WDBJ Shooting Hoax: Fixing the Narrative – the “Blinded by the Light” Addendum

by Scott Creighton

As is often the case with these events, the people that craft them pay very close attention to social media and websites like this one in order to discern the glaring problems with their stories.

In this case one of the biggest problems with their narrative is how no one reacted to the large gun-toting stranger approaching the group during the interview and how they had no reaction when he stood right beside them with his gun drawn. He stood right next to them, gun out, and then realized the camera wasn’t focused on the two women, so he stepped back and waited.

Many of us out here pointed out how ridiculous that entire sequence was and it’s truly one of the most telling aspects of the WDBJ shooting hoax.

So now they are trying to “fix” it. They are trying to fix that issue and at least one other.

According to the AP:

The woman who survived the on-air shooting that killed two TV journalists says she never saw the gunman walk up to the group because the camera’s bright light blinded her

The first four shots were aimed at Parker, and two more were aimed at Ward, Gardner’s husband Tim said in a telephone interview from the hospital where she is recovering. Then he fired at Gardner, though his first couple of shots missed her.

“And then when she dove down and got shot, he stopped shooting and took off,” he said. “But she wasn’t sure he was gone so she just laid there playing possum until first responders showed up.”

Flanagan fired 17 shots from a Glock pistol… AP

Her claim is that she couldn’t see Flanagan approach the group and stand four feet from them two women because the bright lights “blinded her”

As you can see in this shot, the cameraman, Adam Ward, is focused on the background, shooting across the parking lot and not the two women conducting the interview. Ergo the “bright light” is not on her.

That’s the moment when Flanagan steps up and points the gun at the two women about four feet away from them. Notice there are no hot-spots, or lighting glares on Ms. Gardner, ergo, the camera is not “blinding her”

He stands like that for several seconds as the cameraman films the location, not the two women. During that time no one has any reaction to his presence at all.

Flanagan steps back feeling uncomfortable because he’s entered “the scene” too early and still there is no reaction from anyone. He waits. Notice there is still no camera glare on either of the two women.


Only after the camera refocuses on the actual interview participants does Flanagan finally take the action they claim he went there for in the first place. Now, he doesn’t wait a second. He doesn’t even bother stepping back closer to the women where he was before. He simply opens fire. Notice the lighting glare on the women?


For them to attempt too say Gardner couldn’t see the shooter approach and brandish a gun so close to them due to the light from the camera blinding her is ridiculous upon further inspection because when all of that happened, the cameraman and his light were focused on the parking lot, not the interview.

The other aspect they appear to be trying to fix with this addendum is the simple fact that if this man were on some racist crusade against white people, why did he leave Vicky Gardner alive.

According to the story, she “played possum” after getting hit one time in the back while “diving” for the ground AFTER he shot at her “several times” at POINT BLANK RANGE… missing all his shots (like he did with the reporter?).

Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. This woman stands frozen in space as the shooter pops off a bunch of shots at the other two people and when he turns his attention to her, missing a whole bunch of point blank range shots, she suddenly becomes Wonder Woman, springs into action and has the fortitude and discipline to lay there on the ground after being hit pretending to be dead?

That’s pretty impressive right? Especially when you consider this is how she initially reacted.

The story then gets more impressive than that:

“He shot three times at my wife and she was trying to dodge everything.

“He missed twice and then she dove to the ground and curled up in a ball, and that’s when he walked over and shot her in the back.” Mirror UK

Dodging bullets? She really is Wonder Woman.

As bad of a shot as Flanagan was, I’m surprised he managed to shoot himself in the head. Then again, maybe he had some help with that.

Perhaps there is one aspect of this testimony that rings true, she “pretended” to be dead and did so “until first responders showed up.”

Seems to me there was a lot of pretending going on at Smith Mountain Lake that morning.

