Young Japanese stage nationwide protests against security bills being debated in Upper House

from Japan Times

Thousands of young people rallied Sunday throughout Japan, protesting the security bills that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to pass during the current Diet session.

Demonstrations and gatherings took place at more than 60 locations around Japan — in Hokkaido, Aichi, Osaka, Fukuoka and other prefectures — in response to a call by a group called Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy, or SEALDs.

The bills are now under deliberation at the Upper House, after being railroaded through the Lower House by the ruling coalition, sparking public opposition. The bills would significantly expand the scope of Self-Defense Forces missions overseas.

In Tokyo, about 6,500 protesters gathered to march toward the popular Shibuya shopping and entertainment district, chanting slogans such as “No War” and “No Change in the Law.”

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2 Responses

  1. I like the Facebook link for your article. Not only will it make following your posts easier for the spies, it might also make you more visible to the Facebook masses!

    • I’m trying to secure my reservation to the new re-education camps. best place to do that I figured was Facebook.

      Actually, an article I wrote was reposted on Facebook about 150 times yesterday so I went there and posted a few more for the fun of it. Been awhile since I did that. Everyone in Big Business gets the info now anyway thanks to the USA Freedom Act. Cell phones record everything you say and everywhere you go while every major website loads your computer up with tons of cookies to follow every keystroke so they can sell that info to each other while compiling a nifty profile of your activities, thoughts, social networks. Used to be Facebook stood alone in the crowd for doing it, now they are just one of many.

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