Very Serious Problems with the WDBJ Shooting Story

by Scott Creighton


Why Did They Move Cameraman Adam Ward’s Body?

UPDATE: Fake “alternative” website Mike Rivero of What Really Happened” blames the “nutcase” Flanagan and claims Trump is right when he says it’s the “crazies” we have to worry about.

“I know a lot of people are saying it was a false flag but I think they’re wrong because it doesn’t make a case for gun control when this guy clearly shouldn’t have been allowed to get a gun in the first place’ Mike Rivero

And that is exactly what Bloomberg’s “hygiene law” is all about.

When asked by a caller about her running away after 6 shots were fired, Mike Rivero shouts him down and cuts him off then lies and says she only takes “a few steps” and “I don’t think that proves anything”

You should all remember, Mike Rivero will hang up on you if you mention the fact that it doesn’t look like a plane crashed at the Pentagon on 9/11.

If that doesn’t tell you something about What Really Happened, nothing will.


UPDATE: Someone did a video a little while ago titled “They Really Messed Up This False Flag” on Youtube… and of course, it’s been removed by YouTube on the grounds of their policy against “shocking and disgusting content”

Critical evaluation of the established narrative is now “shocking and disgusting”. Welcome to the Shining City on the Hill.


As a young man growing up in Lynchburg, I visited Smith Mountain Lake several times. It’s a beautiful location that brings back a lot of memories for me and I wish it hadn’t been used in such a manner as it was yesterday morning.

While some supposedly alternative websites are busy pushing any race-baiting angle they can come up with regarding this event, I’m going to take a slightly different tack, the one alternative sites USED to take before they all became to frightened to speak out. I’m going to evaluate it as an investigative journalist should, on it’s merits, and make a determination as to whether or not it’s a real tragedy or something else.

The story about WDBJ reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward being shot on live television while doing a promotional spot for Smith Mountain Lake in Moneta, Virginia at 6:43 am is riddled with serious flaws and being covered in such a way as to remind me of all those phony “ISIS™” beheading videos that were anything but videos of someone being beheaded.

We’ll take them one at a time:

The “horrific” and “graphic” images that weren’t

If you remember back when they were still running those fake “ISIS™” videos of the staged beheadings that never seemed to happen on camera, you might recall a campaign emerged from the MSM telling people if they watched the actual videos that had been put out there, “ISIS™” would “win”

There was a major effort put out telling folks not to view the actual videos but instead just to take everyone’s word for it that they were “horrific” and “graphic” and they should hate “ISIS™” and support Obama’s re-engagement of Iraq and bombing of Syria and just leave it at that.

Well, there was a reason for that if you remember. It was because the videos were poorly made at first and not only did they not show people getting their heads cut off, they seemed to show some guy pretending to cut another guy’s neck with a plastic knife.

Of course they didn’t want you too see that because seeing those videos for what they were, or, more accurately, for what they weren’t, would harm the propaganda value of the project. It’s really just that simple.

Seems we have the same thing developing around this story as well.

Here is the actual New York Daily News cover that elicited such a response over it’s “graphic” image.

Embedded image permalink

Do you see anything “graphic” in that image? Seems to me he missed. I mean, after all, if you watch the full video that the man took himself, you can see her run away after he fired a number of shots at her at point blank range. She never seems to react to being hit by a hail of bullets at all. And in the case of this image, she clearly is doing the same thing right before she turns and runs down that deck.

So, you have to ask yourself, why the big deal about not showing the full video of the attack. Why is it being pulled everywhere it’s uploaded? Why are the MSM talking heads acting as if this is the most shocking thing they ever saw? It’s ridiculous. And speaking of ridiculous: posted this dire warning before showing the video of the shooter POV video. Of course, there is no graphic content in the actual video itself.

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Graphic images have been shown on the MSM before. Real graphic images.

In this case, the Telegraph slightly blurred out an image of Mike Brown’s body lying dead in the street with a trail of blood coming from him. Is that more horrific than an image of a shooter missing a woman at point blank range?

In this case, CNN published then rebroadcast the iconic image of that burning monk in Vietnam. How many nightmares would that cause Dan Abrams?

And that’s too say nothing of what the Times UK published after 9/11:

That’s a horrific image. That will give you nightmares.

So you have to ask yourself why the big deal being made out of showing the images of this event when they were neither “horrific” nor “graphic”… and the answer is pretty obvious when you look at it realistically.

How did the shooter know where to find these two at 6:43 am?

Something that very few people seem to be asking is, to me, the most obvious: how did Vester Lee Flanagan know where they were going to be for the promo shoot?

Seems like another obvious question, doesn’t it? Smith Mountain Lake is an incredibly isolated area and it’s massive. Finding these three people in the remote location would be like finding a needle in a haystack and that’s assuming that somehow or another Vester was able to figure out they were doing a morning shoot there in the first place.

It’s about an hour from Roanoke and if you know anything about these kinds of promotional shoots, you know it takes about an hour to set one up which means if he had followed one of them from Roanoke, he would have had to have been staking out their cars somewhere around 3 or 4 am. Who does that?

I’m not ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille

This is probably one of the most damning aspects of this investigation of mine so I want you to follow along with me.

What I intend to show here is the fact that Mr. Flanagan was a bit early on his cue and hit his mark before he was supposed to, so he simply stepped back, waited, and then made his entrance again. This might actually be one of the main reasons they don’t want you watching that video.

And remember, he gets there ahead of time so he can set up his props as well. He’s got some kind of body camera on and his gun of course, but he also had to walk to the shoot location, supposedly without being seen by the three people involved in the promo. Ask yourself how that was possible, then go watch his video here.

It’s not “graphic”

Here are eight stills from that video in sequence.


What we have here is someone entering a scene, hitting his mark early, stepping as if he made an entrance onstage too soon and jumped back in the wings hoping no one would notice. Then, he waits, and resumes his entrance. The others take no notice of him, but that’s ridiculous. Of course they would notice him. How could they not notice him. He’s a large man with a gun pointed at them 4 feet away.

According to his “manifesto”, Flanagan was enraged at this woman. He was a “powder keg” just waiting to go off at her.

In it he wrote: ‘My anger has been building steadily…I’ve been a human powder keg for a while…just waiting to go BOOM!!!!’  Daily Mail

So why is it that he was so concerned about making sure the shooting aspect of the scene was on live TV? I thought he wanted to go “boom!!!”

Wouldn’t it be enough for him to shoot them and have the audience hear it? After all, he was recording it himself. He knew the video would be out there soon enough. So why wait? Why risk his big move? That camera man could have noticed him at any point and dropped his camera and grabbed the gun. After all, he was practically resting it on the guy’s shoulder. So why wait when all that could achieve would be to put his big plan at risk? If he and the cameraman start rolling around for the gun, the supposed target, the reporter, could get away. So why wait?

What was more important? Going “boom!!!”, exacting his revenge on her for something she had nothing to do with… or getting it on live TV? Apparently you have your answer.

He waited because the “shock and awe” aspect of the shooting was all about being live on TV. That’s how it worked. How it was scripted to work. Like the second plane hitting the South Tower 15 minutes after one hit the North Tower. Cameras were all there filming the burning building for live TV broadcasts and here comes another plane to slam into the other tower. Shock and awe.

