Ghoulish Andy Parker Vows to Become the Sleazy John Walsh of Michael Bloomberg’s War Against the 2nd Amendment

by Scott Creighton

Over at CNN, Alison Parker’s father is vowing to become the John Walsh of Michael Bloomberg’s War Against the 2nd Amendment.

The grieving father vowed to be “the John Walsh of gun control” if need be. Washington Times

Parker has also talked with Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) who promised to help in any way possible, as well as former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, he added. Huffington Post

Mayor [Michael] Bloomberg’s people have reached out.” Andy Parker

Walsh is the sleazy opportunist who turned the death of his son into a golden ticket to stardom and wealth via America’s Most Wanted and various other fame/wealth generating avenues.

Some critics accuse Walsh of creating predator panic by using his publicity.[18] Walsh was heard by Congress on February 2, 1983, where he gave unsourced claim of 50,000 abducted and 1.5 million missing children annually. He testified that U.S is “littered with mutilated, decapitated, raped, strangled children”,[19] when in fact, later Department of Justice study from 1999 found only 115 incidences of stereotypical kidnappings perpetrated by strangers, of which about 50 resulted in death or child not being found.[20] Critics claim that Adam Walsh Child Resource Center, which started without funding in 1981, generated 1.5 million dollars annually following his testimony before the Congress.[19]  Wiki

The Adam Walsh Child Resource Center had nothing to do with providing “resources” to children. It was a slush-fund for John to use in order to get various legislation passed in congress by making himself into a celebrity. While looking up the “resource center” I found an IMDB page (featuring two made for TV films mainly about John) and a link to a vintage Adam Walsh Child Resource Center lapel pin

I’m sure all those missing and exploited children are resting easier knowing there is a lapel pin in their honor in South Carolina.

They also founded the Adam Walsh Child Resource Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to legislative reform, which eventually merged with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Bio

Aside from his flim-flam foundation, Mr. Walsh has cashed in via a grand total of 3 TV shows, one book and 12 acting credits on his IMDB page :  America’s Most Wanted  , The John Walsh Show and The Hunt With John Walsh

Talk about exploiting the missing and exploited children.

As the failed actor Andy Parker runs around making such dramatic comparisons, it should be noted exactly what he is comparing himself to. Or more specifically, what he’s demanding he gets in return as a result of his efforts.

Some people are simply compelled by the idea of stardom, attention and celebrity status. It drives them to be seen and revered by the public and how they achieve this status, what they have to do to fulfill this personal goal, is secondary to the result.

Here we have a man who is supposedly grieving the loss of his beloved daughter who appears to be openly engaging in a new quest to make himself as much of a celebrity as he possibly can while his daughter is still lying on a coroner’s metal table somewhere.

Andy Parker and his wife Barbara claimed the other day on national television that we, the United States, are not a “civilized country” due to the fact that we haven’t discarded one of our key constitutional rights in the wake of Sandy Hook.

I submit to you that we are not a civilized country but for vastly different reasons than the ridiculous claim made by those two.

One thing that shows we are not civilized is the fact that these two, without being criticized by civil society, can spend all this time on TV making names for themselves, go into negotiations with the gun-grabbing billionaire Bloomberg to be his “John Walsh type” front-man and have the sheer audacity to start complaining that not enough US Senators have called him since his daughter died… all while the body of Alison Parker still lies above ground.

The unadulterated opportunism of this failed actor is breathtaking. The fact that he’s waving around the corpse of his own daughter while doing it is stunning. The fact that no one seems to notice how disrespectful this display has become is shameful.

Of course, they have to do it this way because, as they have stated themselves, American Gladio events such as these have a shelf-life and had Mr. Parker waited 2 or 3 weeks, respectable periods of mourning during which family members would normally be left to deal with their loss privately, his opportunity to become the John Walsh of Bloomberg’s gun-grabbing campaign would have passed him by.

