Did They Move Cameraman Adam Ward’s Body?

by Scott Creighton

No it’s not a white man’s hand shooting the gun and no, his shirt is the same color in a high resolution image of the cameraman’s last image of the shooter. Those discrepancies aren’t valid, but this one damn sure is.

Cameraman Adam Ward supposedly was shot by Flanagan right there where he was filming the interview. He hit the ground and you can see the shooter take a few shots in his direction before moving. He was standing right next to the handrail at that junction of walkways.

Medical reports claim he was shot in the torso and the head and died right there on the scene.

Take a look at these images:

PART 1As you can see from his camera view, Adam Ward was looking out over an open space. You can see from the shooter’s POV that directly on the other side of the handrail, it’s open space. You can see the roof way down below but it certainly isn’t prominent in the shot.

As the shooter approached, his camera recorded the same, open space on the other side of the handrail.

PART 3You can’t even see the roof in that shot.

Notice the red stripe on the side of his shirt. Notice the short hair and the light colored shorts and shoes. Also notice what you don’t see on the other side of the handrail.

Here’s another picture taken from the crime scene showing Adam lying on his side next to the handrail.

Now look at this image of the crime scene.PART 2Where the f%ck did that building come from? You see that shingled roof? That’s not in any of the videos or the other crime scene photo. Where did that come from?

And don’t even try to say something about long lenses or short lenses pulling things into the frame.. bullshit. Clearly that roof is close enough to that deck that you can not only see the large shingles, but you can also see the gutter spikes that hold the gutter to it. You can see the dirt in the gutter. There is no way that wouldn’t have been seen in those videos.

Looks to me like they re-positioned his body for a dramatic overhead shot. It looks like they moved him down to the second floor of the deck which would explain why it’s closer to the shed roof below.

Perhaps it’s an optical illusion but I don’t know. Did they get someone up on the roof to take the photo or did they simply move the crime scene to a lower floor?

And speaking of shot… the official report says Adam died of gunshot wounds to the head and torso.

10:03 a.m.

State officials say both slain journalists were shot in head; cause of death listed as homicide

Here’s a close-up of his head.

close up

Do you see any damage to his head?

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    • it’s not the fact that there is a roof in all the pictures, dimwit, I wrote that. it’s HOW FUCKING CLOSE THE ROOF IS in the picture taken from above… as if they were on the third floor looking down on the SECOND FLOOR. do you understand now? get it>

      • I think it would help to highlight the points in the picture you are describing with arrows, etc to make it clear.

      • Well, as somebody who actually lives here and frequents Bridgwater marina at least weekly…the roof is in fact underneath them (its just an awning) and the p.o.v. from the camera man and the shooter match. 100%. Next theory?

      • Its a dummy in the pictures….the feet are in different positions in the photos…..yes there is no head wound but it does not look like a real head…… Use Windows Live Photo gallery so you can amplify the photos and you can see the discrepancies… Obviously if shot in the head there would be pools of blood as well….. It does not remotely resemble a real crime scene

        But no attempt to save his life?? How about rushing him to the hospital in an ambulance? They just leave his lifeless dummy ass body there?
        I wonder who made that call……..where are his ” crisis actor family members” ?

  2. Do you work for the government directly? Because it is despicable sites like this one that are clogging up our lives with shit! You have no soul and are bought and paid for to produce this half truth propaganda.

    • i don’t know about your life, but i believe it’s your mind that is clogged with shit. you should immediately pour dran-o into your ear & go back to cnn —- it’s much cleaner there.

    • Thank you. Jon Farris. Well said.

  3. Hi Scott. I looked at the shooter’s video again and there’s a point where you can see this roof right below where Adam was standing. Adam’s shot was looking way beyond the roof. You’d have to look directly down to see it. So I don’t think his body was moved, but I do question the lack blood and damage to the body.

  4. I want to point out something else to your readers, Scott — in the very first image that you post, there looks to be a tree drawn on paper hanging out on a clothesline or something (it’s right over the “7”). Compare that tree with the one behind “Sandy Hook victim” Noah Pozner shown here: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-iEp11tD2wC0/VczJEpeEmZI/AAAAAAAAA0k/l9wZHqWQYEo/s1600/noahpozner.jpg

    • That is strange…. what is it hanging off of? Tree is a symbol of life and strength and fertility , and other things…. maybe teachers and out door people use it to teach children about ‘life’…. it is a peaceful symbol also…..
      is strange to see them in both pictures….

      • Very astute observations Jody!
        Maybe the tree is representing life goes on!
        Walter Scott dropped to his knees next to a tree also.

    • Yeah, there is a tree theme in the recent shootings/events, with Montano at the Hickory theater, and then the leaf blower “prank” at the theater in Newport Beach. I think the prominent tree art installation–sculpture or whatever is part of the psyop-signature or whatever… the story has to do with a freemason-type group called the “Ancient Order of Foresters.”

      Anyway, not that those people did it, it is just part of the psyop storyline. It ties in directly to the Lafayetter theater shooting as well.

      I’m glad that others are noticing this–I’ll check out the Sandy Hook connections.

      • While we are on “spooky” (intelligence) connections, I wanted to mention that Vester is short for Sylvester, which means of the Forest, which is part of this Forester thing.

        The reason why they waited for the time to change to to 6:46 is because, numerologically, it is a “spooky” 7 (6+4+6 =16, 1+6 =7), just like the bottom scroll and the microphone in her hand, like you mention. All of these psyops have this kind of number thing going on.

        By the way, “Ward” means timekeeper, and I think his actions did cue the “shooter” on when to shoot, as Scott was pointing out in his other post.