That’s why he waited and that’s why they paid no attention to him.

When I was in high school back in ’84, I was an actor. We did a production of Anastasia in the round and I played Prince Bounine. The stage was set up with the audience seated on it and they were less than 10 feet from the action. This was before the musical version came out. As the play opened, there was a meeting taking place between myself and several other actors one of whom showed up late. Real late. Like 4 minutes or so. Those of us on stage had to improvise, cover for his absence and get the important information out that his character was supposed to introduce during the “meeting”

When he finally rushed on stage looking panicked, he immediately started in on his first lines, taking us way back to the first lines in the script. Others sat there staring at him not knowing what to do. Since I was “in charge” of the meeting, being Prince Bounine, I told him to “be silent” in my best Yule Brenner impersonation (I wasn’t a particularly good actor as a kid), told him to be silent and sit down. Since he chose to be late to our meeting, he could just sit there until we needed him. Which, to his credit, he did until we rounded back to a point in the script where he could figure out where we were and continue on with the play as normal.

I tell you this because I’ve been there. Live performances are so much more challenging than recorded ones and that’s because you never know what is going to happen. Someone comes in late… someone comes in early. You have to be able to adapt and adjust on the fly and while doing so, make it look organic to the scene.

That’s what didn’t happen yesterday morning in Smith Mountain Lake.  And that is obvious when you watch that video he made… you know, the one someone edited.

The getaway, the rental car, the crash, the obligatory “manifesto” and the “I’m so crazy” video

If someone were to make sure everyone knew he was a shooter in this case, why would he try to get away? What’s the point?

In this case, the shooter not only left the scene, he drove more than 3 hours away, “hundreds of miles”, in morning traffic, on his way to DC from the look of it. Why would he do that?

Flanagan left his car at the airport and continued his escape in a Chevrolet Sonic that he rented earlier this month. Police tracked the vehicle as it traveled along Interstate 81 for hundreds of miles

We have been told that law enforcement figured out what car the shooter was in (somehow) and tracked him for “hundreds of miles” on interstate 81. Did they track him to the Fed Ex where he supposedly faxed his “manifesto”? They would have had to, right? He did that two hours after the shooting. Why didn’t they stop him then?

Then we are told there was a chase and a “crash” after which, the shooter took his own life with a handgun in a rental car. Below is a picture of that ‘crash’ and the rental car. Does that look like a ‘crash’ to you? There aren’t even tracks or skid marks in the soft grass behind the car, which apparently hit absolutely nothing. Seems to me he pulled off the road in complete control and someone… got out.. possibly disappearing in the woods? Remember the “crash” at the Navy annex building in Tenn? The “crash” into the gate that left no marks on the vehicle? How about Miriam Carey “crashing” into the gate at the White House? Remember those?

Vester Lee Flanagan led police on a chase before he crashed the Chevy Sonic he rented from an airport

Why did he choose to rent a car at the airport? Did he just get back from somewhere? And for that matter, what has this guy been doing for the past two years since being canned by the TV station? He’s doing something, cus he’s got a nice car. You know that from the “I’m so crazy” narrative building video he was featured in back in July when he had a “road rage” incident on the streets of Roanoke.

In the video you see his nice car, a Ford Mustang. Why did he rent one? Did he sell his Mustang prior to this? Did he get the extra insurance on the rental?

And while we are on the subject, why would he take his own life right next to that patch of woods right there? I thought he was seeking vengeance for all the white on black murders as of late. Well, didn’t the cops perpetrate most of that? Has he never heard of Freddie Grey, Mike Brown, Walter Scott and Miriam Carey? Why go “boom!!!” on the white woman who had nothing to do with any kind of harm toward black people and then, when being confronted by those that did, you opt to take your own life rather than attempt to harm them?

I’m not suggesting someone do that, I’m just curious what the logic is there? Where’s the f’in “boom!!!”? That’s going out with a whimper but you see, many of the American Gladio shooters did the exact same thing. In fact, many wrote their “manifestos” as well. Seems like a pattern to me. How about you?

Reporters told to delete video of “crash” scene?

Jan10 sent me an interesting link which you guys should be made aware of. She herself is having a hard time accepting my conclusions on this matter, but this story stands out so much she thought I needed to see it.

“The suspect vehicle refused to stop and sped away from the trooper. Minutes later, the suspect vehicle ran off the road and crashed. The troopers approached the vehicle and found the male driver suffering from a gunshot wound. He is being transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of life-threatening injuries,” the report says. Flanagan later died, the BBC reported.

The BBC reporters, Strasser and McKelvey, were reporting from the scene of the crash when they were told by police to delete their video footage. PRI

As I have shown, there was no “crash”. The car seems to have simply pulled over and stopped. That aside, the reporters can’t quite figure out why it is if the cops view the video as evidence, why do they want it erased? Because that is what they did with it. Why erase footage they would need later for the investigation? Makes you think doesn’t it.

Whatever happened to the security camera footage from Sandy Hook? How about all the cameras from that theater in Aurora? How about the eighty-something cameras that surrounded the Pentagon that would have captured Flight 77 hitting the building? Whatever happened to them or that video of Timothy McVeigh’s accomplice getting out of the Ryder truck?

We starting to see a pattern?

Thanks Jan10.

Motive, motive, motive and then motive. So where’s the motive?

The faxed “manifesto” is not a motive. It is not a confession. It’s a drop gun. It’s crack sprinkled on yet another black man’s face when he was lying dying on a street corner somewhere (thank you Dave Chappelle)

This is called presumption of guilt and it’s used in lieu of an actual investigation. It is not a motive.

Many of the American Gladio operations lack motive. Holmes had none and God knows Adam Lanza didn’t. Those Boston Bomber brothers? What was their motive?

In this case, the “manifesto” faxed supposedly while the suspect was being tracked up I-81 for “hundreds of miles” contained what appears to be incriminating statements and what PASSES as a motive, but on further examination, it really doesn’t.

Being angry about what happened in South Carolina at that church is not a motive. If it were, he would be seeking out Dylan Roof, not this reporter who had nothing to do with it.

Claiming she made racist statements doesn’t amount to motive either especially when he shoots the cameraman who made no racist statements then leaves the head of the local Chamber of Commerce alive at the scene.

You can say he was a mad racist all you want, but her being left alive undermines your conclusion. In fact, from the video, you can see he never even targets her unless that happened during the edited out portion.

These two aspects of the story are included in the “manifesto” in order to be able to provide a pretext for the media to convict the guy in the court of public opinion without real evidence. They are indicators, not evidence. And though race-baiting interests like those who play the divide and conquer game with us everyday, would have you believe this is the motive, it isn’t. It doesn’t rise to that occasion.


Were this to end up being an example of a news organization manufacturing a story in order to promote a nation-wide agenda, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that happened. You have to remember, fascism doesn’t happen just from the upper reaches of society. When it comes to a nation, it always has support from the bottom rungs of society as well. People looking to carve out a niche for themselves in the new order of things.

We see this everyday in Syria. We see it everyday with “ISIS™” or the attacks on real populist candidates. We saw it during the lead-up to the humanitarian bombing in Libya and we saw it decades ago when they were setting us up for the same treatment of Yugoslavia.