28 Responses

  1. So far your analysis of this “event” is spot on. What I’m left with is the question-did they not fix the obvious screw up because it was going out live or did they do it intentionally just to test the stupidity/gullibility of the public…

  2. haha, I have to laugh at this whole scenario, as you have laid it out, not laughing at your interpretation/analysis, but, having been shot before (in the left thigh; and while not mortal, the scenario involved in my being shot left me in a state of immobility as I realized I had been shot, and as I was hiding behind the door of a car, trying to figure out my next move, thoughts racing, as bullets pinged into the car body and glass… I finally dove through the front seat and out the passenger side door, and bolted across a street, out of the line of fire – I have always assumed the shooter expended all his ammo [possibly a light-caliber revolver, .32 maybe – the hole left is about right for a .32, and a revolver has 5, maybe 6 max, rounds in it, thus while the shooter capped my car out with remaining rounds, I had the time to think of an “exit strategy”… lol…], which allowed me to escape, with blood streaming down my left leg, but I was able to get a 100 yds or so away from the scene, and then started to shock out from blood loss/adrenaline (drug deal gone bad, just to fill in background…). After about 30 seconds I was able to get up, jump a fence, and run a couple 100 more yards to an apt pool, where I washed all the blood off my leg, and sought “aid” from “some people” I knew who lived in the particular apts that I jumped the fence of (another funny aspect of the tale: my “aides” only had some tampons and some black electrical tape, so I I improvised a “bandage” for my wound from that, and took some quaaludes and xanax to manage my pain [this pain consisted of a burning sensation from the entry wound, and a persistent throbbing, but was never so bad that I couldn’t walk around, continue on with “my life” as I lived at that time, and I never sought real medical treatment, or had the slug removed – I didn’t want to have to deal with the cops/med personnel reporting a gunshot victim, how I got shot, etc… again, a “lifestyle” choice…]
    But that is my story, just for some perspective on what it means/feels like to “be shot”, and if the 1st person shot in this video (the TV woman, at point blank range, with the barrel aimed at least at her torso, and “media” reporting 3-4 hits, it is surprising to me that she so agilely is able to flee, in heels… I don’t know what a gut-shot feels like, but based on the video and his aiming of his weapon, he hit her at least 2-3 times in the torso, where much more vital organs are located (as opposed to my left thigh…), but she high-tails it out of there like Bugs Bunny on speed… The muzzle flash from the video even looks off, to me… A little too much “flame” appears, and expands an inch or so, around the barrel-end, as the rounds go off; I have never seen that, to such a degree… any ignition from the gun-powder from the barrel is more linear and doesn’t blast out around the muzzle… I don’t know whether there is a different chemical composition to what is used in starter-type pistols, and actual live ammo (I would imagine there would be, given the purpose of the starter pistol is more “noise-effect”, whereas ammo is fast-burning for maximum pressure build-up behind the round, and typically all you see is a light muzzle flash and some minimal smoke…
    anyway, agreed, there is so much “bad/wrong” with this whole charade that is laughable in its poor production values, much like the “beheading” videos…. you would think, if the TPTB could fake the “moon-landing” so well that it fooled millions of people, using only a sound-stage, how/why the fuck are these purported “mass-casualty events” so badly done?!? I mean, if you are going to try and pull this off, and black ops has basically a blank-check in govt funding to fund these things, it would appear someone just doesn’t give a shit, or is just trying to “get theirs” and is scraping off $$$ for themselves, and short-changing the production team…
    that is another thing I often wonder (when I waste time, like now, thinking about these things…), is what happens to the people who are the “actors” on the stage? the two women, the cameraman, the France Charlie Hebdo cop, the Sandy Hook families, all of the families, people, whole groups of people, who weren’t really killed, who are (maybe? unless they were “disposed of” given they know too much…) still alive (as shown by some of the supposed 911 hijackers being found around the world, still alive, with regular jobs/lives/families…); are they put in like Witness Protection, moved across the country, given plastic surgery, paid off (obviously a requirement, is the pay-off; why else even participate, unless they are “getting theirs”?), but then they are uprooted, leave family/kids/husbands/wives/friends, and then hope no one ever recognizes them, ever, and blows the whole thing wide open??? The logistics are mind-numbing, and again, as I have said before, seem beyond the fumble-fucking ability of our govt to actually pull off… Having a wife and two kids, who I love very much, you couldn’t pay me enough $$$ to get me to do this (unless somehow I was promised that they would eventually be able to join me in my new life, and the pay-off was so large that I would never have to work again, and I was guaranteed govt healthcare benefits, for life…but then they would also have be in on it, and willing to leave behind all their family/friends/loved ones, too… and willing to never go back home, or open their mouths, given their is an explicit guarantee that whistle-blowing will earn you a swift sniper-shot to the head, with none of this fake bullet B.S….
    anyway, the hits just keep on coming… I have a 2ndary post re civil disobedience, retaliation, next…