    • The tree is on a portable rock climbing wall- you can see one here. http://www.tentandpartyrental.com/festival-rides-chicago.html

  5. If you look at the bottom of the top left hand picture; you can see the shingle roof, there.

  6. This building is on a hillside that goes down to the water, too. Again, that building is lower. Since you have never been to this building, how about just not starting unnecessary criticism and speculation? Thanks.

  7. And, again, this marina has multiple levels. It is awful that this discussion and photo collection are even posted online. I live in the small town where this man grew up. It was traumatic enough for us to watch this man die on live tv. It is worse that you would have this here. His family consists of dear people who do not deserve to see things like this. A terrific, vibrant person in our community died along with his colleague. We don’t need what you have posted. Please remove it.

  8. There are plenty of false flag/hoax situations in the news of late, but I’m not convinced this was one of them. Real life is not a video game-blood spatter does not behave the way you think. First, not all gunshots produce enormous puddles-often the victim dies of internal bleeding. I’ve seen this often when hunting; the wound can seal over quickly but the arterial bleeding continues internally. Second, notice where the victims head is positioned-in the shadow of the rail. The majority of the results of the bullet impact would have occurred while he was still standing upright. Again, analyzing a crime scene is not like a video game or YouTube video.

    • The gunman said in his manifesto that he used hollow point bullets. Aren’t those supposed to rip a body apart?

    • Dawn swings, and misses. While a human being can bleed out internally from a gunshot wound, there is almost always external evidence of the bleeding- e.g. a bullet hole, with blood. 9mm bullet holes do not ‘seal up’ in human skin. Furthermore, it takes time to bleed to death, so as long as his heart was beating, it would be pumping blood out of the hole in his head. Quite a lot of blood. There is NO blood in the photos, therefore this man did not die as claimed.

  9. Hi Scott,

    Appreciate your analysis on this. Have you seen the video that shows a quick look from Alison Parker to the shooter right before he goes off?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yp9iuG8NHEg

    RedsilverJ/TeamWakeemUp also has a good video that shows the boyfriend and father being interviewed the day of the event. I mention because I think you posted some of his videos before…

    Posted some things on the psyop narrative upthread, but you might think this interesting because we are were joking about the names before with the Holmes/Houser thing.

    “Lee” is a pretty common middle name when it comes to questionable shootings in the last couple of yeats:

    Vester Lee Flanagan
    Geddy Lee Kramer
    Ronald Lee Haskell
    Jared Lee Loughner

    I’m probably forgetting somebody.
    I think it is an homage to the greatest “lone gunman” and patsy of all time.

  10. My only doubt goes to the guy who was filming his gun, before the shooting. It seems strange how he is there with a gun and nobody is realizing his presence.

  11. Definitely moved. The roof doesn’t even matter. Look at the deck hand railing. First pic it’s completely straight, second pic it turns. From the pic showing the different floors to the building, you can clearly see he was moved.

  12. There is nothing unusual with the roof – you are not taking normal lens optics and POV into account.

    Extreme telephoto lenses, as in these helicopter shots, compress the depth of field to make everything look like it’s on the same focal plane, when in fact the different objects can be very far apart. The roof is being seen looking almost straight down (vertical POV) from the helicopter, whereas in the shots from the deck the POV is almost horizontal: in the deck shots the roof is obscured behind the deck at about the area where their feet are. Check the Google satellite view and you see that the roof is there and it makes perfect sense in all the shots.

    You may want to delete this article because every experienced photographer will agree that there is nothing out of place with regard to the roof – it is a totally normal effect of extreme zoom lenses, combined with almost perpendicular points of view: one almost vertical, one almost horizontal.

    Here’s the roof in question, right in the center of the frame (if this satellite view embeds correctly), right where all the photos show it:


    • the more I look at it, the more I think you are probably correct. I have gone over and over the layout of the building and there just isn’t another location on that deck where the roof opens up like that. I did not know about the zoom lenses flattening out the background to make it look like it’s on the same plane, which is why when I saw that image, I would swear it was taken on the second floor as opposed to the third due to that optical illusion. thanks for the link.

  13. I just noticed this shooting took place directly on Highway 122 – the “Booker T. Washington Highway”

  14. If you examine the shadows of the railing posts on the body; they look identical to me, showing that the body wasn’t moved.

    The “plank” that appears to be perpendicular to handrail is probably the lefthand handrail of the stairs beneath the body. It can’t be handrail of the balcony beside it, because the weathering is wrong.

    • Who are those camodudes on the lefthandside of the first picture?

      Why is Adam Ward’s body still there? Shouldn’t he have been taken to hospital if there was any chance that he was still alive? Even if it meant destroying a crime scene?

  15. At first I was upset reading these ridiculous conspiracy theory posts. Now I’m laughing at you. I haven’t seen anyone here mention the third victim of the shooting. What do you say when I tell you that a co-worker of mine’s wife is a doctor who operated on the third victim who was thankfully not killed. She lost a kidney, among other injuries, Is that real or was she faking it for that million dollars she’s getting from the anti-gun faction? I’m sure when she has recovered, she’ll tell you the shootings were very, very real and blow your unresearched malarky out of the water.

  16. HiS blood I’d on the handrail on the floor below him

  17. If you look at the image showing the military officers is shows what looks like his blood on the staircase handrail. It looks like he did bleed out but the blood didn’t puddle since it’s not a solid surface floor, it just leaked below.

  18. Also in the picture with the roof..you can see the railing corners where the man in the red shirt is standing…in the panoramic view, you can see they were nowhere near a corner..

  19. Where all the blood from the “head shot”?

  20. Also anyone else watch the videos closely enough to notice that on the news feed she in noding her head when he shoots but in his video she is not noding?

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