We saw it when CNN reporters pretended to be under a scud missile attack back in ’91.

We saw it during the run-up to the Iraq invasion and occupation.

We see it every year when they do some official story promoting spots on the anniversaries of 9/11 or the shooting of JFK.

News as activism is nothing new. It’s been a part of the “journalism” profession for a very long time. We have to acknowledge that and remember it when viewing something like this.

As Obama and so many other politicians leap to the stage to demand gun control measures as a result of this event, we have to remember it wasn’t that long ago that our beloved leader said on live TV that the biggest regret he has had thus far during his tenure wasn’t the 4 State Department members killed in Benghazi or all those drone strikes killing folks overseas.. no, it was that he has yet to be able to do away with the second amendment in light of all these American Gladio operations.

I deliberately waited on writing something about this event because I wanted to cover it as best I could, absent any misinformation that was generated in the early stages of it. As I have written before, I don’t like to jump on stories like these before doing a good deal of research into them. They are difficult stories with difficult conclusions.

Regardless of the history of so many manufactured news events, this one, like all the other American Gladio operations, has to be evaluated on it’s own merits and I think I have done a respectable job in that regard.

Based on how it’s being handled by the media, on how the event unfolded, how the shock and awe aspect of it plays perfectly into the current gun-grabbing agenda of the current administration, the inclusion of the divide and conquer racial elements of it and how the police seem to want to destroy evidence rather than collect it, I have to come to the conclusion that something is terribly wrong with the official narrative of this event.

It simply doesn’t make sense the way it’s being framed. But it does make sense in another way. In fact, that makes perfect sense.

How did he know to be there? Why did he wait for the cameraman to change his focus? Why didn’t they react when he’s 4 feet away from them with a gun pointed at them? How did he miss at point blank range? How was she still able to run after 6 shots at point blank range? Why leave the other white lady alive? Why is the MSM refusing to show that video? How did they find him in that rental car? Why destroy the video footage shot at that scene? Where is the “crash” they talked about? How did he have the time to edit that video and upload it to Facebook, post Tweets announcing his video and guilt and fax his “manifesto” while being tracked by law enforcement for “hundreds of miles”?

Way too many serious questions about this event leads me to conclude it was a staged event. Just one more in a long line of them making the general public ready to relinquish just one more of their constitutional rights.

That’s my conclusion and that’s how I reached it.

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  1. You are raising some good points here Scott. Obtaining a forensic analysis of those “blacked out” portions of the video would be an important first step. Certainly this event has many glaring aspects that come across as contrived. Thank you for your carefully analysis.

    • thank you. I really hated doing this one. I learned to water ski on a trip to Smith Mountain Lake our theater group took the end of my senior year. I won “best actor” that year for Bounine as a matter of fact. lotta memories up there. very personal. my high school sweetheart lives in Roanoke currently. very upsetting for me and Jan10 as well.

    • And not only that but if you look at the video stills, the hand holding the “gun” is white where as Vester Lee Flanagan is an African American. Oooopsie on that goof of theirs too.

    • This analysis is shallow and forced. Several of the questions are meaningless and the others can all be answered with very simple, plausible responses which fit the story as it is presented. But he did show how distrustful people are and how quickly people give evidence of a desire to let imagination and skepticism come to the fore.

  2. I did notice it was odd that Alison Parker “ran away” after supposedly being shot a bunch of times, enough to kill her at the scene. Also their ignoring of the large man with a gun standing RIGHT THERE was strange as well.

    So. The question remains, is Alison Parker and Adam Ward alive or dead?

    • If you can achieve the same end result with a ‘soft power’ application as opposed to a drone strike, why kill ’em? Especially when you consider the potential ramifications if it every gets out that this is what happened. In one case, everyone up the chain of command gets a death sentence. In the other, what are they guilty of? Staging events in order to “keep guns out of the hands of the crazy people”? What is the actual crime? In fact, didn’t the supreme court rule that media organizations could lie to their viewers a decade or so ago? So what is the crime?

      Surely some of these events were conducted with a harsher hand. Aurora was probably conducted using a merc posing as James Holmes while James was drugged in the car outside.

      In Webster New York, a sniper set a trap and waited for the first responders and picked off a couple before making his escape in the woods.

      To answer that question, I would need more info that I’m surely never going to get. At fist glance I would say those two are currently on route to whatever witness relocation program they signed up for. Tel Aviv, London, Dubai… they could start over anywhere like that woman from Flight 77 who mentioned box cutters. That would have to be my guess. A merc would have simply shot her and it would have been a horrific scene. No reason to do it off camera afterwards.

      It is a distinct possibility they took out Flanagan though. The placement of that “wreck” seems mighty suspect to me. Those woods would make a great getaway spot especially if no one was looking because the “shooter” is dead in the rental car. But again, it’s hard too say.

    • Elmysterio makes a good point. Are they in fact still alive?

      I will say that after serving in combat for several years, I have a couple of retorts for you. It is clear that he is a novice with a sidearm (holding it with one hand, not two). The fact that he misses at point blank doesn’t concern me much. Mix the adrenaline with inexperience and that’s what you get.

      Not real concerned about the fact that they don’t see him either. I know I would see him. But as a former thespian you should know that when you’re in the zone, it is possible for a lot to happen that you miss if it’s out of your focus.

      He pauses because he notices that the cameraman is doing a pan of the surroundings. He wants to make his big “BOOM!” so he waits for the cameraman to get back to the principles.

      I did like your analysis though. Very thorough. I think they are, in fact, dead though. So what do you make of that?

  3. I personally had not paid too much attention to this and from the little attention I did pay, from reading various click-bait headlines only, but not clicking through to the “news” story, I had no preconceptions or thoughts about it until I read your blog post, and viewed the shooter video…….
    I have to say, your analysis is dead-on, as usual… the shooter video couldn’t look more amateurishly staged, and watching the supposedly “shot” reporter high-tail it in her heels after being “shot” at point-blank range was comical… Seeing his pistol come up and point towards the two women prior to dropping down, then framing the camera-man while he is panning out over the lake, the absolute lack of response by the women when he walked up (as if he was with them, to be honest… their surprise came when shots started to be fired…)…
    Like I said, I have paid zero attention to any of this because it sounded so ho-hum, just another shooting, but after reading your break-down and watching the video, I have to question: what was the point? If as you say this is somehow about framing the story in regard to abolishing the right bear arms (a joke in itself; there are enough guns in US private hands for every man, woman and child to have their very own, plus some… What, the idiotic US govt is somehow going to confiscate every US citizen’s legally bought/paid for weapon, that inefficient, fraudulent simulacrum of what passes for a “govt” that can’t enforce any but the most ridiculous of the 1000’s of laws on US books, such that just about every American, every day probably breaks at least 1-2 laws, unknowingly, except for the laws that are the most easily enforced on the poorest, least capable of defending themselves portion of the population, ie, pot possession, traffic violations, loitering, public urination, etc., who are the least likely to own guns? The real gun owners own guns for precisely the reason the govt would obviously want to take those guns from those persons, ie, to protect themselves from an onerous, fraudulent, criminal govt, such as the one we have now…), then what does this do, to forward that possibility, or even bring such an idea into the realm of possibility? As stated, real gun owners will never give up their guns to the govt, and those too poor to own guns have no guns to give up, and the public feel that govt can’t protect them from this type of situation, which only drives the public to buy/own more guns…
    I can’t quite get my head around the thinking; I know it is conditioning, but to what end, I have a hard time grasping…
    Anyway, good post, great analysis…

    • that’s a good question and a good evaluation of the situation on the ground here in the states.

