A Couple Lying Crisis Actors Pushing for Mental Hygiene Gun Grabbing on CNN

by Scott Creighton (H/T Slava Matlin)

UPDATE: Watch Richard Martinez’ horrible acting job from earlier. As a former, well trained actor (VCU and JMU) I’ll tell you, it is PAINFUL watching a bad actor flub through his lines like this. Just painful…

UPDATE: here is the other fake crisis actor on CNN not that long after his daughter is supposedly killed saying “if I have to be the john Walsh of gun control…” and “I want to make it harder for THEM to get guns”. Just for the record, John Walsh made a TV career out of his son’s death and this guy is a failed actor…. hmmmm….


Here we have three family members pushing for “common sense gun control” on CNN: two crisis actors and one man who really is the father of an actual victim (Aurora was actually a mass casualty event)

You can tell the two crisis actors on the sides seem a bit out of place. I guess that’s because they both know they are lying and seated next to a man who isn’t. Yes, Lonnie Phillips’ daughter was one of several killed by a merc posing as James Holmes in Aurora. That was back before the “soft power” events of the American Gladio campaign. Lonnie ended up trying to sue the online ammo dealers for selling to James or whomever bought the stuff in his name. He lost that suit of course and now owes the companies around a quarter of a million dollars. So I guess it was natural for him to jump on board with these phonies to push Bloomberg’s agenda.

But you will notice, the things they are pushing for are ‘state by state’ action (i.e. ALEC technique) for keeping guns out of the hands of “the wrong people”

Of course, who decides who are “the wrong people” and what criteria do they use? That’s the national mental hygiene laws that Mayor Bloomberg and his billionaire buddies have been pushing for all along.

You see, most people watching this will automatically assume they are “the right people” and therefore have nothing to worry about. It’s kinda like “if you have nothing to hide, why worry about mass surveillance”

Of course, you know that’s not how it works. In time, you’ll all be the “wrong people”, that is if you do anything other than simply get on your knees and do what master tells you to do.

Anyway, here’s the video. Enjoy the show.

3 Responses

  1. First video. 2:35 “I had 20 years with my son”
    No .. he didn’t say “Allison” .. he said “my SON”

  2. The bottom line is that this “gun control” they are proposing would do nothing. Criminal will get guns anyway leaving the rest like sitting ducks. People disarmament is the first step towards tyranny.

  3. As we ALL know – NO ONE was “killed” in the painfully obvious aurora “shooting” hoax. The fact that you said it was a real “mass casualty event” with “victims” puts you in the alex jewjones class. DISinfo jew shill!!!

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