Globalist Guggenheim, Creator of Charter School Film “Waiting for Superman”, Made New Malala Documentary

by Scott Creighton

I hate too say I told you so but…


A little background:

Nearly three years ago on Oct. 14 2012, 5 days after the Malala psyop was staged, I wrote The Staged Malala Yousafzai Story: The Face of the “Universal” For-Profit School Movement , a story about how the Malala psyop was all about the global for-profit charter school system scam. Exactly a year after that on Oct. 13th, 2013, I proved my hypothesis about Little Malala when I wrote McKinsey & Co, Inc.: The Globalist Management Consulting Firm Behind the Malala For-Profit Charter School Psyop

It didn’t take me long to figure out what the Malala psyop was all about because I did my homework. The New York Times and the BBC crafted Malala or at least the story of her in order to eventually turn her into some kind of useful tool they could cash in when ready. The BBC approached her sleazy father who was running a failing private school business in Pakistan in search for a cute little Wag the Dog blogger they could ghost-write stories for. He picked a girl from his school but her parents said “no way, creeper” and eventually he offered up his own daughter.

“At the beginning of 2009, Yousafzai had a chance to write for BBC Urdu when her father, Ziauddin, was asked by Abdul Hai Kakkar, a BBC reporter out of Pakistan, if any women (uh, underage girls that is) at his school would write about life under the Taliban.” Wiki

Her “blog” ran under an assumed name at the BBC for about 3 months getting no attention but for some reason, the New York Times decided to make a documentary about her. Adam Ellick was brought in to do the film, a short documentary called “Class Dismissed

This set her up to become the ultimate astroturf, Wag the Dog, hero considering she was this little 11-year-old girl “standing up” to the Taliban. Of course, if you watch the actual film, she says she’s not “political” (while every blog post attributed to her was political) and the film maker happens to mention her father’s for profit school that just closed down was destroyed by the Pakistani military, not the Taliban.

Mr. Ellick also just happened to mention the simple fact that the Taliban schools in the area teach boys and girls equally while Malala’s father belongs to that old school kind of education system in Pakistan who view women as mere possessions of the men in their lives and wouldn’t dare give them the same kind of education they give boys. Don’t believe me? Go watch the film.

Anyway, in a particularly telling segment of the movie, Adam Ellick captures the exact moment in Malala’s life when her dreams come crashing down at the hands of her domineering father. He even mentioned it again later in an article he wrote for TIME magazine.

“The saga “is a story about a father and a daughter, more than a story about a girl,” “ Her father has a sort of revolutionary commitment to his cause… I can’t imagine being his child and not fully taking on everything he says,” Time

You see, Malala mentioned with a gleam in her eye that she wanted to be a doctor during the filming of the documentary and her father turned on her and in a second, she began to cry because she remembered her father telling her what HE wanted her to do and it didn’t involve her becoming a doctor. I caught the exact moment Malala’s dream evaporated. The moment the child in her died.

From very early on there was always a plan to use little Malala to further various agendas in the world. One was that of her father who at the time of the making of the film was owner of a failed private school and who dreamed of making it rich getting backed by globalist entities via a world-wide charter school system scam.

If you are looking for the bad guy in all of this, look no farther than Ziauddin Yousafzai. He’s the guy who sold his daughter’s innocence and stamped on her dream for his own financial and egotistical interests.

You really only have to look at the timeline I put together on Oct 19th 2012, 10 days after her staged “shooting” in order to understand what this plan was all about and where it came from (England, home of the BBC and the location where Malala lives today)

Five days after Malala supposedly gets shot, Gordon Brown now has the attention he was missing for his globalist “One World School” privatization program and the perfect poster-child for it: Malala.

Also on Oct. 19th, 2012, I was made aware that my website was being blocked by official channels in Pakistan. Others were blocked as well, but they specifically called out American Everyman and me personally for censorship.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has issued a directive to internet service providers to block the access of at least 10 URLs in Pakistan that were allegedly involved in publishing propaganda material against Malala Yousafzai, we have confirmed with sources.

At least three ISPs confirmed ProPakistani about the blockade orders from PTA and have consequently blocked all the mentioned websites, mainly a blog called “American Everyman”, run by Scott Creighton.

Other URLs, that were blocked, are forums that had re-published the stories appearing on “American Everyman”.

Many Pakistanis understand the Malala story is complete bullshit. That’s probably why she has to live in London these days.

In June of this year, eight out of the ten people who were supposedly involved in Malala’s “shooting” were acquitted of all charges. It’s odd because at first they tried to report that they were all found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

A new movie:

As if they couldn’t wait to prove me right once again, the powers that be decided to enlist the skills of a globalist Mockingbird director for yet another Malala documentary, this one coming out in October of this year. It’s called “He Named Me Malala” and was directed by none other than globalist propagandist extraordinaire, Davis Guggenheim.

You might remember him from the deeply flawed globalist agenda setting “An Inconvenient Truth” from 2007.

Since then, the guy never misses a chance to advance the cause of neoliberal globalization. He’s made films about legalizing illegal immigrants on behalf of global business interests, refurbishing the globalist Bono’s tarnished image, several drooling short films about the glorious leader Barack Obama and of course, he made “Waiting for Superman”, a film dedicated to demonizing the public education system in America so it can be privatized by globalist interests.

Now, he’s done this:

Notice this film is brought to you by Participant Media. That’s globalist Jeffrey Skoll of Ebay.

When you look at all the facts surrounding the fraud that is Malala Yousafzai and how the story has crafted to fit their specific needs, the truth leaps out at you: she was never shot, it was all a staged psyop designed to help Gordon Brown and various British interests push their “One World School” charter school system. And that’s it.

Now they bring in the ultimate charter school propagandist to finish the project. It couldn’t be more obvious if they tried. The people in Pakistan know it. Their leaders know it, why else would I be banned in the country 10 days after their little psyop took place?

To me the Malala story is one of the most depressing I have covered in the eight years writing this blog. Not so much because what should be obvious seems so hard for so many to wrap their heads around. That is troubling, but not really unique anymore.

To me what’s troubling is how this poor girl’s dream was snuffed out by her greedy, plotting father and so few outside Pakistan seem to see it.

It is to me the worst kind of betrayal a father can commit against his own child, tantamount to prostituting her on the streets for money. Because that is what he did. Her fake Nobel Prize, the life of constant lying about her history, that growing despair she will feel the deeper into the abyss of lies her career takes her on… it’s mind boggling really what this man has done to her and it scares me to think of what it may turn her into.

And now she has to attend all the openings and all the gala ceremonies for this documentary of lies crafted by a known liar, Davis Guggenheim. She’ll smile and give thanks for all the praise for surviving an attack that never happened. And all the while her dream of becoming a doctor gets further and further away.

By time they turn her into a politician, what will she be? Merkel? Thatcher? Albright? Or worse yet? Killary?

Or maybe by then she’ll be worse than all of them because she’ll believe the lies.




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  1. Poor girl… a real tragedy in the making😦

  2. Anti-Waiting for Superman film coming summer of 2016 #edchat #education

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