Will @FreeRadioRevolu Admit Nabi Saleh Video is Real and Pull His “Hoax” Videos

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Our boy “Jeff C” pulled the videos. No admission he was wrong… but he did pull em. There you go.


For the pro-Israel community, these incidents are unfortunate mistakes, or part of an international media conspiracy that blows routine events out of proportion. The media doesn’t tell the “whole story,” because, we are told, the video or photos do not show what the Palestinians did to provoke the incident. Or the Palestinians are said to have “scripted” the incident. In the case of the soldier at Nabi Saleh the army spokesman told the press that the Palestinian youth was throwing rocks and that after the arrest, the intercession of the women and children, “a decision was made by the regional commander to cease the arrest.” Jerusalem Post

There is a YouTube channel out there called Free Radio Revolution ULTIMATE!  run by a guy named “Jeff C”. I know nothing about him but someone on Twitter linked me to a rather pathetic video he did saying the video of the child being attacked by the IDF soldier was a fake, a hoax, perpetrated by Hamas of the purposes of making Israel look bad.

He offers nothing as evidence except the fact that one of the young people in the video fighting the soldier to free the kid with the broken arm has been in other videos. She’s been in other videos because her parents are Palestinian activists from the West Bank and she’s often going to demonstrations and confronting IDF soldiers. That’s basically his “proof”

His first video making this claim has received a bunch of comments, mostly people telling him he’s wrong. So he made a second video in which he tries to preface his statement that he now KNOWS it’s a hoax (again because of the little girl in the video) by saying he’s “pro-Palestinian” and “anti-Zionist”.

He also says in his second video that of the 1,100 or so videos he’s produced, he’s rarely been wrong about something, but when he has been… he pulls the video.

Now, as someone who does this kind of thing, let me say, that is an extremely dishonest approach. You don’t “pull” or hide articles or videos when you make a mistake. Prime example for me is that article I did the other day where I thought it looked like they moved Adam Ward’s body. Turns out, long zoom lenses will flatten out the background making it appear to be on the same plane as the focal subject in the shot. So I made a mistake and admit to it in the comment section. But I don’t hide it.

You make a mistake, you live with it.

In this case, it has more than obvious that “JeffC” has made a mistake. Several Israeli officials have commented on the event and admitted it’s authenticity. This fact has been covered by several Israeli news organizations:

An Israeli army spokesman said that Palestinians had been throwing stones at an IDF force which was set up in the area.

An image has emerged on the internet of a boy, said to be the youth that was held at gunpoint, throwing rocks with one arm, while his other remained in plaster and in a sling.

The spokesman added that a decision was made to arrest the boy and it was during the detention that a ‘violent provocation’ began, including a number of Palestinian women and children.

He told Haaretz that there was ‘a violent disturbance of the peace in Nabi Saleh, in which Palestinians threw stones at IDF forces that were in the place. Daily Mail

This Israeli news organization talks about how Israeli Cultural Minister said the video depicts an attack on an Israeli soldier and shows how they must be allowed to “return fire” when attacked like this (meaning “he should have shot the old ladies”)

Culture Minister Miri Regev (Likud) condemned on Sunday the assault of an Israeli soldier at the hands of Arab women and children during violent riots Friday in Nabi Saleh in Samaria.

“I was shocked to see the video this morning of Palestinians hitting an IDF soldier,” Regev declared. “It cannot be that our soldiers will be sent on missions with their hands tied behind their backs. It’s simply a disgrace!”

The minister stressed that anyone who tries to harm Israeli citizens or IDF soldiers “needs to know he’s responsible” for his actions.

“We must immediately order that a soldier under attack be able to return fire. Period,” Regev asserted, calling on Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon (Likud) to put an end to the humiliation and “change [military] policy to permit opening fire immediately.” Arutz Sheva 7

In an Haaretz story, the father of the brutal IDF soldier says he’s “proud” of how his son behaved.

The father of the Israeli soldier, seen in a viral video scuffling with several Palestinian women and children during a protest in a West Bank village, said he is proud of his son’s conduct during the incident.

“We’re very proud of what we’ve seen, we’re proud of the restraint he exhibited, because if women would have been hurt it would have ended in a completely different way, without a doubt,” the father, Arnon, told the Army Radio station on Sunday. Haaretz

So, we have the spokesman for the IDF saying it was real.

We have the Likudnik Culture Minister of Israel admit it was real.

And we have the soldier’s pop admit it was real and it made him proud.

Any questions, “Jeff C”?

Well, I guess there is one left, isn’t there.

4 Responses

  1. This guy goes around talking about “fake Jews” who are really running things and causing so much tormoil in the world. I suspect he’s a Zionist apologist.

  2. He’s young. I don’t think he is dis-info. And I don’t follow his every word. No man has 100% truth.

    • as I said on Twitter, he is doing pretty good work on the Roanoke shooting psyop, so I don’t think he did it for nefarious reasons. Yet I certainly would rather he amended the story to show his mistake rather than simply erase it and never mention it again. That’s a little suspect. but at least he pulled it.

      • Jeff C has had some good stuff in the past, but lately he kind of relies too heavily on his past work to make sloppy proclamations.

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