    • Where do the people go after these hoaxes are over? I would guess that their intentions are to spend the millions of dollars promised to them for their participation.
      Where do they end up? A curious fact- Israelis dominate the international trade in human organs- yet there are no voluntary organ donors in Israel. Jewish law forbids it- a body must be buried whole.
      Palestinians can’t even get basic medical care- they are not going to donate organs that they or anyone they know have no hope of using.

      So- where do all these kidneys, livers and eyeballs come from?

    • You still have a slug in you? Doesn’t it hurt? What about infection?
      go to a doctor…….

      • well, no, it doesn’t hurt, unless I do something like ride a stair-climber/elliptical at the gym for an extended period of time (30-60 minutes, and even then, its just an ache, hard to even describe; the rest of the time, I am completely unaware of it… I can feel the slug right of my left knee, maybe 3-4 inches above the knee cap, but it doesn’t hurt (it happened about 35 years ago…) and I used to be concerned about lead poisoning and things of that nature, but as time went by, it faded to the back of my mind, and now, I just recalled it, in writing about my own experiences of being shot, and what that felt like, and how I reacted to it…. again, not a gut-shot, or mortal, as is supposed to have happened to the 1st person shot, in the video…

  3. unknown assailant guns down cop in TX… are the masses retaliating, guerrilla-style, against TPTB??? Of course,the shooter is a “coward”, sneaking up on this cop while he fuels his car and gunning him down, unlike all the back-shot black dudes, cowardly running away from those “hero” cops, just doing their doody, erm, I mean, duty… Not saying I am cheering for the shooter; just noticing the dichotomy between when a cop gets guerrilla-gunned-down, and cops just shoot someone in the back after some phony-ass “probable cause” such as walking/driving while black/mexican/etc….:

    A sheriff’s deputy was shot and killed Friday as he was filling up his patrol car at a gas station near Houston.

    The Harris County Sheriff’s Office identified the deputy as 10-year veteran Darren Goforth. He was pumping gas into his patrol car when a man approached him from behind and shot him several times, said Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Thomas Gilliand.

    Goforth, 47, died at the gas station, where he had stopped after responding to an earlier car crash, said Gilliand.

    “I’ve been in law enforcement 45 years,” said Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman, according to ABC station KTRK-TV. “I don’t recall another incident this cold blooded and cowardly.”

    The Sheriff’s office said overnight a suspect was arrested but later clarified and said a person of interest was taken in for questioning. No motive has been given for the shooting.

    HCOfficerKilledThe Associated Press
    Goforth leaves behind a wife and two children.

    “It’s an act of cowardice and brutality the likes of which I’ve never seen,” Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson told reporters.

    Deputy Darren Goforth was a 10-year veteran with the Sheriff’s Office. Our hearts are broken tonight. #ThinBlueLine #HouNews

    — HCSOTexas (@HCSOTexas) August 29, 2015
    Bob Goerlitz, president of the Harris County Deputies Organization, called the “shocking.”

    “We’ve been warned of things like this, because of public sentiment nationally and events over the last few years,” he said. “It’s just horrific. That’s the only way to describe it.”

    hmmmm… they have “been warned of things like this, because of public sentiment nationally… over the last few years”? Warned by whom? so many questions, so few answers….

