visits to the “wrongthinkers” from the Tonton Macoute, the Gestapo or SAVAK.

The reason they will have no problem with that (aside from the obvious fact that they probably don’t know what the Tonton Macoute and SAVAK were) is because they are brainwashed. They are perfect little corporate minded, ladder-climbing followers. Their contradictory take on gun control is perfect evidence of that.

The point of brainwashing is the removal of critical thinking abilities and conditioning people to accept whatever they are told by authority figures.

Be them their torturers in some black site prison in Afghanistan or political leaders in government, authority figures must be obeyed and more importantly, loved by the population. They must be afforded every consideration that what they do is ultimately in your best interests no matter what it is.

When they disarm CERTAIN wrong-thinking members of society prior to the passage of several fascist “trade” bills that promise to end the sovereignty of your nation and your constitutional rights, then we must always assume it is to “protect the innocent” like blonde reporters on TV, black church-going upstanding members of the community or a gaggle of innocent 6 year-olds in school.

When they shut down the internet in order to remove dissident thoughts that “radicalize” the susceptible, we must remember “ISIS” is everywhere and the Global War OF Terror is constant, ongoing, flexible, UNIMPEACHABLE and worldwide.

The use of cash is bad.

Constant universal surveillance is good.

The Freedom Act protects your freedom.

The Patriot Act was written by patriots.

Borders are imaginary.

The constitution needs to be re-written.

Rights are a privilege granted by those wiser than us to those who think the right way.

The wealthy have been ordained by God himself in order to show us who to follow.

The free markets are the natural order.

Democracy is the tyranny of the ignorant masses.

This kind of conditioning takes time. It takes time and money and a lot of propaganda. We’ve seen it on the rise in this country for quite a while now and of that there is no doubt.

But what we see developing now, this open hostility from the left and the right, toward those who dare to ask questions and think for themselves is deeply concerning because, quite frankly, we’ve seen it time and time again throughout the history our clandestine, corporate loving fascist agencies have imposed on millions upon millions of people across the globe.

And now we have these “progressives” Bob and Chez sounding like Shah, Pinochet or Suharto backers from the days of old. Sounding like Cheney lovers from not that long ago when we were told to support the president or “shut up” during the run-up to the illegal Shock and Awe of Iraq.

Yeah, it’s getting hairy folks. I guess all we can do is document the process for future generations who will ultimately wonder how it was we became what we are becoming.

I guess what we will say in our old age is “It didn’t take place overnight and we didn’t pay attention to history as it smothered us again”

It’s a sad legacy we will leave.

5 Responses

  1. These two boobs sound like Common Core grads, they done drunk the Kool Aid Scott.

  2. “His mind slid away into the labyrinthine world of doublethink. To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, to believe that democracy was impossible and that the Party was the guardian of democracy, to forget, whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed, and then promptly to forget it again, and above all, to apply the same process to the process itself — that was the ultimate subtlety; consciously to induce unconsciousness, and then, once again, to become unconscious of the act of hypnosis you had just performed. Even to understand the word ‘doublethink’ involved the use of doublethink.”
    -George Orwell 1984-

  3. Our time’s coming
    any day, now.

    Voices tell me so

  4. I remember defending Glenn Greenwald to Chez, once upon a time. Now, I just vomit.

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