      I think it’s more about pushing for what Bloomberg calls “mental hygiene laws”… keeping guns out of the hands of the kinds of people they don’t want to have them. I don’t think they ever believe they will be able to grab up all the guns out there. they know they can’t do that. But what they can do is grab certain types which are legally registered (and dont tell me everyone who owns an AR-15 is going to shoot it out with a tactical squad before giving them up. that just aint going to happen) and then do away with our “right” to have the types of weapons they allow. That’s an important distinction because now you have to be a felon for them to do that. What they want is a panel to be able to assess you personally, your Tweets, your voting record, your credit score?, whatever criteria they use, to be able to say “you get to own a gun or no soup for you” and that’s a big difference than the 2nd amendment saying you have a right to bear arms, isn’t it?

      no they wont take guns from the protofascist element of ” ‘Merika! ” they want those guys to have guns just like they armed the radical right in places like Libya, Syria and Ukraine. the more guns for them the better. But other elements of society? Nah, no guns for them and I think that’s what’s behind the mental hygiene laws. That’s why this guy is supposed to be “crazy” and his telling background is so important.

      “should have seen this one coming!”

      “if we just had those mental hygiene laws in place, none of this would have happened.”

      you get the picture.

      • you make a valid assertion, re “Nah, no guns for them and I think that’s what’s behind the mental hygiene laws…” but the logistics of enforcement seem beyond the “capabilities” of “the gov’mnt” to be honest… only the most weakest, poorest elements of society get victimized by TPTB’s enforcement arms, which usually result in the offender being shot dead for some made-up reason (as all of the videos/eyewitness accounts assert…), and those poor fuckers are typically unarmed, so no guns gained, for TPTB…
        these actions typically just result in more paranoia grown in the minds of the angry, old, white, conservative male population (that typically has an armory cached somewhere), making them more than ready to engage in a deadly stand-off with any Keystone Kop fumble-bum group, ala “cattle rancher Cliven Bundy” (why that didn’t go all “Koresh” I don’t know… I think the TPTB feared/fears what might happen were they to attack good ol’ boy, white, hard-workin’, god-fearin’ Wild West cow-boys and their minions over their god-given, Manifest Destined right to ranch cattle wherever the fuck they want, Fed Land Mngmt Laws be damned…), so these staged events condition us to something, but what that is, regardless how good your conjectured analysis is, I still can’t quite get my mind there…
        I know they rounded up every last Jap in Amerka in the 40’s and put them in camps during WWII (between 110,000 and 120,000, which is a lot of people, so some kind of mass action is conceivable, and with the surveillance/analysis tech available today, sorting out the “wanted” from the “not wanted” for charging/confiscation/internment is def most possible…)
        But once it starts, and you start to have deadly stand-offs with the 2nd Amendment Gun Righters defending those rights once the “sorting/culling” starts, with large-scale battle scenes and KIA’s on both sides of the armed conflicts being reported across the inter-webs, that is going to blow up very quickly, with many, many more gun owners now fearing their govt and willing to die before they bow down; then the worst fears of TPTB will be realized, with national chaos and break-down of the financialized jail they have already carefully crafted for us over 100’s of years, crumbling… I don’t think that is what TPTB wants, honestly…
        So, not disagreeing with you, just trying to see the “big picture” more clearly, and right now, the picture is pretty blurry…
        If the intent is just to make everyone fearful, afraid of everyone else, and break-down of trust between persons, cultures, other colors of skin, faith, etc., I can see that very well… Everyone now is very well conditioned to think anyone of Middle Eastern descent/background/faith, Mexican, black, as someone you don’t turn your back on, no matter whether you work with one of the above, kids go to skill with, you are friends with, as a whole, that “group” has been so demonized, it is hard, even for a rational person, to not sub-consciously think “terrorist/devil/killer” when confronting one of these “persons” in whatever scenario, at work, walking down the street, parking your car, etc…
        I have been to both Iraq and Afg as a civilian contractor and worked with Iraqis, Afghanis, Indians, Filipinos, Bosnians, Serbs, Kosovars, etc., you name it, I have worked with them, eaten food with them, slept near them, and I can say that all of the various peoples I met, all were like me, just a guy trying to make a living to send some bread home to the wife and kids, in as tough a condition as you can imagine, and I was paid a butt-load more than these guys were, being American (these guys were usually my subordinates, basically tools you directed to perform tasks…), but they accepted me as a person as I did them…
        anyway, sorry for long response; I agree, there is something going on, but just what it is, isn’t as clear to me as it may be to you…

  4. The reaction of her boyfriend (and also her “father”) on Megan Kelly’s show last night raised a red flag for me. At no time was there a choke in their voice or a tear in their eyes. Nothing. Might as well been talking about the weather. Just like Sandy Hook. Propaganda at it’s finest… Stupid people will believe it….God help those of us whom are awake.

    • I saw that. someone posted a link to it for me on Twitter. I should have included it in the article. very strange that one and yet, as you say, so similar to Sandy Hook parents and other Gladio family members.

      as for the ‘awake’ thing… you know, sometimes it’s best to pretend to be asleep when the monsters come out from under the bed.

      • What about the blood at the end of the video? You can see it dripping on the ground in front of the camera.

        • Huh, that’s weird. I just watched the video again today and I don’t see that part. I can’t remember what site I saw it at yesterday. Maybe someone edited the video as a disinformation tool. It’s definitely suspect when she briefly looks over at the gunman.

  5. That shooter was a big man, like a football player. There is no way he was not noticed when he walked up toward the interview… even Allison would have noticed that someone had come up beside her cameraman,,,,, and how did Allison, wearing 3 inch heels, keep her perfect balance when frightened by a gunman ….. and she ran in them with 3 or 4 bullet wounds?
    too much strange stuff here….
    good evaluation, Scott…

    • didn’t we got there once when dad came home and do some fishing? i seem to remember that. some poor sunfish in a bucket and I wanted to release it. dad really loved that idea. did we stay in a camper or rv? i cant remember.

      • yes, your father had a camper….. he took you all fishing….the rascal
        smelly fish… you smelled like fish when you got home…😦

    • TV reporters and cameramen concentrate on their interviewees and can’t get distracted by someone walking around them. I can’t believe you didn’t think of that. They can’t stop in the middle of an interview because someone is moving towards them. Think!!!!!! Keep your ugly thoughts to yourself.

      • when someone totally unexpected walks up, (wasn’t supposed to be anyone else there), the interviewer can and usually does turn to acknowledge the new person to prevent that person from moving across the camera view…. control of the interview…

        • Gee, that’s not what the other reporters at the station involved have said. Doesn’t sound very professional to me to stop an interview because someone MIGHT get too close. A lot of people like to photo bomb tv interviews. Have you spoken to the station employees? I doubt it.