  4. a pic of the shooter – notice he is black… wonder if this is pay-back for the Sandra Bland “suicide”…? she was picked up/arrested in Waller Co, TX (this cop shooting occurred in NW Harris Co, which is geographically close to Waller Co):

  5. That is an interesting point about the muzzle flash.It suggests to me that he was firing blanks.

    I would suspect that some people have secret alliegiances that would make them reliable participants in a scam like this. The red black colours and the possible garter on leg suggest this.

  6. I wonder if these staged events are poorly produced on purpose. That way, others not directly involved (but still part of TPTB) can distinguish between real and fake events.

    • Yeah, I was thinking that, too. What it does is create a split between those who can think for themselves and those who let the talking heads on TV do their thinking for them.

  7. Check out Jim’s latest, as if there aren’t enough holes in this BS:
    AT LEAST 2 DISTINCT takes, each noticeably very different in their acting/timing!.

    Two takes for Virginia reporter cameraman shooting. Broadcast version shown on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecq5ReMezEQ has interviewee saying this up to shot point (****):

    “We’re seeing tourism. We want the people that come here to stay, that would****”. Takes about 4.2 seconds and cameraman seems to go down first.

    Gunman’s footage records this, which is delivered in about 3.3 seconds and reporter is being shot first:

    “We’re seeing tourism. We want people to come here to stay, what we would****

    Even after Charlie Hebdo, people still don’t bother to analyse the audio!
    My response: SAVE THOSE VIDEOS AT KEEPVID.COM. That alone is proof this never happened.

  8. This and all the ones like it, just shows how inept the powers that shouldnt be really are…Everything they touch goes to s%#t….Looks like they are swinging wildly in desperation….Tyrants come and go, their plans always fail…The best laid plans of mice and men….Destine to FAIL…..

  9. BUSTED, check out this vidoe of the Alison Parker’s father. He’s the one going around doing interviews on every television station. He shows no real emotions and is repeatedly calling for gun control. Well now we know why, he’s a confirmed actor. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RhThOTR1HJ4

  10. You’d think they’d at least with their bottomless budgets they’d provide some half-assed coaching/acting lessons for these freaks.

    Recall Glenn Shrekk’s disgusting admission a few years ago how he learned by being coached to cry on cue for the cameras?

    Glen Beck & His Fake Tears Exposed

  11. Here is more evidence the whole shooting was staged. Here is a photo of Alison and her cameraman in a makeup room getting fake injuries put on them https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=RIPi9fcfmdI

  12. Scott, wanted to point out to you that “Alison Parker” did glance at the shooter for a second in the Go Pro vid. Check it out again. You can see her glance at him for a second in the right hand border of the shot. See “The Black Child” video on YT..

  13. Sorry, left hand border just b4 the shots rang out.

  14. It’s geting funny day after day

    • i’m watching the one now where CNN had a whole slew of the crisis actors on doing their gun-grabbing roadshow. i’m going to put that one up in a few moments. thanks for the links.

  15. Watching both videos numerous times…what I want to know is how cameraman can have a glock go off next to his fucking ear and not jump 3 feet in the air. Have you ever heard a handgun with no ears on within 5 feet??? wtf

  16. All Truth has been fictionalized.The people cant see it,their in the matrix.We need a picture/image that breaks the spell/trance for a moment to counter act the Media.Can we take a still frame of Alison Parker turning ,looking at gunman then turn away.Plaster/post that JPEG on twitter and every forum/chat-space and place.Andy Parker is committed to his role.He’s not going away ,he has the blessing of Gov McAluiffe.A mother from Sandy Hook event wrote a letter about losing a child to gun violence; offering support to Parker family. Sandy Hook was a drill,no one died that day.TPTB are compounding false narratives.Stacking lies upon each other.A picture that cant be ignored and could really fuck up media control in our vavor for just a moment.Thank you

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