The WDBJ “Shooting”, the FCC and the Super Huge Mistaken Penis Fine

by Scott Creighton

An anonymous source sent me a bit of a news tip a little while ago and I thought you might like to see it.

Seems like the FCC, for some strange reason, dug up an old 3 second video image aired by WDJB back on July 12th of 2012, in order to file the largest possible fine against the station in late March of this year.  They quietly announced the record-setting fine, $325,000, on their website on March 23rd, 2015… nearly 3 years after the incident.

On July the 1st of this year, WDBJ-TV Roanoke filed a motion to have the fine reduced or dismissed altogether based on the fact that the accident wasn’t intentional. I don’t know if that appeal has been ruled on as of yet.

According to the FCC, they have only filed two such fines against media companies previously. One was settled for $15,000 and the other for $37,000. The $325,000 fine is immense by comparison.

The question is: why?

According to the story, WDBJ did a piece for their 6pm news detailing a porn star turned first responder and during the segment, a screen-shot of some porn site that had an image of her was aired for a total of 3 seconds. In the far corner, someone hadn’t noticed, the image of a small erect penis on the featured screen-grab. It was obviously a mistake, an oversight probably committed by an intern (they always blame the interns) but it certainly wasn’t featured prominently and was hardly noticed.

So why did the FCC come out with the largest possible fine they could muster against the station just a few short months ago, nearly three years after the mistake penis popped up (pardon the pun) on TV?

Let’s backup for a second.

When doing an investigation you look for oddities, things that stand out, that don’t make sense or things that happen for the first time ever with little to no explanation.

An example would be 9/11 and the steel frame buildings collapsing through the path of greatest resistance due to office fires… three times. There’s a good example. Seems odd, right? Out of place. Especially since this first time, only time kind of event happened three times that day and never before and never since.

Called a red flag.

Now let’s look at the WDBJ shooting event.

Did you guys know it is extremely rare for a reporter to be shot during a story in the United States by someone who had just “gone crazy”? In fact, it’s never happened.

Reporters get killed very rarely but when they do it’s almost ALWAYS by some right-wing fascist fanatic who does it for political purposes.

Should I repeat that?

The most recent example of this is Robert Stevens of the Sun who was killed in early Oct. 2001 because he was writing stuff that made the pending Patriot Act look like a fascist takeover of government. So, some “terrorist” sent him some anthrax and killed him. They tried to make it look like Saddam Hussein did it. Turns out it was anthrax from a US military contractor. Go figure.

From 1970 through 2001 there was a total of 14 journalists who were killed in the US but they were all killed by right-wing fanatics in order to silence them when they were writing about left-wing issues by left-wing journos.

Of course, there is Bill Cooper who was also a journalist. He was shot in the back, while unarmed, running for his front door, by law enforcement officers and left to bleed to death while they stood around preventing the paramedics from helping him.

Where are the #BlackLivesMatter folks on that topic I wonder. Oh yeah, Bill wasn’t black. I guess he doesn’t matter.

Heck, Bill didn’t even rate a mention on the Wiki page about journalists being killed even though he was such a good journalist, he predicted 9/11 a month before it happened. I guess #ConspiracyTheoristLivesDontMatter is a thing these days.

But I digress.

My point is, it is MORE than rare for a journalist to be shot dead in the streets of the United States by some random “crazy person” for no apparent reason.


Should I repeat that? Or do I need to explain Robert Stevens, Bill Cooper and all the journalists killed by RIGHT WING FASCISTS again?


So, I think it’s fair too say the shooting of Alison Parker and Adam Ward stands out like a sore thumb in this regard.

Now, let’s add in the RECORD SETTING, completely out of line FINE that was imposed on WDBJ a few months ago relating to some tiny little penis no one actually saw, THREE YEARS AGO.

And of course the PENDING appeal of that station-crippling fine.

Yet another odd, seemingly misplaced facet of this story.

Of all the TV stations in this country over the years, how is it that the one that just happens to have this event unfold in such a contrived manner right on time for the continuation of Obama’s gun-grabbing agenda… also just happens to be the one facing the largest fine of it’s kind in FCC history?

What are the odds of that you think, these two firsts taking place within a few months of each other?

9 Responses

  1. The same odds that main stream media doesn’t cover this…

  2. ??? would be very strange if the fine is ‘forgiven’…..

  3. it could be a “settlement”, but media outlets have seemed more than willing to go along with these staged events for some time. and if anything, i would imagine the state paid THEM for their involvement — because i don’t believe those people were shot (so they would need new homes, identities, compen$ation, etc). and you can be sure the dad & boyfriend are on the payroll…
    so i’m mystified by the fine.

    • Let’s say they needed a station in Va. and approached the owner, off the record of course, with their idea assuming he/she would go along with it and they didn’t. For some reason, let’s say it needed to be in that area and WDBJ was the best/only potential station. Perhaps they already picked their patsy. Perhaps they already had an in-road to the investigative organization that would have jurisdiction. Perhaps they simply didn’t want to go somewhere else after pitching their idea (that whole “loose ends” thing)… so what do they do to convince management to play along? This is how they handle foreign policy. This is how they handle trade negotiations. if you don’t accept the carpet of gold, you get carpet bombed and a 325,000 fine would be about the same to a small TV station, wouldn’t it? Especially if they were made aware of the fact that it would be just the first repayment for their not going along.

  4. you may very well have nailed it. my only hesitation in believing it is the idea that anyone in media would say no to the powers-that-be re their staged events. but who knows? i think your hypothesis is perfectly reasonable.

  5. Alison Parker and Adam Ward are the Reginald Oliver Denny of the WDBJ TV crew.

  6. As far as the fine goes, is this a great deal of money for Schurz Communications and does anyone know if Schurz/WDBJ would be insured for this type of thing? With legal representation eating up money pretty fast I would guess challenging a $325,000 fine could easily prove more costly than the fine. I have seen nothing yet to suggest Schurz is sympathetic to liberal views unless a contribution to a Republican here and there are covers.

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