        • and you know that no one else was supposed to be there how? I doubt there were only 3 people at Bridgewater Plaza that morning.


    they have put up a report about Americans being frustrated about the job opportunities and fame problems… making it the cause of violence.. naming the poor as possibly more apt to be violent. They explain the shooter’s motive as ‘frustration and anger’ about his job.

  7. What is that black strap on the reporter woman’s leg? That is very unusual looking. It doesn’t look like a therapeutic device and it doesn’t look like video or audio equipment.

    He fires 15 rounds on the video – I think those Glock 9mm’s have a 15 round mag, am I correct?

    • I initially thought it was some sort of knee brace, but apparently it’s a strap reporters often wear around their leg to better manage the cords and/or other gear they need to carry.

      • Oh, right – that seems to be correct – it holds the battery pack and transmitter for her radio Lavalier microphone so they don’t show on her upper body on camera.

  8. AUG 27
    Nutty Jim’s take on it.
    Once again, the ‘take’ was the $666K payoff each acteur got.

  9. When I saw the supposed boyfriend with the photo album on TV, I looked at my partner and said,” I would be on Xanax and crying my eyes out. Look, not a tear, no red puffy swollen eyes, what gives”.
    He looked at me and said, your right, smells fishy to me too.
    Who goes on TV after your loved one has been murdered? Oh only actors and actresses I presume.
    Good article, Jim Stone has the whole video on his website, that’s where I saw the premature white hand raised with the gun, twice, before someone must have prompted him to hit his cue.

    • Jesus you guys are stupid. You can’t fix stupid. Good luck with this and oh, by the way, John F Kennedy is still alive too…and Elvis.

    • Her boyfriend was a news reporter, too. His professionalism as a reporter allowed him to be interviewed without being visibly upset. Please get the full story before commenting on people you don’t know.

      • Well Sallie Jane Troll,
        Then all media outlets need to get their facts straight before reporting worthy news stories.
        The information gleened over the last several days by amateur sleuths seems to bring out the real facts.
        Why would they replace the deck within 24 hours during an active crime scene?

        • wait. they are replacing the deck? of course they are. wood would have soaked up the blood and since there is none, or what’s there is kero syrup with red food coloring, they couldn’t really leave that behind for the sleuths to find, now could they?

          • Scott,
            Go to Jim Stone’s we page and look at the video of the real boyfriend, Daniel Wulz.
            Should make you sit up and take notice.

  10. Doesn’t the hand holding the gun look like a white guy?

  11. I haven’t followed this incident because they all seem to be staged events these days, but I believe your analysis is excellent.

  12. I’m not sure it is just about enacting mental hygiene laws concerning gun ownership. In the hours following the shooting, I was watching CNN and one of the guest talking heads started in about “passive-aggressives” in the workplace and how we have to be very careful about monitoring employees… And all the guests’ comments about the shooter collecting insults and wanting to find something to be offended by in his co-workers’ comments. Maybe this is conditioning to make us all suspicious of our co-workers – “if you see something, say something” workplace edition.

    • I think you are right about this. There is a push to remove costly worker privacy and personal rights protections in major corporations. That would allow an unlimited degree of cost-saving measures because employees would no longer have any avenue for protest (see something, say something, but if it’s something mandated above you, get fired).

      • now this line of thought makes some sense, out of all the senseless “theories” being floated by the MSM… I don’t think there are many of us out there in US “work-scape” who don’t work alongside someone of “other-ness”, whether that is cultural, religious, racial, mental tics/expressions that don’t fit into our conditioned mind as “normal” (mildly autistic/ADHD, isolated personalities, difficulty making friends, saying odd things not consistent with the scope of a conversation, weird sense of humor, etc…) and being conditioned to sub-consciously suspect “them” of something, real or imagined, just because they are different, and inculcating a subliminal angst of fear/distrust towards that “other”, Big Brothering us to rat them out for real or imagined words/thoughts/deeds, seems like a TPTB thought/mind control experiment worthy of all this effort… just to see if they can make us salivate like Pavlov’s dog when a particular “bell” is wrung, in our minds, and punch the “terr’ist” hotline button, to report this “strange” character saying/doing “strange” things… that makes sense… divide and conquer, from within… like a Trojan horse…

        • Sad, yes – but also kind of interesting in a twisted way You mentioned “experiment”. I do suspect that part of the unifying purpose behind some of the seemingly intentionally-botched and/or poorly-staged psyops of late is a sort of sociology experiment. With the level f communication that can be readily monitored, we’re in a situation where an event can be created simply (or at least in part) to monitor public response to it. The “big data” analyses can be used to refine the more subtly and competently crafted events to steer public perception or acceptance.

          • Bingo! I believe you are spot on and was thinking the same thing. It’s not for gun-control, it’s to create total confusion and suspicion so that you just don’t know what to believe anymore. I believe it was sloppily staged intentionally so that more of us start talking about it. I believe they are peppered in with real tragedies so that we can no longer tell the difference.

            • wrong. they want a national mental hygiene law like the one passed in New York via New York Safe Act of 2013.

              “New Mental Health Professional Reporting Requirements
              The NY SAFE Act created a new section in the Mental Hygiene Law, Section 9.46, which requires mental health professionals (defined as Physicians, Psychologists, Registered Nurses, and Licensed Clinical Social Workers) who determine, through their reasonable professional judgment, that a patient is likely to engage in conduct that would result in serious harm to self or others, report that information, as soon as practicable, to the director of community services or a designee. This requirement takes effect on March 16, 2013.

              For additional information and to submit a report, as required by Section 9.46 of the Mental Hygiene Law, please go to the New York State Office of Mental Health Safe Act Site.

              Please note that the form you will find on the State Office of Mental Health Safe Act Site is intended solely to collect information being reported pursuant to Section 9.46 of the New York Mental Hygiene Law for purposes of determining whether a license for a firearm should be suspended or revoked. It will not initiate a removal. If your patient is in need of immediate care and treatment in a hospital, you should call 911 or contact your local director of community services. If you are a member of a mobile crisis team or a designated provider, you may also initiate the removal yourself.”

              That is why all of these fake shootings involve someone with “mental health issues” that are pre-existing and on record. That’s why disinfo assets like Rivero at What Really Happened often fabricate some kind of “evidence” that the patsy was on an SSRI.

              To say that this is not done in order to bring about a change in the way our society handles the right to have a gun is naive. All you have to do is look at all the reports out there right now about how this shooting has revived the call for “common sense” gun control measures.

              Take a look at what Obama has done via executive action since 2013. It’s all about setting up a national mental hygiene law through the back door.


              • Not trying to claim that they don’t want mental hygiene laws and that there are not other agendas as well. However, I still think some of the lousy staging and various key mistakes are peppered in to gather data. The art of data mining to sell people shit in a targeted way has been perfected beyond any capitalist’s wildest imagination. Now they want to further perfect this for greater direct societal control. Key stimuli are being introduced and signal processing algorithms are being applied, developed and validated for analyzing enormous stores of communications data to develop better models of human behavior in response to specific types of events and sub-events, parsed by geographic, economic, educational, age, gender, ethnicity, etc, data. I can imagine doing this quite systematically (therefore it must be true, since everything I’ve ever imagined has come true – wait, never mind – I’m still scraping an existence and the 150 most beautiful people in the world actually did not show up at my door pledging themselves to my every pleasure for all eternity, so maybe I am wrong after all) I do suspect, nevertheless, large funding behind these and possibly a line of continuity to the “terminated” programs such as MKUltra. Of course, this is only an idea – a paranoid fantasy perhaps, to put a different set of words around the concept of “conspiracy theory”. Just trying to make up scenarios for common motive. Gotta do something with my unproductive time when too tired and lazy to do the mountain of work that’s been piled up for me. I see a lot of explanations for motives drummed up from scattered pieces of indirect evidence. They’re not mutually exclusive. Perhaps you’re right though. If there is an agenda for mental hygiene laws then nobody could still want to gather sociology data from reactions to staged events. I don’t follow the logic, but I can certainly not prove anything.

