Virginia Shooting Hoax: Vester Lee Flanagan II Staged For Gun Control Exposed (Redsilverj video)

by Scott Creighton

Important points he makes:

Shooter’s “manifesto” claims they were hollow point rounds with victim’s names written on them. You don’t run, even if shot in soft tissue with a hollow point round. Let alone 2, 3 or four of them.

Shooter’s “manifesto” also talks about the this being a “race war”… yet he let’s the white woman from the Chamber of Commerce live?

At 11:30 am Killary Clinton is on Twitter calling for gun control.

At noon the president’s spokesperson was doing the same thing.

These bodies are still practically on the ground at the scene and these two are already using them to further their agenda? No one thinks that is tasteless?

Well I guess not because not 12 hours after their loved ones are killed, you have the family members on national TV saying we have to keep guns out of the hands of ‘crazy people” (that’s Bloomberg’s Hygiene Law, by the way)

The video also points out that in Virginia, they have very lax gun control laws and open carry of a hand gun is LEGAL…. so I guess that explains why he just walked down the deck toward the woman and she had no reaction to the large black man approaching them with a gun.

18 Responses

  1. I don’t doubt it’s a hoax.

    What I wonder is where do they find the people to do this shit—secure the locations, write the scripts, play the parts, etc…

    Are they all CIA/National Security freaks? Are they doing it because they believe, are they under some kind of threat, …???

    That’s the part I can’t get my mind around

    • fascism always finds support from the rank and file of nations. always. they feel if they take part in helping to bring this transition about, they will secure their own place in the upper ranks. In time I believe these ‘dead” folks will return to the public eye and be promoted as heroes. They’ll be the pioneers or the patriots who helped bring about the better, new order we will be living in. and you had better applaud them in public because everything will be watching and recording if you dont.

      • I think I’ll skip the applause. Got the feeling my ticket to the camps has already been punched

    • I’ve been wondering these things too. I also wonder if some of these events are experiments to monitor and compile statistics on public reactions to different types and levels of “stimuli” to develop better models for how to most effectively move society, preferably with public support, toward a particular agenda. Sort of like a Jade Helm of Psyops – live staged events whose origins must be withheld from the public so that the useful data on public reactions is not tainted. If Clinton and/or Bloomberg or their employees and/or employers are directly involved, they may be adhering to “soft power”, “soft kill”, “minimal collateral damage”, etc philosophies that those who prefer outsmarting their targets to large scale violence tend to engage in. If and when it becomes clear that the magnitude of trying to really get 350,000,000 people to buy in to the same thing is still outside their capability, the tanks, guns, gas, cluster bombs and prison camps will be unveiled quite quickly under the guise of an emergency response to a major “terrorist attack” on the US, orchestrated by the same group(s) that did 9/11, probably. I suspect they are trying to avoid that, but in the ed, it’s probably inevitable. Power blindness ultimately leads to complete stupidity in its utter meaningless emptiness. Always has an always will. They have no purpose but to oppress and control. It’s a meaningless existence for everyone, including the self-indulgent “leaders” (decadence anyone?) that will break down because people will continue to look for new challenges. Unfortunately, people who totally suck will never be happy until they make everyone else’s life suck. And then they won’t be happy either anyway.

    • Where do they find the people to do this shit? That is a good question. I don’t pretend to know. I’ve known some people close to people who could do this shit, but I have certainly never suspected anyone I’ve met to be someone who would do this shit, so it is a mystery to me. The only thing that seems to be certain is that somebody is doing this shit, because this shit simply does NOT do itself!

    • I’m sure money is a big factor, too, something the intelligence agencies have no shortage of. I think the on-the-books number is something like $80 billion per year. The off-the-books number must be much higher.

  2. I was listening to Joyce Riley today and she pointed out something I was not aware. The victim’s boyfriend tweeting 12 minutes prior to the event about moaning her death. Either he knew before hand, he has a crystal ball or this is staged.

  3. This is undoubtedly a hoax. There were no gun casings released, no bullets scattered anywhere on the ground, and most importantly, no blood anywhere. This was poorly executed, but the funny thing is, it’s irrelevant. Most people have already decided that they believe the media’s version of events, and have absolutely no desire to watch any video. They have been told it is too vulgar and disturbing to watch, so they refuse, for those who do choose to watch, they do so with the idea of seeing what they’re told to see. They claim to see bullets, penetration sites and blood, because they’ve been brainwashed into believing it is there. Few are capable of watching this objectively, and seeing what terrible execution; full of flaws and inconsistencies.
    I do not buy for one minute that Chris gurst was in any type of romantic relationship. He appears to be a homosexual. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but there’s no way he was dating Alison, let alone living with her. The “scrapbook” photo album seemed insanely fake, and everything that comes out of him mouth is insincere, and unbelievable.
    The saddest thing is, just like with sandy hook and other false flags, no matter how much evidence is provided to discredit the official story, we will never get the truth. It is insanely frustrated to be labeled as a radical
    Conspiracy theorist when in all actually, those who see through this, are the only ones left with any degree of sanity.

    • very well put. I certainly understand the frustration but I think there are more people that question these events than you might think. If they were only less afraid of the consequences and spoke out, you might be surprised because, like you said, this one (like several of the others) was poorly executed.

  4. This video is ignorance at it’s finest…

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