So you see how this kind of “hearts and minds” campaign has a built-in ghoulish quality about it. In order to exploit the obviously flawed narrative of this woman’s “death”, family members, people with emotion-stirring connections to the victims, have to behave in ways that make them seem callus and self-serving.

And that’s all well and good as long as no-one in the media dares to mention it in public.

If anything tells you this event was staged, this should. Forget for a second the bad acting by her fake boyfriend and father. Forget for a second how bad a shot Flanagan was. Forget for a second how the “shooter’ was seen by Alison herself standing there holding a gun and she did nothing. Forget that he hit his mark early and then waited for the cameraman to turn around… forget all of that.

No loving parents of a recently murdered child are going to spend the time directly after their loss running around getting talking points from various Bloomberg assets about what too say regarding gun-grabbing agendas. It’s just not going to happen folks. It’s inhuman. No one is callus enough, not even a failed wannbe actor, to sell the memory of their dead kid before she’s even in the grave.

Yes, we are uncivilized if this kind of action passes for normal these days. I contend it doesn’t. At least not for some of us. It’s offensive. There used to be what we all understood as a decent period of mourning in this country, long before the spin doctors, marketing masters and propagandists decided on the optimal shelf-life of emotional currency.

We should mourn the passing of that decency in America before we honor those who would betray it and their own loved ones for their own personal gratification.

In short, stop celebrating ghouls who seek to cash in on the emotional currency of the still warm bodies of their fallen loved ones. It is profoundly obscene in a civilized society or at least, it used to be.

6 Responses

  1. Every time a psyop like this is performed, even though he whole thing reeks to high heaven with ridiculous physical and circumstantial evidence, we get intimidated by those who are reluctant to accept the “nobody died + it’s all fake” narrative.

    I think the two main underlying sentiments behind this are:

    1. In case one or more of the “victims” are indeed real (and really dead), we need to be respectful to their families

    2. Fear of being ridiculed later on if, somehow, it comes out that the incident is real, victims are real, etc.

    But, c’mon now. These are so obviously actors. And not even good ones.

    But, I’ll take it a step further into the tinfoil territory. All of the characters masquerading as family and friends on news channels, both fathers, as well as the self-proclaimed fiancee, and the shooter are gay. In fact, they are deeply perverted, sexually deviant individuals with dark pasts and presents, possibly involving pedophilia, whose psychological profiles are extremely suitable for this kind of deception. (Just like Glen Rosen of Sandy Hook fame, who “saved” those poor little kids)

    I feel I need to clarify my “gay” comment before any possible LGBTQ-XYZ readers are offended by it:

    I do NOT think or believe that being gay in and of itself is a perversion, and that gay people sexually deviant. And I do not claim any correlation whatsoever between being gay and pedophilia.

    However, there are many individuals, possibly just as many among the so called “straight” people, who delve into the dark side of human sexuality. Some of them of their own accord, and some get sucked in to the dark underbelly of occult practices. I feel it is this lack of morality and decency, which allows them to show no concern for right and wrong or any empathy for others’ suffering, makes these people attractive for recruiting to perform unspeakable acts of deception on the people.

    If i had one wish from investigative journalists who are not on “their” payroll, it would be to follow up on all of the family members and eyewitnesses from Aurora to Alison Parker, see what hey are doing now, see if their families are indeed real, visit their homes to see real signs of any mourning, talk to neighbors, etc.

    Yes, I wanna know what Gene Rosen is up to. Or Diane Foley… Or Ryan Lanza… Or Jeff Bauman… Or Corbin Dates!!!!! And I don’t have the balls to go check on them myself!!!!

  2. All I know is that if it had been my daughter, I would be a complete basket-case and talking to the press would be the farthest thing from my mind.

  3. This was an excellent article! Thank you for speaking out, in a rational and critically thinking way. At this point, I won’t believe any of these murders are real, unless there is no agenda, and the affected families are not doing immediate interviews. I just know, there would be NO way that I could be around anyone, for quite some time, if I were to lose one of my children. NO WAY! These lying rats are the scum of the earth!

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