              • Oh, and in a shorter response – I totally agree with you that there is a push for mental hygiene laws. I think they want to give the right to corporate leaders to remove all privacy rights of their employees as well by using these laws. Good for cheap productivity in a fascist state.

  13. […] Willyloman – Very Serious Problems with the WDBJ Shooting Story […]

  14. Wow! Jim Varney was on WDBJ7 in the Commercial on Hogan’s Heroes! Varney is crying right now. Once you see the violent footage on WDBJ7 with Adam Ward and Alison Parker, you will never likely to forget it, no matter how hard you try.

  15. I read your article this one, on another site, and was reminded of how things were done when I was young, in regards to the news, and investigative journalist. I agree with all that you say about this, and only wish this type of reporting was still being done, by those collecting the big bucks with the so called big names. When this first broke, within 30 seconds of watching the video, I knew it was yet another false flag event in hopes of furthering several agendas. But through your entire article I found a few things that I did not see or think of, and I have been at this for many many years. I thank you and hope others will have an opportunity to read it. Keep up the good work, and I will visit your site daily now for other reports and articles.

  16. I have to point out something.

    The reporter makes surprised face, when she’s “shot.”

    Do people that are shot have time for any facial expressions? Don’t they just fall dead without time to react?

    • Definitely not: people who are shot certainly do not always just fall over when shot – that is mainly a Hollywood trope that often does not happen in reality; it totally depends where they’re hit, and there are many places where you can get hit and very well run away, in the gut for instance. If the bullet misses bones, arteries, and major organs like the heart or brain, the person can often run away. There are YouTube videos of people being shot and totally running away.

      In this one the guy winces a little but he has no problem running away.

      In the Zapruder film you see JFK take the first neck shots and he just appears to feel a discomfort in his neck but he is basically not panicking at all because the bullet pretty much passed right through soft tissue and probably didn’t hurt too bad, so he looks like he’s not even really aware he’s been shot – he just feels his throat with his hand because he felt a small pain and Jackie leans over to see what’s wrong.

      So in an ‘all-soft-tissue’ wound the victim may not even feel much more than a brief and possibly minor pain; the exit wound can be very small – basically the size of the bullet, and sometimes there is not even much blood coming out of the wound if the bullet happens to miss bigger veins, which is quite possible in the gut area. There are many reports by persons who have been shot that they didn’t even know they’d been hit at first.

      IF he was shooting real bullets, it looks as though at least the first shot would have hit her in the stomach pretty far to the right and perhaps below the bottom rib and missing her arm, which could very well be an all-soft-tissue wound which would not make her body jerk violently and perhaps not produce much blood in the first several seconds. It also may have missed because it looks like it is aimed pretty far right and below her arm.

      The second shot looks like it may have missed her to the right too, but if it hit her it would have to be A LOT luckier to miss all the bones in her upper torso, but it is still possible that it went between and missed her ribs and arm bones, again perhaps yielding soft-tissue results.

      The third shot looks like it may have missed too, or it too may have luckily hit soft tissue – no way to tell because the gun has too much motion blur to determine it’s precise vector at the time of the shot and she is jerking her head out of the way at that moment.

      At any rate, even if the bullets were real, it looks like the first three shots did not do much damage, and possibly some or all were complete misses.

      • that’s all well and good, but we know (“know”) from his manifesto that he says he wrote the victim’s names on his “hollowpoint” rounds. I don’t care where you are hit with a hollow point round, fleshy part or no, it’s going to have an effect on you, especially if you are hit 2, 3 or 4 times. and that’s a fact.

        • Actually, I was with a friend when he shot himself in the head with a hollow point. He thought he was faking suicide because there was no clip in the gun. There was one in the chamber. Long story short, after all the blood and shock and calling in an ambulance, he lived. The hollow point was all that saved his life because it did not fully penetrate his skull. If it had not been a hollow point, in this particular case, it would have gone straight through his skull. Getting shot is very unpredictable like anything else. it’s just a small piece of (relatively) soft metal that hits you very fast. I’ll never forget the blood though. No spurting in this case, and pooling was not what they show in movies or the videos I’ve seen. There was a lot of congealing, bubbling (his airway was affected) and non-uniformity in the consistency.

  17. The guy suffered from malignant narcissism. The injury to his ego from being fired was too humiliating a psychic wound to recover from on his own. Escorting fired people off the premises precipitates these kind of tragedies. The really sad thing is, is that with the right help for this guy, this situation need not have happened.

    • The guy suffered from malignant narcissism

      Don’t we all … Don’t we all.
      The sadder thing is that nobody pushing for a “solution” to his dangerous mental state has any interest in “helping” him at all. They’d rather help themselves. Creating a state of fear entices everyone to want to help themselves and softens them up for accepting the protection of the true believers, who are helping themselves by removing the threats created and nurtured by their runaway imaginations, and their leaders, who are profiting from ever increasing control over large groups of what will soon be referred to once again as “peasants”. I hope you are sincere and if so your sincerity doesn’t help feed your fear too much.

  18. Couple of additional items…

    Lots of folks are making note that he walked up and then took 2 steps back. I think I know why. You can hear a “click” and his hand flinched. He dropped the hammer on an empty chamber. You can then hear in his video where he racks the pistol and then takes aim again. This caused by a rookie mistake where the mag is either not inserted all the way when the gun is racked, or the mag is inserted after the gun is racked, not before.

    Additionally, @chrishurstwdbj posted about her death at 6:34am She wasn’t “shot” until 6:46am

  19. I can almost buy into the notion that Parker and Ward were so immersed in the interview that neither noticed the shooter approaching; they may have been well trained.

    However it’s the Chamber of Commerce lady being completely oblivious to a 250 pound man approaching her (she IS facing the direction he made his initial approach) that is quite curious.

  20. Wow .. just .. wow.

    Like ronjon, I hadn’t paid much attention to this story, and didn’t watch the video … no need to see someone getting shot. But after reading your article, I had to see with my own eyes and … am I the only one who was thinking “Wolfenstein 3d” watching that?

    The thing is, most people are going to feel the same … as an Iraq vet told me once when the fake video of “Isis” burning a man in a cage told me “I;ve seen people burned alive, I don’t need to watch a video of it” .. but once he did, he knew right away it was fake.

    And this shooting was FAKE. No doubt about it Why? I don’t know. Maybe an attempt to give Hillary’s campaign a boost? To push for more gun control?

    As an aside, I’d like to support you, but I’ve lived the last 5 years on maybe $3000 … not $3000/year but $3000 over that entire time period. I appreciate what you do, even if it’s probably just beating your head against the wall.

  21. FYI there’s supposed to be an unedited version of the shooters vid out there somewhere .. I can’t find it as mst links have the video taken down, even on live leaks

  22. I agree a lot of stuff is suspicious. I believe he paced the phone on his pocket and that’s why it is black. You can see my video analysis here:

    • that’s possible, but he did edit it. remember, at 11 something that morning he posted TWO versions of the video on his Facebook page. two. and some are saying it’s a GoPro, not a cell phone. hard too see in that one shot of the man from the cameraman’s POV.

      • It’s probably not a GoPro: people don’t usually hold GoPros vertically. Holding it vertically is something usually only done with phones/iPods because of their physical configuration.

  23. Here is Ward’s news camera footage.

  24. The car story doesn’t make sense – this is from WDBJ’s own printing of the police’s initial press statement (link below):
    “Shortly before 11 a.m., Roanoke City Police located Flanagan’s 2009 Ford Mustang at the Roanoke Regional Airport. The Mustang has been recovered as evidence.

    The investigation determined that Flanagan left the airport days earlier in a Chevrolet Sonic that he had rented earlier in the month.

    During the course of the investigation, law enforcement was able to locate the suspect as he traveled along Interstate 81.”

    He left the airport DAYS earlier in a car he rented earlier in the MONTH? How can that make sense?

    And he owned a nice Mustang? So after the crime he ditched the Mustang at the airport, but he left the airport in the rental Sonic “days earlier” (the police press release seems intentionally confused so that nobody could parse it – a technique that seems to be used in every fake op). And he had rented the Sonic many days earlier than that?

    So he was spending a good amount of money to rent a Sonic for a good part of a month while he owned a nice car that was obviously working fine and which he went ahead and used in the crime even though he had a more anonymous rental car.

    The police press release above inescapably implies that he had pre-staged the Sonic at the airport. So why mention him leaving the airport in the Sonic “days earlier”, and WHO ID’d HIM days earlier? Not the rental car people, because he rented the car long before that, so they would not have been aware that he was at the airport a couple of days ago…nobody would! It doesn’t make sense. Do Google and the NSA track every car by radio or something? How else could the police find out that he left the airport in the Sonic a couple of days ago when nobody had known who he was at that time?

    Why would he pre-stage the rented Sonic at the busy airport with lots of witnesses, cops, and cameras around, and not someplace discreet and more convenient which had way less traffic congestion, witnesses, security cameras, and police around to identify him or either car, like a residential street? It makes no sense.

    The airport is across the street from WDBJ Studios, so one might at first suppose that he staged the Sonic there because he needed to follow them in the morning from the TV station to their location, which he wouldn’t have been able to find out ahead of time (an easy way to stalk them…but why not follow her after she got off work so there would be less, or no witnesses, and why not in the Sonic which would have made him far more anonymous?).

    But that idea doesn’t hold up. The airport is the staging place for the GETAWAY car, so it couldn’t have anything to do with needing to be near the TV station – the getaway car doesn’t need to be near the TV station, so there is no reason to stage the Sonic there – it’s a total surveillance environment – a total bust.

    And why do the crime in his own car which would much more quickly ID him, instead of using the more anonymous rental Sonic to do the crime..why ever use his own car at all? It’s like he was doing everything he possibly could to do everything stupidly wrong AND to get ID’d as fast as possible.

    Since he staged the rental Sonic at the airport, before doing the crime he had to either have an accomplice to drive him back to get the Mustang, or an accomplice to pick him up at the airport with the Mustang then take a hike, or if he had no accomplice he had to walk or take a bus or taxi to the Mustang. He could certainly have done that, but it makes no sense – there is no reason to stage the car at the airport whatsoever – it helped nothing and vastly increased his likelihood of being ID’d.

    The story of the rented Sonic at the airport makes very little sense.

    • he also opened his Twitter account and Facebook account about a week before this event. also notice: the photos from his apartment make it look like someone staged the scene there as well. no art on the walls. everything is clean like the bathroom sink. his mattress looks like it’s never been used. and someone printed some photos of him and put them on the fridge to make him look narcissistic.

  25. […] August 27, 2015 […]

  26. The click is there, it was very audible in the version posted to his facebook page. Not sure which version you have.

    • no it isn’t.

      So let me see if I got this straight… you say he pulled the trigger… YOU hear a ‘click’ on some video no one else has seen, right?

      OK. So, he pulls the trigger 4 feet from those two and RIGHT NEXT to the cameraman… it’s makes a “click’ sound which is unmistakable… AND NOT A SINGLE PERSON ON THAT DECK REACTS TO IT?


  27. YOU are a lunatic. Just arrive from Mars maybe?

  28. As to the comment “he had the phone in his hand” yes he did, it appears he put it in his top pocket to rack the gun.

  29. As to the gopro comment, its definitely not a go pro. Widely circulated still image of the shooter clearly shows him holding his phone in his left hand.

  30. Still the two journalists are dead, no? What do we say about their fate? Innocent pawns in someone else’s game, or somehow conspirators? I don’t know

  31. It might be a closed casket funeral:
    seems both were shot in the head and torso….. with hollow bullets ?

    • Shot in head equals instant KO + large pool of blood- typically 18″ across. The pool of blood from an external bleed out is even larger- about 3 feet across. Yet there is not one drop of blood at the scene!

      I’m going to try to get the crime scene photos, but I doubt that anyone will ever see them, because this whole incident was obviously staged.

  32. Some guy “PK” (jungle surfer youtuber?) caught something interesting. First you see the white looking hand of the shooter wearing a blue plaid shirt, then they show us a shot supposedly from the dead camera man looking up at the shooter, but now he’s dressed in black

  33. @mudhole- need to find out who was contracted to do crime scene cleanup. If there wasn’t anyone, well…

  34. Chitownfumble, I didn’t view his tweet until 4PM yesterday and it said 6:31AM and I am in the Eastern Time Zone..

  35. Uh, it is really simple. Do you ever watch the tv? It is VERY LIKE WDBJ7 to say, “Tomorrow on our morning news, we will be at Smith Mountain Lake’s Bridgewater Marina getting ready to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the lake. Tune in.” DUH. That is how he would know to be there.

    There is no conspiracy or cover up here. Find something else to have drama about. These are good people, one of whom my family and friends know well, and none of whom did anything to anyone. They were victims plain and simple, and there is no weird cover up/scandal. It is already an awful situation, and no one needs this sort of garbage to compound it. Please stop. Please find something else to have a mystery about because family, friends, and our community do not need it.

    • Sorry, Mr. Hasbara troll, that line just doesn’t work anymore. You guys need to delete it from your script.

    • Then stop reading it for Christ’s sake! Did this site infiltrate your computer actively? How in the hell did you read this and comment on it? Ad no – personally I do not watch TV, least of all TV news. People here are only questioning the facts of an event. There is no harm in that. If they’re wrong, so be it. And what planet do you live on exactly? Nothing is “plain and simple”.

  36. LoL….damn you conspiracy theorists are stupid as shit. Catch up. all of your ‘concerns’ are based on ignorance of how news casts operate, how and what they see when they are doing an on site shoot like this, how someone really reacts when shot if it’s not in the head or heart, etc, etc. Your wealth of ignorance is astounding and incredibly pathetic. I’m not even going to begin to try to educate you on this, its a waste of time. Those who want t o believe in conspiracies will not be swayed by the inconvenient facts. Carry on living in your bizarre little world.

    • Nice. Well thought out and eloquent. I particularly appreciate your use of constructive criticism. I’m particularly impressed by your implied experience with violent situations and your noble refusal to educate anyone who apparently most needs it. Very helpful. Very admirable, intelligent. Most impressive. Keep on doing what you do. I’m sure it pays (not very) well.

  37. Imagine if you put this kind of energy into reality…. Oh the things you could do.

    • Ha, I left a longer reply to this, but it got eaten. On the other hand (in contrast to my other, lost, comment), you’re probably right. Choices …

  38. Usually when someone means to shoot and kill someone, it goes something like this:

    (WARNING!! Graphic Content)

    Comparatively speaking, the Virginia shooting was staged.

    • You are one sick person, but I didn’t see much difference in this shooting than the one in Virginia. Didn’t see any blood. She kept screaming after being shot multiple times. Your point?

  39. Excellent breakdown of yet another “paid for by Obama” American Gladio event which yields his goal response of “We need gun control”! Why is that? I believe that we are going to see more and more of these American Gladios coming out just like the last two movie theater attacks, the South Carolina Bible study, even Ferguson and Baltimore! Anything that brings back race riots (#BlackLivesMatters), and stirs civil unrest which people will call for gun control serves his purpose. Why? I believe because it lays out the preparation for him to declare Martial Law. When that happens, it is all over for everyone. Everything about this was fake except these people dying. I don’t think they knew that they were going to die. Oh, and isn’t it interesting that our dear Governor was in that area just a week before? Makes one wonder. I’ve never been there but I have been to Roanoke. I’m a native Virginian. Thanks for your great article!

  40. […] VIA| As a young man growing up in Lynchburg, I visited Smith Mountain Lake several times. It’s a beautiful location that brings back a lot of memories for me and I wish it hadn’t been used in such a manner as it was yesterday morning. […]

  41. Interesting that the two guys go on the news and like mentioned already, the boyfriend is completely stone faced and there is not even the slightest quiver in his voice. And the father…he JUST lost his daughter and he is on tv ranting about gun control and how they are going to do something about this and they aren’t going away blah blah blah. This was very odd to watch this sideshow interview develop the way it did.

  42. I live here. I knew them. My cousin works at the bridge. My uncle and my god father and my friends ran the ems call. I promise you there was nothing fake about this. It was horrifying. You ask how she could still run, your body does amazing things when adrenaline rushes. But it wasn’t enough. She has multiple wounds. As did Adam. I have a friend that was in Vickies surgery. This was very much real and it break my heart to stumble across thing like this. You are analyzing this because you want someone to blame, you want your own attention. This was a terrible tragedy that I witnessed on my morning news station as I was eating breakfast with my mother. Adam and Alison do not deserve this disrespect. Please think about them and their friends and family here in sw va. We are all heartbroken. We have all came together. Please stop showing your disrespect. We ask you kindly to remove the photos of Alison and Adam. In respect to them, their family and friends. Please think of how you would feel to see these images of your loved ones last moments alive all over the internet. You ask why he waited until Adam was facing her, because this is what he wanted. He wanted it to be publicized and you are giving him exactly what he wanted. And I am sorry that you can not understand that. May God bless this country and those affected by this.

    • And since I am anonymous, please check my IP address to see if it came out of Virginia. We understand that it’s inconceivable that anyone would ever make up something when the circumstances are tragic. After all, the mere suggestion of tragedy disallows any investigation into it. Out of “respect”.

    • ^^^ bulshit robo comment.

      always ask for proof!!!!!

    • Thank you, Anonymous. Well said. People sitting behind a computer who were not there and don’t know our community should just be quiet. And they should definitely take down the pictures.

      • Thank you Sallie Jane. Shouldn’t the news take down their reports too though? Isn’t it just awful of them to report these tragedies. Let’s you and I go put a stop to the reporting of all of these horrific events. It is insensitive of the news to traumatize the good American people with such reports, and too painful for the families. Let’s have no more reports of such tragedies in the main stream news. After all, the MSM reached WAY more people than this site, and you don’t want all those poor people seeing this stuff, now do you?

  43. There are some valid points here, but I’m not buying the reasons given for why this couldn’t be a real shooting. In real life, people don’t react to being hit like they do in the movies, and for bystanders the bullet impacts are not as apparent or noticeable as one would expect. Further, in a “fight or flight” adrenaline rush, even mortally wounded people are capable of moving as Parker did.

    • your right theres a lot more blood !! and people cant move when they are really shot! fool!!!!!

      • People are conditioned by thousands of hours of TV to think they know what happens when people are shot. They fall down and die instantly on the spot designated by the assistant director. Since the FX guys usually don’t put blood squibs on extras, the average TV watcher just doesn’t comprehend how much blood a real shooting entails.

        In real life people usually take some time to die from gunshot wounds- hours sometimes. While they are dying they bleed- lots of blood!
        In fact blood loss is usually what kills them. This shooting is a fake
        FAKE FAKE FAKE – just like half a dozen other ones this summer.

  44. Those who have eyes to see, ears to hear shall stand in their truths.

  45. Jim Stone found the Facebook page of Allison’s real boyfriend.
    The smoking gun to blow this wide open.

  46. Daniel Wurlz, real boyfriend of Allison. Jim Stone found this and has since been removed from his site.
    This is the smoking gun.

    • though I agree it seems Chris’ relationship with her was probably manufactured so he could be the spokesman for the mental health 2nd amendment provision, it seems Daniel was having a relationship with her last year. all his images were from 2014. perhaps she broke up with him. perhaps not. i don’t know.

  47. Flanagan (the shooter) CHANGED CLOTHES during the Roanoake “LIVE TV” shooting hoax. PHOTO:

  48. I said some of the same shit when I saw the video, when he stepped up and backed away at the very least the woman being interviewed should have at least glanced at him or something and it did look like he missed the first few shots not just the one. Nobodies aim could be that bad, Helen Keller would’ve at least grazed her. This thing still doesn’t sit right with me. Not to mention the reporter didn’t grab for her “wound” at any point during the few seconds you could see her running away.

  49. Reblogged this on Madge Midgely and commented:
    This article asks some very logical, and straight forward questions .

  50. Awesome job! I would really love to see anyone prove any of what you’ve written to be inaccurate! Great job!

  51. […] Very Serious Problems with the WDBJ Shooting Story […]

  52. Stop spewing this ignorance. He knew where to find them because anyone in the TV business knows that morning show reporters go live at the same place multiple times during a newscast. He saw their first report and knew where to find them by the time their last report was to air (which was when they were shot). As far as “ignoring” the gunman, I guarantee they noticed him (though I’m sure they couldn’t tell he had a gun from a quick side glance) but reporters are taught to ignore bystanders and get the live shot done so it looks professional on air. Usually a bystander just wants to talk or may be holding up a phone to take a pic or video because they think it’s neat that the local news is there. This is a tragedy. Stop with your conspiracy theories. They were my friends and I can assure you they are gone. We would all give anything for this to be a hoax. One year later and seeing bs like this is sickening.

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